Baggage Claim

Baggage Claim Heralded by the press and millions of theatergoers for his eleven wildly popular musical stage plays five time NAACP award winning playwright David E Talbert leaps onto the publishing scene with his

  • Title: Baggage Claim
  • Author: David E. Talbert
  • ISBN: 9780743247184
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Heralded by the press and millions of theatergoers for his eleven wildly popular musical stage plays, five time NAACP award winning playwright David E Talbert leaps onto the publishing scene with his debut novel, a big hearted story about friendship, family, and the relentless pursuit of love Baggage Claim gives you a first class peek into the wacky world of Montana Heralded by the press and millions of theatergoers for his eleven wildly popular musical stage plays, five time NAACP award winning playwright David E Talbert leaps onto the publishing scene with his debut novel, a big hearted story about friendship, family, and the relentless pursuit of love Baggage Claim gives you a first class peek into the wacky world of Montana Moore, a thirty five year old flight attendant with enough baggage from her past relationships to fill an entire Samsonite showroom Montana is an incurable romantic A dreamer The kind of woman who has her head in the clouds while her heart splatters swiftly to the ground.With her mother having just tied the knot for a record breaking fourth time and her baby sister, Sheree, rushing to jump the broom, five time maid of honor Montana is dangerously close to becoming not only the oldest, but the only woman in her entire family never to be married.Having convinced herself that there s no way in heaven or hell she s showing up at her sister s Christmas Eve engagement party without a prospect of her own, Montana concocts her wildest and most romantically ridiculous plan yet a thirty day, thirty thousand mile trek in search of a husband.Will it be Damon Diesel, a young hip hop producer whose motto is Making the green scream and the dolla holla Or will she win over the Reverend Curtis P Merewether, pastor and founder of Greater House of Deliverance, Tabernacle of Praise, Worship, and Miracles Of course Langston Jefferson Battle III, superattorney turned city councilman, needs a wife now that his sights are set on the United States Congress Or perhaps her lifelong mate is Quinton Jamison, amultimillionaire textile guru twenty years her senior Only time or the lack of it will tell.Fasten your seat belts, lift your tray tables up, and prepare for takeoff Our final destination THE ALTAR

    Baggage Claim Sep , The romantic comedy Baggage Claim PG , is the entertaining story of a single something woman looking for Mr Right and dealing Baggage Claim film Baggage Claim Official Site BAGGAGE CLAIM Mission TV Spot videos Photos Inside Searchlight BAGGAGE CLAIM contest winners BAGGAGE CLAIM lands in theaters everywhere TODAY See BAGGAGE CLAIM for free from searchlight in theaters in theaters coming coming soon own to own sign up for updates GO THE AFTERMATH Baggage Claim Rotten Tomatoes Baggage Claim is definitely a film that is made for an audience that is into these kinds of clichd romantic comedies, which feature attractive casts and the bare minimum requirements to develop Baggage reclaim Baggage Claim Denver International Airport Baggage Claim at Denver International Airport is located in Jeppesen Terminal, on Level , at both the east and west sides Terminal East and Terminal West , depending on airline. Miranda Lambert Baggage Claim Pseudo Video YouTube Aug , At the baggage claim, you got a lot of luggage in your name And when you hit the ground, check the lost and found Cause it ain t my problem now I can t carry it on, I ve got a lot of troubles of Baggage Reclaim with Natalie Lue Break Emotional In this week s episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions, I delve into the topic of why lack of awareness of our needs and what s driving us causes misunderstandings in our interpersonal relationships.

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    One thought on “Baggage Claim”

    1. This book was terrible. If you like character development then look elsewhere. I kept wondering why I was supposed to be rooting for this flight attendant to find love when she was a man crazy, self obsessed shell of a human being. The only thing she ever talked about was getting a husband. It'a all anyone in the book talked about. I still don't understand why it took her the entire book to get married. She had no personality, no desires and no personal attributes that didn't directly relate to [...]

    2. The humor and laughs in the story is outrageous! It was enjoyment to read this tale. This book will make you laugh out loud. Some of the disses they traded back and forth will have you wiping the tears from your eyes because you will laugh so hard. I know some of what happened in the book is far fetched, but it's the work of fiction, so you should know not to take certain things to seriously. This is a good fun book to read. There were many clichés as well as sentences that rhyme (pg. 182) 'Onc [...]

    3. Funny, from beginning to end. And if you're listening to the audiobook, Kim Fields rendition is the funniest narration I've listened to this year. The story itself is dated. Women aren't running to look for love or a husband left and right, but it's an entertaining book if you take it light heartedly.

