Chaplin: His Life and Art

Chaplin His Life and Art This is the authorized definitive biography of the man who has often been called the greatest comic genius the world has ever been Chaplin s widow Lady Oona granted the author unprecedented access

  • Title: Chaplin: His Life and Art
  • Author: DavidRobinson
  • ISBN: 9780070531819
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This is the authorized, definitive biography of the man who has often been called the greatest comic genius the world has ever been Chaplin s widow, Lady Oona, granted the author unprecedented access to Chaplin s closely guarded archive of private papers, records, letters, and photographs Chaplin was a man plagued by loneliness and driven by the search for artistic perfThis is the authorized, definitive biography of the man who has often been called the greatest comic genius the world has ever been Chaplin s widow, Lady Oona, granted the author unprecedented access to Chaplin s closely guarded archive of private papers, records, letters, and photographs Chaplin was a man plagued by loneliness and driven by the search for artistic perfection His life was an extraordinarily dramatic one, and David Robinson explores the often tragic story of Chaplin s alcoholic father his mentally disturbed mother his marriages to very young women, including the legendary film star Paulette Goddard the white slavery case against him and his persecution by anti Communist forces during the McCarthy era, including the FBI, which ultimately forced Chaplin to leave America Chaplin contains many provocative revelations and previously unknown and unpublished information about Chaplin s private life, romances and business dealings and about the making of his magical films The book vividly recreates the different worlds in which Chaplin moved from Victorian and Edwardian London, through the glamorous birth and sad decline of Hollywood s studio system, to the nightmare of McCarthyism, after which America once again came to adore the Little Tramp, the hero of the underdog, the droll genius who could make America laugh during the Depression when nothing else but bootleg gin could Illustrated with 80 pages of rare photos from Chaplin s family albums, Chaplin contains a detailed chronology, filmography, list of theatre tours, and a list of important people in Chaplin s life Taken from the dust jacket of McGraw Hill First Edition, 1985

    Chaplin His Life and Art David Robinson Chaplin His Life and Art David Robinson on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Charlie Chaplin revolutionized the language of cinema and became one of the most loved performers of all time But he was also a man plagued by loneliness and driven by the search for artistic perfection His life was an extraordinarily dramatic one Charlie Chaplin Sir Charles Spencer Charlie Chaplin KBE April December was an English comic actor, filmmaker, and composer who rose to fame in the era of silent film He became a worldwide icon through his screen persona, The Tramp, and is considered one of the most important figures in the history of the film industry.His Chaplin film Chaplin is a British American biographical comedy drama film about the life of British comedian Charlie Chaplin.It was produced and directed by Richard Attenborough and stars Robert Downey Jr Marisa Tomei, Dan Aykroyd, Penelope Ann Miller, and Kevin Kline.It also features Geraldine Chaplin in the role of her own paternal grandmother, Hannah Chaplin. Charlie Chaplin Movies, Children Quotes Biography Born Charles Spencer Chaplin in London, England, on April , , Charlie Chaplin s rise to fame is a true rags to riches story His father, a notorious drinker, abandoned Chaplin, his mother Charlie Chaplin Biography life, childhood, children Rough childhood Charles Spencer Chaplin was born in a poor district of London, England, on April , His mother, Hannah Hill Chaplin, a talented singer, actress, and piano player, spent most of her life in and out of mental hospitals his father, Charles Spencer Chaplin Sr was a fairly successful singer until he began drinking. Tramp The Life Of Charlie Chaplin Joyce Milton Tramp The Life Of Charlie Chaplin Joyce Milton on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Charlie Chaplin was one of the most loved, hated, and gossiped about figures in film history On screen the handsome actor delighted viewers with his Tramp character Intermediate Reading Charlie Chaplin s Early Life esl Read the text about Charlie Chaplin s early life and answer the true false questions below. Charles Chaplin Charles Chaplin, Writer The Great Dictator Considered to be one of the most pivotal stars of the early days of Hollywood, Charlie Chaplin lived an interesting life both in his films and behind the camera He is most recognized as an icon of the silent film era, often associated with his Charlie Chaplin Complete Film List Edna Purviance First National Films All Films Directed by Charles Chaplin Charlie Chaplin s Studio, Hollywood A Dog s Life April , Shoulder Arms October , The Bond December , Sunnyside June , A Day s Pleasure December , Other English Titles Charlie Chaplin s Wives Edna Purviance Paulette Goddard Chaplin Pauline Levy, better known as Paulette Goddard, met Charlie Chaplin soon after he returned from his World Tour in .

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    1. Celebrity is a mask that eats into the face. Said John Updike. I love that quote.The Two Charlies : their decline and fallThere are remarkable parallels between Charles Dickens and Charlie Chaplin -the workhouse/desperate London poverty childhoods,the early success leading to the ever more gigantic successes,the world-bestriding fame, the popular genres becoming ever more elaborated (from Pickwick to Dombey, from Kid Auto Races to Modern Times),the leftish political slant and the zeal for social [...]

