Sheltering Rain

Sheltering Rain From the New York Times bestselling author of Me Before You the basis for the major motion picture comes the touching unforgettable story of three generations of Irish women faced with the fundam

  • Title: Sheltering Rain
  • Author: Jojo Moyes
  • ISBN: 9780340819104
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the 1 New York Times bestselling author of Me Before You, the basis for the major motion picture, comes the touching, unforgettable story of three generations of Irish women faced with the fundamental truths of love, duty, and the unbreakable bond that unites mothers and daughters Estranged from her mother since she ran away from her rural Irish home as a young womaFrom the 1 New York Times bestselling author of Me Before You, the basis for the major motion picture, comes the touching, unforgettable story of three generations of Irish women faced with the fundamental truths of love, duty, and the unbreakable bond that unites mothers and daughters Estranged from her mother since she ran away from her rural Irish home as a young woman, Kate swore a future oath that she d always be a friend to her daughter, Sabine But history has a way of repeating itself, and Kate now faces an ever widening chasm between herself and her daughter With Sabine about to make her own journey to Ireland to see the grandmother Kate abandoned, Kate is left wondering how they ever made it here, and what she can do to close the gap between them For Joy, seeing her granddaughter is a dream come true After the painful separation from Kate, she s looking forward to having time with Sabine Yet almost as soon as the young woman arrives, the lack of common ground between them deflates her enthusiasm And when Sabine s impetuous, inquisitive nature forces Joy to face long buried secrets from her past, she realizes that perhaps it s time to finally heal old wounds.

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    One thought on “Sheltering Rain”

    1. This novel started with promise, I wanted to know what happened with Joy's and Edward's marriage. It seemed very romantic that they were engaged after meeting just once.However the novel focuses on Sabine, Joy's sulky grand-daughter, whose has been exiled to Ireland by her self-centered mother.You should feel sympathy for Sabine, but I couldn't.I had to force my-self to finish this novel. If this was the first novel I had read by Jojo Moyes it would have been the last. Me Before You has redeemed [...]

    2. Başkalarının hayalini yaşatmak için diğer herkesi hayal kırıklığına uğratmak gerekmiyordu.4/5🌟🌟🌟🌟Yazdığı tüm kitapları ayrı bir aşkla okuyan bir okur olarak son çıkan kitaplarının arasından okumadığım bu romanını kütüphanede gördüğüm gibi ödünç aldım. Yazarın Senden Önce Ben kitabından önce yazdığı romanların beklentiyi karşılayacak kadar mükemmel olmadığını Üstümüzde Gökyüzü, Altımızda Deniz kitabını okuduğumda görmü [...]

    3. Quizá sería mas exacto un 3.5Jojo es una autora que me gusta muchísimo y, aprovechando las preciosas ediciones en bolsillo que han sacado de sus libros, compré este para ver qué tal es su primera novela. Tres mujeres, tres generaciones y un abismo enrome entre cada una de ellas. Kate, hija de Joy y madre de Sabine, se fue de Irlanda por la mala relación que tenía con sus padres cuando se quedó embarazada de Sabine y desde entonces no ha visto a sus padres. Sus relaciones amorosas no han [...]

    4. Este romance foi mais um inquilino temporário que passou uns dias cá em casa vindo da biblioteca municipal da terrinha. Trouxe-o comigo porque, como sabem, sinto de vez em quando necessidade de leituras mais leves, daquelas que não exigem níveis muito altos de concentração e entrega. A outra razão pela qual o escolhi prendeu-se ao facto de não ter ficado completamente indiferente ao frenesim que a obra Viver depois de ti e a sua sequela provocaram nos tops de vendas dos últimos tempos.S [...]

    5. Amazing, very emotional, I loved the characterisation and I really felt for everyone. Cried several times, even at happy bits, also got goosebumps and thought one of the leading men was verrrrrryy sexyThis is the third book of her's I've read in a month and I think Jojo Moyes might be my new favourite author

    6. I have become a huge fan of Jojo Moyes work ever since reading her fantastic novel Me Before You and have made it my mission to read her back catalogue. This is why I was particularly excited to read her debut novel Sheltering Rain which was first published in 2002. This is a novel about three generations of women – Joy who spent many of her formative years in Hong Kong in the 1950′s which is also where she met and married her soldier husband Edward. They had perhaps what could be called a w [...]

