The Scarlet Kimono

The Scarlet Kimono Abducted by a Samurai warlord in th century Japan what happens when fear turns to love England and young Hannah Marston envies her brother s adventurous life But when she stows away on his me

  • Title: The Scarlet Kimono
  • Author: Christina Courtenay
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Abducted by a Samurai warlord in 17th century Japan what happens when fear turns to love England, 1611, and young Hannah Marston envies her brother s adventurous life But when she stows away on his merchant ship, her powers of endurance are stretched to their limit Then they reach Japan and all her suffering seems worthwhile until she is abducted by Taro Kumashiro sAbducted by a Samurai warlord in 17th century Japan what happens when fear turns to love England, 1611, and young Hannah Marston envies her brother s adventurous life But when she stows away on his merchant ship, her powers of endurance are stretched to their limit Then they reach Japan and all her suffering seems worthwhile until she is abducted by Taro Kumashiro s warriors In the far north of the country, warlord Kumashiro is waiting to see the girl who he has been warned about by a seer When at last they meet, it s a clash of cultures and wills, but they re also fighting an instant attraction to each other With her brother desperate to find her and the jealous Lady Reiko equally desperate to kill her, Hannah faces the greatest adventure of her life And Kumashiro has to choose between love and honour

    The Scarlet Kimono Kumashiro Saga by Christina Courtenay The Scarlet Kimono gives us th century Japan in all its beautiful and fascinating history I was so happy to read a historical romance taking place in this sett This is the kind of story I ve been wanting to read for a while and finally, I found it. The Scarlet Kimono Choc Lit Kumashiro sries Book The Scarlet Kimono Choc Lit Kumashiro sries Book Kindle edition by Christina Courtenay Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Scarlet Kimono Choc Lit Kumashiro sries Book . The Scarlet Kimono Christina Courtenay Her second novel, The Scarlet Kimono, received the Best Historical Fiction prize for the Big Red Read Her novels Highland Storms and The Gilded Fan both won the Historical Novel of the Year award Highland Storms in and The Gilded Fan in , while The Silent Touch of Shadows time slip won the Festival of Romance award for Best Historical in . The Scarlet Kimono Fantastic Fiction The Scarlet Kimono Kumashiro, book by Christina Courtenay book cover, description, publication history. The Scarlet Kimono All About Romance The titular scarlet kimono is a passive aggressive gift from Lord Taro s sister in law to Hannah, whose coloring looks awful in red, and this event rang amusingly true However, on the whole, the cultural characterizations didn t go as deeply as I had hoped. The symbol of Scarlet Kimono in Murder on the Orient Over the course of the subsequent investigation, the scarlet kimono remains a persistent mystery Poirot asks each female witness whether she owns one, and each one denies it When Poirot finally discovers the kimono in his luggage he says, It is like that.

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    One thought on “The Scarlet Kimono”

    1. I've just finished reading this, and have to say I was a little disappointed. From reading the description - and other people's thoughts - I was expecting a grand, sweeping historical romance, but the whole thing just felt a bit flat. The plot, in a nutshell, is this: 17th Century England, and our heroine, Hannah, faces a bleak future; she's virtually invisible in an uncaring and unsympathetic household where her older, more beautiful sister has always taken precedence; and to top it all off, sh [...]

    2. This book might have been better for me if I didn't have such high expectations for it.From reading the plot at the back I thought this will be epic!!!! One of those that sweep you away to a different place and time!!! Not the case.When I started reading it I didn't care much for the Herione I thought she was more like a spoiled teen!! And I thought it was really irritating and OLD, for her family to care more for "the not so good and virtuous" older sibling.The writing style came to me as a bit [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this. It's a well told story. I was highly entertained. Both the hero and heroine have alternating scenes and I liked them both. (That's highly unusual for me. I rarely like the man parts, but I like all of this.)In England, there is Hannah. She is about to be wed to man she does not love. She dons male attire and boards a ship headed for JapanIn Japan there is a Lord, Kumashiro, who is wed to a woman who doesn't love himWhile Hannah's ship gets ever closer to Kumashiro, she bef [...]

    4. This was a book with a lot of potential that unfortunately had too many faults and cliches to elevate it to a "good" book. It is set in 16th century Japan, and it's clear the author has done her homework. However, the problems ultimately outweighed the good. Such as:1) why the magical realism aspect with Sensei Yanagihara? Was there no other way for the characters to meet?2) "white lady abduction by handsome foreigner who she eventually falls in love with" is not only an overused trope, but one [...]

    5. I'm almost at the end of this epic love story. Christina writes with such conviction and authority about Japan and the Japanese that I wished to be back there - even though I only once spent a few weeks there years ago.Now finished and nothing about this book disappointed. Loved it.

