Misfits and Heroes: West from Africa - Revised Version

Misfits and Heroes West from Africa Revised Version A thief offers a woman a chance at a new life by cutting her bonds beginning a journey that will take both of them downriver and out to the coast of West Africa The time is BC and war is brea

  • Title: Misfits and Heroes: West from Africa - Revised Version
  • Author: Kathleen Flanagan Rollins
  • ISBN: 9781453755037
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Paperback
  • A thief offers a woman a chance at a new life by cutting her bonds, beginning a journey that will take both of them downriver and out to the coast of West Africa The time is 12,000 BC, and war is breaking out between the villages on the coast Frantic to escape, the two travelers join others fleeing the chaos of battle They think they ll be safe if they head down the coaA thief offers a woman a chance at a new life by cutting her bonds, beginning a journey that will take both of them downriver and out to the coast of West Africa The time is 12,000 BC, and war is breaking out between the villages on the coast Frantic to escape, the two travelers join others fleeing the chaos of battle They think they ll be safe if they head down the coast by boat, but the sea sweeps them out into a new, very different world and a destiny they couldn t have imagined.

    • Unlimited [Paranormal Book] î Misfits and Heroes: West from Africa - Revised Version - by Kathleen Flanagan Rollins ✓
      198 Kathleen Flanagan Rollins
    • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [Paranormal Book] î Misfits and Heroes: West from Africa - Revised Version - by Kathleen Flanagan Rollins ✓
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    1. What an intriguing premise! I love historical novels, but have never read one, as far as I recall, set so far in the past, 12000 BC! The characters are interesting, but it is really the setting that is the star of this book. Rollins illustrates a time and place that is such a mystery, and she is able to blend in very human, relatable themes like the desire to feel settled, to establish an identity and a community, which make this a very deep, thoughtful story. I enjoyed this novel and would read [...]

    2. An engrossing excursion into our distant past. From the first moment of this epic tale of the past (14,000 years ago during the Stone Age), the reader becomes entranced by a finely defined ancient world. Naaba (an outsider) and Asha endure hardships and slavery, and travel with the people of the moving-stone in hopes of finding a better life. I loved the relationships portrayed as well as the attention to detail regarding the customs and daily life of the ‘ancient’ ones. I have to say that a [...]

    3. Set in 12,000 BC in West Africa, the author’s encyclopedic use of flora and fauna makes each scene come alive with a sense of place that drips authenticity. The thread of one couple’s travails and separations ties the story together—like Huck and Jim rafting on the Mississippi. Each episode reveals society and its perils and the parallels to today never stop. The themes are universal as vying chiefs create networks of villages and of course the top man can never amass enough territory. I w [...]

    4. Wondrous JourneyAlthough set 14,000 years ago the journey that took the characters from Western Africa to the Yuctan Peninsula could have been set in the present. Wonderfully crafted characters, a centered plot, this is a read not to be missed.

    5. Misfits and Heroes by Kathleen Flanagan Rollins is a saga of human suffering, hope, friendship and love. Beautifully written and rich in imagery, it takes the reader through the trials and tribulations of a small group of people living thousands of years ago. Individually, or as a group these people face war, death and betrayal. They have to run for their lives and also fight for them. I truly liked meeting these fascinating characters and reading about their passions, talents and shortcomings, [...]

    6. I was pleasantly surprised by this read. I don't think the title and cover really captures the depth in this story and the unique tale the author has shared. It was described to me as an epic prehistoric adventure novel and I suppose in some ways that does reflect this story. But it is also a story that explores war, family, community, love, loss and grief.Misfits and Heroes: West of Africa is set in 12,000 BC and follows a group of friends on their adventures downstream where they are swept out [...]

    7. This inventive, expansive, and exciting story takes place in 12,000 BC Africa. There are two main characters here: Naaba, an exiled troublemaker, and Asha, an imprisoned woman he frees. Together, Asha and Naaba navigate multiple difficult situations full of deceptively welcoming communities and warring villages. My reading preferences have more often than not leaned toward modern tales with familiar settings, which made Misfits and Heroes such a breath of fresh air. Despite my lack of knowledge [...]