    7. Definitivamente não comecei o ano com a melhor leitura. Este é o 1º livro que a Jojo escreveu e claramente o mais fraco. É um drama familiar mas a autora não explora muito os sentimentos das 3 personagens principais, focando-se mais nas vidas amorosas e outras coisas que não interessam mesmo nada. O livro não tem um propósito, um objectivo que faça com que o leitor continue a ler e por isso custou-me um pouco seguir com esta leitura. Só para aí a 50 páginas do fim é que há uma reve [...]

    8. A real love that survived the slings and arrows of fate that soared, like some kind of 1950's Romeo and Juliet, above the petty and mundane. The kind of love you read about in books, that inspired songs, that lifted you like a bird yet stood solid, like a monolith, vast, all-encompassing, enduring. . .Sheltering Rain is deeply moving and yet unnervingly depressing. It makes me feel depressed anyway even if it's not depressing. I love Jojo Moyes but this is not one of her best. Let me clarify thi [...]

    9. 4,5 estrelasEstão a ver aquele tipo de livro que, no fim, nos deixa um sentimento de nostalgia? por sabermos que a história chegou ao fim? por sabermos que não podemos continuar a ler? por não podermos acompanhar mais a história destas 3 mulheres? Retrato de Família é precisamente este tipo de livro. É um livro em que se eu só pudesse usar um adjectivo para o descrever usaria encantador.Retrato de Família retrata a história de uma família disfuncional, afectada por segredos e por sen [...]

    10. Some novels are flashy, bold and obvious. The characters rush to the forefront, the plot unfolds quickly, laying down the story in such a way that the reader is satisfied with little effort or attention on their part. I often enjoy books like that, romances and dramas, fluffy and formulaic Books like that are easy. They are entertaining, and they certainly have their place."Sheltering Rain," as it turns out, does not fall into the above category of fiction. It is not flashy. It is not easy, and [...]

    11. Este é o terceiro livro que leio de Jojo Moyes, mas curiosamente foi o primeiro a ser escrito.A história desenrola-se em torno de três gerações de mulheres: Joy, Kate e Sabine, respectivamente, avó, mãe e neta. No entanto, o seu relacionamento não é dos melhores, e é com o agravar do estado de saúde do marido de Joy, que obriga que estas mulheres a conviverem. Temos então uma história familiar, um amor modelo. Mas na realidade sabemos que nenhuma família é perfeita e que há sempr [...]

    12. I chose this novel as a ready-made fan of Jojo Moyes' work - and I was aware of this being an early work. Perhaps I was über-aware but I do think it shows, which of course makes me reflect upon my first and second novels and how to avoid the tell-tale signs. What was it I didn't like so much? Difficult to pinpoint but there was a faint thread of over-egging and trying a little too hard. That said, I enjoyed the characters and kept reading as much out of respect for the author as out of a desire [...]

    13. I saw someone post this on GR and thought, oh, I like Maeve Binchy, and this is meant to be similar. Yeah, well, I am offended on Maeve's behalf - she is, I think, the most misunderstood author ever. I couldn't read past twenty pages, where we already had the too perfect and above her time heroine with her silly shallow friends and judgemental parents and then cue the dark brooding hero who will propose to her on the same day he meets her??? Yeah. We're done here.

    14. Capisci di essere diventata adulta quando, leggendo un libro che racconta di più generazioni, tu non prendi più le parti dell'adolescente. L'adolescente in questione l'ho mal sopportata per buona parte del romanzo, ma è stata nel complesso una lettura piacevole e tipica della Moyes.

    15. Джоджо Мойес «Счастливые шаги под дождем».Новая книга Мойес «Счастливые шаги под дождем» - это невероятно трогательная история трех женщин: бабушки семейства - Джой, ее дочери - Кейт и внучки Джой и дочери Кейт – Сабины. Три женщины, три поколения, три совершенно разных миро [...]

