Super-Sized Slugger

Super Sized Slugger Cody Parker may be overweight he prefers the word burly but he plays third base like a dream Too bad no one knows it yet because he s new to Balti where he s a target okay a big target for brutal

  • Title: Super-Sized Slugger
  • Author: Cal Ripken Jr. Kevin Cowherd Stephen Hoye
  • ISBN: 9780307942753
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Cody Parker may be overweight he prefers the word burly , but he plays third base like a dream Too bad no one knows it yet, because he s new to Balti, where he s a target okay, a big target for brutal teasing Even worse, he s competing for the starting job on the Orioles of the Dulaney Babe Ruth League against budding hoodlum.Dante Rizzo, who vows to squeeze Cody sCody Parker may be overweight he prefers the word burly , but he plays third base like a dream Too bad no one knows it yet, because he s new to Balti, where he s a target okay, a big target for brutal teasing Even worse, he s competing for the starting job on the Orioles of the Dulaney Babe Ruth League against budding hoodlum.Dante Rizzo, who vows to squeeze Cody s head like a grape if Cody beats him out Life gets even complicated when York Middle School is beset by a rash of mysterious thefts, a crime wave that threatens to sideline Cody and ruin a golden season for the Orioles Will Cody ever succeed in getting people to see him for who he really is Ripkin and Cowherd have created a definite winner for anyone with the slightest interest in baseball, sports in general, those adjusting to a new city or school, being overweight in middle school, or just wanting to be entertained by a good story School Library Journal, starred review

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    1. Cody is not happy about moving from Wisconsin to Baltimore, especially since he has to put up with fellow students' assessments of him as "the fat kid" until he can prove himself at baseball. Even this is difficult because of Dante, who plays the same position as Cody and is the school bully. He makes Cody's life miserable until neighbor (and sports enthusiast) Jessica gets a good kick in when Dante is trying to beat up Cody. Things go pretty well in baseball, and Cody starts to fit in and even [...]

    2. My ten year old son bought me this book for a gift with his own money because he knows how much I love baseball. To be honest I was not expecting much, but it was a decent read. Some of the story didn't flow as well as other books, but the basic premise was ok and I was glad to share a book with my son over a subject I love

    3. This book, written by Cal Ripken is an excellent book to help build character, morals, and principles for young readers. I enjoyed reading this. Both of my children play baseball, so I picked it up when we were in Aberdeen, MD along with a few other of his books.Anyway, Cody Parker is the new kid on the block. His dad took a transfer from Milwaukee, Wi to Baltimore, MD as part of a job promotion. Now his dad is police detective. However, Cody stayed inside and remained sedentary most of the summ [...]

    4. Have you ever had and enemy that bullied you before? Well, in the novel Super Slugger by Cal Ripken Jr a baseball player named Cody Parker just moved to Baltimore, Maryland and he’s not happy! A boy named Dante Rizzo bullies him, because of his weight. Sadly, he goes to Cody’s school, York Middle and is on his baseball team. Mysterious crimes and thefts have been going throughout the school. Will this conflict effect Cody’s overall baseball performance and will people accept him for who th [...]

    5. This book was called Super-sized Slugger by Cal Ripken Jr. This book kept me on my toes and I couldnt stop reading it! Basically there is an 8th grader who just moved from Wisconsin and there is a bully who is pushing him around. He signs up for a baseball team and makes it but the coach puts him in right field and everyone knew that right field was for the nerds and fat kids. All the kids at school would tease him and call him mean names, but he made everybody shutup until they saw him on the b [...]

    6. This book was an amazing read. If you are looking for a Realistic Fiction book, you need to read this book. This book is very fast paced, and I just couldn't put the book down! Cody Parker, the star slugger on his baseball team, is caught with somebody else's phone in his binder. He will not be able to play in the championship game of the league if he can't find out the true thief. What will happen?The book's author is Cal Ripken Junior, a very accomplished baseball player, who played third base [...]

    7. Title: Super Sized sluggerBy: Cal Ripken Jr,Kevin Cowherd I think that Super Sized Slugger is a very good book because its about a kid who plays baseball and he is on a team.The kids name is cody he goes to school and does everything right then one day a girl came to school and her name was Jessica and she played baseball to.Then one day they went to play catch and she was good at throwing then when they went to school cody got tackeled and then they started to fight then Jessica came and helped [...]

