Treasures of the Snow

Treasures of the Snow Lucien s teasing of Dani leads to an accident with far reaching consequences Annette is intent on revenge and does all she can to make life a misery for Lucien His only friend is the old man up the mo

  • Title: Treasures of the Snow
  • Author: Patricia St. John
  • ISBN: 9781844276172
  • Page: 245
  • Format: ebook
  • Lucien s teasing of Dani leads to an accident with far reaching consequences Annette is intent on revenge and does all she can to make life a misery for Lucien His only friend is the old man up the mountain who recognises his skill in carving wood and gives him new hope Set in Switzerland this story of Annett, Lucien and Dani has caught the imagination of countless chilLucien s teasing of Dani leads to an accident with far reaching consequences Annette is intent on revenge and does all she can to make life a misery for Lucien His only friend is the old man up the mountain who recognises his skill in carving wood and gives him new hope Set in Switzerland this story of Annett, Lucien and Dani has caught the imagination of countless children Patricia St John s classic story of love and forgiveness is as fresh now as when it was first published in 1950.

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    • Free Read [Religion Book] ✓ Treasures of the Snow - by Patricia St. John ¼
      245 Patricia St. John
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    One thought on “Treasures of the Snow”

    1. I love this Christian book that I read as a child and re-read recently. Annette decides that she will never forgive Lucien for hurting her brother Dani. And so she begins a revenge campaign involving many other people in their small community. But her hatred consumes her and she ends up hating herself for what she has become. This is an account of the power of forgiveness even when it seems impossible. Recommended for children and teenagers.

    2. This book has 26 chapters and is the perfect Christmas book. My family read this out loud as every December. Starting on December first, my mother would read one chapter aloud to us every night. After we opened presents on Christmas day, we would lie around listening to the end of the story. Even though my brothers and I knew the story inside and out, it's description of sin and forgiveness, and the loving grace of God was still beautiful every time. I can remember my mom starting to cry (every [...]

    3. I wish this book was easier to come by. Although it's had some relatively recent printings ("relative" meaning in the last 15-20 years), I know it will never be a popular book. With it's decidedly Christian agenda, I'm sure it's far too preachy for the general public. At times, it was a bit sermon heavy for me, too, but really, the story was good enough that I could endure a bit of sermonizing.Within the plot are three stories/layers of forgiveness: the girl who smashes the boy's horse in an act [...]

    4. I first read this book as a child and wanted to re-read it as an adult to remind myself why it was so wonderful back then. To be fair, as an adult reader and now a novelist, I can tell you its simple structure and straightforward message is woefully out of place in today's modern world of ambiguity and flawed anti-heroes. That having been said, that I think is the charm of the book. It is a reminder of a world that was more innocent and simpler. The book believes redemption is better than reveng [...]

    5. We read this as a family and all enjoyed it. My only serious complaint are the few spots they author teaches kids that God promises to always protect them and never let anything bad happen to them. That is totally unBiblical. It did provide a chance for us to stop the reading and talk about that issue, which is good.

    6. A childhood classic re visited after my nephew read it and loved it. I still loved it just as much as I did as a child.

    7. When we want to illuminate a dark room, we do not try to chase away the darkness before letting in the light. We simply open the window, and the light comes in. And when the light comes in, the darkness disappears. In the same way, we should not try to cast out the fear and anger in our hearts by sheer will and before we accept love and forgiveness. "Perfect love casts out fear." That is what I learned from this book. It is a beautiful and convincing story, and it means a great deal to me.

    8. I have strong memories of disliking this book as a child, largely due to its utterly vile heroine. I spent the entire book with an almost uncontrollable desire to give Annette a massive slap for essentially doing all she can to ruin Lucien's life. Unfortunately, my hatred for her made it impossible for me to enjoy the book and so I fail to remember what merits (if any) it actually has.

    9. We had some wonderful discussions as a family after we finished on what a life belonging to Christ looks like. Such an excellent book, and I already can't wait to read this one again once my littlest kiddos get a bit older.

    10. This may be a children's book but it hits on some hard truths, in the format of a very enjoyable and beautiful story (set in Switzerland, which makes it even better). I loved it!

    11. Own. Sister recorded as audio-book for the children.We enjoyed listening to this book as a family. Please excuse any errors I make in spelling names.The story of Lucien, Annette, and Danny was compelling and well told. The thoughts and motives of the children were explored in depth and clear. The obvious sin of Lucien; the not-as-obvious, easy to ignore sin of Annette; and Danny's selfishness were delved into, rooted out, and exposed to the light of the work of Christ. The story, itself, had a p [...]

    12. I had listened to this on audio book when I was about 7 or 8 year olds. I still remember being sucked into the story, drawn into this beautiful world, and feeling like I was a part of it. It was magical. When I bought this book to read to my own kids this past month, I was a little afraid it wouldn't live up to that same magical quality I imagined the book held. Lots of other books I've read when I was a small child just aren't the same when I read them as an adult- they've lost all their magic. [...]

    13. A wonderful read-aloud with the kids. Patricia St. John shows us the darkness that resides in even children's hearts and the power of Christ's love to drive out that darkness and bring forgiveness and reconciliation. Do be aware that the current in-print edition of this book has been "adapted" (i.e. dumbed down), so search out an older used edition. There was no need to tamper with this well-written story - even my five-year-old enjoyed it.

    14. What a heart-warming, wholesome, and edifying book to go through with your kids. Many opportunities to stop and discuss life lessons. Very glad to have picked this one up. Highly recommended.

    15. I just read this again to my daughter. I read it twice when I was in middle school. Charming story with very strong, albeit the controversial JudeoChristian value system (nothing wrong with that!).

    16. I read this book as a child - several times if I remember correctly - and always found it both sad and beautiful. Reading it as an adult it surprised me how religious it is because I didn't actually remember that. Usually I don't like it when books preach too much and here it's borderline for me but I did't let it destroy my love of the book. Mom loves the book as well and we've discussed in details, particularly this time of year because it always seem to be a Christmas book. I wonder if kids t [...]

    17. I read this book with my ten-year-old son. We would read aloud in the evening, and my husband and our eight-year-old would often listen in. My eight-year old grew very emotional about some of the events in the book, and I had to promise him everything would work out okay.Overall, the story was engaging and uplifting, a great book to read as a family with older children (ages eight and up). Great lessons on forgiveness.

    18. What a beautifully written book. I cried tears of joy in numerous parts. Such beauty and truth woven throughout. I will be re reading this with my children no doubt. This would make an excellent gift for any person, young or old. ❤️

    19. A lovely story of three families in Switzerland—a story of anger, hurt, hatred, revenge, and of sacrifice, repentance, and redemption. I like to read it at Christmastime and think of gingerbread bears and little carved animals.

    20. A delightful blast from the past for me. One of THE first books I ever remember reading as a child, and I loved it. Unable to read recently because of family issues, a wise and loving nephew [who remembered this book in our house] gave it to me to read. Love the visuals - just like Heidi!

    21. Ethan said, "Now I get why you say you have lots of favorite books, because this is one!" Such powerful messages.

    22. One of my favorite childhood books, lost count how many times I've read it. Amazing, heartfelt and captivating story from the Alps.

    23. Well written, but makes Jesus look a little like Santa Clause. The story all wraps up perfectly, which doesn't really happen in real life. But it's a fun listen, none the less.

    24. This is a lovely, sweet story about love, forgiveness and repentance. It is full of wonderful truths and some hard lessons.

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