Essex County, Vol. 2: Ghost Stories

Essex County Vol Ghost Stories Now the tale continues with Ghost Stories the second volume in a trilogy of graphic novels set in a fictionalized version of Lemire s hometown of Essex County Ontario Ghost Story follows the lives a

  • Title: Essex County, Vol. 2: Ghost Stories
  • Author: Jeff Lemire
  • ISBN: 9781891830945
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Paperback
  • Now the tale continues with Ghost Stories, the second volume in a trilogy of graphic novels set in a fictionalized version of Lemire s hometown of Essex County, Ontario.Ghost Story follows the lives and relationship of brothers Lou and Vince Lebeuf over the course of nearly seven decades.In this volume, eldest brother Lou, now a deaf and lonely man, lives out his final dayNow the tale continues with Ghost Stories, the second volume in a trilogy of graphic novels set in a fictionalized version of Lemire s hometown of Essex County, Ontario.Ghost Story follows the lives and relationship of brothers Lou and Vince Lebeuf over the course of nearly seven decades.In this volume, eldest brother Lou, now a deaf and lonely man, lives out his final days on his farm full of guilt and regret for the decisions he made that tore his family apart From their childhood on the farm, to Toronto in the 1950 s where they both played professional hockey , Lou is left to revisit his life, his decisions and his regrets A silent observer, hunted by his own memories.

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    One thought on “Essex County, Vol. 2: Ghost Stories”

    1. Brilliant storytelling. Longest entry in the series (I think)This time, a tale of two brothers. Loved the crossover with characters from volume 1.

    2. Holy crap that was powerful and emotional. This is the essence of a graphic novel. The simple and bold imagery matched with a extremely moving and relatable story. Lou and Vince are two brothers raised in hockey and you get to see their lives through the perspective of Lou. It's about family, loneliness, and lose, it is a heartbreaking story but it is so damn touching and human. It left me with chills at the end and that almost never happens. Damn fine writing from Lemire and the art ( not my fa [...]

    3. I'm going to review this series as a whole and not separately, because you cannot take one book away from the trilogy. I have never been a huge fan of graphic novels, or sports related stories in general. This trilogy is both, a graphic novel that centers around hockey, specifically the Toronto Maple Leafs, so I didn't know how engrossing it would be or if I made the right choice buying it. It was lying around my house for a while before I finally picked it up and started readingwhen suddenly I [...]

    4. Hokeycilerimizin hikayesini biraz daha netleştiriyor ikinci cilt. Bazı şeyleri daha iyi anlıyor, büyük babaların hayatlarını görüyoruz. Yapılan bir anlık hata ya da bir anlık gafletin sonunda yıllarca süren bir nefreti görüyoruz. Bir anda alevlenen tutku, her zaman güzel şeylerin başlangıcı olmuyor. Enfes serinin ikinci cildini de tavsiye ediyorum.

    5. The story is about two brothers, Lou and Vince LeBeuf, who aspire to play pro hockey. Vince is the talented one but leaves the sport in his prime to marry his girlfriend Beth, start a family, and work on a farm. Lou tries to make it in hockey, breaks his knee, and becomes a tram driver. The two brothers, once inseparable, are torn apart by their shared love of Beth and don't speak for 25 years. The story is told from the perspective of Lou, now deaf and aged in his eighties, looking back on his [...]

    6. Other Useful Reviews: Jake's review and Sridhar Reddy's reviewBook Info: This collection contains Essex County issue #2.ABSOLUTE RATING: 3+/5 starsSTANDARDIZED RATING: <3/5 stars>"It was kind of neat sitting behind the glass, watching the city go by. And I liked having the same route each day no surprises. Only one path I could take. Routine helps to hide the loneliness I guess. I'll admit, as much as I tried not to, I thought about Vince a lot I wondered if he was as lonely as I was. Yo [...]

    7. I was hesitant to complete Ghost Stories after finding that it was going to focus on sports, specifically hockey. But, the complexity of the narrative structure, the poignancy of the story and connection to the first Essex County graphic novel were compelling enough to make me forget my ambivalence regarding athletics. I finished this volume over my oatmeal and had to fight back tears as the novel came to a close. Two brothers who bonded over hockey are bitterly separated for twenty-five years a [...]

    8. Upon exiting the Media Center, I spied a graphic novel and being the eve of Halloween, thought, perfect for Halloween!Jeff LeMire's Ghost Stories caught me off guard, because, yes. ghosts exist, but in this case, with a mix of Canadian hockey, family, and farming! Farming? This is the second in a series of three by the same author, and I jumped right in the middle of this story.Yes, the two do not sound as if the go together, but, once you find out how life, choices, hockey, and living out the r [...]

    9. basit çizgiler, derin bir hikaye anlatış tarzı. Çizgi romanların bize vermeye devam ettiği eşsiz anlar. İki kardeşin hikayesini okurken kahvenizi hazırlayın ya da soğuğundan bir bira açın. Öyle cümleler ve düş gücüyle karşılaşacaksınız ki onun sadeliği hikâyenin hiç bitmemesini istemenize yol açacak. Yalnızlığın farklı çağrışımları bu yüzden güçlenen çizgiler. Hayata karşı kaç sayı önde olursak olalım, özlemeye devam edeceğimiz görkemli anla [...]

