I Dare

I Dare The enemies of Korval have offered Pat Rin the Ring that would make all of Korval s holdings his own and a Juntavas Judge has offered Pat Rin a world When he appears with hired guns in tow no one kn

  • Title: I Dare
  • Author: Sharon Lee Steve Miller
  • ISBN: 9781892065032
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Paperback
  • The enemies of Korval have offered Pat Rin the Ring that would make all of Korval s holdings his own, and a Juntavas Judge has offered Pat Rin a world When he appears with hired guns in tow, no one knows what he ll do Pat Rin is a gambling man, and on his wild card shoulders the fate of his Clan, his world, his civilization.

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    One thought on “I Dare”

    1. Here is a BOOK QUIZ. After reading the e-book, I listened to Caploe's excellent narration. FREE: The first book in this particular sequence, Agent of Change (FREE on , and at Baen). AnyhooPat Rin yos'Phelium takes center stage in I Dare. He is a gambler of extraordinary luck and a champion sharpshooter, but alas, he's also a frippery, an elegant lordling with no dramliz gifts and no affinity for piloting. An outsider on the inside. Sad. No wonder he seems so aloof, even cold. I didn't much like [...]

    2. 5/5; 5 stars;A+In the review I wrote for the paperback I said I couldn't decide if this was my favorite of the series or if Local Custom was. Well, I recently listened to Local Custom and I Dare came out way ahead. It had a fantastic mix of underhanded machinations, exploration, character development, magic, and moxy. This book is the culmination of a fairly significant story arc and it is very satisfying.

    3. I really thought I had read this one - along with Local Custom and Scout's Progress. Once I started, it has become rather evident that I had not. This is the conclusion to the Agent of Change sequence - the plot-line with the Department of the Interior. I've been fascinated with Pat Rin ever since his character was referred to in Conflict of Honors. While the first bit of Pat Rin we see is rather drab (no jewels or fancy parties to be seen), once he truly becomes involved in the action, his tran [...]

    4. 5/5; 5 stars; A+I can't decide if this is my favorite of the series or if Local Custom is. Never mind, it doesn't matter; I loved this book. I am so happy to have re-read it because there is an amazing amount of complexity that I missed the first time. The story is like a complex weaving. The reader is kept abreast of several story lines on multiple planets and as the book comes to its conclusion the lines weave more tightly and faster and the next thing you know there is a fabulous cohesive ser [...]

    5. Argghh! Andy Caploe ruined this for me. I didn't get very far into the story via the audiobook version (read the ebook not too long ago), but I couldn't STAND the voices he was using for Sheather and Edger (really doofus-brained voices), or for any of the female characters (e.g Miri is seriously a kick-ass woman), etc. The one voice that's OK is the 'background' voice, the one he uses for the basic background story. I don't know if I got a credit or a few dollars back on this. And I'm really sad [...]

    6. Genre: Space OperaThis book concludes the story arc started in _Agent of Change_. For all that I'm very fond of Miri and Val Con, the real "meat" of this book (imo) is the story of Pat Rin and Natasa reviving Surebleak. But then I have a great fondness for stories about rebuilding stuff. More so then any of the other books in the series, the POV jumps around _a lot_; between Val Con, Miri, Shan, Pricilla, Anthora, and Pat Rin. Alot of different stories/relationships are being followed.

    7. This is great SF adventure with characters you will care about and fascinating new cultures where everything is not as it appears. Start with AGENT OF CHANGE and CARPE DIEM and watch the worlds, the characters, the strength of storytelling grow and grow!The "Agent of Change" Miller&Lee books are among my favorite re-read books. Adult and YA-able -- mature concepts/relationships, no current vulgarities, graphic sex or senseless violence.

    8. Brilliant and exciting end to the Department's attempt to control Clan Corval. We get to see Pat Rin, the least known but not the least by any means, member of the Clan as he executes his plan for Balance on Surebleak. Fascinating look at how to reform a Wild West style planet that is out of control into a working society. As well as a dang good story.

    9. I Dare was awesome! I had put off reading Pat Rin's part of the story because I really had no interest in his character but he won me over! I do wonder why Koval thought the contract was still in force and why Val Con was so happy that the contract was terminated and Koval exiled!

    10. One of the best books in the series. No matter how often I reread it, I laugh, cry, and shout with glee. 4/24/16 re-read: again, just as enjoyable the ?4th?5th? time around!

