Risky Shot

Risky Shot You only get one shot to save your life Danielle De Luca worked hard to build a life she was proud of without help from her wealthy family only to find that her life spinning out of control as some o

  • Title: Risky Shot
  • Author: Kathleen Brooks
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • You only get one shot to save your life Danielle De Luca worked hard to build a life she was proud of without help from her wealthy family, only to find that her life spinning out of control as some of the nation s biggest power brokers were trying to end it As a witness to a horrific crime, Danielle knows she is now a loose end The determination she used to buildYou only get one shot to save your life Danielle De Luca worked hard to build a life she was proud of without help from her wealthy family, only to find that her life spinning out of control as some of the nation s biggest power brokers were trying to end it As a witness to a horrific crime, Danielle knows she is now a loose end The determination she used to build her life is what she ll need to stay alive As a prince of the small nation of Rahmi, Mohtadi Ali Rahmen went against his father s wishes and followed his heart by moving to Keeneston, Kentucky to start a horse racing farm He knows his time to find love is short as he faces an arranged marriage to secure the royal bloodline But then Danielle De Luca arrives in Keeneston with killers on her heels Their connection is instant and he knows right away he s found the woman of his dreams Now Mohtadi must decide whether to follow his heart once , even if it means only one side can walk away with their lives.

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    One thought on “Risky Shot”

    1. 5 Risky Shot Stars We meet Danielle and Mo in book 1, Danielle is Kenna’s best friend and the other woman to be witness to a crime. So when they think its save for Danielle to come to Kenna she does. She then meets Mo’s who is a modern day Prince. And they hit it off; I loved this so very much. I loved Mo in the first book and knew, knew he needed a HEA. But so does Danielle she is so head strong and strong of heart she needs that someone to let her be her.I loved this town, this series and [...]

    2. This whole series is just fantastic, it was a pleasure to read each and every book. The characters, main and secondary, are all wonderfully drawn. Some are hilarious, like the old ladies who own the B&B and cafe in town. My favorite thing about the Bluegrass series is how well each book ties into the next in the series.The southern flavor in these books is spot on and delicious. I'm looking forward to reading other series by this author for sure! Put Risky Shot on your must read list!

    3. This book was a big let down. First reason is that I really really like Mo and Dani but there was very little romance between them. I wish that there was more time devoted to their relationship. Second reason is that it ended in cliffhanger. I so wish authors would clue you in on that ahead of time. I do not like books with cliff hangers. I do not want to read a book that wants to force me to read the next book inorder to get the full story. I really like the plot of the book and series but i fe [...]

    4. A good second book in the series. I enjoyed going back and seeing the events in New York from Dani's perspective. We knew the information from book 1 when we saw things happen from Kenna's perspective, but seeing the same events through different eyes was good.I enjoyed meeting Mo in book 1 and learning about his marriage deal with his father. It was nice to see him fall in love with Dani and not only fulfill his requirements, but truly find someone he loved. It did seem a little far fetched tha [...]

    5. Seriously that ending!? If I didn't have the next one lined up. I might be a little mad right now. Hopefully Cole will stop being useless now and play his part

    6. I really enjoyed Blue Grass State of Mind where we met McKenna and Will. McKenna saw her boyfriend and a bunch of high ranking politicians in a bit of a precarious situation and went on the run when they tried to silence her. Before hitting the road, she told her friend everything that happened. That friend being Dani, stayed behind to try to get as much dirt and information as she could before she met up with McKenna. Risky Shot is Dani's story and if I'm being completely honest, it was a big l [...]

    7. Cute and fast paced!Okay, I read this one last nightd at first, I couldn't figure out where I got this book. Then I remembered that there was deal in iTunes/iBooks and these were 2.99$ so I got #2 and #3 and then the Bluegrass Brothers #1. I really liked the NYC girls heading to Kentucky. The choice of Kentucky did have me thinking (Lori Foster has many-o-killer hiding out in Kentucky; Lora Leigh and her Nauti boys are there along with some crazed survivalist) now, these girls are hiding out in [...]

    8. this book goes into more detail and depth of what Kenna and Dani are going through with the men after them. the author brings in new characters that add more to the story. i loved the relationship between Dani and Mo it was sweet. i have to say their were a few 'holy shit' moments that kept you wanting more :)

    9. If it hadn't ended in a cliff hanger I wouldn't be reading the third book. The spark of the first book was missing in this second attempt.

    10. quick and disappointedThe story picked up smoothly with the first book. It then became a silly love story with a very disappointing end.leaves you hanging without direction. I hope the third book wraps it all up.

    11. Love itDani can't help but be a bad ass. She risks everything to find a way to save her and Kenna. Coming to Kentucky she got the shock of her life when meeting Mo. But do they get a chance at love?

    12. Great sequel!Dani's story was so engrossing I had a hard time putting it down as both she and Kenna were pursued by the evil men that sent to hide out in Kentucky.

    13. Quick readGood book, I really don’t care for the ending.Its a good cliffhanger. I will read the next book though 🤯

    14. Esta historia cada vez esta mejor, me gusto mucho como Danielle no solo era una cara bonita sino también inteligente Ya desde el libro pasado Mo me caía bien

    15. This series is well written and the story is good, but I feel like the character connections could use some work. As soon as they meet, the whole town is planning weddings. It's a sweet, small town read and I did like it, I just thought it felt a little wooden at times.

