Welcome to Paradise

Welcome to Paradise Revenge can be sweet Forgiveness is sweeter Singing sensation Charlotte Hill can t wait for her high school reunion She s out to give Nate Bishop the man who walked away with her virginity the sexiest

  • Title: Welcome to Paradise
  • Author: Elle Kennedy
  • ISBN: 9781609285050
  • Page: 131
  • Format: ebook
  • Revenge can be sweet Forgiveness is sweeter Singing sensation Charlotte Hill can t wait for her high school reunion She s out to give Nate Bishop the man who walked away with her virginity the sexiest ride of his life Then give him a heaping dose of the same medicine he gave her fifteen years ago.Stomp all over his heart as she walks out the door.Nate has never forgotRevenge can be sweet Forgiveness is sweeter.Singing sensation Charlotte Hill can t wait for her high school reunion She s out to give Nate Bishop the man who walked away with her virginity the sexiest ride of his life Then give him a heaping dose of the same medicine he gave her fifteen years ago.Stomp all over his heart as she walks out the door.Nate has never forgotten the green eyed redhead who set his body on fire, the one girl who saw past his bad reputation The heat of those memories still warms his thoughts, even after all these years After he did the right thing and let her go, rather than let his love chain her to a town she despised.Now she s back in Paradise looking sexier than ever, and Nate finds himself powerless to keep his distance And Charlotte, in spite of her resolve, can t believe she s so easily falling under his spell Yet mind blowing sex doesn t bury the past It unearths painful emotions too long buried Emotions that could stamp out rekindled love before it catches flameWarning Contains a reformed bad boy and a newly minted bad girl with revenge on her mind, feuding families, dirty little secrets, and a lot of dirty sex.

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    One thought on “Welcome to Paradise”

    1. 2.25/5No groveling? No groveling! There was no groveling hero!I'm upset!Too bad, the first half of the book was so good, but in the second half things started to go downhill and finally ended up being something else, something even more exasperating and disappointing.Nate hurt Charlotte badly fifteen years ago. Of course, he had his own reasonblah, blah, blah… When she came back to her hometown to attend the high school reunion, she planned her revenge on him, to break his heart the same way h [...]

    2. Cute book, with some really hot moments. Welcome To Paradise (that would be the small town of Paradise, Colorado) is the first in a new series by Elle Kennedy. I imagine the stories are going to revolve around the four Bishop brothers (bar owner Nate, construction company owner Owen, military man Jake, and photographer Austin) , this being the oldest brother--32-year-old Nate's story. The book spends some time setting up the series, introducing some town folk, some local businesses, and the cast [...]

    3. The summary grabbed my attention so I bought it, but at 104 pages, I thought for sure I was going to end up not happy with it. of you know I just can't seem to get enough out of most novellas. Fifteen years ago, Nate thought he was doing what was best for Charlotte, but what he did was break her heart and ruin her for future relationships. He also broke his own heart in the process. Neither one have been in a successful relationship during the past fifteen years. When Charlotte comes back for th [...]

    4. Welcome To Paradise was a short read with some sexy scenes thrown and some coarse language but it was a decent read.Charlotte is a big star now miles apart from the girl who was poor and made fun of because her mother was the town slut. Charlotte had a hard time in school and the only person good to her was Nate, but he took her virginity and broke her heart when he said something about her(in bed). So, Charlotte is talking with a friend about how it's been fifteen years but because of Nate her [...]

    5. I am so disappointed manI honestly love Elle Kennedy but this was such a disappointing read. I mean she had the plot, the characters and the emotional drama in the palm of her hands and she blew it. The pace was too fast, the ending was so wrong I mean seriously, no groveling hero? I just wanted MORE ya know?(view spoiler)[There was Nate Bishop, the hot sacrificing hero and Charlotte Hill, the still madly in love heroine. PERFECT. But it all turned sour when she showed barely a grain of hurt ove [...]

    6. Okay, so this wasn't the book I had set out to read.Looks like my copy got corrupted or something, since I thought I was readingand was thoroughly confused for the first couple of pages till I realized that it wasn't actually that book.I pressed on reading.Lexie. I don't like her. She has the nickname Ice Princess for a reason. She was a complete and total stuck up bitch.Nate. A bit of a dumb ass, and full of pride.Charlotte. I didn't like her either. I never really warmed up to her for the enti [...]

    7. I love E Kennedy books. The 1st in the paradise series is a heartachly sweet with regrets, should have's and 2nd even 3rd chances at HEA. only thing that got to be was the disagreement between the bishops mother and her son. It's killing me not knowing what that's about. If u love romantic 2nd chances with beefy guys trying to do the right things, this is def your book.

    8. I loved it!If you're into romance with revenge as a twist, you're so gonna love this one. Sure, it's a bit too short for me but overall I enjoyed it. The drama is a satisfaction and I really love Elle Kennedy's style of writing. <3 Let's jump to book two, shall we? :)

    9. I do not like stories of high-school sweethearts still carrying the torch years after.However trying to forget this strong prejudice of mine, I rather liked this one, except for the last third, that felt a bit rushed and unbelievable.

    10. My overpowering dislike for that interfering bitch Lexie Price drowned everything out. Also didn't really feel any emotional connection or chemistry between the main characters.

    11. I always love second chance loves and this has not only that, but giving some bad moments in high school a chance to be cleared.

    12. Purty good. I was all for the revenge motivation in the beginning, but glad the truth came out and all was okay at the end.

    13. Honestly I just couldn't get past the fact that he broke up with her in probably the worst way EVER and hurt her deeply but when he finds out she came back with the idea to hurt him and wasn't completely honest he gets mad and breaks up with her again! Really it was okay for you to hurt her and come on he could have found a better way to break up with her then to be cruel, callous and a complete jerk but he didn't. He should have had to grovel so the fact that it ends up being her who has to ask [...]

