7 Folds of Winter

Folds of Winter Overview The world of Strathos is in dire peril The Winter God has gone mad dragging the world into an eternal blizzard Can a band of strangers fulfill a broken prophecy or will the prophecy break th

  • Title: 7 Folds of Winter
  • Author: Carolyn McCray
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Overview The world of Strathos is in dire peril The Winter God has gone mad, dragging the world into an eternal blizzard Can a band of strangers fulfill a broken prophecy or will the prophecy break them and all they hold dear

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      435 Carolyn McCray
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    1. 7 Folds of Winter is a Young Adult Fantasy Fiction Novel and if you are looking for fantasy and an out of this world story to read, this is it. The author, Carolyn McCray, puts a spin on creativity that knows no bounds. From the inventive names of the characters down to the imaginative plot, Ms. McCray’s creativity goes above and beyond the normal for a young adult fantasy. It took me a few chapters to start to get the feel of the storyline, but once the characters all started coming into play [...]

    2. This young adult fantasy is a fabulous, epic read. I thoroughly enjoyed the mythos of the world. The way the "legends" were told to the main characters, especially to The Man Who Did Not Know (how awesome is that for a hero name?) by his granny as stories told all throughout his childhood is simply fantastic. An oh so interesting way of presenting legend as also foretold and glimpses into the future.I will certainly be looking for the next one, as I so much want to know more about The Hanged Man [...]

    3. Ah, reading this book was like visiting an old friend. Though I may wander into other genres, my heart will forever belong to epic fantasy! This book had all the things that make fantasy stories wonderful—romance, tragedy, danger, unrequited love, monsters, sorcery, magic…I could go on, but you get the gist.The plot:In this story, we follow 7+ points of view through the book’s 519 pages, discovering different details from different perspectives. I was glued to my iPhone screen and for quit [...]

    4. ETA 2017-06-25: Welp. This book is no longer on , and not listed on her website, so I'm guessing we're not getting a sequel. That's a shame. :\-----ETA 2014-09-13: There will be a "rest of the series," hurray! According to the author (on ), the rest of the "Mad God" series will be:5 Pools of Spring3 Keeps of SummerThe Well of FallAnd "7 Folds of Winter" is available as part of a collection of books: Reader's Feast: Something for Everyone (A McCray Collection)I'm quite pleased to have found that. [...]

    5. Following in the footsteps of great fantasy, sci-fi writers such as Mercedes Lackey and Anne McCaffrey, McCray does it again with her newest YA Fantasy “7 Folds of Winter.” Lucky for us this is first in a series because this is a great book. Immediately you are drawn into this story to the point where you don’t dare put it down because you just know when you do the hero is going to be sacrificed. It’s written in a way to suck you into the drama and into the world the author is creating. [...]

    6. This book could have been improved by a good editor. There were so many grammatical and spelling errors it got to be annoying to read. The story itself is good, but could have used some tightening up. I would have been disappointed to have spent more than ninety nine cents on it, but for the price, it is a good book.

    7. LOVE IT! I thoroughly enjoyed the read. Finished last night and felt so lost. I missed the characters so So many threads yet not one conflict of fact! Well done! Can not wait to see the sequel!

    8. Wonderful ReadI couldn't put it down! I look forward to the next book in this series! Hopefully this author writes many more!

    9. Beautiful storyI really enjoyed this book. It has all the elements of a great story and will suit anyone's taste in reading

    10. **According to the author the series will continue however not until possibly 2015--she is rather busy putting out the mysteries/police books--soI guess I'll be waiting anxiously**This was surprisingly enthralling. I got it as part of a promotion the Indie Book Collective was running and thought it sounded pretty awesome. And truthfully this is exactly the kind of adventure/fantasy/romance I would have gobbled up and devoted entire days to rhapsodizing about. Would have re-read it twice before m [...]

    11. This is a hard book to review because I haven’t read the first book but it has all the hallmarks of an epic series. The mad winter king has decided, as gods do, to destroy the world, more or less and our heroes and heroines are pitted against the blisteringly cold weather, suspicious townsfolk who get their kicks out of burning witches. There are plenty of strong female and male characters here who start out weak and are forced to confront their own fears and failings. There are very familiar [...]

    12. I didn't expect thisriously I didn't. It was listed as YA and I was afraid it would all be based on silly teenagers love and infatuations. It wasn't so. There is a romantic triangle or to be more precise it is a squarebut it didn't feel forced or silly or immature and it wasn't the focus of the story; the protagonists didn't make their decisions only according to their selfish feelings and that felt different and good.All in all the story is an epic fantasy kind of storylong and both complex and [...]

    13. Long story, and very well worth it! I didn't realize how long the book is, but it moves along very quickly. There are more than a few errors (mostly typos) throughout the book which can be distracting. Luckily you can still understand what's going on.The characters are interesting, and you get to read from the perspective of many of the characters: Traven, Crystalia, Holt, etc. The author has really created an entire world, complete with myths, history, gods, and everything else. I've read two o [...]

