The Sky Took Him

The Sky Took Him It s a sad duty that brings Alafair Tucker to Enid Oklahoma in the fall of Her sister Ruth Ann s husband Lester is not long for this world and the family is gathering to send him to his rewa

  • Title: The Sky Took Him
  • Author: Donis Casey Pam Ward
  • ISBN: 9781433260063
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Audio
  • It s a sad duty that brings Alafair Tucker to Enid, Oklahoma, in the fall of 1915 Her sister Ruth Ann s husband, Lester, is not long for this world, and the family is gathering to send him to his reward Alafair had planned to make the trip on her own with her youngest daughter Grace so she is surprised and gratified when her eldest daughter Martha volunteers to come alIt s a sad duty that brings Alafair Tucker to Enid, Oklahoma, in the fall of 1915 Her sister Ruth Ann s husband, Lester, is not long for this world, and the family is gathering to send him to his reward Alafair had planned to make the trip on her own with her youngest daughter Grace so she is surprised and gratified when her eldest daughter Martha volunteers to come along and care for Grace, freeing Alafair to comfort the soon to be bereaved.But her niece s irresponsible husband, Kenneth, has disappeared at a most inconvenient time When it comes to light that Kenneth has been involved in some shady dealing with Buck Collins the most ruthless businessman in town everyone is convinced that Collins has done him in In fact, no other possibility is considered, not by the family or by the local lawmen But Alafair suspects that things are not so simple.Over the next few days, Alafair and Martha come face to face with blackmail, intimidation, murder, and family secrets that stretch back over twenty years And in the process, they discover things about each other that will change their relationship forever.

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      315 Donis Casey Pam Ward
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    One thought on “The Sky Took Him”

    1. This series just keeps getting better and better. As Alafair and Shaw's children are growing, life is changing drastically for them. Two daughters are married, one grandchild has arrived and a third daughter is engaged.In the midst of all this Alafair, along with oldest child Martha and youngest Grace, travel to Enid, Oklahoma to visit with Alafair's sister Ruth Ann and to help her while she is dealing with the coming death of her husband Lester. Ruth Ann's daughter, Olivia, and grandson Ron are [...]

    2. I really enjoy the "Alafair Tucker" mystery series. Set in Oklahoma at the beginning of the 20th century. Main character is a farm wife, mother of 11. Very interesting to read about a place and time that I know nothing about. I recommended this series to a 92 year old library customer who is originally from Oklahoma and she tore through the series!

    3. This is an interesting historical mystery series. This book takes our main character to the "large" town of Enid, OK in 1915. She goes there to support her sister as her husband is dying. Of course, there are many mysteries and Alafair, assists in sorting out the causes and punishing the baddies. A "Good Read"!

    4. First Line: The train out of Muskogee was very nearly empty.Alafair Tucker is going to Enid, Oklahoma, accompanied by her oldest and youngest daughters, Martha and Grace. Lester, the husband of Alafair's sister, Ruth Ann, is dying, and the family is gathering. When they arrive, Alafair learns that her niece Olivia's husband Kenneth has chosen a very inconvenient-- and thoughtless-- time to go on an extended business trip. When he doesn't return on the scheduled date, Alafair has a hunch that all [...]

    5. The Sky Took Him by Donis Casey is an "Alafair Tucker" mystery. I had not read any of the other titles of the series, which include The Old Buzzard Had It Coming, Hornswoggled, and The Drop Edge of Yonder. In the latest of the series, Alafair Tucker travels to Enid, Oklahoma from her home in tiny Boynton in the fall of 1915 to help her sister, Ruth Ann, whose husband is on his death bed. Alafair is a practical, hardworking mother of several children, and her life contrasts with that of Ruth Ann, [...]

    6. Alafair Tucker leaves most of her family behind to fend for themselves when she travels to Enid, Oklahoma at the request of her sister Ruth Ann Yeager. Ruth Ann’s husband Lester is dying. Alafair’s oldest daughter Martha travels with her mother and the baby Grace. It is an exciting time in Enid. The Founder’s Day Jubilee is ready to get underway. It is a sad time at the Yeager residence but Ruth Ann insists that Martha, Alafair and Grace take some time out to enjoy the festivities.There is [...]