    16. Sabine Ballantyne hates Kilcarrion. When her mother breaks up with her live-in boyfriend for a new beau, she sends 16-year old Sabine to live at her grandmother's horse farm in Ireland. At first, Sabine hates Kilcarrion. She hates the musty old rooms and the rigid rules and her really old grandfather and her grandmother, who seems to care more about her horses than her family. But when she discovers a box of her grandmother's old photographs, she begins to bond with her grandmother and get adjus [...]

    17. Antes da opinião propriamente dita, uma pequena contextualização. Comprei este livro na Feira, pouco antes de ter falado com a autora e de ela mo ter autografado. Entusiasmada com a simpatia da autora e o gosto que me demonstrou ter pela escrita, parti de imediato para esta leitura.Em 1953, e no dia da coroação de Isabel II, Joy conhece aquele que seria o grande amor da sua vida. Várias décadas depois, Joy vive com o marido na Irlanda e recebem na sua casa a neta, Sabine, uma vez que o tu [...]

    18. Three generations of women—mothers and daughters—are the core characters in "Sheltering Rain"; we join the first of them in 1953, in Hong Kong, where young Joy and her best friend Stella are waiting to listen to the coronation ceremony of Elizabeth II. On that same day, Joy meets a young man, a naval officer, named Edward Ballantyne, and before the day is out, the two have pledged themselves to one another.Leaping forward to 1997, in Ireland, we first meet Sabine Ballantyne, Joy and Edward's [...]

    19. I chose this book for my 2014 Book Bingo challenge, for the square "the first book of a favorite author". I've read quite a few novels by Moyes and I loved "Me Before You" so she comes as close to a favorite author as anyone else does.Kate's going through a bit of a rough patch and decides to send her sixteen year old daughter, Sabine, to stay with her parents in Ireland while she sorts things out. Her mother and father, Joy and Edward, take Sabine into their home despite the fact that their rel [...]

    20. Disappointing. I kept waiting for the story to start, it just seemed like a general background story on a family who had become disjointed, the reasons why we were not really given enough information on.Without wanting to give anything away, the story behind the photograph is all too easy to guess and no surprise at all really, but again the story never developed. Sabine was your typical teenager, Kate came across as a weak woman who jumped in and out of relationships without a second thought, J [...]

    21. The first Jojo Moyes I have read and I can say I thoroughly enjoyed it; I liked the intrigue in it that we were drip fed throughout; the characters were fully fleshed and realistic; I particularly enjoyed the descriptions of life in Hong Kong and the accurate portrayal of life in the 50's. Jojo has depicted a story of different loves, passions and heartbreaks with empathy and warmth.

    22. Maybe in the future I'll come back to this book. At the moment it's a Did Not Finish. I couldn't connect with it. I found the narrative slow and the characters boring. It's a shame because some of JoJo's recent books have been great :(

    23. This turned oit to be a pretty easy going feel-good book. Didn't expect too much when I started but was pleasently surprised.

    24. Şimdiye kadar tüm kitaplarını okumuş biri olarak,bu kitabın biraz farklı olduğunu söylemeliyim.Diğerleri kadar sürükleyici değildi.Okuyacaksanız böyle bir beklenti içinde başlamayın derim.Kitapta üç nesilin hikayesi vardı.Kitabın başlangıcında Joy ( büyükannne) ön planda olacak diye düşünüyorsunuz ama bir bakmışsınız Kate (anne) ön plana çıkmış ama sonradan anlıyorsunuz ki Sabine'in (kız) hikayesi aslolan.Sabine de annesi gibi kendi annesine karşı mes [...]

    25. Jojo Moyes is one of my favorite authors, so I was excited to pick up and read her first novel. Unfortunately, I found it a bit slow. It started out strong, but started to drag about a third of the way through for me. I ended up skimming the last half. I enjoyed the writing and the setting and the minor characters, but got bored with main characters.

    26. This book was hard to get into. The grandmother, Joy, just didn't seem to have Moyes typical likable characteristics. The daughter, Kate, was just annoying. The granddaughter, Sabine, became likable as she was given more voice. A solid 3.

    27. Not her best work, but not her worst either. Interesting dynamics between the characters. Ended abruptly, almost forced

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