Darcy on the Hudson: A Pride and Prejudice Re-imagining

Darcy on the Hudson A Pride and Prejudice Re imagining When Fitzwilliam Darcy Georgiana Darcy and Charles Bingley set sail from England for New York each travels with a different purpose in mind Georgiana wants to put a particularly jarring episode inv

  • Title: Darcy on the Hudson: A Pride and Prejudice Re-imagining
  • Author: Mary Lydon Simonsen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Fitzwilliam Darcy, Georgiana Darcy, and Charles Bingley set sail from England for New York, each travels with a different purpose in mind Georgiana wants to put a particularly jarring episode involving a family friend in the past, and Charles wishes to visit his Uncle Richard in an exciting new land For Darcy, it is an opportunity to explore the possibilities of newWhen Fitzwilliam Darcy, Georgiana Darcy, and Charles Bingley set sail from England for New York, each travels with a different purpose in mind Georgiana wants to put a particularly jarring episode involving a family friend in the past, and Charles wishes to visit his Uncle Richard in an exciting new land For Darcy, it is an opportunity to explore the possibilities of new sources of wealth in the expanding United States, but once Darcy meets American, Elizabeth Bennet, it is the beginning of a love story But will their differences and a possible second war between Britain and America keep them apart

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      112 Mary Lydon Simonsen
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    One thought on “Darcy on the Hudson: A Pride and Prejudice Re-imagining”

    1. Mr. Darcy comes to AmericaImagine meshing P&P with early America history. That means this variation is way off-off canon. We aren’t even in England. So be prepared for a very different kind of story. We have Bingley, Darcy and Georgiana traveling to the American Hudson River area in 1811. Bingley was visiting his relative and daughter Caroline, his cousin, who was out of town until she heard Darcy was visiting. Yeah, she was on her way back home. This gave our characters enough time for an [...]

    2. I promised I wouldn't do this. The last time, I reviewed a self-published Jane Austen fan written sequel I got blasted by the Jane Austen Fan Fiction Community for having serious issues with one of their fellow writers/bloggers/fandom's (whatever) efforts. I said I wouldn't write another review on them.Oh well.I've read this author before. And while I always had one or two issues with her work, I've always enjoyed them. One of my favorites of hers is a parody of sorts of Persuasion called Anne E [...]

    3. Pleasant "What If" in A Relaxed StyleAn older book from the backlist, Darcy on the Hudson transplants ODC and the gentle ballet to late Federal period New York state. What is pleasing is the accessibility of the language. But the crowning achievement is the work's examination of the limitless possibilities the Earl USA presented to the world. Note the emphasis on the egalitarian nature of American society. No desperate races to save a woman's virtue to detract from the thoughtful philosophical p [...]

    4. What really amazes me is that the author was able to fit a story in between the lines of this history lesson.

    5. After reading 3 novels with very dark and/or depressing passages I was searching for something upbeat in this genre. This book was recommended. I had it on my kindle and thus it was easy to dig in. I read it over the course of one day.This book does not have as much romance and/or angst as some JAFF books, but I was held in suspense right up to the last as to how, when and where our dear couple would acknowledge to each other their feelings. I did enjoy reading the history and was tense about Co [...]

    6. TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Alternate Path, ReimaginingTIME FRAME: Post Ramsgate, Summer of 1811MAIN CHARACTERS: The Bennet Family, Fitzwilliam Darcy, Georgiana Darcy, Charles Bingley, Richard Bingley, Caroline Bingley, Dirck StormWHY I WANTED TO READ THIS:Mr. Darcy is IN America!Ever since I “met” American Girl Felicity Merriman and devoured her books at the age of nine, I've been fascinated with Colonial America, and the time period of our nation's birth.It's Mary Simonsen! I love the roman [...]

    7. This book did a surprisingly great job of integrating a new landscape and country into a familiar storyw, you're not going to read this so that the story can be new--you know what is going to happen and all you want is for the author to recreate some of the story that Jane told. But I was surprised by how well the author integrated descriptions of the landscape and even some of the culture of the new wold at that time. pride and Prejudice re-dos walk a fine line between copying and referencing, [...]

    8. If you’ve been reading my blog, then you know that Mary Lydon Simonsen is one of my favorite Jane Austen fan fiction writers because her writing, her characters, plot, and creativity make her novels an extreme pleasure to read. When Mary emailed me and gave me the opportunity to read not one, but three of her self-published novels, I immediately jumped at the bit. Of these three novels, she included her newest installment, Darcy on the Hudson, which is being released today! It’s different fr [...]

    9. I read A LOT of Pride & Prejudice sequels, re-imaginings, etc. I have an insane weakness for more Jane Austen, in whatever form I can get it (minus stuff like Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, which is lazily repetitive crap). When I am bored and have money to burn on for Kindle books, I usually get a P&P retelling that is lounging away on my wishlist. As someone who has seen Simonsen's books around at the library, I knew she was a fairly respected Austen revisionist. When I saw that [...]

    10. This new Pride and Prejudice re-imagining is set in America while Americans are still living through the effects of the Revolutionary War and right before the beginning of the War of 1812. Upon Darcy, Bingley, and Georgiana arriving in America, the reader discovers many of the cultural differences between Regency England and America. With the English being extremely formal and proper, Darcy faces an even greater struggle in overcoming duty and honor to his lineage and country in offering his hea [...]

