Peace, Love and Cupcakes

Peace Love and Cupcakes Kylie will never survive fourth grade in her new school without friends And starting a cupcake club seems the perfect way to meet other girls But getting the club up and running is not easy especially

  • Title: Peace, Love and Cupcakes
  • Author: Sheryl Berk Carrie Berk
  • ISBN: 9781402264498
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kylie will never survive fourth grade in her new school without friends And starting a cupcake club seems the perfect way to meet other girls But getting the club up and running is not easy especially with trouble spelled M e r e d i t h trying to ruin them In taking on the class mean girl, Kylie and her new friends may have just bitten off than they can chew.

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    1. It's always difficult reading about girls who are just mean. I was skeptical if I was going to like this book about a girl trying to make friends while a bully named Meredith constantly picks on her. It's not easy reading about how girls call their classmates pathetic losers especially when I have a young girl to protect. I found myself saying to my daughter several times, "You wouldn't say that to someone would you?" While I was uneasy at times reading through the name calling, I liked how the [...]

    2. OK, so I know I'm coming at it from an adult perspective, but I thought it was heavy-handed and far-fetched. The bullying story line hit you over the head and the way these fourth-grade girls go from baking one batch of cupcakes for for the school fair to becoming almost full-time caters--with no interference from the health department, no licence and no commercial kitchen (Yeah, yeah, I know. The target audience won't think of these things, but I did.)just seemed too easy.I did, however appreci [...]

    3. Kylie has just moved from Florida to new place and having hard time to make some friends, especially when a bully named Meredith always pick on her.But she decided to make a cupcake club and recruited 3 others misfit girls and their journey together begins.I always love the story about school thing and friendship. Despite the bully thing.Can't wait to read the second book

    4. Peace, Love & Cupcakes is the start of a wonderful club called The Cupcake Club. Kylie has just moved up north from Florida and is having a hard time fitting in and also dealing with a bully named Meredith. One day after a teacher noticed that Kylie is having a hard time, she suggests that Kylie start a club but after having a hard time getting people to join, Kylie starts looking for people who are outsiders like herself. As she finds three girls who are like herself and with special skills [...]

    5. Cute book for those "tween" readers. Kylie is a 4th grader who just does not fit in. Constantly tormented by the school's mean girl, Meredith, Kylie struggles to find friends. When a new dram teacher comes to the school she notices Kylie's struggles and suggests her to start her own cupcake club. She recruits 3 other "misfit" girls to join her club. Jenna, the overweight girl, is the first to join. She is followed by, Lexie, the shy kid. And Finally Sadie, the super tall girl with a reading disa [...]

    6. PEACE, LOVE AND CUPCAKES is the first book in the new series The Cupcake Club by Sheryl Berk & Carrie Berk, a mother-daughter writing team. This series is going to be perfect for kids in the grade 4 and 5 age range as it revolves around Kylie, a grade four student.Kylie has only been at her Connecticut school for a year, and grade four is just as awful as grade 3. Meredith, a popular girl at school, won’t stop making fun of her and saying cruel things and Kylie’s favourite teacher is mov [...]

    7. I enjoy baking, and I also really love cupcakes, so Brenna thought that this would be a good pick for me. Although this book was written for a younger audience, I really liked it and thought that it was pretty was pretty good novel that I didn't find overly juvenile (and the cupcakes were a neat twist). This one could definitely be enjoyed by readers who like reading MG books. Reasons to Read:1.Kylie as a well-rounded character: Judging from the cover, you'd figure that Kylie is a really girly g [...]

    8. Some time last year, I received one of these adorable little Cupcake Club books for review purposes -- so, I decided I may as well go back to the first book in the series, to see where it all began.Hence, PEACE LOVE AND CUPCAKES.Starting with the cover -- too cute for words! My eight or nine year old self would have absolutely LOVED the sweet, pink girliness of the cover art.Moving along to the plot and characters --- PEACE LOVE AND CUPCAKES introduces young readers to Kylie, a fourth grader who [...]

    9. You can read my review of The Cupcake Club: Peace, Love Cupcakes on my blogWarning: You WILL want a cupcake after reading The Cupcake Club: Peace, Love & Cupcakes!This book is overall just plain cute. It is a very cute book and a great book for a young girl to read. It also hits on issues such as bullying, money, small business, failure and making friends. Kylie is a character that does her best to move past the bullying and to do something to make her life happier and more enjoyable and in [...]

    10. The Deal: Kylie has never quite felt like she fit in at her new school, particularly because the queen B, Meredith, dislikes her and keeps the other girls of her grade from being friends with her.After one disastrous drama-club performance, Kylie feels more in the outs than ever.But with the help of her new drama teacher Kylie decides to form a baking club, and soon she and the other class misfits - Jenna, Lexi and Sadie - are baking like mad. After a couple less than successful tries, the girls [...]

    11. Kylie Carson is the odd man outor new fourth-grader in this case. She's somewhat shy, not really great at anything, and doesn't have any friends since she moved to Connecticut with her family. And, to make matters worse, she is being bullied by super popular Meredith Mitchell. Enter a very wise, very hip first year drama teacher, Ms. Juliette DuBois. She notices the pain that Kylie is living with each day at school, even though the other teachers don't. Juliette confides in Kylie and tells her t [...]