    16. Love this series!!!! Just enough romance, suspense, and mystery. I can't stop reading the Bluegrass series!!!!!

    17. I am writing these reviews after having read the whole series so it will be an overall summary. These books are funny, heartwarming, suspenseful with great main characters and terrific minor characters (the Rose SistersI mean come on! Who wouldn't love them?!). The setting is awesomeI want to move to this town that knows everything all the time and yet can keep secrets! Each character is well developed and each separate storyline is well crafted. The one storyline that traces back to New York is [...]

    18. Slick's review posted on Guilty Pleasures4.5 StarsRisky Shot is the second book in Kathleen Brooks’ Bluegrass Series and this book end with a humdinger of a cliff hanger, not since “who shot JR” do I remember a cliff hanger like this one. I’ll admit though if I’d had to wait more than two minutes to read the next book, it probably would have ticked me off so I’m kind of glad I discovered these when the next book was already out! That’s not to say this isn’t a good book, because i [...]

    19. After I finished Blue Grass State of Mind, I immediately ordered Risky Shot ( from my Kindle as I lay in bed—OMG you gotta love it!) Blue Grass State of Mind concluded with Danielle De Luca arriving on McKenna’s doorstep and I simply had to find out what she had been doing since she and McKenna Mason had gone their separate ways as they fled for their lives. After they left an upscale bar where they had celebrated Mckenna’s 29th birthday, they had stopped by Greendale, Thompson and Hitchem [...]

    20. Dani De Luca finally made it to Kentucky, after months of running and hiding she was safe with her friend McKenna Mason, well as safe as the two of them could be right now. Dani is taken back at how well Kenna has done for herself and just a little jealous, until she meets his royal highness Mohtadi Ali Rahmen "Mo" to his friends. She is immediately taken by him as he is her and offers his full support to her. As romance blossoms between the two, the high powered officials in New York are not ab [...]

    21. This book is absolutely fantastic and a great movement forward in this series. We have already met and learned a little about Dani and Mo from the first book but this book takes you through everything Dani has lived through since splitting with Kenna in New York. We pick up exactly where Bluegrass State of Mind ended and poor Dani is feeling a tad jealous of how easy it appears Kenna has had it. Little does she know that Kenna has had her own brand of trouble. Dani is a very take charge kind of [...]

    22. I'm writing this review suffering from book hangover as I stayed up till almost 2am to finish it, that's how much I was enjoying it. So why didn't I give it 5 stars? Because it ended on one hell of a cliffhanger! I'd have shouted out NO! at the top of my voice at that ending if everyone else handy been asleep. I hate cliffhangers like that, that force you to buy the next book.This book continues from where book one left off, but as this time it's Dani and Mo's story I hadn't realised this would [...]

    23. ***Some Spoilers Revealed***I really can't say I disliked this book. There are elements that I can relate to and there are things that I can't. It is a "Soft Romance" I think best would describ it. I sit somewhere in the middle on this story because first, there was no real steamy love scene(s). It was all fluffy-Lovey-Dovey stuff. The lead reconnects with and old childhood friend- Strike that- acquantence, but I did not really feel that there really was a spark there. There was the ex-wife that [...]

    24. "Risky Shot" is the second in the "Bluegrass" series by Kathleen Brooks and picks up where "Bluegrass State of Mind" left off. This book is focused on Danielle De Luca, Kenna Mason's best friend and former paralegal, and Mohtadi Ali Rahmen (aka Mo), sheikh and horse owner. I had to suspend my disbelief in order to appreciate this book because the love story between Danielle and Mo seemed to be in hyper drive from the very beginning. Still, I'm not entirely sure if the chemistry between the two p [...]

    25. Synopsis: "Danielle De Luca, an ex-beauty queen who is not at all what she seems, leaves the streets of New York after tracking the criminals out to destroy her. She travels to Keeneston, Kentucky to make her final stand by the side of her best friend, McKenna Mason. While in Keeneston, Danielle meets the quiet and mysterious Mohtadi Ali Rahmen, a modern day Prince. Can Mo protect Dani from the group of powerful men in New York? Or will Dani save the Prince from his rigid, loveless destiny?"My R [...]

    26. So the first book in the series made me fall totally in love with the town. I mean, I loved the story of Kenna and Will, but the town characters are what really made me love the book. And ordinarily I get really annoyed when it's the same basic story, set in the same town, just different characters. However that's not the case with this series.Ok, I mean yes, Kenna and Will meet and fall in love. Dani and Mo meet and fall in love, and really both stories do have a bit of insta-love to them. But [...]

    27. I can't believe I spent money on this. Not because it was so awful, because it wasn't, but because it felt like something I could've found for free. I really liked Bluegrass State of Mind. It was a fun Southern romance with a dangerous twist, and I couldn't stop reading. I couldn't stop reading Risky Shot either, but it was more in anticipation of the next thrill rather than the romance. Mo and Dani's relationship was very much instant-love, and I couldn't stand it. I liked Mo and Dani individua [...]

    28. Second part of the Bluegrass trilogy is almost as wonderful as the first one. I loved the characters and the way the story is told. In the first few chapters the story from the first book is retold from Danielle's perspective and continues then with the shift to Danielle and Mo as main characters instead of Kenna and Will though all the characters from the first book are still in the center of the story.The pace is very fast and the events especially in the second half of the book don't let you [...]

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