The Vanishing Pumpkin

The Vanishing Pumpkin A classic Halloween story about a pumpkin gone missing is certain to delight readers of all ages When a year old woman and an year old man want to make pumpkin pie on Halloween they can t fin

  • Title: The Vanishing Pumpkin
  • Author: Tony Johnston Tomie dePaola
  • ISBN: 9780698114142
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Paperback
  • A classic Halloween story about a pumpkin gone missing is certain to delight readers of all ages When a 700 year old woman and an 800 year old man want to make pumpkin pie on Halloween, they can t find their pumpkin Our pumpkin s been snitched, cries the woman And off they go to find it A good bet for Halloween story hours School Library Journal There can never beA classic Halloween story about a pumpkin gone missing is certain to delight readers of all ages When a 700 year old woman and an 800 year old man want to make pumpkin pie on Halloween, they can t find their pumpkin Our pumpkin s been snitched, cries the woman And off they go to find it A good bet for Halloween story hours School Library Journal There can never be enough Halloween stories This one is appealing, participatory, fast paced and a delight in the telling Children s Book Review Service

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    One thought on “The Vanishing Pumpkin”

    1. Well, that was strange. That's not a criticism, just an observation. This book dates to the last gasp of the trippy picture books I grew up with, although it's not quite like them, either. For one thing, it has the tone more of a garbled folktale than an hallucination.A seven-hundred-year-old woman and an eight-hundred-year-old man realize it is Halloween and are excited about the excuse to bake a pumpkin pie (because apparently that is what ancient witches do for Halloween, contrary to the feve [...]

    2. Somehow I hope my marriage ends up like this. I'm not sure exactly what that means but I think I'll know when we get there.

    3. I love to read this one to my kids and they love it too! Not only do I get to say fun words like rapscallion and varmint, there are funny, unexpected twists - like when the old woman and the old man took off down the road as fast as a 700-year-old woman and the 800-year-old man could. In fact they fairly flew! Highly recommended for ages 3-9!

    4. I love every single thing about this book. It's a classic for dePaola--before he was famous and I am enamored of the colors and compositions and I also love the story. And the phrasings. It's funny and it's about the best creatures of Halloween. And the cloth binding under the dust jacket is lavender.Sigh. Sarah Montambo Powell

    5. One of my very favorite books. The kids know it is an October tradition to read this book before bed. My husband does the best voices. We quote it regularly: "Leaping Lizards!" "A great big fat one?" "Snitched!"

    6. A really old man and his really old wife have been saving a pumpkin to make a pie, but it has disappeared. They encounter all kinds of creepy characters until finally finding out a 900 year old wizard has carved it into a Jack o Lantern. The old man and woman were not happy until they received a delightful surprise from the forgetful, yet charming wizard. Cute holiday book that is a little different than the usual stories brought to life by the award winning illustrator Tomie DePaola

    7. It's Tomie dePaola, so it's mandatory enjoyment. I like the progression of the story, seeing their followers grow, and the abrupt ending adds a little comedic value. The illustrations are perfect. This would make for a great read aloud with a slightly older group, first through third grade.

    8. What a treat to this book is. There were some words that we don't normally use so it was fun to use them in context. Definitely a must have for a Halloween collection!

    9. This is a great Halloween book. This book is about a 700 year old woman and a 800 year old man who lost a pumpkin. They went around searching for their pumpkin around their house. They didn't find it so they go out and ask different people they encounter if they have seen a pumpkin. No one has seen the pumpkin, until they find the Wizard, he had the pumpkin. He had a made a Jack-O-lantern out of it and also made a Pumpkin pie, and they all ate the pie. I think I could use this book in the classr [...]

    10. This is a very strange tale about an incredibly old couple of witches. The illustrations are classic Tomie dePaola, but the story doesn't really have the same charm as we expected. Still, it's a humorous Halloween tale that isn't scary. The story has a lot of repetition which will appeal to younger children and I loved the use of interesting words, like "rapscallion" and "varmint". The dialogue is silly, but fun to read aloud. We enjoyed reading it together.

    11. In this story rife with delightfully antiquated vocabulary, an 800-year old man and an 700-year old woman discover that their pumpkin has been "snitched" and set off in search of it, interrogating whomever they meet along the way: a ghoul, a rapscallion, a varmint, and finally a wizard. My favorite of the characters they encounter is the rapscallion, who bears a strong resemblance to a Jawa from Star Wars. This is the perfect Halloween read for children in lower elementary school. There is suspe [...]

