Gunnerkrigg Court, Vol. 3: Reason

Gunnerkrigg Court Vol Reason In the third volume of this critically acclaimed Webcomic series Annie and Kat continue to uncover terrible secrets about their school Gunnerkrigg Court while relationships grow and the boundaries

  • Title: Gunnerkrigg Court, Vol. 3: Reason
  • Author: Thomas Siddell
  • ISBN: 9781936393237
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the third volume of this critically acclaimed Webcomic series, Annie and Kat continue to uncover terrible secrets about their school, Gunnerkrigg Court, while relationships grow and the boundaries of reality are blurred In the meantime, Coyote begins to show that things in the forest are not quite what they seem Plus, Annie s second year at the Court comes to a dramatIn the third volume of this critically acclaimed Webcomic series, Annie and Kat continue to uncover terrible secrets about their school, Gunnerkrigg Court, while relationships grow and the boundaries of reality are blurred In the meantime, Coyote begins to show that things in the forest are not quite what they seem Plus, Annie s second year at the Court comes to a dramatic end Contains chapters 23 31 of the webcomic.

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    1. What I like most about this series, aside from the endearing characters, is how balanced it is. Every new chapter has a new adventure in store for Antimony and Kat, with the now overprotective Reynardine tagging along. Sometimes the chapters are dark, revealing hidden truths about the court and its past, but sometimes the chapters are light and so entertaining, enabling you to take a break from the darker, gloomier side of Gunnerkrigg Court.For example, at the beginning of this book, Antimony’ [...]

    2. This is the third volume of Gunnerkrigg Court, still focusing on Antimony Carver's second year at the Hogwarts-like Gunnerkrigg Court. I am still not sure what to make of this world that mixes gods and demons, faeries, robots, psychic powers, and talking pigeons. At times it seems like the author has a master plan that's slowly coming together, other times it seems like he's just tossing in every cool idea he can think of at random. Serialized webcomics have a continuity of their own, and their [...]

    3. Gunnerkrigg Court is one of my favorite stories! (To be fair, I've only read the online version so far, but I fully intend to buy all three volumes, and as many more as follow.) I have read the entire thing at least five times, and select chapters more than that. The storytelling is excellent and I love finding subtle connections. I wish Tom could suddenly produce another thousand pages for me to enjoy, but I also love following along week by week. It has been fun watching Tom's artistic style d [...]

    4. EDIT 8/13: Upping to 5 stars because what am I, crazy?---I love keeping this series going. It's soo good.Backstory galore in this volume, and I am a walking valentine to backstory, so, good heavens. The lengthy chapters finally unlocking the mystery of Jeanne (the awesome, threatening ghost stuck at the Annan Waters) are the best and the clear highlight of this book. They're beautiful, and upsetting for everyone who learns what happened, and make the present problem of Jeanne no less frightening [...]

    5. Reread Review 20175 stars, buy itI tend to reread this series every year or two. I just found out that volume 6 will come out in 2018. I’m so excited. This is just as good the third time around. I only don't like the ending because things are weird between Kat and Annie in the next volume. This series is very rereadable.____________________________Original review: Seriously, if you aren’t reading this book/web comic, read it. Especially if you like Harry Potter type stories. Omg it's going t [...]

    6. Wow. This is a fantastic series! Myself and my kids just finished all three of the book versions of this webcomic. We asked about our favorite characters and the world itself. It's vast, complex and continually getting deeper. The story is about a young girl is in a strange school meeting odd creatures and learning about her particular "gift." The artwork improves immensely as the series goes on. By this third book, some of the pages are stunning. The characters jump out of the page with their u [...]

    7. Sometimes, you just need a good cry. Heck, sometimes you just want one - want to read or watch or listen to something that affects you emotionally and makes you care deeply about these fictional characters. For me, whenever I need something like that, I always turn to Gunnerkrigg Court, and book 3 holds so many beautiful, poignant, heartbreaking but ultimately hopeful and good moments.Some mysteries from earlier in the series are addressed, but others are just beginning, and through it all, we h [...]

    8. Gunnerkrigg court is a Graphic Novel series for ages 12+ and anyone who likes good si-fi fantasy. The book is written and illustrated by Thomas Siddell who started and is continuing Gunnerkrigg Court as a web comic. The main character is Antimony-or Annie as her friends call her- and the books are about her in a strange and magical school, her adventures, and the people or things she meets. My favorite character is the demon Raynardine because is not quite good but not evil ether, he has a some [...]

    9. More episodes from Antimony Carver's life at the mysterious and vast Gunnerkrigg Court, and the woodland outside. A mix of horror, fantasy, mythology, mystery, and science fiction, you never know what you'll encounter, but it won't ever be quite what you expect.This is such a cool series, and such gorgeous artwork. Sometimes I really have to stop and pay close attention to the pictures to figure out what's going on (and I think sometimes I get it wrong), but that kind of fits in with the dreamli [...]

    10. The excellent thing about creating calm unflappable characters is that when something rattles them you really feel it. The end of this volume made me want to say comforting things to Antimony and offer a hug. And possibly tell her how much I appreciate her nope approach to romance. ^^ Honestly, I think that's one of my top favourite things about her. Character traits that are both hilarious and interesting: what's not to love. 5 stars

    11. Siddell continues to weave an amazing sci-fi/fantasy coming-of-age tale with plenty of unexpected and thought-provoking plot twists and bits of new character information. And the art just gets better and better.

