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Advanced Style Advanced Style is Ari Seth Cohen s blog based ode to the confidence beauty and fashion that can only be achieved through the experience of a life lived glamorously It is a collection of street fashi

  • Title: Advanced Style
  • Author: Ari Seth Cohen Maira Kalman Dita Von Teese
  • ISBN: 9781576875926
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Advanced Style is Ari Seth Cohen s blog based ode to the confidence, beauty, and fashion that can only be achieved through the experience of a life lived glamorously It is a collection of street fashion unlike any seen before focused on the over 60 set in the world s most stylish locales The mostly ladies of Advanced Style are enjoying their later years with graceAdvanced Style is Ari Seth Cohen s blog based ode to the confidence, beauty, and fashion that can only be achieved through the experience of a life lived glamorously It is a collection of street fashion unlike any seen before focused on the over 60 set in the world s most stylish locales The mostly ladies of Advanced Style are enjoying their later years with grace and panache, marching to the beat of their own drummer These timeless images and words of wisdom provide fashion inspiration for all ages and prove that age is nothing but a state of mind.Ari Seth Cohen started his blog inspired by his own grandmother s unique personal style and his lifelong interest in the put together fashion of vibrant seniors Each of his subjects sparkles like a diamond after long years spent refining and perfecting their individual look and approach to life The Advanced Style book will showcase, in luscious full color, the best of the blog, but will also act as a true guidebook with all new material featuring wardrobes, interviews, stories, and advice from a cadre of his most chic subjects, along with a large selection of never before seen photography fresh off of sidewalk catwalks around the world

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      443 Ari Seth Cohen Maira Kalman Dita Von Teese
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    One thought on “Advanced Style”

    1. If I could have just a fraction of style that these women have! My favorite quotes? "If you try to imitate too much, you will look like nothing. Never compare. You are you!"--Ilona Royce Smithkin"In your body is a good place to be."--Beatrix OstAnd one of the best? "Sunglasses are better than a face-lift. They hide the ravages of time and let you spy."--MaryNow it's time to go buy a pair of sunglasses! :)

    2. A pictorial view of older women who have perfected their style. Wonderful for any woman who loves fashion but especially for the more mature woman. It is important to dress for yourself and not worry what everyone else thinks. For me fashion allows me to express who I am. When I feel I look good, I feel good and I have a little more spring in my step. My love of fashion started way back and continues into my senior years. It is part of who I am.

    3. If you've ever wondered how to dress as/when you get older, this book offers tons of inspiration. Featuring photographs of actual seniors (mostly ladies only though), including one spritely centenarian who still dresses to the nines each time she leaves her house, there is a wide variety of high-resolution photos to peruse. I was surprised to see how much you can still get away with even at that age.

    4. Reading mainstream fashion magazines and blogs, sometimes it's really difficult not to get the horrible sinking feeling that being concerned with style is reserved primarily for people in their early 20s. So it's incredibly refreshing to see an entire street style photography book dedicated to women in their 60s and up. I also like that Ari Seth Cohen photographs a variety of different styles--there's a lot of very classic, sophisticated looks in this book, but there's also bohemian looks, some [...]

    5. What a fun book! Who has you can not have style after a certain age? This book dispels that completely. I really loved all the well taken pictures. The only gripe I had with this book was that not every picture had a small blurb about the person being captured. Only a few ladies had a bit of a blurb while 90% of the other participants only had their photo taken. I would have liked something like "Humans of New York" where we got a little more info. I love seeing the fashion that the women wear, [...]

    6. Fantastic book by Ari Seth Cohen and a beautiful tribute to fashionable ladies in the 60 to 90 plus age range. I found this book to be very inspiring, beautiful images of sophisticated, fun, positive and unique women who refuse to give up, stay home and look frumpy. I highly recommend this book and Ari's blog as well. It's hard not to fall in love with these ladiesvancedstyle/

    7. Seeing these women celebrating who they are through their individual style was inspiring! Flouting society's views of elder women and of what one should wear, they seem to have more life than many younger people I know. One reviewer correctly noted these women appear to have some means to support their habit, though women of less means are fully capable of creative self-expression. Hopefully Ari Seth Cohen will continue documenting these incredible women, and expand it into other cities.

    8. Ari Seth Cohen has been collecting photos of older women who boldly wear clothing and accessories in their own unique way. He has a very popular blog and has now collected some of them in this fun book. While it is apparent many of these women have means and plenty of closet space, I know women of all means can have distinctive style for I see it quite often.

    9. I was hoping for an expanded view of advanced style beyond the borders of NY. This book is an extension of the original blog. Curiously, I think that this book exemplifies a codified style of the rich white people living in a particular area. It's good eye candy but even these people are reflecting each other. The book, which shows them all together, almost reveals the patterns.

    10. A fascinating look at street-style fashion that features well-dressed grande dames who are the embodiment of platinum elegance .

