Belladonna at Belstone

Belladonna at Belstone It is and Lady Elizabeth of Topsham prioress of St Mary s is fighting to retain her position in the face of devastating opposition She has been accused by Sister Margherita St Mary s treasure

  • Title: Belladonna at Belstone
  • Author: Michael Jecks
  • ISBN: 9780747263616
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Paperback
  • It is 1321, and Lady Elizabeth of Topsham, prioress of St Mary s, is fighting to retain her position in the face of devastating opposition She has been accused by Sister Margherita, St Mary s treasurer, of giving much needed funds to the new vicar, a man she often sees alone at night Many of the nuns are convinced that Margherita would make a better prioress especiallyIt is 1321, and Lady Elizabeth of Topsham, prioress of St Mary s, is fighting to retain her position in the face of devastating opposition She has been accused by Sister Margherita, St Mary s treasurer, of giving much needed funds to the new vicar, a man she often sees alone at night Many of the nuns are convinced that Margherita would make a better prioress especially now that it is certain that Moll, a young nun, was murdered in her sick bed Sir Baldwin Furnshill, Keeper of the King s Peace, together with his old friend Simon Puttock, are summoned to investigate There is no doubt that the threefold vows of obedience, chastity, and poverty are being broken with alarming frequency Then, when a second nun is murdered, they find themselves facing their most difficult case yet.

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      215 Michael Jecks
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    One thought on “Belladonna at Belstone”

    1. Not the author's best but worth a read to keep up with the series and some role reversals for the characters. A novice has been killed at a shambles of a convent on Dartmoor and the local bishop asks a trustworthy landowner and lawgiver to look into the matter. The book does show up the idiocy of getting up at midnight to pray in the freezing chapel and returning regularly to do so again at set intervals throughout the day. Think of the all the time and energy wasted when the good people could h [...]

    2. Every possible medieval stereotype presented in a traditional mystery format. This kind of book is my crack: the high is brief and it doesn't exactly deliver any nourishment. The best/most ridiculous part is that the usual modern detective story lingo is simply juxtaposed onto the medieval The Name of the Rose-type vocabulary, ie "The investigator considered the case before him. 'We have to treat the cellarer and the blood-letter as suspects in this murder,' he said, adjusting his woolen tunic a [...]

    3. A very exciting read! Lots of sinners, intrigue and killers in a nunnery. Baldwin is having a hard time, but luckily Simon is there to help him out. I greatly enjoyed this whodunit and applaud Jecks for yet another wonderful addition to the Knights Templar series.

    4. Another great installment of Michael Jeck's medevial mystery series. this book is not only entertaining, but I believe I am really understanding the culture of the times.

    5. Originally published on my blog here in October 2000.In this series, Michael Jecks has certainly been keen to show readers some of the negative aspects of medieval institutions; we've had a leper hospital, now it's a convent where lax morality is accompanied by poverty. Not all monastic establishments were hugely rich, though that is the obvious impression to be gained from what has survived - the huge scale of ruins like St Augustine's Priory, Canterbury, Thetford Priory, Fountains and Rievaulx [...]

    6. I spent a long time researching this book, and it was quite a startling investigation! There are many in America who have complained that I have something against the Church because I am so unkind to the nuns at this convent. Some have decried my writing as a result. Well, all I can say is, when I write, you get the story warts and all. Every instance I mention in this book happened to nuns in one of two convents in the Bishopric of Devon and Cornwall. They were taken from the visitation reports [...]

    7. Once again, Michael Jecks comes up trumps with this belter of a Mystery. Kept me guessing right until the end. Well plotted, researched and dispelling a few myths about Nuns in the period too. Sweetness and light? hmmLooking forward to the next one now.

    8. I get Michael Jeck's books sent to me from by my family in England, as I do not know if you can get them in the States. He does his research. The books are excellent--very well written. I like a good mystery, and these most certainly are!

    9. Skipped books 5, 6 & 7 as I read them some years ago & have only just managed to find this volume.Exellent so far

    10. In the historical mysteries of Michael Jecks, the author seems determined to show all of the faith (positive, indifferent, or cynically negative), filth, fear, frustration, and failures of 14th century England. Belladonna at Belstone takes Jecks’ ongoing protagonist, Sir Baldwin de Furnstill, former Templar and current Keeper of the King’s Peace for his area, to a dysfunctional convent where a rumored murder of a novice has occurred. Naturally, the aura around ecclesiastical sovereignty in a [...]

    11. Het eerste avontuur van Sir Baldwin en Simon Puttock waarbij ik een vermoeden kreeg wie de dader was van de moorden in het klooster van St. Mary's en de aanslag op Sir Baldwin. Door deze aanslag is Sir Baldwin uitgeschakeld en moet Baljuw Simon Puttock alleen de dader ontmaskeren.Toch ook weer een boeiende geschiedenis waarin je een, helaas niet zo'n positieve, blik kunt werpen op het kloosterleven.

    12. Normaal gezien kies ik niet snel voor detectiveverhalen maar de achterflap van dit boek sprak mij wel sterk aan. Vooral dan door het feit dat het zich in een middeleeuws klooster afspeelt vond ik dat ik toch (als fan van historische literatuur) dit boek moest gelezen hebben. Dit is de eerste keer dat ik een boek van Jecks lees, en het smaakt wel naar meer: Goede beschrijvingen en spanning opbouwend met interessante plottwisten.Ik heb genoten van dit boek!