    4. Good Book with a Familiar StoryThis is the first book that I have read by the author.Interesting read. Not the best novel I've read, but it had a interesting plot and flowed nicely. I enjoyed the book. It gives you something to think about (how family and society view unmarried women over the age of 25). However, I thought that the characters were not developed as much as they could have been. But nevertheless it was a good story with humor. Many of the women I know have dated one or more of the [...]

    5. It was a decent read (listen) I may have felt different had I not already seen the movie. But as always there are variations between the book and the movie. I found myself comparing as I listened to the discrepancies. The book was written humorously but with some touching, heartfelt moments, I got that vibe clearly and could picture some of the scenes vividly from the movie. I feel like it was a lighthearted and cute read that was also entertaining.

    6. Montana trying to find Mr. Right but she had already had dated the guys she was chasing after to find Mr. Right in. She had a lot of baggage and she continue to accumulate baggage through the book. If you are a reader like myself, you already knew who she was going to end up with. But in all the book was fill of laughter.

    7. A flight attendant has 30 days to find someone to bring to her younger sister's engagement party. Te ending is predictable but it was still a good read. The author managed to put a funny twist in all the scenes. The 2 best friends and the mother are hilarious and add some laughs to the story. Overall a light, funny and good read.

    8. I am so glad my Ladies Night group didn't chose this book for our Book and a Movie. If I had read this book, my score probably would have been lower. However, this was a BOCD and the reader Kim Fields made the story!! She was in true form with her characters!The basic plot was predictable.

    9. This book is hands down the most hilarious book I've read. The premise is a no-brainer but I was okay with it because from beginning to end I was laughing my a** off. I enjoyed it very much and that's what I wanted in a book, to truly enjoy it.

    10. 2nd chic lit book i have read. and it was a blast! very funny specially with Sam and Gail spicing up the pagesry detailed inputs for a male author being a female main character in the book. funny and cute.

    11. I don't even know how to process this book. Or anything. If you ever need a new way to describe oral sex though, this book may be worth your time.P.S. underwater tomb

    12. I really enjoyed this book. Although It was easy to guess the ending. I still really like the story, and i'm looking forward to seeing the movie.

    13. The Baggage Claim had alot of humor. I thought Montana spent to much time looking for mister right. The men that Montana was going to meet in each state, where successful,gooding looking,and too many flaws . They where just set in there own ways and thought Montana should fit in to their lifes. I'm glad Montana realized that the only person who loved for her was standing right in front of her all along. She just needed to forget about what her mom and everyone in her family was talking about. A [...]

    14. One word for this: Skankology?Caution: The movie version was better! I thought this was going to be funny, but a lot of this read like erotic fiction in the worst possible way. Eww! The sexual descriptions in this book made me want to gag! I really could have done without it. I didn't understand why the delusional heroine was quoting the bible and praying to Jesus as she was having sex with different men within a short amount of time. I didn't understand why it was necessary. Also, some of dialo [...]

    15. I was sent this book from my book club and I wasn't too thrilled when I read the jacket; I mean how many times can authors write about a woman's quest to be married? However, I dove in because I am trying to put a dent in my piles of books and I was surprised. Montana is a likable character and I even found myself laughing with her during some of her escapades. Bottom line is this is a dessert read. Something you get sent as a monthly selection but not something from the world of academia.

    16. A very light yet amusing read. A very astute reader could see where this book is going early, but it races along quickly and the scenes are done with a deft touch. The book contains one of the best lines I have ever read: "Gail, please, your legs are like the neighbourhood liquor store: conveniently located and open all night."

    17. Chicklitd read by Tuttie from Facts of Life!!! LOL!!Started out ok. My library loan expired and I even patiently wait to get it back again. Althought funny at times, the oh so typical ending made it all so disappointing!

    18. This was a totally predictable yet pretty enjoyable read due to the fast-paced, saucy language. A nice break from the serious books I usually read. The movie version is supposed to come out in the fall and will hopefully be a good rom-com.

    19. Not really my cup of tea, unless you enjoy reading about a woman's adventure of flying around the US looking for a previous Mr. Wrong needing to be Mr. Right. Lots of woman-biased sexual humor and descriptions. Overall it was: meh!

    20. I was browsing the library shelves and came across this book. I wanted to read it because the movie is coming out. It was okay. I moved a little slow at first. The ending was predictable but you did not know "how' it would end.

    21. Kim Fields is the perfect performer for the audio version. Looking forward to reading/hearing more from this author. I laughed out loud throughout the whole book!

    22. The title is what got me to look at this book It's a cute romance almost to predictable that's why it got 3 stars.

    23. i enjoyed listening to this book it was funny how these womens are so busy searching for love and it be right in there face

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