The Hidden Stars

The Hidden Stars In a world devastated by the cataclysmic war between wizards and mages the Empress Ouri na seized the throne proclaiming herself the Divine Incarnation of the Devouring Moon Appointing twelve priest

  • Title: The Hidden Stars
  • Author: Madeline Howard
  • ISBN: 9780060575878
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • In a world devastated by the cataclysmic war between wizards and mages, the Empress Ouri na seized the throne, proclaiming herself the Divine Incarnation of the Devouring Moon Appointing twelve priests to perform her rites, she rules with a tight rein of dark sorcery The priests, once men, became twisted with magic, making them monstrous mutated Wherever they ride theyIn a world devastated by the cataclysmic war between wizards and mages, the Empress Ouri na seized the throne, proclaiming herself the Divine Incarnation of the Devouring Moon Appointing twelve priests to perform her rites, she rules with a tight rein of dark sorcery The priests, once men, became twisted with magic, making them monstrous mutated Wherever they ride they bring destruction, and one kingdom after another falls, enslaved into darkness.Yet signs and portents appear, puzzling the seers, and a tale begins to grow A rumor of a young girl, talented and hidden, who is destined to end Ouri na s tyrannous reign if she survives long enough to do so And a brave band of wizards and heroes ride out in search of the hidden princess, pursued by the fury of the dark goddess herself.

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      300 Madeline Howard
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    One thought on “The Hidden Stars”

    1. The author's vivid, descriptive style gave me high hopes for this, but my enthusiasm faded when it took so long for things to really get rolling.The story was buried in barely distinguishable names and places. And while the quest takes some exciting turns, the characters were oddly dry considering how much time we spent watching them circle their internal dilemmas.Thanks to some strange combination of a broad overall focus and a tendency to delve into unnecessary detail, things eventually taper [...]

    2. Admit it, when reading fantasy books (or any books for that matter), character names are just too important to be left out. On the first few chapters when we are introduced to the main character/s and authors are still trying make you feel at home inside the made-up world s/he has created, we always wanted to have that extra feel of seeing and feeling the ‘cold winds in winter’, ‘the warm breeze in midsummer night’s eve’. Or see the fallen leaves of autumn and smell the flowers bloom i [...]

    3. Finally! A book with strong female characters that are NOT Xena wanna-be's or buxom sluts. This author is a very talented story teller that transports you to her fantsy world created after a large battle where magic fractured the land. The hero is a female wizard & the hero she is looking for is a lost princess that has healing powers. The villian is a female queen that has mutated male servants with her power and corruption. There are some good male leads who are very "be still my heart" mi [...]

    4. This is a rather typical fantasy novel, though that isn't altogether bad. The story is similar to other books of this genre, but there's something about it that made me feel compelled to go on anyway, despite that. The book suffers from quite a number of fantasy cliches and can be quite predictable, but it's still actually rather good, even with those handicaps.The narrative flows well and the plot moves at a steady pace. I never felt bored, or that things were getting stretched too long, or eve [...]

    5. I read this book while on a train, and thought it was decently entertaining. It felt like this was a story that has been told before, but I'll considering following up on the sequels if anybody else recommends them to me. For now though, I'm leaving it behind in a hostel and swapping it out for something new. In my opinion, leaving the story off at the climax without resolving any of the plot justifies losing interest anyway.

    6. An astonishingly satisfying read, intense, complex, with a remarkably intricate plot, redolent of Lord of the Rings, that begged to be read at leisure and thoroughly savoured. I was rather astonished to discover this was this remarkable author's first novel, as the narrative was flowing and intense, with none of the flaws and over-writing that plague so many new authors.

    7. Right firstly, me being me, I did not like some of the names in this story. The author draws heavily on celtic names and my mind goes blank when I try to rponounce them. But this is just a little thing, and it is not all of the names, a couple of them are really superb.More seriously the story itself is a typical fantasy set up, with a dark force beginning to move against the world and the desperate main characters oing their best to save the world. Of course this a pattern that a lot of books f [...]

