Dog Days

Dog Days Dog Days

  • Title: Dog Days
  • Author: Ana Marie Cox
  • ISBN: 9781594489013
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dog Days

    • Ö Dog Days || ☆ PDF Read by ☆ Ana Marie Cox
      154 Ana Marie Cox
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    One thought on “Dog Days”

    1. If you really like politics and are looking for a mindlessly entertaining novel (and won't be made too miserable reading about a fictional version of the 2004 presidential race), this book may be for you. The plot was pretty silly for the most part, but I enjoyed the writing style, which made the main character likable enough that you didn't always notice how shallow and self-involved she generally was. And plenty of clever and amusing observations about politics, which I definitely had a few ch [...]

    2. "None of these people had gotten to where they were by being interesting. 'Interesting' rarely translated into power. 'Interesting,' in fact, often gave people ammunition to get you out of power. And if 'interesting' got your foot in the door, you unlearned 'interesting' on your way up."Not as much of a grand send up of DC as I'd imagined. The tone isn't nearly as acerbic as I had hoped and I actually wish Julie had been the main character. The ending also made no sense, at first I thought it wa [...]

    3. I literally just finished reading Dog Days by Ana Marie Cox, the creator of Wonkette and original contributor to that must-read sassy political blog. The book received a lot of fanfare prior to its release and really hasn’t fulfilled all the hype and excitement. That is, if you listed to the DC political community which reads Wonkette religiously but feigns disinterest whenever the topic comes up. I’m willing to say that I loved the book. In some ways, I totally understood where the main Mel [...]

    4. I will readily admit that I am a big fan of the wonkette blog. Wonkette is one of those sites that I visit at least two to three times a week – sometimes more. So, when I saw this book on sale at the dollar store while I was looking for sudoku puzzles for my grandmother, I had to pick it up.I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. When I finished undergrad with my degree in political science, I think I always dreamed of something like the life that is described here, but alas life for me and m [...]

    5. This book started off great. Its a really funny and scandalous read about campaigns and the crap that you can sometimes easily get tangled up in. B/c its from Wonkette, its done very honestly and very "DC". All the landmarks and streets and such are for real, so if you know DC its kinda nice to have a mental map as a frame of reference. My biggest problem w/the book was how it ended. It was very abrupt. Around about 50 pages to go, I realized that the story wasnt really close to over, but I didn [...]

    6. Thank you, Scott Fitzgerald, for teaching me that if I loathe EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER in a book, I probably will not enjoy the reading experience. Sometimes I read on anyway, if the writing style is compelling or it's an Important Book or my spidey senses tell me the characters will undergo some fundamental change that makes them likeable, but Dog Days didn't hit any of those points for me.I don't care about anyone in Cox's story and I have no desire to read about their political maneuverings and [...]

    7. Read the STOP SMILING interview with Ana Marie Cox:10 QUESTIONS FOR ANA MARIE COXBy John Williams(This interview originally appeared in the STOP SMILING DC Issue)Ana Marie Cox grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska and graduated from the University of Chicago. She came to fame in 2003 as the founding editor of the political blog Wonkette. In 2006, Cox published Dog Days, a novel that satirized life in the political whirlpool. The New York Times called it “brisk, smart, smutty, knowing and very well-writ [...]

    8. Wonkette's tenure as Washington D.C.'s favorite blogger doesn't buy much sympathy for the jump into print. Her notoriety certainly precedes her, and she doesn't help her case by delivering a thinly veiled account of her life and times (so far) on the World Wide Web. More damning to her cause is an anemic plot and a fixation on consumer frills (Charles David shoes; the ubiquitous BlackBerry) that keep her debut novel a purely surface-oriented affair. Reviewers praise the few moments Cox is able t [...]

    9. I wanted to like this book more than I could. It was amusing in spots but rarely laugh out loud funny, which I think it aspired to be. The story itself was somewhat engaging. Perhaps it suffered from the timing of when I read it in that there has been so much criticism of the media and how it handles scandals and colorful personalities. I found it to be a little flat. The main character is likable enough, but not so much so that I was really rooting for her throughout the story. An acceptable po [...]

    10. This book is based on a real life blog, I believe it's called "wonkette". This is a book based in Washington DC and follows the hot political gossip going around. There's a Hollywood madam-type making her rounds in DC and two friends and political advisors find her and begin to use her to their advantage. It's funny and current - an overall entertaining read.

    11. I would give this 3 1/2 stars if possible. Really captured DC in August and what it is like to be a staffer on a campaign.

    12. Very funny!!!! Love the wit and GOLDENISMS reminds me of BUSHISMS lol. I'm also a political blogger, which is essentially how I found out about this novel

    13. For all my friends who wonder what I do as a lobbyist and campaign consultant, this is a pretty accurate depiction (though on D.C. speed rather than local gov't).

    14. Your basic middle-of-the-road chicklit, except in Washington, DC, instead of New York. Not offensively bad, not going to change your life.

    15. I usually like her writing but this was a big disappointment. I really wanted to like it but it lacked the wit that is usually central to her work.

    16. Its funny, and gives a very interesting look into what is happening behind all the campaigning that happens in Washington!!! Different book for me to read, but did not leave me disappointed at all!

    17. For a book that started out as strong as this, it really tanked at the end. Read the first two thirds and then put it down.

    18. disarming honesty about the insider's life in DC. I like Wonkette, so thought I'd like this book. It was a bit more realistic than I imagined.

    19. I read this a while ago, so don't remember the detailsbut do remember that i thought it was hilarious and witty!

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