Across the Miles : Tales of Correspondence

Across the Miles Tales of Correspondence In L M Montgomery s world receiving a letter was an important event Letters before the advent of the telephone were the sole means of communication between people who lived at a distance from each

  • Title: Across the Miles : Tales of Correspondence
  • Author: L.M. Montgomery
  • ISBN: 9780771061844
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Unbound
  • In L.M Montgomery s world, receiving a letter was an important event Letters, before the advent of the telephone, were the sole means of communication between people who lived at a distance from each other Letter writing was a cultivated skill, honed by another nineteenth century pastime, keeping a journal The twenty stories in Across the Miles bear witness to the imIn L.M Montgomery s world, receiving a letter was an important event Letters, before the advent of the telephone, were the sole means of communication between people who lived at a distance from each other Letter writing was a cultivated skill, honed by another nineteenth century pastime, keeping a journal The twenty stories in Across the Miles bear witness to the importance these writing forms played in ordinary people s lives, as they corresponded with loved ones and expressed themselves through their journals As usual, Montgomery s cast of characters ranges widely, from the poor but ambitious student Grace Seeley, to the rich but lonely Isobel Shirley, from the unholy imp Link Houseman to the country doctor Jack Willoughby and his millionaire rival Gus Sinclair Her tales may be set on her beloved Prince Edward Island or the western prairies, in a humble cottage or a society mansion her tone may be serious or playful her characters may be caught up in whirlwind love affairs or the prosaic business of everyday life But always the stories in Across the Miles bring us back to a world we feel we have lost, a world of old fashioned values and concerns, a world we enter gladly, sure that we will find people, places, and plots to amuse charm and move us.

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      192 L.M. Montgomery
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    One thought on “Across the Miles : Tales of Correspondence”

    1. Unless you are a romance as reading genre fan and thus actually would generally appreciate and even much personally enjoy perusing letter-based short stories that for the vast majority of the inclusions have love, match making and rather many schoolgirl or schoolboy like crushes as their main themes, I would probably only suggest L.M. Montgomery's Across the Miles for serious Montgomery fans and completists. For while the compiled short anecdotes of correspondence (part of the late Rea Wilmshurs [...]

    2. This book is probably one of my favourite short story collections by L.M. Montgomery. It is full of sweet and funny stories, almost every one of which I liked. My favourites were, The Old Fellow's Letter, The Girl And The Photograph, At Five O'clock In The Morning, A Millionaire's Proposal, and, The Growing Up of Cornelia.

    3. I have read and reread all of the Montgomery novels numerous times, but I had never gotten around to her collected short stories. I picked this paperback up in a thrift store and I've been reading one story at bedtime for several weeks. I don't really care for the short story genre no matter how well done, although the Montgomery magic is apparent in every one of these Tales of Correspondence. The drawback was that every story involved a letter -- a lost letter, a love letter, a letter sent to t [...]

    4. I thought I had read all of the L.M. Montgomery short story collections that were compiled and edited by Rea Wilmshurst in the 1980's. I was wrong. I came across this collection at Half Price Books and snatched it up like a baby bird. You see, I am in the midst of reading a very long, very dense, very thrilling, but very challenging book on neuropsychology (yep, that's right!), and I just wanted to read some mental balm. Lucy Maud is a very soothing writer, and this collection helped me feel res [...]

    5. I don't love this as much as I thought I would, but I still love it :). I especially enjoyed the stories in diary format, because they reveal intimacies of the characters that wouldn't be there with a third person narrator. My favorite stories in this collection areCyrilla's Inspiration (but I want to know what the girls wrote in their letters!)At Five O'Clock in the Morning (I like this one better the second time, particularly the dialogue between Dora and Murray.)The LettersA Fortunate Mistake [...]

    6. These stories are primarily ones that never saw the light of day after being published in magazines in Montgomery's lifetime. There's a reason for that. I love reading more my L.M. Montgomery, but these are not my favorites. Maybe because they're grouped together by theme? The stories get very repetitive. And some of the stories showed up as scenes in her books. Fans of Montgomery should read these, but don't pick this up expecting to fall in love with it.

    7. I think this is my favourite of LMM's short story collections. It's all about letters, diaries or other 'written things' being the main part of the story. I love reading books made up of letters or diaries, so this is right up my alley :) Also, there are a lot of really sweet and romantic stories in there as well.

    8. Think of this collection as written sketches. For fans of L.M. Montgomery who want to read everything she wrote. The stories often feel incomplete and I can see where later works emerged (hence calling them sketches).

    9. I absolutely adored this book.I do not find it childish at all. Old fashioned, yes, but passionate and charming, nonetheless.I would definitely recommend this to fans of the Anne series

    10. Lucy Maud Montgomery has been one of my favorite authors ever since I read Anne of Green Gables as a little girl. But unlike many of my childhood favorites, I never outgrew L.M. Montgomery’s books. Reading them as an adult isn’t an exercise in nostalgia, it is simply good writing that I always enjoy. While I have read (and re-read) every book that L. M. Montgomery ever published, many of her short stories were gathered into themed anthologies and published after her death and I haven’t rea [...]

    11. Twenty-odd years later and I'm still happy as a clam reading L.M. by the pool (or, actually, wherever). I can't tell you whether I've read this collection before, because more or less the same thing happens in all the short stories (and at greater length in the books) but it doesn't even matter because that thing is just perfection. All the fine girls' eyes are grey, you always accidentally fall in love with exactly the right person to solve all your problems including your heart, Canada is a sm [...]

    12. One of the more delightful of Wilmshurst's compilations which includes an interesting afterword on how she collected Montgomery's stories. This one focuses on correspondence, and how letters can tell a story or turn the tide. Most are romances of course, but there is the occasional overcoming of familial challenges. Because this device can be used in many ways these stories aren't as repetitive to read all together as others (well, maybe still, a little) but you will also find a few that remind [...]

    13. I picked this up at a garage sale this summer - rather reluctantly, I must add, as I've never been overly fond of Montgomery's short stories.How glad I am that I spent those twenty-five cents! I read this whole collection in one day and fell in love with it. Yes, the stories may largely be variations on the same basic theme. But somehow I found them all charming and delightful nonetheless. Maybe it has something to do with my love of writing journals and letters you think?

    14. Ordered a used copy just in case it's picked as the next book read for the kindred spirits group. And I've been on a bit of a L.M. Montgomery kick but had never heard of this one until I saw it on their what-to-read-next poll.

    15. I received this book as a gift from a friend when I was in college! I still re-read it, so that means it must be a good book! :) It is cute and fun. Each chapter is it's own little story. It is all about letters written to people and how they are affected by them. Lots of fun for everyone!

    16. An amusing collection of tales. All the tales center around a letter being written or received. Normally, the letter alters the events in the story for the main character or characters. I enjoy the tales because they are a glimpse into the past life.

    17. What a delight! Stories of letters, wonderful and sweet. Such fun to have new L.M. to read after all of these years.

    18. One of my favorites of the short story collections. I'm a writer--if you couldn't tell--so stories that all involve some aspect of writing letters. Wonderful!

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