    8. This wasn’t a bad book. It just wasn’t a very good book either. It definitely had potential, but mostly, it lacked depth. The characters, the places and cultures, everything was just very superficial and didn’t catch my interest at all. I was mildly entertained and that was all. But the concept of the story was actually pretty good (albeit in a super typical high fantasy plot kinda way) but it wasn’t really developed enough, which is a shame. Also, there were several issues that made the [...]

    9. A good fanatasy story, that has traces of an epic storyline. Some very strong female leads that, seem all to human, instead of seen to often buxom female or all-powerful mary-sue. Hints of romance, that lend to the plot without being overdone or overworked. I'm curious though as to how the main villian of the story became the villian, as to me it seems almost as other forces are at work. The characters are much more complex then what we first see and I'm interested and how they will evolve as th [...]

    10. Many years ago there was a war, a war that ended in mutual destruction for both parties. This was a magical war. Now those who survived live with the aftermath. One of the new powers is the Empress Ouriana, proclaiming herself the Divine Incarnation of the Devouring Moon, using black magic to control her people and trying to control more and more of the world. There's a prophesied one, who may be a young girl, who it is hoped will defeat the empress, but the empress knows about the prophecy and [...]

    11. An archetypal fantasy story, complete with impossible-to-pronounce names and even more confusing world geography. We have the forces of good battling evil in an almost hopeless scenario where it seems at every turn evil will triumph. The story and plot seem almost Tolkenesque; with a group of travelers sojourning through hostile lands, chased by dark agents of a supreme evil in search of a hidden weapon In spite of a story we've seen before, Howard manages to put her own spin on it. If you're bo [...]

    12. Fascinating book that I well enjoyed, with interesting characters and a solid-feeling world but it feels as if only have a tale has been told! The book began many stories and resolved none of them, leaving the reader hungry for more of the trilogy, which is good, but unsatisfied with this book in and of itself, which is a bit frustrating. As I imagine this might be a pattern that's will make the second book similarly unsatisfying, I would hold off on beginning this series until Madeline Howard f [...]

    13. Not a bad read, you can tell the author spent a lot of time developing and intricate layout of the land and history of the characters prior to writing the book. It would have helped if they included the map with the book instead of needing to search the web for it. Wasn't much for the ending, it was a mad rush to get to the end and didn't make a lot of sense. I am looking for book two and am in hopes of some progress on reuniting the lost princess with the "good guys" and battling the evil queen [...]

    14. It actually took me a two days to read this book. I liked it but I found that it was jumping around too much. Just after a few pages I was thrown into another characters story. Which it turned out in the end to be okay but becuase there were so many things to follow this book could be considered difficult to follow

    15. A champion is needed and all signs and portents hint of young girl hidden and talented. It is race against time whether the heroes finds her first or the monsters who want to use her for dark goddess. It started up slow but had a strong finish with great characters and adventures. On to book two: A Dark Sacrifice.

    16. i gave this a decent go (90+ pages) as i have a fondness for Edgerton's The Goblin Moon & its sequel - earlyish exemplars of fantasy not featuring elves, castles or polysyllablebabble names. sadly this one does feature all three and although i was willing to suspend disbelief for a while, there were just too many umlauts for me.

    17. well, i just finished this book today. I like how it's going to different stories makes it more interesting. Unfortunately i got this at a bookstore that sells random books. now I have to try to find the other 2. It's amazing and full of hope.

    18. I'm not really sure if I liked this book or not. It does have strong female characters, but the book jumps around quite a bit and it's a little hard to follow.I didn't like it enough to want to search out the other books in the series.

    19. got halfway through the book and they were *still* traveling so I stopped reading alas. Was hoping for more since I love good protagonists! sadface.

    20. gave up on this one, I don't think I even got halfway through, just clearing it out of the "currently reading" bin

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