A Dangerous Mourning

A Dangerous Mourning From the beloved creator of Inspector Pitt and his wife the second in the Victorian mystery series started by The Face of a Stranger No breath of scandal had ever touched the aristocratic Moidore fam

  • Title: A Dangerous Mourning
  • Author: Anne Perry
  • ISBN: 9780307777195
  • Page: 362
  • Format: ebook
  • From the beloved creator of Inspector Pitt and his wife, the second in the Victorian mystery series started by The Face of a Stranger No breath of scandal had ever touched the aristocratic Moidore family until Sir Basil s daughter was stabbed to death A richly textured, masterfully plotted, thoroughly enjoyable story Kirkus Reviews.

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      362 Anne Perry
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    One thought on “A Dangerous Mourning”

    1. Description: From the beloved creator of Inspector Pitt and his wife, the second in the Victorian mystery series started by The Face of a Stranger. No breath of scandal had ever touched the aristocratic Moidore family--until Sir Basil's daughter was stabbed to death. "A richly textured, masterfully plotted, thoroughly enjoyable story".Walkies! This is the mediocre murder mystery of Ms Moirdore (Mordor) - in her very own boudoir, at that! Enjoyable enough as I tramped through newly sprouted sprin [...]

    2. I was so impressed by the first Inspector Monk book that I dashed to the library to get the next two in the series, of which this is #2. I have to admit I did not find it quite so entertaining as the first, but the promise is still there. The anticipated blossoming romance between William Monk and Hester Latterly does not seem to be going too well (they still don’t like each other), and Monk’s performance here as a detective seems less than stellar (at the end of the novel, Monk is standing [...]

    3. This is the second book in the William Monk series by Anne Perry. There is a pattern to her books that I find intriguing, yet comforting. (I did not start with the first book; I read several later books in the series by Perry when I first discovered her. Then I decided to figure out where the beginning of the series was. It has cleared up so many questions for me!) They all seem to be about 12 to 13 chapters long; the beginning is usually about Monk and nurse Hester Latterly working on a new cas [...]

    4. Once again Perry has pulled me into her world. She gave puzzle pieces, clues, to solve the unknown picture. I thoroughly enjoyed how she left me hanging at the end of The Face of A Stranger, the first book in the Monk series. I had to know what was going to happen to Inspector Monk so I followed him to A Dangerous Mourning. Only now, she has me even more fascinated with Hester to boot!I am very drawn to the main characters Monk and Hester. They have such admirable qualities. They are witty and d [...]

    5. The first novel in this series seemed to hold some promise in putting an end to my quest to find another series to love, but after having read the second book I can honestly say this series isn't for me. I'm STILL searchingThe premise of William Monk having amnesia was a good story line and really added a lot of interest to the first novel. While I expected it to carry over into this second novel, I didn't expect so much repetition of it. Four months are supposed to have passed in time since the [...]

    6. I liked this second book even more than the first. The writing is good, if still a bit repetitive, and still hitting the themes of sexism and classism pretty hard. I'm enjoying the Victorian London setting.I like the setup for this series. Monk is a driven, abrasive police detective, suffering from amnesia and trying to discover what kind of man he used to be. Hester was a nurse in the Crimean War, and is disgruntled to find that her talents and experience are unappreciated back in London. They [...]

    7. A fairly interesting, very involved murder set in an upper-class Victorian home where nearly everyone, from servants to Sir Basil himself are lying. Several characters return from the previous book, and a large loose end is tied up as well. I was hooked all the way through, and intend to keep reading more of this series. To read the longer review, please go here:epinions/review/A_Dang

    8. Okay - I did not see that ending coming. I like books that surprise me.This is a very enjoyable mystery. Perry's characters are interesting and complicated. Monk and Hester are quirky and intelligent and I enjoy their company. This is the second in the William Monk series and I will be reading more.

    9. I love how the two main characters pretend to despise each other, but secretly really like each other.Also, the plot was great, yet also shows a different side to the 1850's.

