A Crack in Everything

A Crack in Everything Politics money love what could go wrong Susan Callisto is pushing thirty and taking stock Before she traded financial security at a Boston law firm for sandals and jeans in Waltham she specialized

  • Title: A Crack in Everything
  • Author: Angela Gerst
  • ISBN: 9781590589465
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback
  • Politics, money, love what could go wrong Susan Callisto is pushing thirty and taking stock Before she traded financial security at a Boston law firm for sandals and jeans in Waltham, she specialized in real estate law Now she has reinvented herself as a political consultant for ordinary people seeking low level office Her income may be dicey, but Susan loves herPolitics, money, love what could go wrong Susan Callisto is pushing thirty and taking stock Before she traded financial security at a Boston law firm for sandals and jeans in Waltham, she specialized in real estate law Now she has reinvented herself as a political consultant for ordinary people seeking low level office Her income may be dicey, but Susan loves her new life until her sometime boyfriend, Detective Lieutenant Michael Benedict, dumps her without a goodbye Not one to mope, Susan uses humor and perpetual motion to push away the pain Susan s new world is one where politics can turn deadly and even love may not survive So when local high roller Charles Renfrow offers her a huge retainer to advise his political campaign, Susan is wary Why would a scientist stalking the human genome want to be mayor of a small Massachusetts town Finding the answer takes Susan through a maze of toxic secrets including those floating around Renfrow s biotech company On her way to confront him, Susan instead finds the body of his beautiful assistant Assigned to the case, Michael reenters Susan s life.When Michael s suspicions settle on Roddie Baird, yet another, and favorite, of Susan s clients, Susan elbows her way into the investigation She hopes to prove Michael wrong As she probes and lays her own life on the line Susan uncovers a crack in everything.

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      427 Angela Gerst
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    1. Poisoned Pen Press let me down. I don’t blame the author, although I suppose I could. But the author and I didn’t have a history, an established relationship, a rapport if you will, and from my perspective it was going really well. Poisoned Pen Press published good novels, and I like to purchase and read good novels, so it was what amounted to a beautiful friendship.I’d met a few of their authors, along with one of their founders and editor-in-chief Barbara Peters, and I’d even been fort [...]

    2. 3.5 Stars!Susan Callisto is a great addition to the series mystery genre. She is very practical and very well-rounded as a newly developed character. I believed her and couldn't wait to learn more.Susan has left the security of a law firm in order to run city level political campaigns. She also has a few clients that have followed her from the firm and still takes care of thier needs. She struggles for money but loves what she does.Enter political novice Charles Renfrow who begs Susan to help hi [...]

    3. I will admit that I was a little skeptical going into this book. You never know what you will be getting with an author's first book. I was very pleasantly surprised. This mystery in this book it exciting! It has plenty of murder, suspects, twists, turns and surprises. There are several things happening at once and they don;t seem to be connected. I loved how the author brought it all together to tie things up. The endingwow! Let's just say that the ending made my jaw drop in amazement. I never [...]

    4. Susan Callisto is a Boston attorney/election consultant, disappointed in love, and coping by throwing herself into her work. She is lured into taking on a last minute candidate for mayor, in the person of Chaz Renfrow, biotech specialist, despite some misgivings about his character. Within a few days, he and his assistant are dead. On the personal front, Susan's surrogate grandpa lands in the hospital, badly beaten. Could this incident be connected to his lease dispute? The case is assigned to h [...]

    5. A Crack in Everything is the first audiobook in the Susan Callisto mystery series by debut author Angela Gerst. Gerst has created a phenomenal character in Susan.Visit audiobookfans for my indepth review and audiobook giveaway! (Giveaway ends 9/20)

    6. In her debut novel Angela Gerst looks at what happens when you combine love, politics and murder.Susan Callisto is a real estate lawyer but also a small time political campaign consultant and she should have known better when Charles "Chaz" Renfro walked into her office, offering her 20, 000 dollars in order to be part of his campaign, as the election was only a few days away. But charmed by his smooth talking Susan agrees to offer him advice if he can only get the voter signatures needed to run [...]

    7. A Crack in Everything by Angela Gerst is a mystery suspense novel featuring betrayal, politics, real estate and of course murder. Unfortunately Susan Callisto finds herself dragged into the drama of all of these.Susan Callisto is a lawyer and political consultant. After working for a few years with a large firm she decided to go solo. Most of her work relates to a few real estate consultations and consulting on political campaigns. Susan is currently dealing with a former elderly client - Nino B [...]

