A Year Straight: Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Lesbian Beauty Queen

A Year Straight Confessions of a Boy Crazy Lesbian Beauty Queen After having spent nearly her entire adult life dating women and liking it Elena Azzoni felt pretty secure in her sexual orientation she d even just been crowned Miss Lez Then one day in yoga

  • Title: A Year Straight: Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Lesbian Beauty Queen
  • Author: Elena Azzoni
  • ISBN: 9781580053617
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Paperback
  • After having spent nearly her entire adult life dating women and liking it , Elena Azzoni felt pretty secure in her sexual orientation she d even just been crowned Miss Lez 2007 Then, one day in yoga class, a male teacher moved in close to adjust her pose and she suddenly found herself intensely bafflingly attracted to him Eventually she initiated a flirtation wiAfter having spent nearly her entire adult life dating women and liking it , Elena Azzoni felt pretty secure in her sexual orientation she d even just been crowned Miss Lez 2007 Then, one day in yoga class, a male teacher moved in close to adjust her pose and she suddenly found herself intensely bafflingly attracted to him Eventually she initiated a flirtation with him after that, there was no going back A Year Straight is a chronicle of the hilariously disastrous year following Azzoni s abrupt dive into the world of dating men old enough to drink and keep her own hours, but as clueless as an adolescent when it comes to deciphering men s words and actions, Azzoni is uniquely positioned to find herself in some ridiculously absurd scenarios Often cringe worthy and occasionally unbelievable, A Year Straight is a wildly entertaining look at one woman s experiences dating a new sex the opposite sex Frank, funny and revealing of relations between and among the sexes Kirkus A Year Straight is a hilarious, engrossing page turner that presents a whole new twist on the Manhattan dating scene Katie Crouch, author, Girls in Trucks Azzoni leaves no genitalia unturned in her heroic quest for love, and it s a credit to her winning writing that she makes such a unique subject feel so relatable Tami Sagher, writer, How I Met Your Mother, 30 Rock, and Bored to Death Elena Azzoni s memoir is a delightful read thoughtful and surprising, Azzoni seals the deal with her bona fide and unassuming wit Alix Olson, writer Performer Elena s moments of awkwardness, exhilaration, self doubt, and heartbreak are told with engaging wit and candor, but it is her forthrightness about the complex issues of gender and sexuality that makes this book so original Lisa Diamond, author, Sexual Fluidity

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    • [PDF] Download ☆ A Year Straight: Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Lesbian Beauty Queen | by ✓ Elena Azzoni
      313 Elena Azzoni
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    One thought on “A Year Straight: Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Lesbian Beauty Queen”

    1. I'm gonna go withNO. I read some reviews.The rest of my thoughts why I won't read this is posted here on booklikes.

    2. This should have been called "Ten Years Gay: A Decade of Lesbian Between Man Toys". Or maybe "The Rest Of My Life Straight, Again." Had the author been a gold-star lesbian from birth, or at the very least *not* ended up with a man, the title (and the point of the book) would have made more sense. As it stands, however, it doesn't quite add up. Several things bothered me: the author's needing to watch straight porn after ten years of being with women to understand how it works, even though she'd [...]

    3. You know what book I would love to read? "A Year Straight: Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Butch-As-Fuck Bulldagger."

    4. With a better editor, and a little more introspection from the author, this could have been a much better book. I think I may have been hoping for more, as well. After picking up the galley and reading the back, I assumed there might be a little more discussion of sexuality and its fluidity. Instead, it's a memoir of one-night stands that doesn't stand apart from any other similar recounting, except that the woman in question starts out believing she's a lesbian. Once she starts up with men, it' [...]

    5. You can't really call it a year straight when you're still living with your boyfriend in Paris mkay. Although it was a light and easy read and sometimes funny what bothered me was what a crisis it was for her to realize she's bisexual without ever admitting it. Yes she's only dated women since she went off to college and now she's 32, and I really do honestly believe a large population falls in love with the person not the gender but her observations about the difference in dating men vs. women [...]

    6. I enjoyed this book. It was a very quick read and once I started it I didn't put it down. I'm glad I didn't read any gr reviews before reading it

    7. After a rocky start, (the beginning seemed a little too haphazard for my taste), Azzoni's writing got much better. Plus, once she got past the empty recapping of numerous one night stands, she focused more on characters and story. She captured such a great voice in TJ and Theo. Near the end, I found myself rooting for her Happily Ever After and enjoying the ride along the way. It was much better than the empty litany at the start (which just made me grateful for being married). If you can make i [...]

