Zoo Winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal

  • Title: Zoo
  • Author: Anthony Browne
  • ISBN: 9780374499235
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Paperback
  • Winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal

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    One thought on “Zoo”

    1. Dios! Creo que algo de mi se movió después de leer este libro. Que impactante es como la literatura logra provocarnos sensaciones inolvidables, terroríficas y realistas en tan pocas palabras. Este libro no hizo más que darme cuenta de lo fieras que somos y no nos damos cuenta, de quienes son los que deberíamos estar encerrados. !Que fuerte imagen! La ilustraciones son un reflejo claro de todo este morbo y cinismo que tenemos los seres humanos. Pero sobre todo esa última frase que te hiela [...]

    2. I just don't like this book. But maybe that's good?I would actually argue that this is one of the most dystopian picturebooks I have ever read and it's unsettling. It's a wonderful critique of zoos and of the way that people treat animals, the way they treat each other, the way they ignore each other and the way that society is as much a zoo (cages and all) as a zoo really is. It also happens to be full of beautiful art juxtaposed with a surreal comic art brining that dystopia straight to the ey [...]

    3. In ‘Zoo’, a family of two boys and a mother and father visit the zoo. Having read other books by Anthony Browne, I already had an expectation of how the father would be portrayed in this book. Indeed, as every page turned it became increasingly evident that both the Dad’s and the two boy’s behaviours had gorilla characteristics and their behaviour towards each other was questionable. Personally, if I were to share this book in a read aloud session with younger year groups I would try and [...]

    4. Review:A boy goes to the Zoo with his Mum, Dad and brother, where they see a variety of animals and enjoy the delights of the zoo. Poor old mum has to endure Dad’s bad jokes and her two cheeky monkeys messing about, but they all have a good day in the end. The story doesn’t just concentrate on the animals in the zoo; it also talks about the family and has a few jokes, which gives it a different feel to your usual children’s story. The family on first appearance seem like a classic family, [...]

    5. Zoo is the story of a family’s trip to the Zoo. It is interesting to read about the family dynamics and I feel most children and adults can relate to the characters in the book. From the boys fighting, the Dad telling terrible jokes to the Mum being embarrassed by them all. As the story progresses you understand the underlying theme, which is actually about a role reversal with the people outside the cages being the animals. This is enforced by the use of pictures, with the children wearing mo [...]

    6. Zoo by Anthony Browne is a picture book that tells the story of a tedious family trip to the zoo. The story is told from the perspective of the older brother who visits the zoo with his younger brother and parents. The illustrations are all framed by white space. The text is placed in the white space on the bottom half of the page.Framed images of the family members and text are on the left side of the page, while the larger images of the animals are on the right. The illustrations of the animal [...]

    7. In the book Zoo, it was interesting to me because it appeared to me that the family in the story were being portrayed as the animals and the zoo animals were more human like. The dad to me represented a Gorilla, the two boys reminded me of monkey's and the mom reminded me of a baboon. The sons were constantly fighting, the dad was mostly crude and loud throughout the story. The author also hid a lot of images or animals and prints within the illustrations. I liked how he went about his story and [...]

    8. Zoo tells the story of Anthony Browne's own family day trip to the zoo when he was a boy and is told from his perspective. Rather than glorify the zoo, Browne uses his book as a platform to not only make comment on how we treat animals but also how we behave ourselves within society and our own families. The animals are either obscured, blended into their backgrounds or are shown in very stark surroundings. They all look depressed and are hiding or frustrated, hardly a positive endorsement and o [...]

    9. Un curiosa historia que te hace reflexionar mucho sobre la relación que tienen los hombres con los otro animales ¿Hasta qué punto es cierta la superioridad que se nos atribuye? Browne cada vez me sorprende mas con su obra.

    10. I got some new information about this book during class, which made me appreciate it more, but in my opinion it's still not worth 3 stars It's just not my cup of tea.

    11. “Zoo” by Anthony Browne is a story about a family of four, a mom, dad and two sons taking a trip to the zoo. However, there were many underlying messages behind the entire story. While reading the narrative, it gave me a very interesting, yet odd feeling. It felt a little hostile to be completely honest. The cover of the book is zebra stripped with a frame (which sort of looks like a polaroid) around a portrait of the family. The two boys are smiling and leaning out of the frame, while the d [...]

    12. “Zoo” by Anthony Browne by is really a sad picture book about going to the zoo with your family. A boy is telling the story through his perspective by reading the text but I think if you were to look at the pictures, you can see many different perspectives taken place in the book. It starts of with a each member of the family has their own portrait; similar to “Willy’s Pictures”. By looking at their facial expressions you can feel through personality coming through the pictures. The fi [...]

    13. Zoo by Anthony Browne is a story about a family’s trip to the zoo with an underlying theme that becomes evident throughout the story as it progresses. The orientation of this book is a vertically orientated picturebook. The main title page is black and white which portrays the image of a zebra. The end papers in the front and back are also solid colors of white and black which also tries to portray the image of a zebra. A panel is used in the title page to portray the family and again black an [...]

    14. ZooThe book Zoo is a thought provoking and reflective piece of art. Anthony Browne creates the oppressive setting and mood in this story through illustrations and dialogue. The story is framed with the introduction a seemingly average family of four. When the read is first introduced to the family, the lack of emotion and happiness is apparent is the two parents who stand in the picture with pictures that look like mug shots. The mother’s face is noticeably stoic whereas the father’s face is [...]