    11. Somewhere between a 3 or 4. Too many story lines converging and I wasn't sure about Pat Rin's at first. I mean I like Pat Rin. He is incredibly charming. He just makes questionable choices in my opinion. First his career is professional gambler. That's not a solid career choice no matter how wealthy you are and how "good" you are at gambling. Second his idea on how to find balance against the Dept of Interior is to set himself up as a benevolent mob boss on a planet devoid of law or central gove [...]

    12. This is the fourth book in a plot arc set in the authors' Liaden universe. As such, I do not recommend it as an entry point into the Liaden stories, even though I recommend those stories very highly. The books have a lovely warmth, which is anchored in characters who are very easy to like, characters who care about each other, characters who risk themselves for each other. This particular book draws together many strands, and I liked each strand and each main character (other than the villainous [...]

    13. This is probably my favorite Liaden book yet. The characters were interesting, and the plot kept me guessing. As usual, the writing is very strong. Lee and Miller continue to improve as writers, and the complexities of the multiple storylines were handled in a way that kept the book suspenseful and intriguing.

    14. OMG Grand final for 3-4 threaded stories in previous books (and a to be continued last chapter, but just of glimpse of future trouble, no cliffhanger there) this book closes an arch in the universe, and it's full of action and humor.

    15. Far fetched in a way that doesn't spoil your enjoyment. A bit like watching a James Bond or Mission Impossible film.

    16. Early and middle parts are sometimes slow, but things start to speed up at the end. Massive changes for Clan Korval.

    17. Ah, finally finished. This book took me longer than expected to read since I hadn't been overly distracted or found myself having to set it aside for something else. I wasn't sure I was going to like reading this one since the focus was more on Pat Rin than Miri and Val Con (who were the reason I'd read the previous 3), however it turns out my fears were unfounded because Pat Rin is a fairly interesting character himself.If there's one thing (beyond my dislike of "futurisms" in the writing) that [...]

    18. I DARE The dynamic conclusion to the Agent of Change series in Lee and Miller's Liaden Universe®! Val Con yos'Phelium-a Scout, former Agent of Change, husband, brother to Turtles, and designated heir to Clan Korval's fortune and mission whether you considered him respectable or not, no one would call him a gambling man. When he reappears demanding Balance and retribution, he looks exactly like the kind of leader his clan has been producing for generations. On his capable shoulders the fate of [...]

    19. Just reread this because I've been in a Liaden universe rereading frenzy. This is a favorite for many fans of Lee and Miller, and I can understand why. The wrap-up of the plot events that began with "Agent of Change" is a pretty big deal. It involves all of the living members of Clan Korval that we've come to know and love, plus we get to know a few of them a lot better than we ever have before.So why does it leave me a little disappointed? I think the biggest issue is that it could easily have [...]

    20. I'm about 75 pages in right now. A few issues:There are too many story lines going on. All of the lines from Plan B and 2 new ones. Having all but 1 take place in the same time line, and then having Pat Rin's story being told several months behind everyone else, isn't helping either. It feels like The authors suddenly realized in this the 3rd book of a trilogy, that they've left out someone pretty important, and are scrambling to get his story line included and up to speed, while still moving th [...]

    21. The crisis that's been building in secret for decades for Clan Korval and for Liaden as a whole foods s come ng to a head. The Department of the Interior is ready to come out into the open and act directly. Agents of Change have been dispatched to Lytaxin to capture or kill Val Con. Ne'er-do-well cousin Pat Rin yos'Phelium, gambler and sharpshooter, has been approached by another Agent with a most interesting offer aimed directly at his ambition and presumed resentment. And a truly evil trap has [...]

    22. Loved it, except for the very last two pages that were too shameless a set up for the next series of books. Uncool for a book billed as The Conclusion of this story arc.I've read this at least twice since it came out. When I look back though, I always think of it as two very different books. One being the Surebleak Saga and the other being the attack on Liad. The strands do come together fine at the endbut the Surebleak story line so caught my attention and imagination that I wish we had had not [...]

    23. Each book in the Liaden Universe gets better - and that is rare in any book series. I only found the Liaden Universe recently and have been gathering them up wherever I see them. This book is a sort of culmination of Korval's story, of the Scouts, the pilots, and the attempted take-over of the planet Liad. I will admit, since each book introduced another character, another family member or members, I was worried that the story would be bogged down in keeping track of them, and of keeping interes [...]

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