Food Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots

Food Photography From Snapshots to Great Shots Are you a foodie looking to take eye catching photos of your culinary concoctions Do you have a food blog that you d like to enhance with better visuals Do you want to create photos that conjure up th

  • Title: Food Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots
  • Author: Nicole S. Young
  • ISBN: 9780321784117
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Paperback
  • Are you a foodie looking to take eye catching photos of your culinary concoctions Do you have a food blog that you d like to enhance with better visuals Do you want to create photos that conjure up the flavors of your favorite foods but lack the photographic technique to make it happen Then this book is for you In Food Photography From Snapshots to Great Shots, photoAre you a foodie looking to take eye catching photos of your culinary concoctions Do you have a food blog that you d like to enhance with better visuals Do you want to create photos that conjure up the flavors of your favorite foods but lack the photographic technique to make it happen Then this book is for you In Food Photography From Snapshots to Great Shots, photographer Nicole Young dishes up the basics on getting the right camera equipment lights, lenses, reflectors, etc and takes you through the key photographic principles of aperture, ISO, and shutter speed She then discusses lighting and composition and shows how to style food using props, fabrics, and tabletops Finally, she explains how to improve your photos through sharpening, color enhancement, and other editing techniques Beautifully illustrated with large, vibrant photos, this book offers the practical advice and expert shooting tips you need to get the food images you want every time you pick up your camera.Follow along with your friendly and knowledgeable guide, photographer and author Nicole S Young, and you will Use your camera s settings to gain full control over the look and feel of your images Master the photographic basics of composition, focus, depth of field, and much Learn to enhance your food photographs using professional food styling techniques Get tips on different types of lighting, including strobes, flashes, and natural light Improve the look of your photos using Adobe Photoshop Go behind the scenes and walk through the process of creating great food photographs with an entire chapter of start to finish examplesAnd once you ve got the shot, show it off Join the book s Flickr group to share your photos, recipes, and tips at flickr group foodphotographyfroms.

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    • Unlimited [Romance Book] ↠ Food Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots - by Nicole S. Young ✓
      301 Nicole S. Young
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    One thought on “Food Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots”

    1. I'm still figuring out all the ropes to my DSLR camera, but one thing I have wanted to learn for awhile is food photography. While a good camera can help with your photographs, I've learned that it's really the photographer that creates beautiful shots. Food Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots is a book that I devoured. I have read a few photography books, but this one was simply awesome. I loved how in depth it was. I found that it was easy to understand and I learned alot from it. This [...]

    2. This is it.This is the most detailed step-by-step food photography book I've ever seen that shows you EVERYTHING you need to know in order to become a food photographer. From styling your food till post-processing. A LOT I already knew, but I guess it helps people who know a lot as well. It shows you every single result for every single step so you will never be confused. I wish all books were like this one. Must-have if you're interested.P.S.Even though the equipment used is very expensive for [...]

    3. This is a well illustrated guide to shooting food for the beginner. Young takes you through the kinds of equipment you'll need, photographic lenses and choices, and then how to set up, light, and style food. It's, admittedly, in her style, with her tool set, so not a bad place to start. She freely admits she shoots for micro stock, and that tends to genericize her work somewhat, and the examples rarely show any cooked food beyond soup or mac n' cheese, but for a beginner this is a great resource [...]

    4. Comida y fotografía. Oh wait! Hay gente que se gana la vida fotografiando comida y hace fotos realmente buenas por las que le pagan (/mode pulla off).Es un libro interesante. Todo lo que se nos puede ocurrir que hay detrás de este tipo de fotografías y más (fotógrafos, estilistas, etc.). Trata la iluminación de la escena, hay algún que otro truco sobre preparación de la comida (y cómo escoger el producto que vamos a fotografiar), y aspectos fotográficos básicos que se pueden aplicar a [...]

    5. I'm not a food stylist; I'm a portrait photographer, but this book was available through our library system, and I'm always interested in photography resources - portrait or other. Interestingly, this book isn’t confined to food photography. While the authoress does discuss and apply her points to food photography, everything in the book, with the exception of chapter 4 on food styling, can and should be applied to other photography genres, as well. A chapter is devoted to each of the followin [...]

    6. Some good infoI originally bought this to get tips and ideas on food styling and composing photos to tell a story. I did get a lot of good tips, but this is better for someone w/o wants to learn about food photography as a whole. It provides a lot of beginner info (making it a great refresher course), but also delves into more technical points of photography as well. There is also a great resource for editing photos (something you can never learn too much about) I love how she analyzes each phot [...]

    7. This is so far the clearest book on photo photography for beginners that I've come across. The examples demonstrate different settings and the author goes through essentially what a food blogger needs to get started. I have lots and lots to learn to get my photos to look better and I feel I've picked up a number of decent points from this book.I would have liked a little more troubleshooting and perhaps a couple of complete work-through from start to finish of how the shot was styled and photogr [...]

    8. Helpful. Definitely helpful. It covers the gamut of not only styling and setting up your shot, but how to post-process in Photoshop. Of course some of it was very "duh," and if I care enough to shell out the money for some of the lighting setups, I know my shots would be much, much better. I figure if it caused me to reflect upon my shot a little more when I'm taking it, it was definitely worth it.

    9. Very clear and approachable, particularly for beginners. As a very experienced amateur, I did learn some things here I didn't know before. Minus one star because many of the lighting setups and post-processes are too similar. Could also use more food styling and prop tips, though what is here is valuable.

    10. A very good book for understanding the basics of Food Photography. Nicely explained by Nicole. The simplicity of this book is a great appeal. The icing on the cake are the few tips & tricks which Nicole shares throughout. Recommended for Food Photographers.

    11. Solid take on the basics of food photography, covering lighting, composition, styling, and editing (which is probably the weakest portion of the book, but honestly what are you going to do there that hasn't been done). Easy to read.

    12. Хороша книжка для початківців на теренах фудфото, особливо цінна тим, що дає конкретні поради по обробці фото. Про композицію зовсім трохи, так само, як і про секрети з фейк-іжею, але для тих, хто знімає те, що готує сам - практично найкраща з можливих книжок.

    13. the best thing about this book was order!it learns you every thing in a neat and tidy order. so if you dont know anything about food photography (and even photography), you can start by this. of course you should be interested to learning and try the challenges.

    14. This book is a great resource with refresher info on the camera functions and great tips on setting the scene and proper lighting. I'm not big on Lightroom, but the processes reviewed would be very similar for working in raw or photoshop.

    15. I bought this book to learn more about how to photograph my desserts for my business and baking blog. This includes a lot more info for entrees but it was still all useful.

    16. I have not improved the food photography on my blog which is ENTIRELY my fault. If I had practiced the tips in this book, I'd be a pro by now!

    17. Goes through quite a bit of the basics that I already knew. The best part to me was towards the end when she goes through her step-by-step photoshop edits.

    18. I picked up a couple neat food styling tips, and it reinforced that I already know the basic lighting setup for food.

    19. LOVE this book. Such a great way to look at photography. How she did the set up is GREAT. What I DIDN'T like, was the basics of shooting. I feel like EVERY book is fluffed with that stuff.

    20. Good read for a beginner food photography. I wish there was more on food styling though as it is an essential componenet to a mouthwatering shot!

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