    13. BELLADONNA AT BELSTONE (Hist. Mys-Furnshill/Puttock-England-1321) – G+Jecks, Michael – 8th in seriesHeadline, 1999, UK Hardcover – ISBN; 0747274029First Sentence: She was lucky not to have died.Sir Baldwin Furnshill, Keep of the King’s Peace, and Bailiff Simon Puttock have been summoned by Bishop Bertrand, the representative of Bishop of Stapledon, to go to St. Mary’s Priory. One nun has been injured, another has died. Bishop Baldwin received a letter from Sister Margherita, the treasu [...]

    14. The King's Keeper of the Peace. Sir Baldwin Furnshill and his the friend Bailiff Simon Puttock have been requested to travel to the Convent of St. Mary's to investigate the suspicious death of one of the novices. St. Mary's houses both nuns and monks but is in ill repair and there is a great laxity in following he rules of the orders. The book is set in the 1312 and contains a glossary of terms for the various parts of the Convent and the positions an duties of the people residing there. Sir Bal [...]

    15. To me Belladonna at Belstone shows a surprising insight in medieval cloister life. Michael Jecks seriously upset my view that the occupants were pious, worthy, generally nice creatures, living a quiet life serving God and the community. At Belstone all kinds of sins take place, escalating in the worst of all: murder.As always, Jecks did some thorough research to set this somewhat unusual background for this mystery. The story itself is solid, well-paced and amusing, with a nice diversity of char [...]

    16. Another entertaining adventure of Simon the bailiff and Sir Baldwin as they are called in to assist the Bishop in the investigation of a murder at a convent. This convent is quite the placeunds more like my old sorority house! Lots of goings-on, with suspicions of embezzlement by the prioress and more murders! Simon is more or less left on his own to solve the mysteries after Sir Baldwin is hit on the head with a piece of falling slate and spends the majority of the book in the infirmary. As alw [...]

    17. Another great medieval murder mystery by Michael Jecks. A great series and each novel in the series is great. After eight of them the stories are still strong and do not get stale. Jecks has improved so much since the first book in the series and I look forward to reading the others. He truly knows how to tell a story and keep you guessing on who is guilty. It really does help to know some history about the time these stories take place and to know some vocabulary from the times as well, but you [...]

    18. An intriguing medieval murder mystery set in 1321 in the fictional St Mary's Priory in Dartmoor, where Keeper of the King's Peace Sir Baldwin Furnshill and his friend, bailiff Simon Puttock, are sent to investigate the murder of a young novice. They soon find that none of the nuns there is as above reproach as one might think and the place is rife with corruption and secrets while accusations and suspicions run wild. Surprisingly hard to put down, and I really couldn't guess the killer at any po [...]

    19. In this historical mystery, it is 1321, and at St. Mary's Priory at Belstone, on Dartmoor, the Prioress, Lady Elizabeth, is accused of incompetence (and worse), and one of her novices has died under suspicious circumstances. The Bishop of Exeter is off to the convent to investigate, accompanied by Sir Baldwin Furnshill, the local Keeper of the King's Peace, and Simon Puttock, the local Bailiff. Meanwhile, England at large verges ever nearer to civil war - the king, Edward II, is incompetent and [...]

    20. I almost gave up on this one. It picked up towards the end but the miscreant was pointed out at the beginning by dint of the author pointing out unnecessarily that she was a good and harmless person then setting everyone ELSE up with motives. I wonder if I will give up on this series - and it's such a long one, how disappointing! There was an awful lot of 'suspending disbelief' involved in finishing this episode also; I am happy to do that if beguiled by a good storyteller - but not when I am al [...]

    21. Just ok. A little convoluted and highly fantastical. Also a little like a gory melodrama with suspense and madness thrown in. I suspect that Mr. Jecks has a low opinion of the church of the Middle Ages (which would be no surprise), but also a low opinion of women as he portrays them as so weirdly self-involved and nasty. The men, on the other hand, are, with two exceptions, very nice. Anyway, I stayed with it because I wanted to know whodunnit.

    22. Usually when you start reading a historical/mystery series like this, after 3-4 books the characters became boring, they do things always in the same way, they don't evolve, became static and predictable. This is not the case in this Michaels Jecks' series. I keep reading and reading and the books keep being entertaining. This are a series of good novels nice to read and without great ambitions that will make you have a nice time wile enjoining a well plotted story in a well documented setting.

    23. Murder at a medieval convent. I enjoyed this one. The plot was solid and the setting was good. I just felt it went on a little too long and kind of slowed down a bit. The main drawback was that it was full of sex! Every single nun, it seemed, was breaking her vows with someone. I found it a little hard to believe.

    24. Another intriguing little medieval 'who dunnit' gem from Michael Jecks. It highlights what life was like in a small priory including all the major sins. An enjoyable well thought out story that doesn't disappoint.

    25. My favorite of the first 8 in the series. Was very hard to put down, exciting from beginning to end.

    26. Interesting look at life in a "cloister" albeit not a well functioning oneAs a mystery it didn't make me want the next one.

    27. Michael Jecks' historical mystery series 'Knights Templar'. This volume: Knights Templar #8 - Belladonna at Belstone.

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