    10. Didn't care much for the minimalist drawing (which only occasionally looked impressive in depicting loneliness and alienation), but the poignant story of two hockey playing brothers and their life in both big city and rural community spanning their lifetime was appealing.

    11. Beautiful& Touching artwork and great chain stories! Reading this is Just like watching Fargo; simple, genuine, real, touching stories of rural small town people!

    12. Old man takes a trip down the memory lane, focusing on the relationship with his brother. So much emotion. Damn you, Lemire.

    13. Nefis, çok dokunaklı bir hikaye ilk kitabı da beğenmiştim ama bende beklediğim etkiyi yaratmamıştı. Ancak bu ikinci kitap gerçekten çok başarılı. Grafik roman türünün en iyi örneklerinden

    14. This book was one that was on my to-read list for a long time and came highly recommended. It was presented to me from various sources as a heart wrenching tale that would possibly leave me in tears upon reading it. I am not sure if it was buit up to an unreasonable level that by the time I read it there was no hopebut I was disappointed.That is not to say that it isn't a good book. Jeff Lemire is very good at what he does and I can't say enough about this ability to present an entire packaged s [...]

    15. Not actually a direct sequel to the first book. "Ghost Stories" takes place further in the past than "Tales From the Farm" but does include some of the same characters and there is a brief episode from the first book, only this time we understand it from this book's character's p.o.v. I liked Tales better simply because the story appealed to me more. Ghost Stories has heavy hockey content and I'm not a fan, so found that aspect tedious and perhaps a more suitable title would have been "Hockey St [...]

    16. Wow. I cannot remember ever, excepting recent Ninjago books, reading a graphic novel. I'm sure I must have but none have been properly catalogued in the old noodle so now I feel as if a new world has been opened up. What a treat!Why did I pick up this one? What brought me to this graphic fiction above all others in the school library? This kid came into the library after having read it and told Molly that it was probably not a good book for any of the kids at school. Naturally, I was curious. Wh [...]

    17. This volume was significantly better than the previous installment. There was something here: something miserable, something tragic, something very honest. The story of two hockey-loving brothers unravels over the course of their lifetimes, as one sticks to the city and the other to the farm.I was again impressed with how much was explained with very little. Lemire definitely has that ability down. I found myself groaning as I read it, awfully and truly. However, I couldn't shake the fact that t [...]

    18. An extraordinary read. Comics are the perfect medium for this story of an old man, stricken with dementia, drifting back and forth between a lonely present and a doomed past. He was a semiprofessional hockey player, once. His little brother, Vince-- bigger and better than Lou in every way-- joined the team and started to turn them into winners. But Vince didn't want to devote his life to hockey, he wanted to go home to the farm and Lou couldn't help but notice the way that Vince's beautiful girl [...]

    19. Just really good storytelling. The art is stilletchy and awkward at times, but it barely even matters. This is the story of Jimmy Laboef's grandfather Vince and great uncle Lou (view spoiler)[but which is really which? (hide spoiler)] and their younger days, as seen by Lou in his old age and suffering from dementia. As he slips back in time, we see what's behind his current loneliness and regret. The brothers' relationship is a complicated one, made much more complicated by one event that takes [...]

    20. Who knew that a graphic novel with so much hockey could also be so sad and poignant (and not because of game losses)? Lemire's pictures lead the story's themes, including isolation, loneliness, paths Lou LeBoeuf is an old man slipping into old memories and ghosts. We see that he and his brother Vince were inseparable as boys on the farm and as young men, when they took their love of hockey onto the ice in Toronto. But soon they are separated. Lou relives his choices, isolation, longings. I loved [...]

    21. Ghost Stories takes us into the inner life of Jimmy’s uncle Lou, also a former hockey star (like Jimmy’s father Vince, Lou’s brother), who lapses in and out of reality during his final days in a nursing home. This is likely the toughest narrative balancing act that Lemire has crafted to-date, as he delicately recounts the back-story of Lou’s life, his relationship with his brother, and his broken dreams. All of which culminates in the revelation of long-since silent family secret that de [...]

    22. I was very impressed by Essex County v.1, Tales from the Farm when I read and re-read it last year. Lemire has created another beautiful marriage of words and images that evoke the loneliness and regret of Lou LeBeau, a former hockey player who has managed to alienate his one true friend in life, his brother Vince. I can't wait to read the third volume in this series, The Country Nurse, which will tie up all the connections between the three volumes in the Essex County series. Lemire is very tal [...]

    23. This book has a very loose connection to the first book, as it had two characters that were in the first. One of the characters, the main character from the first book, Lester, appeared so briefly that it was like a cameo apperance. The second character was Jimmy.In this second book Jimmy and his eldest brother, Lou played professional hockey together. The book goes back and forth from present day with Lou as an old man with regrets, looking back to the days that him and Jimmy were close.Jeff Le [...]

    24. A straightforward and emotionally pure account of two hockey-playing brothers in Essex County, Ontario. Author Jeff Lemire's spare dialogue and sinewy, scratchy artwork give us just enough information to piece together ghostly pasts and withering futures, and is honest to its core. The story is simple and uncomplicated, and focuses on raw feelings as opposed to plot complications / twists. Lemire counts on his readers to fill in the gaps with their own experiences and familiarities, and he is th [...]

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