    8. I originally picked this up at the library when I saw the authors: Cal Ripken, Jr of Baltimore Orioles' fan, and Kevin Cowherd, a Baltimore sportswriter. For a complete non-sports person, this was quite a good story, following Cody's adjustment to Maryland after a move from Wisconsin, making new friends, and dealing with a bully. Despite the title, Cody's weight is only a side issuea little confusing, because the first few chapters make it clear that most of his weight is stockiness/body type, b [...]

    9. This book is quite interesting, due to the fact that I learned new things about baseball. I usually do not pick novels affiliated with sport themes, and that is the reason that I enjoyed it. This book's writing is very powerful because of the reason that it explains how low self esteem kids can overcome their difficulties. I personally in my perspective do not really care for baseball slang that this book contains. If this book was a series I would not continue to read them because I was not ver [...]

    10. Liz FortnerI read Super-sized slugger by: by Cal Ripken, Jr. Thirteen-year-old Cody Parker moves to Baltimore, Maryland from Wisconsin, where as a fat eighth-grader, he has to deal with brutal teasing from a baseball teammate, and his school is beset by a rash of mysterious thefts that threaten to sideline Cody and ruin an awesome season for his team. I thought it was a really good book.I like how it was about sports. I also like how there was a girl that did karate and stuck up for her friends, [...]

    11. super sized slugger by Cal Ripken Jr is an awesome book the book is about this kid named Cody moved to Baltimore and he tries out for the Babe Ruth league team and he tries out for third base but this bully named Dante plays third base but Cody takes his place and Dante gets mad. And the orioles the baseball team Cody is on is good and they are trying to go undefeated this season. there is this theft thing in his in school and Dante blames it on Cody and he made Dante confess and their Gym teach [...]

    12. How to be a good person in the face of Dante's teasing? Little bit mystery in the last third of the book, but all heart as Cody, the newest kid at school, makes friends on and off the field. My little one loved it, but he is a sucker for a baseball story. I like them when they have great life lessons and this one does (e.g do not underestimate the power of good friends - even a girl can save the day). If the way Cody deals with Dante's bullying does not make you laughwell you are not human.

    13. This was our library's selection for this month's Books for Boys Book Group for boys ages 9-11 and a parent. I was team-leading the discussion and activity.Cody has moved from Wisconsin to Baltimore and has a run-in with Dante, the school bully. Jessica is his neighbor, has mad athletic skills, and is Cody's age -- 13. Cody loves baseball and tries out for the third base position, even though he is big enough to attract badgering about his size. The story boils down to facing fears, all kinds of [...]

    14. The theme of this book is courage. One example of the theme is when Cody stood up to his bully to make him confess. Another example is when Cody did well in baseball even when he was threatened to be hurt if he did so. An example of symbolism is Prince Fielder. People should read this book because it is a great example of how baseball changes lives.

    15. Decent book, but not stellar. A solid story for kids who want to identify with characters that are not so picture-perfect but are still athletic. As a "super-sized" kid on the team, some kids to make fun of the protagonist--at least until they find out how talented, how dedicated to the idea of "team", and what a good guy he is. He's a nice kid, one you'd want your kid to befriend.

    16. This is one of the first books my 7 year old has picked out (all by himself!) to listen to on the way to and from school. He loved it. He loves baseball and loved Cody and how he handled being bullied in school. I thought it was meh too neat and tidy. Everything wraps up too nicely for my tastes. If your little one loves baseball though, s/he will like this book.

    17. This is the 2nd book in this series and I've read them both out loud to my boys. This book had a good story line, just like the first. We often found ourselves laughing at some of the characters and how they interact with one another, especially the players on the baseball team. We'll look forward to additional books if they are written!

    18. Really well written book for boys, and I enjoyed it as an adult too. The characters are well developed and Ripken injects quite a bit of humor - I found myself laughing out loud numerous times. Nice story with a good message about bullying - and how to handle it. Very baseball focused - not surprising - so am not sure how "into it" young girls would be, despite the good story.

    19. I think this book is a good book for 4th and 5th graders. It is very interesting, when I read it I didn't want to stop because of the action in the story. This book is the 1st of many books Cal Ripken Jr. has written in the All-Stars Series. I highly recommend this book

    20. When I first saw this book I thought I would hate it. But once I read the first chapter I was hooked. The pages practically turned themselves. This book also had a real connection with me because when was little I was really big so I know what he was going through.

    21. Cody Parker is thrilled to have landed on his new baseball team, and most of the Orioles are thrilled to have their new third baseman and fifth-hitting slugger. Who isn’t thrilled? How about the Oriole’s old third baseman and fifth-hitting slugger?

    22. Audiobook review: The story is good but the reader's voice sounds like he should be standing behind a white van luring kids in with candy.

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