    6. 3 ½ stars. Most of the story was pretty good. The ending was happy but felt a little ho hum.This felt like “Shogun” but done romance style. English female Hannah stows away on a ship to escape a horrible marriage her father arranged. When she gets to Japan, the local ruler Taro (similar to a governor) is interested in her and she in him. By the end of the book they fall in love. This is a romance story so this should not be a spoiler. Interesting things happen along the way. I enjoyed Hanna [...]

    7. This is the third title I have read by Christina Courtenay and I have already come to realise that she is a talented author with a passion for the places that she writes about as well as creating believable characters. The Scarlet Kimono met my expectations of romance and adventure in a historical setting. This time the story is set in 17C Japan and her obvious fascination in Japan shows in the meticulous attention to detail. The culture differences between the UK and Japan are well described an [...]

    8. Hannah is betrothed to a ghastly man, Mr Hesketh. She cannot bear the thought of her future with this man and decides to stow away on her brother's ship bound for Japan. She manages to hide her identity by posing as a young boy, which brings problems of it's own. Meanwhile, in Japan, Taro Kumashiro marries a beautiful woman, but she loves another.Taro's adviser and seer has a vision of a woman visiting, on a ship, who could bring danger.When the ship docks in Japan, Hannah, still undiscovered as [...]

    9. I bought this book on impulse after reading a good review and wasn't disappointed. Set in the early 17th century the books starts by switching viewpoints between Hannah, a conventional english girl, and the hero, a Japanese Warlord. As the book progresses Hanna stows away on her brother's ship and arrives in Japan disguised as a boy. However the Warlord's seer has foreseen her arrival as a life changing event, and so the Warlord is constantly on the watch for a flame haired foreigner. This is an [...]

    10. Hannah Marston stows away on a ship rather than marry the man her father has chosen for her. This leads to a very very long voyage all the way to Japan.Yanagihara warns his lord, Taro Kumashiro that a red headed woman and she is his fate.When Hannah does arrive and Taro sees her, he orders her kidnapped and brought to him intending to return her when he has satisfied his curiosity.Fortunately his good intentions go by the wayside but the fates conspire to pry them apart again and yet again.I had [...]

    11. I generally enjoyed this story, but I do wish that the story was a little more detailed. Review to come.

    12. Reviewed for bookchickcityChristina Courtenay has this fabulous ability of creating a vivid and rich setting to her books. The historical Japanese backdrop of this novel was one of the things that really made it for me.The book opens in 17th century England with our heroine Hannah Marston being forced into an arranged marriage by her parents. Unable to bear the man she is due to marry, she stows away on one of her brother's boats which is just about to begin an epic journey to Japan, disguised a [...]

    13. I absolutely loved this book. Having thoroughly enjoyed Christina's debut novel, Trade Winds, I was really looking forward to reading The Scarlet Kimono and, happily, it exceeded my expectations. Christina is an incredibly versatile writer. She switches effortlessly from describing 17th Century life in a samurai daimyo or lord's castle in Northern Japan to English family life, and from the bustle of a busy port, be it Plymouth in England or Hirado in Japan, to covering life on board a merchant s [...]

    14. Firstly, I don't really read historicals. It's not that I don't want to read them, I just don't seem to choose them - if that makes sense. The last historical I read was Anne Rice's 'The Feast Of All Saints', and although interesting to read the about 19th Century New Orleans and the gen de colors, I used to be able to put the book down and forget about it. Maybe it lacked romance? However, I won this book through Choc Lit's Flavour of The Month Award in February (2011) and the minute I started [...]

    15. My thoughts:Hanna Marston was not as pretty as her older sister and therefore her family didn't care about her, and wanted her to marry some old guy with 5 kids. Something that Hannah did not want so what does she do, oh yes she hides on her brother's ship that is sailing for Japan. I did like that she had the guts to do that. But as always, come on, are men really that stupid that they do not see that she is a girl, she was like there for 2 years or something. This is a common trope in books so [...]

    16. This is the second book I have read by Christina Courtenay, the first being her debut novel, Trade Winds. I really enjoyed this book. Unfortunately, I read this book during a very busy time, so it was read in short bursts which hindered me, a little, with the reading of it. However, saying that, I did find myself making time to read this, as I was enjoying it so much; especially the latter half of the book. The story is about a young girl, Hannah Marston, who lives in Plymouth, England, with her [...]

    17. As a young girl I read Shogun, and that’s about as far as my reading anything with a historical Japanese setting got. In general, I prefer reading books set in periods and geographies I can relate to, but having enjoyed Ms Courtenay’s Trade Winds, I decided to give this a shot.I am so glad I did. The main characters spring alive within moments of starting this book, and as to Taro – the male Japanese lead – all I can say is yum-yum. Hannah is a young English girl who stows away to escape [...]

    18. I have no time to update my shelves - not that I have much time to read, either, but that's beside the point - so I'll keep it short.I didn't know it was a historical romance. I have no luck when it comes to romances, no prejudice either, but dude talk about simplistic. Everything gets kicked to hell because of LOVE. History be damned. Cultural differences be damned. Why I am writing all this, I don't even know. Should I treat historical romances differently because they are romances? Wouldn't i [...]