    8. I find Kathleen Rollins's style unmistakeable; full of natural life and landscape, invention with basic tools and simple people living a complex life. Having read the other two so far in her Misfits and Heroes series I went back to catch the first exciting instalment. We meet a girl who enjoys water so much that she feels it under the ground beneath her feet in arid West Africa. She is a natural wanderer so when a young man cuts the bonds placed on her by an angry man, she leaves with him. They [...]

    9. I’ll stick this out at the start of the review, because it is most important: This book is a ripping, involving read, involving war, migration, outcasts attempting to find their own lives and people attempting to overcome adversity against tremendous odds. The next most important thing is that it’s set 14,000 years ago. Stone Age, or what’s generally known as the ‘Stone Age’, anyway.The trouble with the popular perception of prehistoric humans is that they are considered to be ‘less [...]

    10. This is not Just an Adventure Tale!When Naaba spots Asha in a clearing and frees her from bondage, little does he know that the two of them will join others in an epic journey of adventure. Their small group flees the chaos brought about by an overly ambitious, ruthless leader. But they soon find themselves mired in a different, but no less perilous struggle to survive as they cross an ocean from one continent to another.Kathleen Rollins uses wonderfully descriptive language in writing this adve [...]

    11. There were three main things I loved about this book.The first is that rather than the world being explained to the reader, it dawns slowly, illuminated in a way that rolls over you as you follow the characters. By the time the story is over, the world is complete and visceral, without ever having been laid out directly. It's a beautiful setting that emerges in the peripheral vision, which is remarkable.The second, which may contribute to the first, is the vibrant sensory descriptions. Some book [...]

    12. I never thought I would read and enjoy a book set in the Stone Age in Africa, but I was absolutely wrong! Masterfully written, This novel tells the tale of Asha and Naaba as they travel and experience the best and worst of life. What a wonderful adventure story that seems to accurately describe life 14,000 years ago! Rollins succeeds brilliantly in bringing the region, time, and characters to life and not only that, but she makes them relevant to today in that all humanity still searches for pea [...]

    13. This book is a wonderful addition to the genre of prehistoric fiction. It's greatest strength are the extremely likable characters, and the way they care about each other. This of course makes sense: if a small group of refugees are going to make it across an ocean, they'd have to look out for each other. Yet not all authors seem to get that. As a storyteller myself, I loved the way the author worked folktales into the novel, and even made one of the main characters a storyteller. I highly recom [...]

    14. I started this book thinking, 'this isn't my genre and it looks long', but I was soon hooked. Rollins is an authoritive storyteller. She knows the flora and fauna of the region she writes about( West Africa circa 12000 B.C.)--you feel like you can trust in her created world. And the story urges you on, like the characters swept along the river. The environment the characters inhabit is fully fleshed out--tools are made, cloth is woven, songs are sung. It is a delightful imaginative book by a won [...]

    15. This book is in West Africa, around 12,000 BC and life then is very similar to life now. The story will take you on an extraordinary adventure, the characters are all different with their own story to tell. Let Misfits & Heroes sweep you away, to a place the author brings to life.Her descriptive narrative enables the reader to experience the story first hand. There is war, romance, adventure, and migration. Kathleen Rollins keeps the story twisting and turning so you never know what the next [...]

    16. Good ReadBeautifully written, wonderfully descriptive. I enjoyed the love story of Naba and Asha woven together through the lives and tales of others.

    17. Even though it's not my preferred genre, I wanted to give a try after seeing all the positive reviews. To be honest, I didn't like it at all. It was so boring.

    18. A lone wanderer happens upon a village, where he frees a female who is tied by the foot, like an animal. From there, they meet others whose lives have also been turned upside down. The group sets out on a journey from West Africa and are swept on to the ocean and end up discovering a new world. PLAYERS: Naaba, who doesn’t know how to follow the rules in his village and can’t learn their numeracy system, which makes him an outcast. Asha, a ‘waterfoot’ who is misunderstood by her fellow vi [...]

    19. Kathleen Rollins's novels are complex stories set in per-historic world of mysticism and clans. I guess the writing niche is called historical fantasy. From mysterious writing, counting, stones, ball games, and drawings there is a lot of ancient mysticism that has been researched and incorporated in the book. The author clearly has a real passion for their work and it's very professionally written, researched and imagined. If you like quick throw down action to a paint by number plot then this b [...]