    12. The Cupcake Club Series by Sheryl Berk and Carrie Berk is a collection of short, sweet, and cute stories you won’t regret reading. I could easily hear Carrie’s voice, as well as her input in the writing, and yet it was written well enough that it could have been an adult alone’s work. Carrie and her mother have great talent and I’m glad I discovered their works.The plots are structured, the characters are lovable, and the storylines fun and exciting. If I could use one word to describe t [...]

    13. 5 reasons why this book is marvelous! It’s about cupcakes. And the best part is that the authors have included the three important recipes from the book so readers can bake them themselves! The book is co authored by a mother-daughter duo. Sheryl Berk is best known for her book Soul Surfer, and her daughter, Carrie is a 9 year old cupcake connoisseur! And like the author duo, Kylie and her friends work/bake together as a team. The novel addresses bullying on a middle school (actually 4th grade [...]

    14. Adorable story that is a nice read for girls in 3rd or 4th grade. The characters are notably "not popular" and they realize that it doesn't matter. It addresses bullying and the difficulties of friendship that tween girls eventually face. It even mentions awkwardness, weight issues and dyslexia. The best feature is probably that it sets these everyday, just-like-me girls into successful businessgirls, a dream that so many young girls share. They have fun, make money, enjoy fame (in a 4th grade w [...]

    15. This was such a great book. This is book one of the new Cupcake Club Book Series. It's cute, it's girly, it's cupcakes! I read this to my seven year old daughter each night before bed and we just both adored it from beginning to end. She now wants to start a club of her own, which I think is great and perfect for this Summer. This book will definitely make you want a cupcake when you finished it and the we loved that if we wanted to we could make cupcakes because the book comes with a few recipe [...]

    16. I often hate books like these; created to make some cash from kids who don't care about the value of a well-written storyline with good characters. While I liked the idea behind this particular series; a mom and daughter writing team who actually love to bake and therefore wrote books about baking! - I knew it was going to just land next to the shelves of other books that are "just like this."Well that duo proved me wrong about my predictions; this was adorable. The characters each stood out and [...]

    17. Summary: A little girl starts 4th grade at a new school and is having a hard time making friends. She wants to fit in and make up things about herself that she thinks others might like but that wouldn't be the real her. Kylie decides to start a cupcake club! Reading level: 4-8th grades, level 4.5Mentor trait: chapter book, sentences are not overly wordy and appealing to a reader. Short text overall and idea is evident throughout.Recommendation: new student in class, fitting in, appreciating your [...]

    18. The first in the series.I seem to be into cupcakes - I'm reading about them in J fiction and adult!In this series, Kylie is the new girl in school. She meets a new teacher who gives her a great idea to start a cupcake club.First she needs to find members. That in itself proves difficult. Meredith, who is quite a bully decides to make it even harder.Eventually, some other girls join and they build good friendships while learning to bake amazing cupcakes!Recipes are included!Grades 3-5

    19. I was disappointed by how much Kylie and her friends made fun of Merideth. I continuously had to correct their behavior and remind my girls that it wasn't appropriate. I think we'll try one more book in the series, since Merideth and Kylie seem to end on a not-hateful note at the end of this one. On a positive note, my oldest (almost 6 years old) is excited to try the recipes included at the end of the book.

    20. Peace, Love and Cupcakes will be a hit with many girls in grades 3-5. Students may relate to Kylie's transition to a new school and difficulty fitting in. Cupcakes and a special club help her to create friendships and learn some important lessons. This book is an easy read, and as an added bonus has cupcake recipes at the end!

    21. While the story is predictable, it will engage any 3rd or 4th grade girl, especially those who aren't always thrilled about reading. I couldn't wait to see what kind of cupcakes Kylie and her friends would make next, and the lessons woven in about friendship, bullying, and loneliness are priceless for girls! Excited for my 3rd graders that there is more to the series.

    22. This was a cute story about overcoming a bully and the real consequences that come from actions. It was a bit unbelievable in the fact that 4th graders could actually accomplish keeping up a cupcake business (I have a 4th grader and I wouldn't let her stay up to midnight baking cupcakes on a weeknight!), but the girls enjoyed the book and we wouldn't mind reading the next one in the series.

    23. Lacking in some key ingredients such as believability and solid characterizations, but I don't think the intended audience will care. Overall, a fluffy, sweet confection that won't fill you up, but is plenty fun to consume!

    24. Really sweet for a young reader. It was nice to see Kylie actually paying attention to other kids' tendencies and being respectful of them to encourage friendship. And it was nice to see the actual cupcake recipes in the back of the book!

    25. Best book ever! This book was really exciting! The storyline was very interesting because it talks about a lot of yummy treats! I loved the recipes in the book too. I am now starting the sequel that just came out.

    26. I love this book Not to mention the rest of the series is amazing. This book is truly delicious! You can picture this book amazingly! I recommend this for everyone. Its a scrumptious series!

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