    14. I am by no means a Young Adult, however, I truly enjoyed The Seven Folds of Winter. I was able to get a free Kindle copy, and finished the read quickly. (The book is now in a bundle with 7 other books for $0.99! - Readers Feast: Something For Everyone) The book is well written, not plagued with quite as many of the editing errors that are rife among the free Kindle books. I wasn't confused by plot and subplot, and only laughed aloud when the book MEANT to be funny. This story has the makings of [...]

    15. Chaotic and Difficult to FollowLike the author, I love fantasy. And like the author I especially love Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series. But there the similarity between Tolkien and this author ends. While all Tolkien’s works have substance seasoned with bits of wisdom, strong characterization, and a moral message, 7 Folds of Winter has none of that. She introduces one mythological character after another without any purpose that I could find. The internal conflicts her characters experienc [...]

    16. I was initially drawn to this book by both the title and the cover art. Often, one or the other disappoints but certainly not in this case. Both represent this book perfectly, and on the cover you will recognize characters from the book. Carolyn McCray creates an engaging cast of extraordinary characters and an enchanting world of mythical beasts. The reader is drawn into a fantasy world of magical and icy landscapes and chandeliers made of ice, riveting battles, unlikely love connections, and s [...]

    17. Some books take a little bit to get "warmed" up. With this book, that was the case. At first, I didn't know if I was even going to really be able to finish it. I'm not really into this much fantasy. I was not disappointed by sticking it out and finishing the book. This book puts you into a world of magic, mystical creatures, Snow Maidens, Fairies and other beings. This was written mainly for younger audiences. Normally, Ms. Mcray pens a book that is full of blood, guts, crime and horror. This wa [...]

    18. Except for one issue, I enjoyed this book. It seems a bit long to be advertised as YA, but it has been a long time since I was young. The YA label might discourage some adults which, would be a shame because it's a good fantasy for adults. I like long complex stories with many characters told from multiple points of view. This book fits my tastes exactly.The one negative issue is the quantity of annoying typos. Most occurred in the second half and included even inconsistent spelling of character [...]

    19. I read it. Took me quite some time though! I think that's because I didn't really connect with any of the characters besides Ornery. Even his character's voice became irritating at times! The passages would confusedly jump from character to character in high climax scenes. Then the character was "sure" of something and the way it needed to happen just as another character was highlighted and thinking the same way about themselves! Also, the descriptions for the fantastical places, people, and ob [...]

    20. Great Fantasy Novel! Loved the characters and the plot. Needs a good edit. Even though it was a longish book, there weren't any dragging places. Tons of action. Very imaginative world.And also wanted to comment that people who bemoan 'Love at first sight' stories, have obviously never experienced it for themselves. It's rare and precious. There wouldn't be a cliché about it if it did not exist. So, please stop berating writers who have experienced it, and let us share that feeling with the less [...]

    21. I loved this novel! I wasn't too sure about reading and reviewing it as I'm not really interested in YA but I'm glad I picked it up.The charismatic characters, the intricate world created, each season being a God it was all wonderful! It's full of a great range of creatures and characters. All are great in and of themselves but together they make a fantastic team.This novel makes me want to chew on a twig so maybe my true love with come calling too!

    22. Seemed great, sold as part of a series Okay. For that exciting. Yet nothing came. First she put 2014, then 2016. Now she posted 2018 on . If you want to spend money on a partial story, go for it, make up your own ending. Otherwise, find an author that can do a sequel in less than 6 yrs (if it even happens). For me, this author is now totally off my list of any books.

    23. Fantastic story from the beginning until the end. The 7 Folds of Winter was one of the best fantasy adventure books I have ever read and I am an avid reader. I felt is was better than The Lord of the Rings Trilogy because the action was non-stop with many different twists. I can't wait to read the next story in this series.

    24. I am only half way through this novel and I am finding this to be one of best I've read of this genre. The characters are heartfelt and engaging, its hard not to feel for them in the situations they face; both good and bad.I am constantly impressed with Carolyn McCray's novels and this is turning out to be one of my favourites.

    25. The characters were a wonderful splash of everything. The wolf was my favorite, he reminded me of my husband who is also overly excited for the next meal. The animated corpse was also a lot of fun, I liked his attitude, while everyone else was worried about the world and their futures the corpse seemed like he was just along for the ride.

    26. I haven't read a fantasy book in a long time so it took a minite to get into it. It was very interesting. I bought it in a reader's feast (a compilation of the authors writings)so I'm not sure if I got the whole book. It seemed like it ended all of a sudden. Maybe there is a series. I'll have to look into it. Good book. Entertaining. Good versus evil like all fantasy books.

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