    8. You guys, this book is hilarious and fabulous. I think I may buy myself a copy.From my quick perusal of reviews, it appears that it's trendy to hate on this book the way people hate on Kissing Jessica Stein, but that is crap. Kissing Jessica Stein is a valid representation of some women's experiences. So is this book. So what if she doesn't describe herself as bisexual? She's allowed to call herself whatever she wants and love whoever the hell she wants to.Also? She references Judy Grahn withou [...]

    9. 3.5 stars Given the premise, I thought I'd be reading something a bit more insightful about love and sexual identity. Instead it was a light, funny romp through this period of the author's life. While it took a bit to get into - whether due to the writing or my own needing to shift expectations, I'm not sure, but by about a third of the way in, I found myself really enjoying the tale.

    10. I stumbled across this book in Paris when the author was doing a signing at Shakespeare and Co. I bought the book not having any idea of what it was about only that I was so, so glad to be hearing English and glad to be overhearing the author's conversation (in English!) with a group of young women who had gathered. It might be that I knew so little that I really enjoyed the world the author created and was absolutely entertained from start to finish. When I saw the ratings on I was a little su [...]

    11. I made the mistake of reading other reviews before I gave my rating (spoiler: everyone else hates it.) I must admit I picked this book up thinking it would be entertaining for my few days off and funny--it lived up to that expectation. I laughed out loud at several parts and started referring to the author as "my lesbian friend" when describing parts to my husband. If I had a shelf titled "junk food book that I wouldn't recommend to people who don't feel comfortable reading about sex" I guess th [...]

    12. I really wanted to like this book more than I did; unfortunately, there are just too many issues to rate it any higher. Rather than an introspective (or even amusing) look into the life of a lesbian who spends "a year straight," it's a fairly repetitive & slightly boring tale of one-night stands with frat boys. There are a few redeeming moments near the end, but overall, it wasn't worth the journey to get there. This book definitely could have benefited from more thoughtful discussion/analys [...]

    13. The focus of this memoir was intriguing but I ended dropping the book after getting 2/3rds of the way through. The memoir desperately needs a good overhaul in editing. It was difficult to follow because the narrative jumped around in timeline and topics without any clear connections or transitions. I frequently got confused because she'd jumped to some tangent that is connected in her mind but gave no indication or context to help the reader follow her train of thought. Content wise, the stories [...]

    14. I remember I was so excited when bought this book 2 years ago from B&N at Ventura and Laurel Canyon. (My usual stop on my to home from school) I really wanted to like this book unfortunately lost interest halfway through. It to me 2 years to finish maybe I'm not always interested in memoirs. Almost skipped last few pages and skimmed through. But her funny and clumsy stories made smile and liked the description of New York life. I find title was misleading since she stayed straight or what. I [...]

    15. I think this was a daring book, and it deals with a taboo topic among the gay community, and that is when one has a straight affair. I could relate to the character, having had my own adventures with the hetrosexual world. I am convinced that yoga is responsible. It was not until I took up yoga that I took up women. It is a fun read.

    16. I think I found this book when I was looking for authors under 30 for library bingo. Didn't read it then, but got it when I was looking for some light non-fiction. I got 50 pages in, but I found the narrator annoying and, I don't like vicarious embarrassment.Just now read some of the reviews and, yeah, I shouldn't have picked it up.

    17. I quite liked it. No huge moral of the story or life changing tome, but a light read with a bit of edgy atmosphere. Funny with characters you care about. You could do worse for a summer read for sure!

    18. I enjoyed the book. I did think it was going to be quite different to how it was. Thinking she is a crazy "miss lez" is kind of a fizzer. But I felt like I was hoping she would find love regardless of gender.

    19. Reads like a trashy novel, rather than a memoir, which was fun. The story is unique and honest; definitely worth reading. Could have used a ton more editing, the writing could be a lot stronger, but the book was a nice train read!

    20. I liked her humor and intelligence but it was a very light read and I was hoping for a different ending. Overall, I enjoyed it.

    21. I really wanted to like this book, and was looking forward to reading it. I hoped to get into it, but at the halfway mark, I just lost complete interest.

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