Lessons in Becoming Myself

Lessons in Becoming Myself In this powerful story of a woman s search for a deeper understanding of herself Ellen Burstyn explores the unexpected paths her life has taken in this unflinchingly honest moving and inspirational

  • Title: Lessons in Becoming Myself
  • Author: Ellen Burstyn
  • ISBN: 9781594489297
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this powerful story of a woman s search for a deeper understanding of herself, Ellen Burstyn explores the unexpected paths her life has taken in this unflinchingly honest, moving, and inspirational memoir Ellen Burstyn has always defied expectations Born in Detroit during the Depression, she left home at eighteen, leaving behind a complicated relationship with her moIn this powerful story of a woman s search for a deeper understanding of herself, Ellen Burstyn explores the unexpected paths her life has taken in this unflinchingly honest, moving, and inspirational memoir Ellen Burstyn has always defied expectations Born in Detroit during the Depression, she left home at eighteen, leaving behind a complicated relationship with her mother, and moved to Dallas to become a model Eventually, Burstyn ended up in New York City, where she performed in a variety of roles on Broadway and on television in the late 1950s and early 1960s before turning to film Over the course of her career she delivered brilliant performances in The Last Picture Show, The Exorcist, Alice Doesn t Live Here Any for which she won an Academy Award for Best Actress Resurrection, and Requiem for a Dream But this book is much than a recitation of Burstyn s acting triumphs It s a frank and unsparing account of her search for personal and professional authenticity and the consequences of that struggle Burstyn s efforts as an actor to uncover the enduring truths in each of her roles, which she learned from Lee Strasberg at the renowned Actors Studio, inform her life offstage as well In Lessons in Becoming Myself, Burstyn describes her personal missteps and how confronting them encouraged her to find a different life path Raised a Catholic, Burstyn has spent her life exploring a wide range of spiritual experience from the Himalayas to Cambodia, from Mont Blanc to New York City that goes deeper than labels Lessons in Becoming Myself is the extraordinary story of the quest for the examined life By turns thoughtful and funny, insightful and lighthearted, it is a brilliant accomplishment by one of the finest observers of human nature.

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    One thought on “Lessons in Becoming Myself”

    1. This book was fantastic. I admire Ellen to be able to retell the life she has lived with such detail and candor. She really opened up with deeply personal issues and situations for all the world to read. She is just a regular person, trying to live her life like the rest of us. Unlike the rest of us, she is able to reflect on her life realizing the spirituality in every moment, good and bad. In her writing, you can tell how discerning she was throughout her life. It seems very rare to come acros [...]

    2. What a fascinating woman Ellen is. I looked her up on afterwards and was happy to see she hasn't slowed down at all. I loved reading about Requiem for a Dream, especially when she shared how she got her heartbreaking performance for THE scene that also hit me. The scene that she should have won an Oscar for. Also, excited to see she did exactly what I would have done in terms of prep and technique to get the emotional truth of that moment on film. Her journey as an actress was a joy to read abo [...]

    3. The public knows Ellen Burstyn as an accomplished actor. What I discovered in reading this exceptional memoir is that she is also an accomplished writer. Without a ghostwriter, using only the diaries, letters, notes and memories she's kept for eighty years, she has put together the story not only of her day-to-day experiences but most importantly of her search for finding her true inward self.This is the story of her spiritual journey told honestly and without self-pity. It begins with the her c [...]

    4. There were parts of this memoir that I really enjoyed but overall there was a lot of detail about the plays and movies in which she acted in which I just wasn't interested. The book is heavy on her spiritual journey which I found interesting and from which I took away a few key ideas but it did have a tendency to be a little bit more "out there" than I could relate to in parts. My biggest issue was her description of how self-sabotaging she was and non-self-promoting when in fact each time she t [...]

    5. I didn't know what to expect from this book since I usually avoid autobiographies. I saw Ellen on Oprah while flipping channels and once I started listening, I found her highly intelligent and self-aware, so I got the book. Reading through it was an eye-opening experience. To see what Ellen went through, to see what she survived, created a strong female influence. She went through emotional, physical, professional hardships and aches. I think her story has someone everyone can relate to. If not [...]