    12. This had the feel of a folktale, but there was no note in the book indicating that it was based on one. It's an odd story about a 700-year-old woman and an 800-year-old man looking for their stolen pumpkin. I don't know why Johnston made them so old, except to emphasize by their age that they're supernatural and magical. I like the way Johnston told the story, and the way she presented the dialogue. Nevertheless, it was odd. An ok read for Halloween.

    13. A 700 year old woman and an 800 year old man realize that it's Halloween and they go get a pumpkin that they've been saving to make a pumpkin pie. They then discover that the pumpkin has vanished! No matter where they look they can't find where it has gone to. They set off down the road and meet different creatures in their search for the pumpkin. Best line- "I borrowed your pumpkin," said the wizard. "Snitched," muttered the old man. Lesson ideas- Halloween, repeating story patterns

    14. A 700-year-old woman and an 800-year-old man discover that it's Halloween, the perfect day to bake their pumpkin into a pumpkin pie. They rush out to their garden but the pumpkin is gone. They ask all kinds of spooky creatures if they've seen the pumpkin but they have no luck. Can a 900-year-old wizard help them find their pumpkin?Tomie dePaola's famous illustrations are a perfect fit to Tony Johnston's fun, repetitive, interactive text.

    15. The Vanishing Pumpkin is a cute Halloween book! An old man and woman realize that it is Halloween, and they want to make a pumpkin pie from the pumpkin that they have been growing. However, the pumpkin is gone! They begin to search for it, and ask all sorts of Halloween creatures where it is. No one knows. Then they meet a wizard who has made the pumpkin into a Jack O Lantern. He did however, make them a pie and they all eat it together!

    16. This book is surprisingly clever, written with some nice humorous twists that credit the author's imaginative skills quite well. As a Halloween picture book they don't get much better than this one; in particular, the interactions between the various "ruffians" and the very, very old man and woman is funny to read.

    17. This story was the third grade classroom favorite of my teacher at the elementary school. I really enjoyed how the third graders picked up on the impossibility of there being a 700 year old woman and 800 year old man who can fly. Their interest was perked and then the teacher used this great Halloween story for a story map to practice summarizing.

    18. This was an amusing tale, if not a little repetitive. I liked seeing what the old man and old lady did to anyone they thought had taken their pumpkin. The ending was a bit of a letdown, but I still liked the book. I might recommend.*Taken from my book reviews blog: reviewsatmse/2010

    19. I LOVED this book when I was growing up. I like that it starts out saying, "There was a 700 year old woman. There was an 800 year old man." It just shows the humor that is throughout the story. This is a great book to read to children around Halloween. The illustrations are good throughout the book too.

    20. A 700-year-old woman and an 800-year-old man go looking for their missing Halloween pumpkin and meet several ornery spooky critters along the way. I'm always looking for new Halloween stories to share, so I picked this one up. While it's not the greatest, I think kids will laugh at the old-man's tricks, and the silliness that goes along with the chase.

    21. Fun book about a hundreds of years old couple whose pumpkin goes missing. In setting out to find who snitched it, they encounter several characters on whom they play Halloween tricks on (in the name of finding the pumpkin, of course). My kids (9, 6, 3 years) thought it was hilarious.

    22. A fun, silly tale with a rewarding, pumpkiny ending. Would have been nice if the humans weren't all white (although the wizard might have been, green?) and if the folks they meet on the trail weren't all males, but you know the drill.

    23. Brought this library book over to my dtr's and "we" all read it before dinner. My 8 year old granddaughter read it although there were some "new' words--"ghoul" "rapscallion". The repetition makes it fun fro litle ones.

    24. Kids like this book with such fun and unusual characters. I have been reading it to school kids for years. The book hooks them, from the first time they hear the old man wondering where his pumpkin went, "Snitched!"

    25. The old man and old woman investigate a missing pumpkin and run into 3 suspects including a wizard who pleasantly surprises them all. Wonderful illustrations by Tomie dePaola make the story even more fun to read!

    26. A wonderful Halloween story. A 700 year old woman and 800 year old man want their pumpkin to make a pumpkin pie, but someone stole it. The chase is on the track down their pumpkin!

    27. This book is about this vanishing pumpkin. A 700 year old man and a 600 year old women are trying to find a pumpkin. A.P.

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