    2. chaplin, his life and art, David RobinsonChaplin: His Life and Art is a 1985 book (revised second edition 2001) by film critic David Robinson which examines the life and works of Sir Charlie Chaplin. The British Film Institute describe the book as Chaplin's "definitive biography impeccably researched, well written and full of detail" Along with My Autobiography, it was used as source material for the 1992 film Chaplin.تاریخ نخستین خوانش: اول ماه فوریه سال 2006 می [...]

    3. در يك كلام؛ كاش كمي ظرفيت داشته باشيم.ظرفيت شهرت، ظرفيت ثروت،جنبه ي توجه، جنبه ي محبتاما حيف كه در سخن ساده و در عمل بسيار دشوار است. در كسري از ثانيه فرشته اي به ديو بدل ميگردد :/

    4. I have to agree with the other reviews. You have to be a true Chaplin fan to read this epic by David Robinson. There are only two books necessary for the Chaplin fan; "My Autobiograpy", by Chaplin himself, and this book by Robinson. While there are scores of other books on the market concerning Chaplin's life, Robinson's is THE definitive work. If Charlie had been around to read this work, he might have amended his famous phrase from "If you want to know me, see my movies," to "If you want to kn [...]

    5. دخترم جرالدين, از تو دورم , ولی يک لحظه تصوير تو از ديدگانم دور نميشود.تو کجايی؟در پاريس ,روی صحنه تئاتر پرشکوه شانزه ليزه؟اين را ميدانم و چنان است که گويي در اين سکوت شبانگاهی ,آهنگ قدمهايت را ميشنوم.شنيده ام نقش تو در اين نمايش پرشکوه, نقش آن دختر زيبای حاکمی است که اسير خان تا [...]

    6. Over the years I have read many biographies and analyses of Chaplin's "life and art". This one seems to me to the the most comprehensive and compelling. I had the opportunity to meet the author last week and have a brief conversation, which was a wonderful moment for me. Mr. Robinson was very gracious in sharing insights into his work with me.

    7. جالبه همینمن رنج آن دلقک دوره گرد را که اقيانوسی از غرور در دلش موج می زند اما سکه صدقه رهگذر خودخواهی آن را می خشکاند احساس کرده ام.

    8. I think you have to like Chaplin to get through this book. I love Chaplin. So I'm glad there's a biography so thorough as this one, that collects in 632 pages and 100 pages of appendices pretty much every thing you might want to know about him.It took me a while to get through (partly because I kept going to youtube to watch films as I was reading those parts, and watching the 3-episode Unknown Chaplin, which BBC production came out around the same time as this book and is almost a companion pie [...]

    9. چارلی چه زیبا می گوید:مردمان بر روی زمین استوار، بیشتر از بند بازان بر روی ریسمان نا استوار، سقوط می کنند .

    10. دل به زروزیور نبند،زیرا بزرگترین الماس این جهان آفتاب است و این الماس بر گردن همه میدرخشد.

    11. This book was fantastic, chock full of stories and anecdotes and meticulously researched. Highly recommended.

    12. A fantastic, dense, detailed and incredibly informative book. Every detail of Chaplin's life is examined from the very early days right up to the infamous "grave robbing" incident. As a fan of Chaplin's since I was a child, this book as always been a "must read" for me and it didn't disappoint. Robinson lays everything out clearly and allows for many fun little details to be tossed in as well. This book is not for the light of heart - at over 700 pages the information comes fast and furiously, b [...]

    13. I'll start by saying I'm not a big Chaplin fan, but he's one of those iconic figures that I hugely respect so I wanted to know more about him and this book came the best recommended. It's a classic and had me hooked right the way through, it's already been said by much better people than me that it won't be bettered and you can see why, the author has done a fabulous and monumental job in bringing everything about Chaplin together. My only regret was that there was not enough about Chaplin's lif [...]

    14. با وجود مشکلات زیاد، اتهامات و ازدواج‌های ناموفقی که وی در طول زندگی‌ش با آن مواجه شد، توانست در زندگی مردم اوایل قرن بیستم تاتیربسزایی داشته باشد. او بیش از هر کس دیگری مردم را خنداند و روش زندگی و طرز تفکر مردم زمان خودش را تغییر داد و این بزرگترین کاری است که یک هنرمند میتو [...]

    15. این کتاب از دو بخش تشکیل شده است: در بخش اول به معرفی زندگی چارلی چاپلین و آثارش پرداخته شده ؛ در بخش دوم نامه‌ های چارلی چاپلین به دخترش، جرالدین چاپ شده است.چارلی چاپلین دخترش جرالدین را مورد خطاب قرار می‌ دهد و از تمام مسائلی حرف می‌زند که در زندگی با آن دست‌و‌پنجه نرم می‌ [...]