    6. I enjoyed this memoir about Ellen Burstyn's life and search for enlightenment. The manner in which she faced her fears was inspirational. I enjoyed the love and humor that came through in her story.

    7. I wavered between 3 and 4 stars, but chose the higher number because I found Ellen Burstyn's narration so compelling. She has lived a life full of intrigue, horror, magical moments, and creativity. I liked that she spent a lot of time on her spiritual journey within this book, but the most shocking moments described her time with her schizophrenic husband. I felt genuine fear for her during those events. The audiobook is certainly worth listening to. I enjoy her voice - never bored, always engag [...]

    8. This was more than an autobiography, this was a journey of mysticism, tragedy, heart-wrenching sadness and buoyant self-realization! From the first page to the last I was captivated by Ellen's undeterred honesty & quest to become the best possible version of herself regardless of the numerous adversities thrown her way. This was a courageous book which also awoken key questions in my own ongoing Healing which I can now address. What a fantastic way to start 2018! This is a must-read for anyo [...]

    9. Ellen Burstyn gives a candid, up-close and personal account of her life experiences and how they shaped her thoughts and beliefs. I found it to be thought provoking and I could relate to her search for meaning and her process of becoming. Well worth the read. If you prefer audio books, Ms. Burstyn give an abridged reading of her own memoir. Very nice.

    10. Loved this book, read several years ago. Ellen Burstyn is a gifted lyrical writer, whose ability to create as an actor spills out onto the pages of her book. I will reread it now. A true gem and an inspiring spirit.

    11. Not only is she an amazing actor, but a wonderful writer. This book is so well written. A very honest autobiography of a very intersting, but difficult life.

    12. After it was recommended to me, I started reading due to my appreciation for the actress Ellen. I did not realize how spiritual a book it was, addressing many life's questions in straight language. The rhythm of the book was a little choppy at times but the vocabulary gave me a chance to grow.

    13. This book started out rough. It took me a while to get used to her speech and especially her descriptions as they felt abbreviated to me. And, of course, the early life in biographies seems to always be difficult to hear; maybe rough childhoods lead to interesting lives? But, as I read on I felt more engaged and while it was difficult to identify with her situations, I could empathize. She has a way of getting to the heart of things quickly and spending very little time on the fluff that we all [...]

    14. I have mixed feelings about this book. I was drawn to this book because of the title. I am always trying to find out who I really am.Ellen Burstyn managed to write her life's work in 452 pages. That's no small feat.Most of the book is deliciously interesting. I wasn't able to put it down. However several chapters were bone dry. They seems to chatter on about religious epiphanies and such. I just wanted to skim, quickly.Nobody can fault her for putting her point of view down on paper, and everyth [...]

    15. I saw her appear on a late-night re-run of Oprah promoting the book. For some reason I was very drawn to her, even though I've only seen a handful of movies she was in. But she presented herself well both on TV and in the book. She has quite the amazing memory. It's a long book, but never dull. I've since rented a lot of her movies and she truly is a talented actress. What I enjoyed most was her depiction of her spiritual journey in Sufism; visiting various temples, going up mountains for spirit [...]

    16. I love Ellen Burstyn's acting work, and this autobiography made me appreciate her even more. The first few chapters are written in present tense, which I thought was a great device for making her early experiences really pop and underscoring their importance in her later development. There is a lot of hardship to get through, but along the way you get the backstory on her stage and film work, and lots of tales of lumnaries of the acting world and the Actor's Studio. I enjoyed the book more for t [...]

    17. An acquaintance (surprisingly, it was a man) recommended it. The first third was interesting enough. Later, I had to start skipping pages as she kept going on journeys of spiritual awakening. [NOTE: To get around the "everything is public" problem, I checked "hide entire review because of spoilers" and "add to my update feed." So I might as well add spoilers:] Abusive mother, step father, and father (in that order). She sleeps with a lot of men, some married. One of her husbands becomes schizoph [...]

    18. This was on my list for a long time, primarily because Burstyn struck a friendship with Buckminster Fuller, and to a lesser extent, Carlos Castaneda. Among the running themes of her life were mother issues, sexual abuse, feminist awakening, a few addictions here and there, and of course the accompanying search so many of us are primed for by those experiences. She talks about struggling with judgment, another type of reaching for control. But control is a tough one because how can one give up wh [...]