    7. Donis Casey takes us back nearly 100 years to an era before The Great War, to a time and place without computers and cell phones, where even hot and cold running water is not available for everyone. In this tale, Alafair and two of her daughters travel to Enid, Oklahoma to be with her sister to offer emotional support to her and her dying husband. But during the visit, an unexpected death occurs, and Alafair’s natural curiosity and moral fiber drives her to uncover the truth. Much of the appea [...]

    8. Farm wife Alafair Tucker and two of her daughters head off to bustling Enid, OK to help Alafair's sister, whose husband is dying. But Ruth Ann has more than one problem. Her young son-in-law has not returned from his business trip, and apparently he owes money to a crooked businessman in town. Alafair has a premonition that he's dead, and when she finds his body things get even worse. The crooked businessman is immediately suspected, especially when there's a contrived oil-field disaster at a dr [...]

    9. I've heard this author speak a couple of times and am always impressed. I finally got this book and I'm so glad. I started to get a different one but while we were talking she mentioned this one is set in Enid, Oklahoma in 1915. I had family there then. I love reading about places and times that correspond to my family. Throwing in fantastic characters, a great plot and some mystery make this a great book. I'm anxious to go back and start the series at the beginning and work my way through.Casey [...]

    10. Book 4 of the Alafair Tucker series. Alafair goes out of town to give some comfort her sister who's husband is dying. While there her sister's daughter's husband is found dead. Alafair is on the hunt again, to find a killer. Alafair brought her oldest and youngest daughters with her. The married daughters and Alafair's husband and sons stayed on the farm because it is harvesting time. The year is 1915. I really liked this series. A 5th book has been published this year and I have it on my list t [...]

    11. This is an historical mystery that was so slow going I almost gave up. It has a nice cast of characters and the historical details are a plus. I enjoyed the plot too, especially the killer. So why did it take me months to finish? I felt uncomfortable with the characters, having not read any of the previous books, and the time and place being so very foreign to me. There is no swearing or violence in it. I will pass it on to my Mother and see what rating she gives it. I will try another in the se [...]

    12. The Sky Took Him was typical of all Alafair Tucker mystery books: vivid depictions of the time period including settings, characters, daily life, customs and actual recipes. This book included some additional historical facts in the afterward regarding the Cherokee strip, the Oklahoma land run, and prominent figures in Enid Oklahoma at that time. The mystery is a little weak but enjoyable all the same.

    13. Started this book this afternoon and decided it was a good day to finish too. I really enjoyed the first book of the series, and liked this one as much. The in-betweens were ok. The historical information was very interesting and I will be looking into the Oklahoma land rushes a bit more. I have come to love the Tucker family, they are folks I could call family.

    14. This is another wonderful book in the life of the Tucker family. Although I enjoy the mysteries and the history of Oklahoma, in my opinion, Donis Casey does a wonderful job of describing family relationships. In this book, the relationship of Martha and Alafair is exquisite in its description. If you happen to be a "first-born" daughter, I'm sure you can relate.

    15. I liked how this one moves to a new location and introduces the history of the land rush in Oklahoma. The concept of a Sooner was very nicely worked in to explain why a town leader is considered a villain.

    16. I missed the interaction of the whole family in this fourth book in this series and got a little bogged down in history of the oil industry in Oklahoma. As always though, protagonist Alifair Tucker is engaging and I couldn't guess "who done it". I've read the whole series and will continue.

    17. Part of a mystery series. Set in Oklahoma at the turn of the 20th century. Alafair Tucker is the sensible, hardworking mother of ten who also solves mysteries and her children's problems. Very nice sense of place.

    18. I liked this in spite of myself. The characters and the historical setting (Oklahoma in 1915) felt authentic and the plot was engaging. It's a murder mystery, not a piece of great literature--but I'll look in the library for more from her.

    19. A fun 'gossipy' mystery. One becomes acquainted with the family and the neighbors while Alafair Tucker solves the unsolvable mystery, enough twists and turns to make it interesting

    20. I liked this installment of the series. It was nice to see Alifair away from the farm and good to know more about Martha. Oh and a pretty decent story line too.

    21. Only gave this one four stars because it's been my least favorite of these books. While it was still a good story, it just wasn't as gripping as the others have been.

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