    19. ¡Precioso libro!! Bellísimo, la historia de una mujer subestimada por su familia que luchó por encontrar su propio camino y tomar sus propias decisiones, que encuentra a un hombre maravilloso, ¡en Japón!!! Definitivamente me fascinan los hombres asiáticos, son lo mío, su filosofía, su cultura, su mundo salvaje y respetuoso al tiempo, su sentido del honor, su sensualidad, me sedujo completamente. Recomendado completamente, sobre todo para quienes aman como yo los dramas de asiáticos de [...]

    20. I bought this book originally as I love the idea of a love crossing cultures. Nothing makes my heart flutter more than seeing a romance work over cultural barriers, all barriers really. Probably why I love forbidden or doomed romances so much Anyways, I've only seen the romance between a white female and asian male in a historical setting done once so far and enjoyed that book immensely. So finding another made me ready to just dive in. Some ways I was pleased as punch; others left me not so ple [...]

    21. When i was asked to review this as a favour by a colleague at the publishers where i worked (along with a few other of Ms Courtenay's novels) I was a touch skeptical as I'm not a huge fan of bodice rippers. Thankfully this book doesn't fall into that category! This isn't an epic historical novel with a grand adventure and a grand romance - although it does have elements of both and could potentially become such.Its not a powerful or eloquently well written book either. But it is highly enjoyable [...]

    22. Purchased from Audible as an audiobook, narrator Julia Franklin does a decent turn, managing to get voices that are different enough, especially for the men, as well as pronouncing (correctly I hope) the Japanese words in the text.This book is broken up into several parts: the teenage Hannah, brought up in a privileged city atmosphere, head strong but understanding little of the world of men. Attracted by the apparently romantic sea faring men, she is horrified by her parents arranging her betro [...]

    23. Historical romance set in early 17th century England and Japan. Faced with the dreadful prospect of marriage to the utterly odious Mr. Hesketh, Hannah Marston impulsively decides to grasp her only chance of freedom: disguised as a boy, she stows away on one of her brother's ships bound for Japan. Taro Kumashiro, a wealthy noble landowner with estates in the north of Japan, is warned by a seer at his court worried of possible danger of the impending arrival of a redhaired foreign woman on Japanes [...]

    24. I cannot lie and say that the book was completely boring, because, in fact, I couldn't put it down. I delayed all other reading I had to do and read this book instead. The first book I read by Christina Courtenay was 'The gilded fan'. Then, I discovered it was the sequel of 'The scarlet kimono'. I thought I must read it even though I knew what happened to Hannah from the second book. What I didn't like in this one was that the love story did not seem very loving, or strong. It was mainly based o [...]

    25. Likes:1. Unique setting for a historical romance. Set in Japan.Dislikes:1. Heroine is a bit TSTL.2. It seems ALL MEN are brutes to the heroine except the "Chinaman" so far. (Maybe not all I gave up halfway before I get proven otherwise.)3. Err! I did say all men are brutes to the h I should also mention that most women (even her own mother and sister) are cruel to her. I dunno why so much hate to the poor heroine.4. It reads a bit modern. (Maybe I just got used to Heyer)5. There are quite a lot [...]

    26. historia se trata de Hannah, quien tiene una muy mala relación con su hermana y sus padres, quienes han acordado una boda para Hannah con alguien mucho mayor que ella y que además es dos veces viudo, y tiene hijos, el hombre en cuestión intenta tocar libidinosamente a Hannah cada vez que tiene oportunidad. Ella se ve atorada en ese compromiso que por conveniencia sus padres han acordado para ella. Por otro lado en Japón nos presenta la historia de Taro Kumashiro, un jefe samurái o "daimo", [...]

    27. This is the kind of story I've been wanting to read for a while and finally, I found it. That is, I mainly read historical fiction and historical romance and I love those genres, but I've wanted something different from the more readily available 18th or 19th century English or otherwise European settings starring wealthy white people. The Scarlet Kimono gives us 17th century Japan in all its beautiful and fascinating history. I was so happy to read a historical romance taking place in this sett [...]

    28. Hannah is one of those characters that you cannot tell if you really like or really hate. Seeing the world the way she did was incredibly frustrating for me in the beginning of this book. The way she feels about her family, her position in life, her rash decisions; I did not understand any of them. I felt a bit of this with Taro as well, it is a bit removed from his character. It was not until about 130 pages in, when these two encountered each other that I finally got hooked. Kidnapped by a pow [...]

    29. This is the second book I have read recently about Japan .is one is set in the seventeenth century, when it was a closed society and its only interaction with the outside world was through the trading post at Nagasaki An english girl arrives there on board a british ship,disguised as a stowaway boy in an attempt to flee a marriage decided upon by her parents. Unbeknown to her, a Japanese 'seer' has had a vision of her which he relates to his daimyohis samurai master.d he is convinced that her a [...]

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