    19. OK, this autobiog was an interesting read, though I had grave doubts about it to start with. An actor searching for herself, hmmm. But in the end, most of it--even the Sufi religious element--was intriguing enough to keep me reading. Ellen Burstyn was/is a dogged intellectual, which puts this memoir at least one notch above the usual Hollywood reminiscence. She did learn some useful lessons about herself, mostly concerning men and career, and had some hair-raising adventures along the way. It's [...]

    20. Loved it! I took away a lot from this book. It is not your typical "celebrity" memoir. It is brutally honest about a person's inner journey combined with their outer one. There were some surprising and shocking moments, and interesting revelations. For those who have an open mind, are inner seekers, and also like to hear trivia regarding a couple of the biggest classic films of the seventies (Exorcist, Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore), you will find this book compelling and difficult to put down [...]

    21. I learned a great many things reading this autobiography. One is that Ms. Burstyn is from Detroit and a fellow alum of Cass Technical High School. Two is that she has had a long and storied career as an actress. Three is that her troubled personal life has led her on a profound spiritual journey down the path of Sufism, a mystic form of Islam that fascinates me. Her life story, aside from having one of the most intriguing titles to date, is a inspirational piece that will leave the reader feelin [...]

    22. This book surprised me. I thought I would get a typical actor's biography that focused mostly on movie roles and naming names. Instead she puts all her cards on the table from her mom's abuse to her husband's mental illness. She takes you on her spiritual journey as well which is something I rarely hear about from actors in their interviews. Burstyn is a survivor. Her acting is part of the story but it is only a fragment of all of the other experiences that have shaped who she is as a human bein [...]

    23. I hate to give this book a low rating because it was a gift from wonderful Alexis. Ellen Burstyn is, indeed, a cool lady who has many stories to share about a terrible childhood and her experiences in Hollywood during a fantastic period in film. I struggled to feel interested in her spiritual journey, however; these sections of the book were either boring or uncomfortable. As the title suggests, this journey is the main focus of the work and so to have it be less than compelling is truly unfortu [...]

    24. I really enjoyed this memoir, because I think Burstyn is one of the greatest actresses ever. She had many horrible events occur in her personal life, which she bravely opens up about. It was neat to hear all of the behind the scenes tidbits from a lot of the movies that she worked on like The Exorcist, Requiem for a Dream, and Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore. She has a deeply spiritual side which comes out through much of her writing as she seeks "truth." Recommended for fans of movies, autobiog [...]

    25. I have been giving 5 starts to all the actress autobiographies I have read so far. That's because all the ones I have read have just been incredible. I would have to say this one, though is by and far the best because Ellen Burstyn opens up about some deeply personal things that few women dare share. I was so moved. I actually first listened to this as an audiobook but loved it so much I bought a print copy and read it and then sent a copy to a friend, who also really enjoyed it.

    26. After watching Ellen Burstyn in many films, I decided to read her story. What a fascinating life she has led. I found myself intrigued by her past and fell in love with her sense of self and acceptance of her childhood. This book was hard to put down and left me wanting to delve more into my spiritual side to find out my purpose in life. I highly recommend this book for anyone who questions their past and wants to move on with their life.

    27. In this powerful story of a woman's search for a deeper understanding of herself, Ellen Burstyn explores the unexpected paths her life has taken in this unflinchingly honest, moving and inspirational memoir. For this podcast, Burstyn is interviewed by television critic-at-large and author, Greg Moody.We met Ellen Burstyn when she visited the Tattered Cover Bookstore in Denver. You can listen to her talk about Lessons in Becoming Myself here: authorsontourlive/?p=74

    28. This is one of the best actor's biographies I've read. Burstyn has an amazing journey from childhood abuse to being under the thumb of the men in her life to her search for spirituality and meaning in her life. My only quibble is that more time is spent on the beginning and middle years than her later life, but that's small when I consider what she was willing to share.

    29. Very interesting read. I loved all of it until the very ending. But it was worth the read. It's long and at times winded and at times she goes on and on and on. But she had a very hard and amazing life which I kind of feel she created for her self. Now I need to caught up on all her movies I've never seen. Thanks for the good read.

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