A Weapon Of Opportunity

A Weapon Of Opportunity NYC Detective Hunter Vance has enough problems trying to do his job and catch a crafty opportunistic serial killer but complicating matters is the presence of the ghost of his deceased partner Davi

  • Title: A Weapon Of Opportunity
  • Author: Kiernan Kelly
  • ISBN: 9781607379843
  • Page: 358
  • Format: ebook
  • NYC Detective Hunter Vance has enough problems trying to do his job and catch a crafty, opportunistic serial killer, but complicating matters is the presence of the ghost of his deceased partner, David Brown David was always annoying and pushy, but now he s perpetually horny as well, continually driving Hunter to distraction.David s dead, but he has no intention of goingNYC Detective Hunter Vance has enough problems trying to do his job and catch a crafty, opportunistic serial killer, but complicating matters is the presence of the ghost of his deceased partner, David Brown David was always annoying and pushy, but now he s perpetually horny as well, continually driving Hunter to distraction.David s dead, but he has no intention of going anywhere In denial all his life, dying blew the closet door wide open, forcing David to face the fact that, not only is he gay, but he s in love with Hunter Now he ll do whatever it takes to correct his past mistakes and experience making love with Hunter, even it s if only vicariously through voyeuristic participation in Hunter s one night stands.

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      358 Kiernan Kelly
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    One thought on “A Weapon Of Opportunity”

    1. 3.5 stars Considering that *I do not like ghosts (should have read the description better, I know),(view spoiler)[*I do not like somewhat happy endings,*I very seldom want to read about children in books that have a lot of sex scenes and spooky/scary characters (hide spoiler)]I actually enjoyed the plot.

    2. Hunter is a detective with an empath power. His partner, David, has been dead for five years, but choose to linger in this world and help Hunter to solve cases. David sometimes "hitchhike" from Hunter's emotion to be able to feelWe get to the "middle" of a story though, when Hunter and David are facing a case of a serial killer that leaves no trace behind. In addition to that, we also get treated with romance. Hunter is out, but he secretly in love with his partner. David is straight is in life [...]

    3. What an interesting, inventive read! I love how much detail you went into with the ghosts and their abilities Kiernan. I read this late last night, and I gotta say it gave me chills thinking about the possibilities while reading this was totally believable, at least to me :p. Well done on another awesome read. Nxx

    4. I rather liked it. It was interesting and actually had tension in it, unlike this other ghost-themed one I started and drifted away from in the past couple of days.I think the author made a calculated risk when xe wrote the last part. I can't decide if I think it panned out or not, but it was interesting nonetheless.

    5. I enjoyed this book very much. Usually,I do not enjoy depictions of children in this genre but I found Cooper adorable. Probably because he didn't talk:)Loved Hunter and David.

    6. CAUTION: SpoilersI like this but I didn't really like the ending even though it was HEA. Sure, David came back and reunited with Hunterbut he's still a ghost! What happened to the issue of David being dead and Hunter aging as time goes by while dead David still look the same? Is it possible to have a future with a ghost as a lover? At the same time, I'm conflicted because I despise bittersweet stories and I didn't want David to be gone. I do want David back with Hunter, but I wanted David back a [...]

    7. A Weapon of Opportunity by Kiernan Kelly is an intriguing and fast paced mystery with a ghostly twist. A Weapon of Opportunity is not your typical ghost story. It is a well-written novel with many fascinating twists and turns. Ms. Kelly avoids overwhelming the reader by slowly revealing the supernatural content over the course of the novel. The ghostly and paranormal elements of the story are quite inventive and believable. Hunter Vance and David Brown are fully fleshed and vibrant characters. H [...]

    8. I do like a good ghost story and when there is hot sex involved, that's just icing :)As usual the one thing that drives me NUTS is the time frame is so freaking long. To be together for 10 years alive, and then 5 years after David's death and STILL not have actually talked about their feelings. What is with men??? :) Usually a near death experience will get guys talking but not even a return from beyond the grave got these guys to open up and say what should have been said.Oh well, they are both [...]

    9. A Weapon of Opportunity is a whimsical, entertaining story with good characters and a quick paced mystery. In some ways the story is similar to others – the ghost lover and detective are reminiscent of Drew Zachary’s series and the astral projection is eerily close to a current horror movie Insidious. Despite those reminders this story remains interesting and enjoyable to read from start to finish. I heard somewhere this is the start of a series and if so, then definitely one to watch.The pl [...]

    10. A Weapon of Opportunity was an entertaining read, but it also had some problems which might not be as big for other readers as they were for me.The story is well written and some solutions in the paranormal aspect of the story were quite original. The characters were undoubtedly male and there is humor in the book too, which is a big plus for me.The tone of the story is uneven though, as if author couldn't quite decide whether to go to the direction of Ghost Busters or The Exorcist, comedy or ho [...]

    11. 4 and a half starsWow, How come I hadn't read this book before?, it has it all, funny moments, tender moments, sad moments and all is wrapped in a original story that got me totally immersed, both MCs are pretty likable, and really well defined, Hunter is the stoic and stern knight who is loyal and compassionate, David is this laid back funny dude who deep down cares more for the people he loves than himself, throw in an adorable little kid with some problems and a mysterious murderer and you ha [...]

    12. 3.5 stars! I would have given it 4 stars but the author never resolved the issue of Hunter growing old and David remaining forever young. This annoyed me quite a bit and left the book feeling bittersweet with a HFN feeling rather than a HEA feeling. Given that I dont like books without a HEA, I think the story was quite nice. I was more sucked in on the mysterious serial killer angle rather than the romance. I never felt the tension of longing and lust between David and Hunter and almost feel th [...]

    13. A well-written thriller and a romance? Yes, it's possible and Kiernan Kelly never lets the pace slip as we race against time to stop a killer. Steamy scenes are interspersed with a well conceived plot featuring ghosts, psychics and a very special little boy. The only niggle for me was the first erotic scene which I couldn't stomach. I understand it was a device to demonstrate contrast with later erotic scenes but I still had to skip it and move on swiftly. Looking forward to more material from t [...]

    14. I maybe set myself up for disappointment when I started reading this one. I wasn't expecting a comedy exactly but I was expecting this to be slightly witter thanks to the book blurb. I'm not sure what to call this one, it definitely wasn't a romance, murder mystery sure, but hunter and David being thrown together just kinda seemed unrealistic. I know he's a ghost, therefore yes it is unrealistic, but if he wasn't a ghost they just didn't seem like they'd make a great match. Either way, Cooper wa [...]

    15. This paranormal story had a slow start but after the warmup, it just cruise all the way to the end. Intriguing plot that had me hooked and interesting style of writing had me holding on my kindle till wee hours of this morning. Recommended!

    16. 3.5 stars. Good paranormal m/m romance about a gay cop in love with his straight partner, who was killed in the line of duty five years earlier but his ghost remains.

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