Sea of Shadows

Sea of Shadows Originally published as TORPEDO OUT GUNNED OUT MANEUVERED OUT THOUGHT THE ONLY WAY TO SURVIVE IS TO CHANGE THE RULES A minor accident at a German nuclear power plant a Biological Warfare attack on th

  • Title: Sea of Shadows
  • Author: Jeff Edwards
  • ISBN: 9780983008507
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Paperback
  • Originally published as TORPEDO OUT GUNNED OUT MANEUVERED OUT THOUGHT THE ONLY WAY TO SURVIVE IS TO CHANGE THE RULES.A minor accident at a German nuclear power plant, a Biological Warfare attack on the British Embassy in Washington, DC, and a secret arms deal combine to drive a trusted NATO Ally into an illegal alliance with a rogue Middle Eastern state With the Originally published as TORPEDO OUT GUNNED OUT MANEUVERED OUT THOUGHT THE ONLY WAY TO SURVIVE IS TO CHANGE THE RULES.A minor accident at a German nuclear power plant, a Biological Warfare attack on the British Embassy in Washington, DC, and a secret arms deal combine to drive a trusted NATO Ally into an illegal alliance with a rogue Middle Eastern state With the world hovering on the brink of war, a handful of U.S Navy warships must track down and destroy a wolfpack of state of the art submarines.Their enemy is skilled in deception, and incredibly lethal Out gunned, out maneuvered, and out thought, the U.S Navy crews must throw the rulebook out the window, and become every bit as devious and deadly as their enemy.If they fail, the consequences are unthinkable A timeless warrior epic Jeff Edwards spins a stunning and irresistibly believable tale of savage modern naval combat JOE BUFF, Bestselling author of SEAS OF CRISIS, and CRUSH DEPTH Edwards wields politics and naval combat tactics with a skill equal to the acknowledged masters of military fiction THE MILITARY PRESS as close as you can get to naval surface combat without being shot at Jeff Edwards has penned a fast, no holds barred thriller that never lets up Highly recommended JACK DuBRUL, Bestselling author of THE SILENT SEA, and HAVOC

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      221 Jeff Edwards
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    One thought on “Sea of Shadows”

    1. Jeff Edwards' Sea of Shadows (Stealth Books 2010) is a marvelous military thriller, especially if you're a SWO officer serving on an American Destroyer. The story posits an oil-impoverished German nation, forced to trade some of the most modern weapons in the world to terrorists to get the oil the country can't survive without. The plot revolves around the US and Britain's efforts to stop delivery of these weapons--which include 3 ultra-modern submarines--as they transit from Germany, through th [...]

    2. In dire economic straights, Germany decides to sell four state of the art diesel submarines to a fictional middle eastern country currently under a UN blockade. The USS Towers, a Navy stealth destroyer on station in the Persian Gulf gets tasked with stopping the subs from reaching their destination and destabilizing the region. These are not your World War 2 submarines however. They are German engineered underwater killing machines that prove incredibly difficult to destroy. For example, I wasn' [...]

    3. One Word: YES! I won this book in a 'First Reads' giveaway.Can I just tell you, how much I LOVE free books! ESPECIALLY ones that are signed, that are AWESOME! This book is pretty much non-stop action from start to finish, and it was QUITE the finish! The explanations and detail that have gone into this book are incredible, and even though you kind of think you know how it's going to end, the way that it ends is still quite intense and not exactly as cut and dry as you'd like to think before you [...]

    4. Sea of shadows by Jeff EdwardsJeff Edwards is going to be a force to reckon with in the genre of military fiction. I have always been fond of the down to the sea in ships war stories. Mr. Edwards crafts a plausible story considering the conditions of the Middle East and the world’s economic conditions. In the US we are all aware of our dependence on foreign oil for energy needs. Mister Edwards uses energy dependency as the fuel for the plot of the story. There are clear underlying political co [...]

    5. Engrossing naval warfareJeff Edwards' attention to detail at the highest level made "Sea of Shadows" both technically pleasing and highly entertaining. The history of torpedo warfare was educational and brought new meaning to the horrors of battles at sea. I found this story to be well-paced, adventurous and a pleasure to read. The naval descriptions were on level for a reader without military experience yet accurate enough that any active or retired service member could respect the work. The po [...]

    6. True to lifeEven though I have been out of service a few years, this book is written with tactical knowledge in a way that a layman could understand. Set in today's political environment this book could come to life at any time. The author does not sugar coat and being a former Machinist Mate I could see some of the common errors that grew to major problems. Would highly recommend reading but be careful you won't want to stop.

    7. Clancy like and enjoyablrI did enjoy this book but I found using Germany as the "bad guy" was implausible. However, technically I found this book to be more authentic and real than Clancy's Red Storm Rising. Also the author's request to lend this book to a serviceman or a vet is great.

    8. This is the first surface navy novel I've read. It's an entertaining read. I appreciate the nod to the enlisted as well as the sailors. There isn't one true hero but a team that works to accomplish its mission. It grabs your attention and at times, demands it!I don't read novels often, but this was a guilty pleasure.

    9. A book that you can hardly put downExcellent story telling. Great detail. Very realistic action packed story. Really makes you appreciate the bravery and sacrifice that our heroes in the military go through.