    8. Susan Callisto has left the law firm where she started out as a real estate attorney for a career as a political consultant, supporting candidates for local office. When Charles Renfrow walks in, asking her to work on his campaign for Mayor of Telford, MA, offering a $20,000 retainer, she should be thrilled. She's not, in part because he's crowding her. But Renfrow is persistent, persuasive, and that $20,000 will make a big difference in her struggle to pay her bills. They make a handshake deal [...]

    9. I really enjoyed A Crack in Everything which is the debut mystery novel by Angela Gerst. Susan Callisto is a lawyer and a political consultant in Boston. Her world is turned upside down when possible politician Charles Renfrow walks into her life. Charles or Chaz as he is known is a charmer and he is the head of a biotech company that has questionable environmental concerns on the horizon. His $20,000 retainer is to attractive for the struggling political consultant to pass up. Then the bodies s [...]

    10. Book Review: 2 Treasure BoxesSusan is a lawyer and a political consultant working in Massachusetts, first she receives an unprecedented $20,000 retainer and before long her client’s secretary turns up dead. Her ex-boyfriend, who she still cares about, is the police detective working the case. Add into the mix political intrigue and a little bit of fraud and you get an interesting suspense story.A Crack in Everything is Angela Gerst’s debut novel. It is a suspense story told in a first person [...]

    11. This was an audiobook listen. I thought I had found the equivalent to my grandmother's Janet Evanovich in a go-to series. I like the heroine in this book, even though I have to keep reminding myself this is fiction and not cringe at every lawyer no-no that takes place. It seemed like the makings of a reliable go-to series. Then I visit the author's website and scour the net for some kind of update to see if she'll be continuing the series and, in the world where everything is discoverable, there [...]

    12. I picked up A Crack in Everything in part because the main character, Susan Callisto, is a political consultant. I anticipated that would provide an interesting perspective from which to view the world. On that score I was a bit disappointed. While her job was a catalyst for the mystery, I didn't learn much about the job itself -- or the unique human perspective Susan might have.However, the story held my interest and had plenty of twists and turns that kept me guessing. I really liked that Susa [...]

    13. First effort murder mystery--could really use some polish in a lot of different areas, but the protagonist, Susan Castillo, is a unique voice for the genre--she is a political consultant/lawyer, who gets unsuspectingly dragged into a controversy where one of the players ends up dead, and his estranged wife wants her to give back the retainer he paid her--Susan gradually dawns to a lot of the intrigue that at first escaped her, and it is a reasonable first effort for the author.

    14. I enjoyed this mystery. It did seem to go all over the place as far as suspects went - nearly everyone involved in the story was a suspect at one time or another. That's probably what kept me interested though, just when I thought, "Oh, that's who killed so-and-so!", they would be cleared with evidence implicating another character. The final conclusion did surprise me though - almost to the point that it wasn't very believable. (Don't want to give anything away!!!).

    15. Susan Callisto's consulting firm business is good, but money is short. Asked t help a friend run for mayor, Susan is tempted, but suspicious. What happens next is a surprise. OK novel, but too predictable.

    16. A Crack in Everything is a really goos suspense book. I found the ending really good. What I loved about this book is that the emotions of the characters are really well done. We could easily picture the scenes and how she lives through it.

    17. I didn't love itI felt the characters were introduced too rapidly and with no real introduction or explanation. I didn't care much about most of the characters, so I wasn't very invested in the mystery. Still, I kept reading, so it wasn't all bad!

    18. Well written. Interesting characters. Preposterous premises. Ridiculous basis for taking actions. Out of balance.

    19. Loved the plot and themes - well written with unexpected twists and turns. Well worth reading!

    20. Lots of twists and turns right up until the last chapter. A fun read plus it is set in Boston, so it was great to go home in my imagination.

    21. Interesting tangle of lives, the romantic relationship was weak. Character development could be stronger in general. But still an overall enjoyable book.

    22. I did not like this book at first. Maybe I was in a cranky mood, but I didn't like the writing or the story. I did end up enjoying the book, and will put the next in the series on my to-read list.

    23. 3.5 stars. I really enjoyed this book. I enjoyed her writing style and her descriptive sentences were terrific. What's amazing is I rated it so high and I didn't ever warm to the main character!

    24. It was well paced and I like that you are still reading a well crafted story, right up til the end.I like twists and turns, and will look forward to another one from this author.

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