    15. The book, Zoo, written and illustrated by Anthony Brownie tells the story of a family who spends the day at the Zoo. Something I really enjoyed about this particular children’s book was that it introduces the characters on the first page with their name and portrait. This way the students can immediately recognize the characters throughout the story. This book has quite a lot of text from an author who is known for his illustrations. The pictures throughout the book are well done and include a [...]

    16. It is a very interesting story. There is different perspectives among animals at the zoo and people who come see animals. The conversation of the family numbers is funny. It seems like they had fun at Zoo, but they also cared about their physical and emotional feelings while wandering around. The two boys were hungry and asked Mum for food in the middle of the trip at Zoo, and they got less patient. Also, father of the two boys seemed to enjoy making a joke even thought his little boys think his [...]

    17. "Zoo" by Anthony Browne is a story about a boy's trip to the zoo with his Mum, Dad and Brother. Poor old mum has to put up with Dad's embarrassing jokes and her two boys fighting all day but they all have a good day in the end. Throughout the story the text explains what is happening in the picture.The story opens up with a portrait of all four characters. This introduces the family as a stereotypically 'normal family' with familiar characters (e.g embarrassing father, worried mother and naughty [...]

    18. In Zoo by Anthony Browne, readers accompany a family of four during their trip to the zoo. Readers hear about the adventures of the day through the family's oldest son. He tells of his annoyance at his father's jokes, his brother whining, and his being hungry and uninterested in all the zoo animals other than gorillas. The two boys buy monkey hats and are more interested in them than the animal exhibits. The illustrations in this book are very realistic. The animals are depicted with such detail [...]

    19. This book is orientated in a vertical layout. The cover is zebra printed which goes along with the theme, the Zoo. Both of the end pages are white and the next two pages are blank, one black, one white. The title page has the title "ZOO" in bold black text and there is a picture of a hamster in a cage. You are then introduced to the family. Four mug shots show the boy, his brother, his dad and his mum. On each of the pages, there are illustrations that take up just a small section of the page wi [...]

    20. First and foremost I have to comment that this was definitely an interesting book. My first impression of this book was taken directly from the illustration on the cover. It is a picture of the four characters in the book and instantly I thought how the dad looked scary and the mom looked sad. I think that through out the book my initial reactions were confirmed based on the text and the illustrations, the dad came off as this slightly mean and rude guy and the mom came off as the kind and bothe [...]

    21. While reading Zoo, I kept saying out loud "Waitwhat?" It wasn't like any other "traditional" picture book that I have read. In my opinion, some of the dialogue and conversation bubbles were inappropriate for younger kids. However, as an adult, I enjoyed the story thoroughly! I thought the dialogue and conversation bubbles were entertaining. I also liked how "real" the story was. The family in this story reminded me mildly of when my family and I went somewhere together on a trip. The traffic and [...]

    22. Anthony Browne expresses an unchildish view of a family trip to the zoo. Instead of focusing on the animals, Browne focuses on the human to human relationships and human to animal relationships taking place on the trip. The illustrations are set up as small bordered scences in the center of the page that draw our attention to th action and the fact that a story is being told and we are on the outside of the story. The animal scences are larger illustrations to show what the animals are doing. Th [...]

    23. The author became the children laureate in 2009, he is well known for encouraging the use of picture books with children of all ages. The book ‘zoo’ has detailed pictures children can use this for inspiration for art work. The author demonstrates his view of zoos through the illustrations throughout the book, the animals are emotions are shown as sad and the colours used for them are dull colours in comparison to the illustrations of the people that are in the zoo they are drawn with bright [...]

    24. Throughout this book, 'Zoo' makes consistent but subtle links between animals and human, giving the humans small animal features, highlighting the close relationship between our species. However also provides a contrast by dividing the pictures onto separate pages - human pictures on the left, and animals on the right. The human pictures appear colourful yet smaller, which could imply that the focus isn't on them, and rather on the animals. The animal pictures are much bigger, duller in colour, [...]

    25. The title and the illustration on the cover offer readers enough information that this picture book is about a family trip to a zoo. However, the bars-like background seems to intend to tell readers something else. Looking closely at the illustration of the family on the cover, I find the mother looks worried and the size of the father is much bigger, which forms the sharp contrast with that of the mother. The text is quite complete, while the bubbles serve as a further support to the plot and t [...]

    26. While reading Zoo by Anthony Brown, I was very drawn to the front cover and the black and white zebra stripes, which also go along with the zoo theme. The illustrations on the front stand out more with the background. It starts off with a family going on a trip to the zoo where they encounter many bumps along the way. The children fight, there is traffic, even the cost of the zoo was complained about. I started to realize that as much as the family was acting like animals, they were seen as the [...]

    27. In my opinion, this book pokes fun at the purpose of city zoos. The story is narrated by the boy. He, his brother, and his parents all take a trip to the zoo. In the beginning the family is caught in a traffic jam. In the jam, the illustrations seem quite normal. At second glance, one may notice that some of the people and vehicles have animal parts. The more the story progresses the more you see this animal imagery. At the zoo, the family is entertained by the pompous father. He frustrates and [...]

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