    10. yearningtoread/The case is dangerous: the murder of a young woman of society, stabbed to death in her own room and a few trinkets stolen. Inspector William Monk takes on the case, still lacking 95% of his memory but determined to keep this loss a secret and prove himself worthy. It seems a simple endeavor, but the case becomes more and more complicated with time. Monk is able to prove that the murderer attacked from within the house, a feat that could only be accomplished by someone living in [...]

    11. This series is SO good - how have I missed this all these years. I would almost say this is not so much the second in the series as a bit of a sequel to the first book. If you didn't read the first book first, you will find out 'whodunit' pretty early on in the second, which kind of surprised me. But unlike other series writers, I get the feeling Ms. Perry doesn't necessarily want each book to be a standalone.Hester and Monk continue to become the most interesting characters. And I'm really very [...]

    12. Secondo episodio della serie dell’ispettore Monk.Ritroviamo i protagonisti dell’episodio precedente, riuniti per l’epilogo processuale, unitamente ad un nuovo e misterioso delitto.La pazienza di Monk viene messa a dura prova anche dai suoi superiori che spingono per una soluzione comoda del mistero, che non urti le nobili famiglie coinvolte.Famiglie di quell’aristocrazia inglese dell’epoca vittoriana che Anne Perry descrive con arte e con spietata e pungente critica.Non ho potuto smett [...]

    13. There is something to be said about a character that starts a story not remembering who he is and without and family and close friends to help him. That is exactly what Anne Perry did in the first book of this series and that is what really attracted my attention to the books. In this second book the Inspector Monk is still unable to remember his past but has he moves through London he finds glimpses of familiar things and an image of him that seems very different from who he is now. (Would a ki [...]

    14. How is it that I want to clap my hands in glee after finishing one of Perry's books?! I love a lot of books, but something about the way she wraps up her plot or whatever, I can't quite figure it out, something about it brings this odd reaction out in me.I thought I had the plot figured out the whole way through and was a little disappointed in the back of my mind (if I, of all dumb gullible people, can figure out the plot before the book ends, then that severely insults the intelligence of the [...]

    15. Après avoir lu le premier volume de la série William Monk je m’étais promis de la poursuivre, il m’aura fallu plus de 3 ans ! Mais m’y revoilà, et je pense faire une cure dans les semaines qui viennent.William Monk se lance dans une nouvelle enquête délicate, et pénètre dans l’intimité de la famille Moidore. L’une des filles est retrouvée poignardée dans sa chambre. Monk devra agite vite, et ne pas trop remuer la boue au sein d’une famille puissante et respectée. Les secr [...]

    16. Overall a good book, but I didn't find it as interesting as the first. I feel like mysteries can depend on interesting investigators, an interesting crime, or a blend of both. In this case, both the mystery and Monk's development beyond confused amnesiac detective left a lot to be desired. Now, to be fair, confused amnesiac detective is a pretty awesome premise, but the author didn't cover much new ground for Monk personally in this book compared to the previous. His professional developments we [...]

    17. Not quite as good as the first book in the series that I just read but an enjoyable read all the same. The setting of Victorian England makes for an interesting premise for a murder mystery series. The limitations police investigators have to work within: being considered low class and not worthy of the gentry's time, a general animosity of the press and public towards them as they investigate the rich and famous and the lack of forensics : no fingerprinting, no blood spatter analysis, no autops [...]

    18. I was waiting for my tattoo artist the other day, reading a Martha Grimes novel, when the man in charge of the tattooing school walked in and struck up a conversation about books. Anne Perry was his main recommendation, and I'm glad I picked this up. Since it is set in the Victorian era, some of the concepts are hard to explain, but I think the author does a good job of setting them in context within the story. For instance, the problem of a maid being 'raped' to the upper class people was an in [...]

    19. Decent women don't get violated - they don't lay themselves open to it - they don't invite it - or frequent such places in such company.Deft writing, great characters, excellent plot twist.Perry's characters are always so well-done - they are flawed characters, realistically strong in their own ways. I enjoyed this book better than the first one: the mystery is better done, and the twist at the end - wow! I did not expect that at all.One thing I've noted about Perry's books is how feminist they [...]