    11. To have the Bennets living in America and Bingley, Darcy and Georgiana traveling to America made for a great re-telling of Pride and Prejudice. The characters were true to their nature even in a very different setting. Well, Mrs. Bennet was different in character but it was a very good difference!Poor Mr. Darcy was not a good sea-faring traveler. His bout with motion sickness was quite hilarious at times and got him into trouble with Elizabeth almost immediately upon his arrival to America. Misu [...]

    12. I admire the author for doing lots of research for this book and some things were quite funny to read, because I'm Dutch, but for me the historical context was too detailed. It would have been okay if the book had 200 more pages, but now the growing love between Darcy and Elizabeth and also between Jane and Bingley was underdeveloped. And no matter how much I may enjoy historical facts (it is historical fiction after all), the main reason I read a Pride and Prejudice re imagining, is because of [...]

    13. After enjoying When They Fall in Love by the same author, I wanted to experience more by this author and chose this unusual story. I am very glad I did. This was even better than the previous book and extremely interesting. The history of America during the period between the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 was fully explored, although focusing on Dutch settlers in the New York area. From politics, architecture, every day life, holidays and entertainment a whole range of scenes and subject [...]

    14. Mary Simonsen definitely did her homework on this one. There is an incredible amount of history woven through out the story. The story begins in the summer of 1811. Mr. Darcy, his sister Georgianna and Mr. Bingley are on there way to visit America. While there they meet the Bennet family. Of course sparks fly between Elizabeth and Darcy but there American/British differences keep them apart. It is a turbulent time between the two countries. A pleasant surprise in this story is Mrs. Bennet. I lov [...]

    15. I loved this P&P reimagining for so many reasons. First, I loved that it was set in the Hudson Valley. I grew up in that area and I loved all the references to places that are familiar to me. It added a little sense of home to me while I was reading and provided me with a unique connection to the story. I liked the cultural aspects that Simonsen injected into the story with Elizabeth being American and Darcy being British, coming to America after the American Revolution. It added a whole new [...]

    16. As far as Jane Austen fan fiction goes, I do so like Mary Lydon Simonsen-- she clearly does a good deal of historical research.This book is a re-imaging of the classic story of Pride & Prejudice (as the title states :-), and if you can imagine Elizabeth Bennet being an 'independent' American, this book may be for you!I did really enjoy the story after I got past a couple of changes by the author, among them: 1) Mrs Bennet not being well, Mrs. Bennet,2) Mr. Collins not being a source of humor [...]

    17. This is a sweet story that had me envisioning Currier and Ives, as well as Norman Rockwell's familial portraits. The author did an incredible job beautifying early Americana in comparison with London of 1812.

    18. The characters and story are so different from the original. Darcy is much more at ease in America which surprised me, there was hardly any pride at all and Elizabeth is still witty but a very proud American whose family is quite well off. Caroline is a gorgeous blond and her relationship with Darcy is very different from the original Not sure if I liked that though Mrs Bennet was the most transformed character but for the better! I didn't feel like I was reading a different version of pride and [...]

    19. Abandoned at 38% (kindle version). The author has written a lot of great JAFF stories, but she's also written some that have been too bogged down by historical detail. I am a huge history buff myself, but when I pick up a P&P what-if, it's because I want to read a story about Darcy and Elizabeth, not about a random historical setting.I would estimate 70-80% of what I read was historical fact/detail. Did not contribute to character development, did not advance the plot (is there one??) I hope [...]

    20. Refreshing remake of Pride and Prejudice, taking place in America with plot differences and with some revisions of characters (Mrs. Bennett is witty herself, not a ditz). I enjoyed the positive look at early America and the idea of Elizabeth Bennett growing up in a society where some independence in women is acceptable and even appreciated. Because we're all familiar with the basic characters, the author could dive right into the setting and story.Although this is better than most P & P rema [...]

    21. I really enjoyed this book. You could really tell the author did her research. I loved everything from the characters personalities and descriptions to the way the story was changed. There were so many twists and turns and I enjoyed them all. I learned so very much as well. I enjoyed learning why the Dutch painted their window frames blue and who the famous people were in the past along the Hudson River. There were just so many things that it's hard to think of them all. I'll read this story aga [...]

    22. Great P&P variation. Darcy comes to America with Georgiana and Charles Bingley. Elizabeth is an American living in very different circumstances than the Austen version. Fun take on the story. I got a little frustrated with Darcy being too hesitant but overall loved the take on this story and the history that is built into it (especially since I remembered all those things with my son having just studied them in 5th grades!).

    23. This is an enjoyable variation of P & P. If having read almost a dozen (or more) P & P variations, sequels and retellings it was a relief to give up the British upper classes rules for behavior.Is it historically accurate? I have no clue. Is it fun to read? Yes it is.

    24. This was a good American version. Nice to see a more relaxed and communicative Darcy. Interesting view of this classic literature. But then I love almost any version. However, I will always go back to the classic and re-read that every year or so.

    25. I enjoyed this more than I thought I would It was refreshing to see Mrs Bennett finally be portrayed as a good mother!

    26. As a lover of history and Austen, I really enjoyed this juxtaposition of the two. Also enjoyed the different slant. The Bennets are American. =D

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