Burial Ground

Burial Ground Hired to find an ancient Tunica Indian burial site on a recently purchased Louisiana plantation Alan Graham and his associate P E Courtney realize that a killer is on the loose when their client is

  • Title: Burial Ground
  • Author: Malcolm Shuman
  • ISBN: 9780380794232
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hired to find an ancient Tunica Indian burial site on a recently purchased Louisiana plantation, Alan Graham and his associate, P E Courtney, realize that a killer is on the loose when their client is murdered and the tenant is nowhere to be found.

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    One thought on “Burial Ground”

    1. Another mystery series! Well I think I'm decompressing from so many heavier books in recent weeks, months. And this series involves two of my pet enjoyments on top of mystery, the American South and archaeology. A third area of interest present in this edition is stories involving Native American history. So what was it about and what did I think.Essentially, the story revolves around a request to survey land along the Mississippi for the possible location of of long-suspected ancient Tunica Ind [...]

    2. This is the first novel in a series featuring archaeologist Alan Graham. Graham ekes out a living as a contract archaeologist in Louisiana when some unwelcome new competition arrives, in the form of the attractive and competent P.E. Courteney. Alan Graham has recently received an invitation to dig on land owned by oil millionaire T-Joe Dupont, to search for a Tunica burial ground. However, Native American burial grounds are protected and some people are unhappy that he is even going to be lookin [...]

    3. One of the better books in the archaeo-genre that I've read. This story of a contract archaeology company in the deep south appears, in my limited knowledge of the science, to be fairly accurate as far as survey work. It also covers the discrimination & difficulties that women tend to be subjected to. Where it differs from some of the others in this genre is in it's dual theme of murder mystery. Keeps you guessing to the grisly end.

    4. This review can also be found here.Disclaimer:This review is based on the reading of the advanced reader’s edition of this novel provided by the publisher via NetGalley. The review, in its entirety, is of my own opinion of the novel.Synopsis:Digging for ancient Native American artifacts, an archaeologist finds murder insteadLouisiana’s past is as layered as an onion, with American, French, and Spanish history all resting atop the myriad tribes who have spent millennia on the Mississippi. Ala [...]

    5. I was surprised I had never heard of Alan Shuman before. He's a local author and he writes about archaeology. I'm glad that I have come across his books, because they're quite good. He does a good joy portraying the local culture and customs. His story is also clear and well written.Burial Ground tells the story of Alan Graham, a contract archaeologist being hired to check out some private land. The owner believes that there is an Indian burial site on his land that could be very valuable. Howev [...]

    6. This was a fun book to read. Despite it's shorter length it offered a lot. Quick paced action. Well fleshed out characters. Good historical connection and research. A linear plot with a plausible conclusion. That last one is very important for me on Historical Mysteries. It's too easy to wrap something up in the last few pages in a over fictitious way so you can claim that no one would guess the ending. I like to stay involved with the plot and characters so realism plays highly in what I look f [...]

    7. Join Baton Rouge archeologist Alan Graham as he, and Harvard PHD newcomer Pepper Courtney, hired to discover possible Indian burial grounds on a 12,000 acre spread bordering on the Mississippi, as they suddenly find themselves chased through the low lying bayous, held at gun point by an Indian trying to protect these burial grounds.Graham not only tells us of the difficult life of a contract archeologist and his difficulties with a Yankee new comer who happens to be gorgeous, but the danger invo [...]

    8. My View:An archaeological mystery/procedural.This was a very engaging read – for a short period of time I was transported to foreign soils with a history rich and vibrant, steeped in mystery and rumour; the land slowly releasing its story of ancient peoples and times and sins of the not so distant past. I entered a new world of contract archaeologists, discovered artefacts and learned a bit about history and watched several mysteries resolve without even leaving my chair! A most enjoyable jour [...]

    9. Burial Ground was good reading!!! I love a good mystery/thriller, and this certainly was one. With interesting characters, an intriguing story and just right pacing, it captured my attention and held it easily. I would love to hear this book on audio.Sidenote: I prefer the newer (e-book) cover of this book versus the older version. I like the shadowy darkness. The cover was what lured me to the book in the first place. Visual appeal says a lot.Thanks to the author/publisher for providing me with [...]

    10. Burial Ground is a short but engaging read and I really enjoyed my first encounter with Dr. Alan Graham and P.E. Courtney.For full review: wp/p4JCbo-33

    11. Good storyIf you are interested in the discovery of historical items, along with a good mystery, this will keep your interest

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