Where the Long Grass Blows

Where the Long Grass Blows Bill Canavan was a young man who knew what he wanted a ranch in good stock country He intended to settle for nothing less The big ranchers former rustlers turned respectable were now in a shooting w

  • Title: Where the Long Grass Blows
  • Author: Louis L'Amour
  • ISBN: 9780553062748
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Leather Bound
  • Bill Canavan was a young man who knew what he wanted a ranch in good stock country He intended to settle for nothing less The big ranchers, former rustlers turned respectable, were now in a shooting war with one another In the middle of the fracas was a small spread and one elusive lady and where Canavan decided to stake his claim.

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    One thought on “Where the Long Grass Blows”

    1. When I crave a visit to the rough Western frontier and a colorful story about the people of the West, I reach for a Louis L'amour book more often than not. I get a real sense of time and place and a man of the moment from his stories. I was so glad to see his books being produced for audio so I could appreciate them in a whole new way.Jason Culp was a first time narrator for me, but I thought he did a great job telling a western story with its variety of western characters and their situations. [...]

    2. I can't help it, I just love Louis L'Amour. Every once in a while I get an aching for some good old fashioned cowboy wrangling. That's when I go to L'amour. His novels are quick, full of action, written with clarity and realism. When I read one of his books I honestly feel that I'm in the Old West. The dust, the cattle, the dry heat, the smooth talkingI'm right there in the middle of it. Perhaps it's all those John Wayne movies I watched with my Grandpa, but I'm part cowgirl at heart.Bill Canava [...]

    3. Just as laconic as his characters are, Louis L'Amour can't be counted on to provide comic relief or illustrative digressions. He's the complete antithesis of someone like Neal Stephenson (whose writing entails a great deal of what some might consider unnecessary prose, but which nonetheless serves to advance the story and character development, even if it doesn't seem that way when being initially read).I don't think I have strong preferences one way or the other. I've been a fan of Stephenson's [...]

    4. Borrowed this from my Grandpa, just one of many by L'Amour. I've been in a bit of a reading slump, taking forever to do any reading, kept distracting myself with online things. Not the book's fault though. I finally got myself reading again and I'm happy I finished at last. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Especially the setting, Canavan's plot on the mesa and the huge secret land inside the lava beds. I thought that would be amazing to see. The ice caves, and the green meadow with the stream runn [...]

    5. Where the Long Grass Blows by Louis L’amour Louis L’amour seems to make the west come alive in one of his many novels Where the Long Grass Blows. Bill Canavan rides into a lawless country looking to buy a ranch in a land where the people have no legal clam for the land and there is a strong, ruthless, struggle for water rights and range. There is even altering of brands to make one man’s mark on cattle his own such as a VV turned altered to be three diamonds. Bill plans to become “top do [...]

    6. Bill Canavan has wanted a ranch for several years. But he’s not content to rest with some dingy set of acres. He wants to own the most lush and fertile land in the valley. The scary thing is, he’s got it, deed and all. But the other, more powerful ranchers in the valley don’t know of his claim and are fighting over Canavan’s land. They’re ready to kill each other over it. They’d be willing to kill Canavan over it, too…But, for now, Canavan is content to sit back and watch the fight [...]

    7. "Where the Long Grass Blows" is a country novel. I've read a few country novels and this is a better one. However, if you start reading it and it seems that you don't like it, keep reading. At first you can't really get into it. It isn't until about twenty pages that you actually start finding you're interested.Bill Canavan is an aging western man who has been through murders, thieves, and fugitives, and is ready to lead a calm, happy life. The unfortunate part is that he has to battle those aro [...]

    8. Crispin Mayo was a reckless man who had left his tiny fishing village for the American frontier. Headed west to join a railroad construction crew, he found an isolated station. The shack was abandoned, but fresh blood spattered the floor, and the telegraph was clicking away unattended. When Mayo stepped inside and put a hand on the telegraph key, he had no way of knowing the course of his life would change forever and that he would become involved with a band of Civil War veterans with something [...]

    9. This is a traditional cowboy novel. An easy, fast read if you want some light reading. I like Louis L'Amour because he researches the histories and places he writes about. Although it's your stock western formula: the protagonist is generally a guy who avoids violence and is forced into defending himself, triumphs in the end and finds the girl of his dreams in the process But it does bring out issues of the "Old West" such as land tenure and uses of land, clashes in culture, economies, life-styl [...]

    10. "There was a lonely place where the trail ran up to the sky, turning sharply away at the rimrock where a man could see all the valley below, a splendid green of forest and meadow fading into the purple of the farther mountains. It was a place where a man could look down upon eagles, soaring far below, yet thousands of feet above the valley's floor. Here at sundown a man came riding."Classic L'Amour."Most folks set their sights too high. They demand too much of life. How many meals can you eat? H [...]

    11. I have read every Louis L'amour book written at least 20 times :) I have owned them at least 5 times. Now I'm collecting them on my Sony eReader so that I can stop the madness! This was my very first western-- read when I was 9 not ever sure it is my favorite. That might be Bendigo Shafter or Jubal Sackett but this is a fun book nonetheless!

    12. So, I've read this book at least twice before, however, I needed an escape after the last book that I worked my way through. "Where the Long Grass Blows" is a good read. It drags the reader right into the middle of conflict, mystery, wonder, and excitement. Makes me wish that I could go out and found a ranch, and live the life of a cow boy.

    13. Not a genre I typically read. Very well written. Characters were a little difficult to keep straight at the beginning. Good story line. Fast read. A slight twist at the climax had me surprised but the ending was slightly far fetched.

    14. L'Amour was one hell of a storyteller. Though his characters in this one barely eased past the standard Saturday afternoon western stereotypes, L'Amour gives the characters a humanity often missing from the genre. An enjoyable, light read!

    15. Louis L'Amour writes short, fast reading Westerns about a West that should have been if it wasn't. His characters are always bigger than life and this book like all his books was an enjoyable read.

    16. Bill Canavan stakes claims on three water holes in the valley of his dreams to start a ranch. He discovers that someone is conspiring to have war between the ranchers and gain control of the whole region for themselves.

    17. Least euphonious character names ever: Bill Canavan? Dixie Venable? Rolly Burt? Kerb Dahl?Found this at a hotel in Rincon, Puerto Rico. Once I got into it, I realized it was one of the maybe 5 (out of what--150?) L'Amour novels I had already read. Pretty enjoyable all the same.

    18. i read all these louis l'amour books when i was in elementary school and jr high and now i am going to try to read them all again and put them into as i reread them got to love those sacketts~!

    19. My introduction to Louis L'Amour started with this book. I have read it many times. His works take me to a place and time I would often rather be. Born in the wrong century??? Perhaps.

    20. Who doesn't like a Louis L'amour? Spoiler alert: He kills the bad guy and gets the girl. Still fun to read.

    21. Another great Louis L'Amour book! One of the greatest western writeres out there as well as others. Definitely a strong story teller. A must read as is all his books.

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