    16. Very interesting indeed. A comprehensive study of a true creative.It took me a long time to read because a) it is a huge book and b) I kept breaking off to watch the films Robinson referred to, on Youtube. (They are still funny and just as relevant today.)

    17. این کتاب، اصل‌ش از اساس بر پایه‌ی دروغ بنا شده. اصن چنین کتابی وجود خارجی نداره، چه برسه به این‌که ترجمه هم داشته باشه! انتساب چنین نوشته‌ای به چارلی چاپلین از اون دروغ‌هاست که سال‌ها پیش، کسی به شوخی چنین ادعایی کرده و تو جریده‌ش منتشر کرده‏bitrin/ARTICLE3271mlچن سال پیش از این، ق [...]

    18. I enjoyed this one,if you want to know about Charlie Chaplin,his life,where he was brought up in extreme poverty in south London and the films,this would be a good choice

    19. Though it did occasionally skirt with the hagiographic end of bios, this is probably about as good a book about the legendary comic actor/director you could find. It takes a conventional approach, with the usual slightly tedious trawl through his impoverished early life in Kennington (dad died early of the drink, and his mother was mentally ill, so he and Syndey, naturally enough, went on stage to earn a crust), through to the early days in music hall (his first appearance was in Sherlock Holmes [...]

    20. When I find myself not merely enjoying a book, but savoring it, I know it's earned a five-star rating from me. And that's the case with this biography of Charlie Chaplin. It started and ended slow; the accounts of his youth in England and his old age in Switzerland were less interesting, but the middle portion, the Hollywood years, were completely absorbing. All too often, those who write about Chaplin take a too elite approach, trying to find all kinds of meanings and symbolism in the actions o [...]

    21. ■متن نامه کوتاه و موجز است، خواه نگاشته خود چارلی بوده، یا توسط دیگری نوشته و به چاپلین نسبت داده شده باشد. ■■ قالب کتاب شاید ظرف مناسبی برای این اثر نبود، یالااقل بدین شکلش■■■برخی از فرازهای کتاب:"مردمان بر روی زمین استوار، بیشتر از بند بازان بر روی ریسمان نا استوار، سقوط [...]

    22. I'm marking it as "read", but I really didn't get to finish this book. I love Chaplin, and I really appreciate the love and detail that went into writing this biography. If you want to know the EVERYTHING there is to know, this is the book to read. With that said, I'm not one of those people that need to know on what street which performance took place on what particular day of the year. Broader strokes are sufficient for me. This book feels like "The Dark Knight" Batman movie: Good, but an hour [...]

    23. The best intellectual-professional biography of Chaplin out there, excellently researched and not too heavy on hero-worship (Chaplin certainly had his flaws as a person and limitations as a filmmaker). It serves as a useful counterbalance to Chaplin's autobiography, which is itself a lot more even-handed than most things in the genre. What neither of them do, very much, is develop a vigorous analysis of his directorial style. For that, the only book that really covers the ground is Donna Kornhab [...]

    24. I enjoyed this book up to a point. The point where I stopped. =) Actually, for the movie and history buff this would be right up your alley. I am more of the less words, more pictures and simple stories person. I guess another word to describe me is "shallow" (I prefer "short and sweet", though).Sad life as, I am convinced, most movie stars are---especially in their childhoods. BUT! As I said, a very informative and interesting book. Just a long read.

    25. کتابی 43 صفحه‌ای حاوی زندگی نامه‌ای بسیار خلاصه و نامه چارلی چاپلین برای دخترش و تصاویر چارلی و اعضای خانواده در دوره‌های مختلفمتن نامه بسیار شیرین و زیباست اما تنها 7 صفحه از کتاب را شامل می‌شود.زندگی نامه بسیار خلاصه و در حالاتی گنگ بیان شده و شامل 9 صفحه است.بقیه کتاب تنها [...]

    26. This is far and away the most detailed, exhaustive biography of Chaplin anyone could want. A literal count of the hairs on his head. Invaluable to the hardcore Charliephile, a book that will wrestle you to a draw. Its almost term paper- like exactitude is why I had to leave off a star - the book is enjoyable but it's work!

    27. Good, but not great. A bit bland at times, lacking somewhat with regard to anecdotes, perhaps. A well known story is that Chaplin once entered a Charlie Chaplin lookalike competition and came third. Where is that story, even if not true? But all said, you still learn a lot about perhaps the most famous man in history at one point, his working methods and the man himself. 4 minus.

    28. Probably the best biography out there on Chaplin. Loads of photos (though there could have been more). Beautifully written and kept me engaged through all 500+ pages. Not a great book to travel with, though. Quite hefty, even for a paperback.

    29. Too-adoring biography always takes the best view of Chaplin's often checkered personal life, and doesn't really dig into the drive for control that made Chaplin one of the first modern artists.

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