Criminal Seduction

Criminal Seduction A man and woman who never should have meta brutal murder that defies comprehension eccentric life veiled in layer upon layer of secretsa maze of mystery and passion that unfolds with terrifying speedl

  • Title: Criminal Seduction
  • Author: Darian North
  • ISBN: 9780451180223
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Paperback
  • A man and woman who never should have meta brutal murder that defies comprehension eccentric life veiled in layer upon layer of secretsa maze of mystery and passion that unfolds with terrifying speedl ignite in this stunning novel.

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      159 Darian North
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    One thought on “Criminal Seduction”

    1. I gave it 4 stars for the 500 and so pages, I would have definitely given it 5 stars if it was 300 pages. You can easily imagine this book as a movie or a tv series. Very interesting and full of events. I would really like to read more for this author.

    2. I was very confused at first. Then it occurred to me that he was trying to show what really happens inside a courtroom as opposed to what we see on a TV program or movie. And life is not all about excitement- there is a balance of boredom and details. It became more tolerable.Then he adds a few more mysteries to be solved and the reading pace picks up. Was it really the artist who died? Or was it someone the artist killed and put in his studio? Who was the artist really? Who was his wife? Where [...]

    3. Another book that I picked it from the little library. It was uncanny how I was thinking this book must be published in 1993 as I leafed the hardcover, and surprisingly it was! I needed that to cross out my goal for the year. Prior to this, I read Postmortem. I was already high on with mystery/thriller theme. Therefore, I automatically pulled out Criminal Seduction. I couldn't wait to get started on this. And since the cover page was missing, with no blurb to give me hints on what to expect, thi [...]

    4. This is another one I picked because it was fat. I'd never heard of this author and after having read it, I know my pick-by-girth system is a good one. This is a great book - fascinating plot, fabulous characters and beautifully told. Owen Byrne is a cattle farmer in Kansas. He's working hard to make his family farm work with his father and two sisters and he needs cash. Plus, he's always liked to write. Nearly by accident he gets a chance to write a true crime book on a murder trial being held [...]

    5. This is one of those easy to read books. The basic premise is a cowboy who wants to be an author gets a chance with a true crime story. He starts attending the trial of a woman being dubbed as a 'Black Widow' who is accused of killing her artistic husband in a fire in his studio. The dialog flowed smoothly. Some of the character development was a bit rough and there were quite a few things that were rather predictable. The author did try to throw some fun twists throughout.

    6. A writer becomes obsessed with a beautiful Oriental woman accused of murdering her famous artist husband, leading him into a nightmare of seduction and mystery that threatens his life. Very different from his other books. Very psychological, involved plot. Slower paced than most legal thrillers.

    7. Another good mystery. This one is part court room drama, part love story, part murder mystery and part twisted drama. Is the accused woman playing games with the naive man falling in love with her or is she really an abused, damaged person? Is the talented artist a helping, generous person or a manipulative monster? Fast paced and intricately detailed, I thoroughly enjoyed this mystery.

    8. In spite of the generic title, this is a far above average mystery/thriller. So good that I was convinced that Darien North is a nom de plume of another, more renowned, author. His other titles don't measure up but this is worth the time.

    9. The book was a little uneven and overlong (500+ pages). And I'm not sure the author actually knows any women. Still, it kept my interest, and had an unusual take on narration: the lead character is tasked w/writing a book about a murder trial, and that's how the action begins.

    10. "Criminal Seduction" - written by Darian North and published in 1993 by Dutton Books. A dark murder mystery that started well, but did not finish well.

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