    20. In this second in Perry’s series of mysteries featuring William Monk and Hester Latterly, Monk is still suffering the effects of his amnesia and trying to do his job in a way that will please his supervisor, Mr. Runcorn, who would be happy to dismiss Monk from the police force. Octavia Moidore, the young widowed daughter of wealthy Basil Moidore has been stabbed to death in her bed, supposedly the victim of a robber. Wealthy Moidore and his large extended family lived a life of leisure, atten [...]

    21. I think the author wanted to write a history book about the life and events of the Victorian era, but thought a mystery book would sell better. The story is fine, a typical whodunit (I am not a big mystery fan). Also, the author has a disturbing tendency to describe how angry everyone is at each other all the time. All those gritted teeth and glares became tiresome about halfway through the book. But I think the story line is just an excuse to take the reader back to the Victorian age. And at th [...]

    22. I still can't believe how late I came to this author. I am reading the Monk series and the Pitt series concurrently, and really enjoying them both. The details of the Victorian era are so minute, and I love it! The mysteries are also good, and never solved until almost the very end! I have read some of them out of order and am now going back and reading them in order, some library, some bought. One of the Christmas stories that I listen to because the library has them was about Runcorn, Monk's s [...]

    23. Muy entretenido. La autora refleja las costumbres de la época victoriana, haciendo hincapié en las diferencias existentes entre los aristócratas y los criados, que son el telón de fondo para la investigación del asesinato de Octavia.

    24. In some ways I like her writing a lot, but in other ways it can be very annoying. One of the annoyances is how much time she spends describing what people are wearing; typically an entire paragraph. And it's not even germane to the story; simply saying that someone was elegantly or well dressed would be sufficient for me.Spoiler alert: At first I thought how it ended was quite clever but then after thinking about it it seemed rather too contorted. First off the victim's father hated her husband [...]

    25. Monk and Evan are assigned to investigate the murder of a young woman found in her bedroom stabbed to death. She is the daughter of a baronet, and they are quickly able to ascertain the murder must have been done by someone in the house. The police chief wants Monk to charge one of the servants, but the evidence is pointing to someone in the family. Monk manages to insert nurse Hester Latterly into the family under the guise of caring for Lady Moidore, mother of the murdered woman.I enjoyed the [...]

    26. Should be the Hester Latterly Mystery - Monk is virtually invisibleI enjoyed the rough edges of murky London rookeries and true suspense in book 1 but this tale focuses largely on the narrow domestic troubles in a upperclass household after a violent death occurs their.Once the fascinating Monk disapears from the story and the often stupid Hester Latterly starts investigating the story loses any real suspense. Hester is so insensitive and blase about any possible danger she might be in and often [...]

    27. A little too much repetition from the first book and too many similarities. That gets boring. The plot is a little more involved than in the first book. But like in the first book, the author holds back vital information till the end. The reader has little to work with. Monk doesn't live up to the role of the primary protagonist after whom the whole series is named. He comes across as a bitter, angry man who isn't particularly effective. Like in the first book, the end is weak, at least for Monk [...]

    28. Libro corposo in cui l'autrice fa un'approfondita descrizione della società vittoriana dei quartieri alti, soffermandosi anche su ambienti, arredamento, abbigliamento, ecc e rallentando forse un po' il ritmo del racconto e della trama 'gialla'. Ma non si può non rimanere affascinati da tutto ciò e da come il delitto si inserisce perfettamente, alla fine, nella mentalità dei personaggi descritti. Solo alla fine si scoprirà quale è stato però il vero delitto commesso!!!

    29. While not quite a gripping novel as the first in the series, I still enjoyed the mystery as well as the development of the characters that were met in the first in the series. As my daughter pointed out when she decided not to continue reading this novel, the author started to harp to much on the point that William Monk had lost his memory and that it did not seem consistent with the end of the first in the series where he was, at least, gaining some flashes of his memory back.

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