The Institutes of Biblical Law, Volume 1 of 3

The Institutes of Biblical Law Volume of Rousas John R J Rushdoony was a well known American scholar writer and author of over thirty books He held B A and M A degrees from the University of California and received his theologica

  • Title: The Institutes of Biblical Law, Volume 1 of 3
  • Author: Rousas John Rushdoony
  • ISBN: 9780875524108
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Rousas John R J Rushdoony 1916 2001 was a well known American scholar, writer, and author of over thirty books He held B.A and M.A degrees from the University of California and received his theological training at the Pacific School of Religion An ordained minister, he worked as a missionary among Paiute and Shoshone Indians as well as a pastor to two CaliforniaRousas John R J Rushdoony 1916 2001 was a well known American scholar, writer, and author of over thirty books He held B.A and M.A degrees from the University of California and received his theological training at the Pacific School of Religion An ordained minister, he worked as a missionary among Paiute and Shoshone Indians as well as a pastor to two California churches He founded the Chalcedon Foundation, an educational organization devoted to research, publishing, and cogent communication of a distinctively Christian scholarship to the world at large His writing in the Chalcedon Report and his numerous books spawned a generation of believers active in reconstructing the world to the glory of Jesus Christ Until his death, he resided in Vallecito, California, where he engaged in research, lecturing, and assisting others in developing programs to put the Christian Faith into action.

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    • Best Read [Rousas John Rushdoony] ↠ The Institutes of Biblical Law, Volume 1 of 3 || [Paranormal Book] PDF ☆
      464 Rousas John Rushdoony
    • thumbnail Title: Best Read [Rousas John Rushdoony] ↠ The Institutes of Biblical Law, Volume 1 of 3 || [Paranormal Book] PDF ☆
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    One thought on “The Institutes of Biblical Law, Volume 1 of 3”

    1. Rushdoony's Institutes of Biblical Law follows his earlier books outlining the influence of Greek and neoplatonic thought into modern culture, and therefore modern Christianity. Rushdoony saw clearly two choices: man's law or God's law. He recognized that non-biblical thought had misdirected everyone's attention from the unified covenants of the Bible. This book is an attempt to explain God's Law (Torah).

    2. The law in the Old Testament is often treated as an embarrassing thing by Christians and the church. There are those that look down upon it, and it is easy to be thankful one is not a Jew under the obligations of the Old Testament law. Secularists often point to things like the condemnation of cloths made with two materials, no sex with a menstruating wife, laws against homosexuality, and on and on. Too often Christians join in the ridicule and dismiss the goodness of God’s law.Along comes R.J [...]

    3. This is a seminal book on understanding biblical law, its way of life, and applying it to civilization. Rushdoony's writing is unique and insightful. I don't always agree with his positions, but even in those places he is beneficial to read. You do have to pay careful attention to his line of thought, as it isn't always conventional. Also, it is pretty amazing how well-read Rushdoony is, which gives him a very practical edge on applying biblical law. "The goal of atonement, of redemption, is the [...]

    4. Excellent book on understanding God's law and how it applies to society and the believer. This book has greatly developed my understanding of biblical law. It is so important in understanding both covenants that I've used it as a family study.

    5. One of the most significant books I have ever read. I've made all my children read it, and I've done book studies through it twice.Rushdoony at his best!

    6. This is Rushdoony at his most famous. It is full of weirds, odds, and stranges, so be alert for that. There's plenty to think about though, and I'd recommend being familiar with it.

    7. This is my favorite book besides the Bible. Rushdoony shows how God's law should be applied to modern day society like now one I have ever read!

    8. My feelings about Calvinism are not very hidden.  I'm pretty open about them, and the thoughts tend towards the negative [1].  This book, at 850 pages, is a good reason as to why this is the case.  Few books are as frustrating as this one is, with a great deal of wisdom and insight on the level of broad theory and approach and such terrible interpretation of scripture and history on the specific level.  Few books combine such a pitiless and remorseless logic with such a nauseating lack of se [...]

    9. I was quite taken aback to begin reading the introduction to the Institutes of Biblical Law and find Calvin’s view of the law dubbed “heretical nonsense” (9). Rushdoony pulls no punches.Surveying the 10 commandments for 650 pages, and then turning to the use of the law throughout Scripture for another 200, Rushdoony is an insightful cultural critic and decent exegete, but his theological view of the law within the entire scope of Scripture is off kilter.There is a wealth of information on [...]

    10. Read this in high school (~2010). There are a lot of helpful things in here, but I don't know if I buy into Rushdoony's theonomy.

    11. I come not to praise Rushdoony, but to bury him. I put off reviewing this work, either here or on amazon, for over 5 years. Even in my recon days, this book had too many conceptual problems to warrant "free praise." We will get to those problems in a minute. It would be futile (and intellectually impossible) to give an adequate review and summary of this work. Obviously, it parallels Calvin by title. Part of the book is a running (if massively flawed) commentary on the Ten Commandments. Interest [...]

    12. RJR does an excellent job contrasting Biblical law with humanistic law. He also opens up the decalogue beyond what most would have ever considered. He does this by bringing in specific case laws and then applying them to contemporary situations. In doing this, RJR honors the Westminster Divine who wrote that the law passed away with Israel, except for where the general equity applies. Apparently there is lots of general equity. A couple of shortcomings keep it from being 5-star. One is his tende [...]

    13. R. J. Rushdoony is a modern day Moses. This book is the foundational book for all his other many writings. As Rushdoony has said before, "Christ does not save men in order to make them moral idiots."Rushdoony desires for the world to have true revival, and revival comes when men are called out of their lawless living, back into obedience to the law of God. We do not obey God so that we may be saved, we obey the law of God because we have been saved.Read Rushdoony

    14. YAY I AM DONE! *does happy dance* The Institute of Bibical Law is truly a facinating read, it stretched my thoughts and opinions to a remarkable extent, and I have a better grasp of the Bible because of it. It was, though, long and I often struggled to finish it. While adjetives like "facinating" or "fantastic" might be a bit more enthusastic then the book deserves, it certainly is an educational read that the you can't help but learn from.

    15. "Anything other than a Biblically grounded schooling is thus an act of apostasy for a believer", and, "while evangelical Christians today are greatly concerned with personal holiness, the Bible is also concerned with national holiness.", pretty much sets the tone. A training guide for the people that protest at the funerals of soldiers.

    16. Excellent. Everyone that calls themselves Christian and wonders why, but if God never changes and is never thwarted, that we give no heed to the Old Testament / the Law aside from being somewhat interesting history and good morality tales.

    17. Warning to Evangeligoopies: this is not the book you're looking for. Go back to your Max Lucado, Joel Osteen and Daily Bread devotionals for your self-affirmation and your warm fuzzies. 'Cause you won't find it here. Certified 100% goop-free reading.

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