    20. Where do I begin, when I picked up this book, I knew it was going to be a long read, but what an interesting read it was. The delicate, overlapping, intricate details to the description of the surrounding jungle, villages and their villagers, the meaningless war that made sense only to the leader. Asha, the river girl, always following the path of the river. Naaba, the wonderer, the trickster and his many personalities, the islands and the spirits that ruled them. This book oozes, adventure, the [...]

    21. This book is journey back to times when humankind was still young, to the place where it all began; Africa. We start the story with man named Naaba that calls himself "a leopard's son". He feels more at home in nature than with humans, until he meets a wilful woman named Asha. She also tried to fit in with her fellow villagers, but is drawn to rivers. She literally feels the water under feet guide her to the river and that river takes them along its journey.It's the river that plays the lead rol [...]

    22. Overall, I think it was a great story for those who like mysticism in their stories and a lot of deep characters.This book was well thought-out and very imaginative. It has a combination of realistic portrayals of events that very much could have happened in prehistoric times, as well as many things that are mystical and leave the reader wondering where the line is between what is real for the characters, what is imagined, and what is inexplicable. Me, however, I like to have these lines a littl [...]

    23. The story begins circa 12,000 BCE I must assume in western Africa, and traces the trials, tribulations, and travels of a young couple and their traveling companions from their homeland along the rivers to the coast and finally on a long perilous sea voyage, first to the string of islands off the coast of West Africa and then somehow to Mexico.I have long been intrigued by the giant Olmec heads which obviously depict African Negroes. Archaeologists haven’t a clue as to why these giant heads are [...]

    24. Combining a well-researched prehistoric world, reminiscent of Jean Auel’s novels, with the mysticism of Yann Martel’s Life of Pi, Kathleen Flanagan Rollins tells of those quiet misfits in 12,000BC Africa whose actions just might have changed the world.Misfits and Heroes, West From Africa tells an endlessly fascinating story with action and character smoothly integrated into history, geography and gentle mysticism. The rivers of Africa flow to the sea. The shaman tells the season with standin [...]

    25. This novel has an agenda: the author wants to correct any lingering notions that ancient humans were primitive in any way or incapable of complex thought. Though the story takes place in 12,000 BCE, the characters in Misfits & Heroes have intricate societies, elaborate artwork and a full range of baser instincts and noble emotions.Throughout the surprisingly fast-paced plot, the reader comes across nuggets of wisdom recognizable as the origins of several different schools of thought that hav [...]

    26. Kathleen Rollins has created an imaginative and thrilling ancient world with fully-realized characters in "Misfits & Heroes: West from Africa." At the center of the story is Naaba and Asha, two lost characters who find each other on the rugged terrain of West Africa circa 12,000 BC. Together, they must navigate the chaos and fight for survival as various village leaders fight for control of the region. The region is exceptionally valuable due to its river system. This is the story of "ordina [...]

    27. Kathleen Rollins is an excellent story-teller and author. Her writing is smooth and inviting. Misfits & Heroes is an historical (actually, a prehistorical) novel with a rich cast of characters that seem to be predestined to share their lives. I liked them, disliked them, and got frustrated with them just as they did with each other in their journeys. Kathleen's knowledge of ancient African folklore is good and I enjoyed the stories told by her characters that involved magical spirits and pla [...]

    28. "For me, this was much more than just a novel about a group of people who are thrown together by circumstance and set off to make a new life in a new land. This is a book about people finding themselves - discovering who they are as individuals, as well as who they are in the group, what their role is, if they have one. I enjoyed following along as each of them struggled in a way with these discoveries, some more than othersI get the feeling this is one of those books that not many people are go [...]

    29. I love historical books and this was no exception. I've never read any from this time period before and was excited to pick it up. We follow several different characters as they flee different scenarios of violence. They all end up together, in boats, on the sea. We follow their adventures away from the violence as they encounter either different forms of violence or various other characters with different intentions. One of them with a sad back story provides them with two nice boats as they de [...]

    30. From the very first page the reader steps into a world of 14,000 years ago, "when Africa was still unbroken rainforest and the Sahara was a grassy steppe'. With the principal characters, Naaba and Asha, we experience the world through Stone-Age eyes. We see the mystical symbolism of standing stones, masks & shamans, and feel the fear creeping along our spine as a black mamba threatens them. A very unusual book, which credits our Stone Age ancestors with feelings just like ours, fear, curiosi [...]

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