    11. FYI this is almost completely wordless. There are some paragraphs about the women but I would have loved to hear more from them and about the specific outfits photographed. It really makes projects like The Sartorialist look as ageist as they are, but Advanced Style is still mostly a catalogue of white, thin, and wealthy women.

    12. Inspirational and uplifting, every page and story an encouragement to see ageing as a choice to celebrate life and live as glamorously and free as you want with your dress and style. Full of wonderful quotes and photos of marvellous older women enjoying their age to the fullest.

    13. A beautiful ode to self acceptance and style as a form of self-care. Amazing photography, with short essays by the women involved that turkey give the book its depth.

    14. Solo perché sei over 60 non significa che si smetta di essere alla modaMa quanto sono avanti? Un blog, un libroLa vecchiaia non è una passeggiata, quindi tanto vale trasformarla in una bella camminata nella via principale dell'esistenza. La pensano così le signore che Ari Seth Cohen fotografa dal 2008 per il suo blog Advanced Style, ora riunite in un libro edito da PowerHouse. Ultra-novantenni che fanno ginnastica distese su tappetini azzurri (e arrivano pure a toccarsi le punte dei piedi), o [...]

    15. Not a lot to read here, but what a wonderful book. Just looking at the pictures of these ladies (and a few gents) makes me smile and makes me feel good about my own future. They give me hope that I still have time to develop into a remarkably creative and stylish woman.

    16. Several Sundays ago, I stalked an older woman - she was maybe in her late 60s or early 70s - as she made her way through my grocery store from produce to paper goods, because she was wearing a gorgeous leather skirt. You do not see beautiful leather skirts often, much less at Stop & Shop, and much, much less on senior citizens. This skirt was what you might call "kicky" or "flippy", cut in a-line style to end perfectly at her knees. If she had spun about, it would have lifted just a little b [...]

    17. As a woman in my seventies, I can appreciate this book very deeply. Our nation is not renowned for honoring people as they age, and so many of us do not just get older, we also disappear into the shadows. Thus it is such a joy to see the photos and read the words of people who bloom brightly in the garden of humanity. The wondrous ladies and gentlemen pictured within these pages are lively, creative individuals, not ghosts of their former selves. Not only are they unique in their dress, but they [...]

    18. I've always been fascinated by women past "that certain age" who still present themselves with elan and calculated elegance and often flaunt an artistic disregard for tedious fashion conventions. I've always been too shy to approach them and strike up a conversation, thus I was thrilled to find this collection of photos and interviews. These older women are traffic-stoppingly (new word?) gorgeous in ways that sometimes dance dangerously over the line of propriety into eccentricity. Since most of [...]

    19. This book is really a book of great photos. The author has always admired older women because he adores his grandmothers and his mother. He was brought up to appreciate great style. This book is filled with photos of women with style. Some of the photos are gorgeous. Some of the clothing is so classic and beautiful and then you notice the accessories. Some of the women are quirky and colorful and dress with so much happiness and flair. I was envious. If you want to get some great ideas of style. [...]

    20. I loved Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen, which was surprisingly written by a young man. It’s a photo book that took a little over an hour to read. However, I’ve spent many hours since then looking at the photos and getting to know the characters. It’s basically a fashion book featuring older women who truly are characters. I think that most of them are from New York City, which makes sense. They each have their own style and personality. Some I like more than others, but they are all an i [...]

    21. Having just returned from a week in New York City, I can't tell you how much fun it was to page through this unusual book. Cohen, a fashion hound from childhood, pays homage to the 70+ age set of stylish women who grace the sidewalks of the city. Proving that style and elegance know no upper age limit, the women all express individuality with their clothing and accessories. Some are patrician and conservative; some are wild and over the top. All have the fashion panache to turn heads.The main me [...]

    22. This collection of senior street-style fashion photographs is superb! Advanced Style started as a blog in 2008. Its creator, Ari Seth Cohen, would walk the streets of New York and photograph well-dressed, confident people of a certain age. He was attracted to not only their daring fashion but to their joie de vivre, spirit, and individuality. You will recognize many of his same muses in the book as in his blog as well as photos captured during his brief encounters with strangers on the street. T [...]

    23. I loved seeing how the gutsy older women in Ari Seth Cohen's lush photos create a truly eclectic and unapologetic approach to geriatric fashion. The word eccentric could certainly come to mind here, but that would be dismissive of the degree of creativity and elegance with which these women dress themselves. Instead what becomes evident is that for those of us of the "older and wiser" set, there is truly something to be said for knowing oneself completely and to the core, and being able to confi [...]

    24. Well, this is a picture book, with very little writing to read. But it is a very interesting picture book, filled with women of a certain age, who are not and mostly never were, professional models. They are the people you find walking the sidewalks of New York City, if you happened to be there. I enjoyed all the photographs, but the best one for me was the woman with the orange eye lashes. Now you have to go see her for yourself.

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