    14. This is one of the problems when not reviewing a book as soon as you finished it, I barely remember the story and I certainly can't recall the characters very well. The fact I have no interest in reading any of the follow ups speaks for itself.

    15. This was a pretty good book. I do agree with the other reviewers though; the lack of groveling by the hero was annoying. The lack of groveling was a reason for the 4-star rating as opposed to the 5. This is my first Elle Kennedy book so I look forward to reading her other novels.

    16. How come an author who wrote the awesome romance novel like The Deal could also write a MEH book like this? I didn't care about any of the characters and could not wait for it to end.

    17. A few months ago, Jane from Dear Author recommended Elle Kennedy to me as an author she thought I'd enjoy. She'd just finished Ms. Kennedy's SEAL series, and thought I'd like them. I agreed I probably would, but hadn't bought any of her books. Then, when in the other day, I remembered the author's name and picked up Welcome to Paradise, her latest release.Charlotte Hill is a successful singer. She left Paradise, the small town she grew up in, ostracized as the daughter of the town slut, but now [...]

    18. Blue Ribbon Rating: 4 out of 5Original Review LinkFifteen years ago, Charlotte Hill lost her virginity to Nate Bishop…who promptly broke her heart. Even though she’s now a famous singer, Nate’s cruel words have haunted her. When she receives an invitation to her high school reunion, Charlotte decides she needs some closure and, perhaps, a little retribution. This time she’ll seduce Nate and break HIS heart.Nate can’t believe Charlotte is returning to their hometown of Paradise. Fifteen [...]

    19. 3.5 starsIn Welcome to Paradise, by Elle Kennedy, you could tell from the get-go that Charlotte Hill’s heart was not really in her revenge plan to pay back Nate Bishop for taking her virginity and breaking her heart in one fell swoop. 15 years hasn’t healed the hurt for either of them, and they’re both keeping secrets.I liked Charlotte. She had a vulnerability about her that made her easy to relate to. She certainly didn’t read like a famous musician. Nate didn’t really seem like a bad [...]

    20. Origianlly posted at: whippedcream2/201Charlotte Hill is now a successful singer but still remembers growing up in Paradise and being bullied and tormented at school, and also loved and dumped by Nate Bishop. When she returns to town for their high school reunion, she has one thing on her mind and that’s revenge.Couples with a history reuniting is one of my favorite plots and this one didn’t disappoint me. Throw in some dirty secrets from the past and a main character with revenge on her min [...]

    21. Nate Bishop & Charlotte Hill3 starsRead May 2016~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Revenge can be sweet. Forgiveness is sweeter.Welcome to Paradise, Book 1Singing sensation Charlotte Hill can’t wait for her high school reunion. She’s out to give Nate Bishop—the man who walked away with her virginity—the sexiest ride of his life. Then give him a heaping dose of the same medicine he gave her fifteen years ago.Stomp all over his heart as she walks out the door.Nate has never forgotten the green-eyed r [...]

    22. Charlotte Hill was always tormented in high school because she was poor and her mother was a stripper, who slept around. Her only friend had been Nate Bishop, the proclaimed bad boy. When he took her virginity and dumped her with cruel parting words, she ran away to start her life attending Julliard.Now she's back, getting ready to attend her high school reunion. She's not the same girl anymore. For one, she's a famous singer, and she's hell bent on giving Nate Bishop a taste of his own medicine [...]

    23. I liked this a lot! Looks like what could turn out to be quite a charming series and I look forward to meeting more inhabitants of Paradise.To be completely honest I would seriously liked to have seen Charlotte torture Nate a bit more and have him crawling back on his hands and knees, but maybe that's just me! I know he had a noble reason (ish), but did he really have to rip her heart out and stamp on it quite so violently back then? And to let people think badly of her over their breakup too wa [...]

    24. This is a solid 3 1/2 stars for me. Good characters, decent storyline, happy ending. Is Lexie way too selfish in her relationship with Nate? Yep. Is Charlotte way too melodramatic? yep. Almost everything in this story is over the top, but it was less than 100 pages so you have to know that it is going to be slightly less than believable. But it didn't make it hard to read. It was nice. The chemistry was there, pretty quickly actually. The whole Cooper/Lexie thing was weird but an obvious set up [...]

    25. I didn't really care for this. Revenge plot is not my usual interest, but I've read other books by this author and figured she could pull it off in a way that would interest me. That wasn't the case. I think this must be some of her earlier work and that she's gotten better with time. Or something.Georgia, Charlotte's assistant, only existed to egg her on in the revenge plot department. She seemed manipulative and way too familiar to be an employee. Charlotte was influenced way too easily. And N [...]

    26. Cute start to new series by Elle. Charlotte and Nate are reunited fifteen years after he took her virginity and then dumpted herbut he had a good reasone went on to Juliard to become a huge recording artist, but never found love again. They come together again at their fifteen year reunion and the sparks fly. What will happen between Charlotte and Nate once they see each other again? Read to find out!!It was a little quick, like wham, bamThe End. I was expecting moreke more emotion, or something [...]

    27. Pleasant, easy read.I did have some issues with the logic behind some things in the storyline.Just small things like if she were really that famous and recognized, wouldn't she live in a more secure building that didn't let strangers claiming to be friends up? (this was running through my head in the end)andIf she really was that famous, wouldn't she have a phone with email so she wouldn't have to go to the library and check it? That's just me.If you can overlook small flaws like that, this book [...]

    28. this was an ok bookI like these characters more then the ones inThe hot scenes are pretty hot but other then that it's just an ok read.ill gonna read the second book though

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