    10. IntenseTension is palpable throughout this story. The main characters are developed enough to get the reader invested and the action feels realistic. Naval warfare is a frightening prospect and it's well done here.

    11. A well written story of Naval Anti-Submarine Warfare - ASW. One thing that I had trouble believing, was that German politicians, would double cross NATO allies; I could see French politicians doing so :) Overall a good readCOMMENDED

    12. Very well written military action thriller. U.S. anti sub warfare vs a wolf pack of German U-Boats being ferried to the Middle East for use by a fictional tyrant. Plenty of action involving U.S British, and German military.If you like contemporary naval action, you will enjoy this book.

    13. I liked the story, the pace and the characters. Just like all good stories, the good guys come out damaged but on top, ala Shane.

    14. Too technicalIf you served on a ship then maybe you would enjoy this book. I enjoy Clancy which is just enough technical to make a plot interesting. This is no Clancy

    15. An excellent read, I highly suggest this book to anyone with any interest in military fiction whatsoever.

    16. Great book. This was one of the best military books I've read. Great plot, things came up I never thought would. Will read more of his books.

    17. A refreshing read, good subject matter expert, character development was fair, I would have like more about some of the key people in the book. I am looking for the second book to see how it follows.

    18. Outstanding.Great writing and a non-stop plot. Really glad to have picked it up, it is great to discover a new author of such quality!

    19. As usual, I won't discuss plot. If you like seagoing military adventures, then the plot will satisfy. Whether or not it's far fetched isn't my game. Some suspension of disbelief is always a good thing when reading a novel or watching a movie. So plot isn't at the heart of this (or just about any) review. That leaves writing. Edwards is a competent writer. I've not read (yet) anything else of his, so I can't comment on progress in his style. It's a bit uneven. Sometimes his style is polished and [...]

    20. This was an excellent naval thriller that was up there with Tom Clancy and Larry Bond with the way the author mixes technical descriptions and accuracy of weapons with action, adventure and political intrigue. The race across the oceans of the world to track down 4 submarines and the all the ensuing battles made this a joy to read. The characters were solid and believable and their interactions and conversations were realistic. The way that the author has the ‘bad guys’ winning some of the [...]

    21. Thrilling story. With the world hovering on the brink of war, a handful of U.S. Navy warships must track down and destroy a wolfpack of state-of-the-art submarines. Exciting but very heavy on the military-speak. The author obviously tried to make it understandable for us non-military readers but much of the time I didn't know/understand what was happening. Would be a terrific read for someone who is/was in the Navy. The author gave some history on how the torpedo came to be and it was interestin [...]

    22. Not recommended. The plot isn't close to believable. The only good thing I can say is that there is action nearly from the beginning to the end, aside from some useless historical chapters from some other book that were quoted in. The decision not to use the full power of the US military to stop the "bad guys" is what kills the book for me. The US president risks everything just to prove something. It's so unrealistic, it's absurd. *spoiler*Germany sells some subs to the middle east, against UN [...]

    23. This was one excellent book. I was riveted to every page, and most were filled with excitement. I'm not much for war books and military technology but this book changed my mind. Even though it was marked as fiction there seemed to be a ring of truth to what these ships and subs could do. Jeff Edwards knows how to write a thriller, it comes from one who knows his stuff.The ending was great. I thought that Bowie was actually going to get relieved and happy he wasn't. I hope that he and Chief McPhe [...]

    24. An honest-to-goodness wonderful bookIf military thrillers are your thing, or if you'd like to try one, I don't think you can go wrong with this one. Good characters and a unique premise. Germany is trying to sell weapons to an enemy of ours. At the same time, they're planning to discredit the U.S. navy which would have widespread ramifications. That's the set-up. The rest is crazy-wild action interspersed with some fascinating submarine history. I usually don't want an in invigorating story brok [...]

    25. This book by Jeff Edwards has apparently been relabeled as Sea of Shadows in 2011. I guess the main title of Torpedo was a little simplistic. If you are a fan of Naval Warfare, and especially if you are interested in the ramification of what might happen in the coming months and years in the Persian Gulf, do not pass up this book. It is written with much of the old Tom Clancy style with accurate research on the modern naval armaments and tactics. The book is set in the current day and uses an od [...]

    26. An accident at a German nuclear plant, an illegal arms deal, and a biological warfare attack on the British Embassy in Washington, DC, combine to ignite an international crisis that threatens to draw Western Europe, the Middle East, and the United States into all-out war. To prevent it, a handful of U.S. Navy destroyers and frigates must track down and destroy a Wolfpack of state-of-the-art submarines. The enemy is a NATO Ally: trained in U.S. naval warfare tactics, skilled in deception, and tho [...]

    27. Every page was exciting, even if the reader was not familiar with the Navy phrases. The author was very good at underlining the first letter in each word which would then become an abbreviation for that concept.It was also a fast read due to the urgency in the story.I appreciate having had the opportunity to read and review this free book from . Did I mention it was autographed, as well.I will be passing it on to my friends who have been in the military. Only a retired Naval officer could have w [...]

    28. Good, fast paced, naval battle novel. It is a quick read with enough twists and turns to keep the novel interesting. The author introduces the reader to a lot of characters who do not last the chapter. (I would like one or two to have survived and contributed more to the plot. ) There is a side plot about the British embassy that does not much add to the main story. I recommend the novel for a fun read.

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