    12. It just keeps getting better and better! (Although I must say I will always prefer the artwork in the earlier books)gunnerkrigg/

    13. Love these books, once of the best webcomics I read. Perhaps one of the best stories I've ever read, and it's not over yet.

    14. The art keeps improving, and the story getting more intriguing. Now that I've read the books, time to catch up on the web comic.

    15. In love with this series. I'd go catch up online, but since Vol. 4 comes out in less than two weeks, I'll just wait till then!

    16. After Antimony “Annie” Carver’s mother Surma dies, her father Anthony drops her off at her parent’s alma mater, a strange boarding school called Gunnerkrigg Court. The court is an enormous place, looking rather like an industrial city, but large portions of it seem to be abandoned…by humans, at least. There are robots advanced beyond anything in the outside world, bizarre events are commonplace, there’s a creepy forest just across a long bridge students are forbidden to cross, and An [...]

    17. So much to take in, in this volume. Things are getting much heavier as more secrets come into the lightBut just as many new questions are raised. It's keeping me reading, that much is certain.

    18. Keeps getting more interesting as the story continues. Very curious, strange way to end the book. Lots of unanswered questions and story of Jeanne is heartbreaking. Ahh, interesting~

    19. Book number 99 of the school year!! It's probably actually earlier, but that's its number in my Writer's Notebook, so that's what I will call it.

    20. "I would never hurt them.""They do not know that."This volume collects the chapters 23-31 of the webcomic Gunnerkrigg Court. The comic follows Antimony Carver through her years at the mysterious titular school, and builds as it goes along. Starting at the beginning is best.I absolutely loved the first two volumes of GC. Antimony and Kat's adventures were engaging, quirky fun. There was a strong backstory developing about the school and their parents and some intriguing hints dropped about the na [...]

    21. The Gunnerkrigg Court webcomics once again have attained physical form! And it looks different even from the outside. The page preserves the black borders to the comics, so that you can see the darkness to the pages.(May be spoilers from volume 1 and 2 ahead.)Like the first two, this collects story arcs, nine of them, that are self-contained. Except that there are threads running back and forth between the episodes. Many things that appear to be local color -- and there are a lot of odd things a [...]

    22. Volume three of Gunnerkrigg Court picks up the story of Antimony Carver and her friends at the eponymous school mid way through her second year through to the end of the year, culminating in a row and a blaze of revelations. The story of the Court, and of Annie, start to gather pace a bit and we learn more about Annie, seeing more into her character. Having read the webcomic and coming back to read the hard copy, I see things that I missed the first time, things that were set up early, in passin [...]

    23. Possibly my favorite page in this book. That's a beautiful cliffhanger. Though Coyote's being a a bag of dicks lends some ominousness.More of the mystery behind Jeanne, the ghost by the Annan Waters, is revealed. And in the course of that we see a sad face! The saddest face! Though 14-15 pages later that sad face stops being funny. Okay, it's still hilarious but I'm a little more uncomfortable laughing at it.Also, poor Jack is dealing with the aftermath of his visit to Zimmingham. Dude had a bad [...]

    24. Holy cow, what a surprise. I stumbled onto Gunnerkrigg Court through the "TV Tropes" website, and I'm so glad I did. What an engaging story, compelling characters, and great art. I love how the narrative seamlessly flows between 1) all of the compelling mysteries that underlie the world Siddell has crafted, and 2) all of the amazing jokes, sarcasm, etc. Great humor, great drama, and great writing. The art style is somewhat ho-hum at first but it evolves as the story progresses, and I'd like to p [...]

    25. Well, I didn't think it could happen but this series got even MORE bizarre. My word, this is a crazy book. Antimony has grown and her penchant for trouble has only increased. Kat and her discover the truth behind the sword ghost at the bottom of the bridge and with it a darkness at the heart of this court. The boy caught up in Zimmy's strangeness in the last book causes some problems because of what happened to him but they sort that out. Coyote is up to his old tricks and we see more of his dar [...]

    26. This volume contains my favorite page of the whole novel! At the end of chapter 25, as Sky Watcher returns to his weather-monitoring post, a beautiful panel, the last panel, captured me. "I continue to turn my face upwards, measuring the same temperature, the same humidity, radiation and thousands of other variables. But now a new metric has been added. The number of angels I have seen is 'one'.And I will keep watch for more." This is honestly what got me. What a phrase. The art style evolves be [...]

    27. Antimony (Annie) and her fellow candidates continue to test and develop their skills as Mediums, while Kat’s mechanical prowess (particularly with robots) continues to grow. There’s a particularly amusing interlude with a camping trip and some laser cows. Thomas Siddell adds many intriguing threads to the plot, but without a lot of resolution. As with the second collection, this one feels a little disjointed and choppy. It may be worth rereading the 1st and 2nd collections to refresh one’s [...]

    28. I remember discovering this webcomic and finding out a lot of people recomended it so I started it and at first I found hard to get into it. Now I can't even get why and I can't be happier I gave it another chance. It is so worth it. I have the first three volumes even though I read the webcomic up to date but I'd love to have the whole colection of volumes once this story because it's really great

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