Absolute Batman: Hush

Absolute Batman Hush The complete best selling saga written by Jeph Loeb SUPERMAN BATMAN Smallville with art by fan favorites Jim Lee Scott Williams SUPERMAN Uncanny X Men collected together for the first time in the ov

  • Title: Absolute Batman: Hush
  • Author: Jeph Loeb Jim Lee Scott Williams
  • ISBN: 9781401204266
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The complete best selling saga written by Jeph Loeb SUPERMAN BATMAN, Smallville with art by fan favorites Jim Lee Scott Williams SUPERMAN, Uncanny X Men collected together for the first time in the oversized slipcase format This slipcased edition features the two books Hush an epic tale of friendship, trust and betrayal that spans the Dark Knight s lifetime TThe complete best selling saga written by Jeph Loeb SUPERMAN BATMAN, Smallville with art by fan favorites Jim Lee Scott Williams SUPERMAN, Uncanny X Men collected together for the first time in the oversized slipcase format This slipcased edition features the two books Hush an epic tale of friendship, trust and betrayal that spans the Dark Knight s lifetime This Absolute edition includes an all new cover by Lee Williams, a Jim Lee Sketchbook and issue by issue commentary by the creative team.

    • Best Read [Jeph Loeb Jim Lee Scott Williams] ½ Absolute Batman: Hush || [Philosophy Book] PDF ✓
      366 Jeph Loeb Jim Lee Scott Williams
    • thumbnail Title: Best Read [Jeph Loeb Jim Lee Scott Williams] ½ Absolute Batman: Hush || [Philosophy Book] PDF ✓
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    One thought on “Absolute Batman: Hush”

    1. I had such a hard time deciding how to rate this one. I liked it and I didn't like it. I'm going with a four starjust because I love me some Batman and there are several really good things about this book.Like: Batman and Catwoman. Do I like them together doing the smoochie smoochie? Well, somewhat. I thought it would be hotter than it wasI mean come on, they are both awesomenessbut well it kinda fizzled in this book.But here? Pure hawt.Yes, I know I'm weird. I've been told that before.The artwo [...]

    2. (A-) 81% | Very GoodNotes: A grandiose, sprawling, byzantine epic, it’s about exploiting vulnerabilities and the tactical manipulation of memory.

    3. سری کوتاه بتمن که طراحی مناسبی داره و روند داستانی رو به تناسب حجم کمش، خوب جلو میبره. طراحی مناسبه و اکشن، هیجان و تعلیق خوبی توش به کار رفته. اثر اِستند اِلونی نیست و در ادامه آثار قبلی نوشته شده. بخش جالبی هم که داره اینه که یه قسمت پویزن آیوی، سوپرمن رو تحت کنترل میگیره و اون [...]

    4. Jim Lee Superstar,Or: How Many Fights Can You Pack Into One Book?Batman vs. Killer Croc, Batman vs. Catwoman, Huntress vs. assorted “street punks,” Killer Croc vs. Batman and Catwoman, Poison Ivy vs. Catwoman, Batman vs. Superman, Harley Quinn vs. almost everybody, Batman vs. Joker… These are just the major fights of the book’s first half, there are many more. As you can imagine, fighting takes up a good chunk of the story. The remaining pages… well, they are little more than the despe [...]

    5. An unknown enemy is trying to destroy Batman at the same time he enters into a relationship with Catwoman. But who knows all of Batman's secrets?I've been hearing about Hush since it was coming out in monthly format and finally decided to give it a chance. It was totally worth it.Honestly, I was skeptical at first. While I liked Jeph Loeb's work on Batman: The Long Halloween, I thought it felt a little padded. As for Jim Lee, I was wondering if he still had that old magic. I was not disappointed [...]

    6. Batman and Catwoman sitting in a tree, K-I–S-S- . Okay, enough with that.What I find fascinating is that nearly every Batman graphic novel I’ve read recently has been a good/great one. Forbidden Planet lists their top 50 graphic novels of all time. Batman has 5. No one else comes close. Many of the major comic writers have all tackled Batman: Frank Miller, Grant Morrison, Alan Moore, Jeph Loeb, Ed Brubaker, Neil Gaiman, Chuck Dixon etc. etc. forbiddenplanet/picks/50- What makes Batman such [...]

    7. Never have I read such an emotionally satisfying Batman tale.As much as I loved The Dark Knight Returns (and what sixteen year old comic book geek in 1986 didn't?), there is something inaccessible about Frank Miller’s Batman that always pushed me two paces to the side. Jeph Loeb’s Batman, though, is a different guy. Well, he’s the same guy, but Batman Hush invites us into Batman/Bruce in a way I’ve never experienced. I can’t pin down exactly why, but there are a few possibilities. Firs [...]

    8. I guess I'm mostly alone in not thinking much about this title -- but here are my reasons:SPOILERS BELOW********************************************************************************I don't think Lee's artwork is right for this story. I know this is a very "personal taste" kind of thing - but so be it. His work is very "high-def", and I think mysteries are more effective with subtle, even murky imagesI don't want to see each individual sinew of Batman's bicep, and I don't think it helps set th [...]

    9. Absolutely fantastic.Though, holy spoilers, Batman.Hehehe.I suppose you have to expect that with such a long running series, but honestly this doesn't keep me from wanting to read the previous stories any bit even though I know what's going to happen now. Plus, I kind of knew bits and pieces from the movies, the animated series, and the video games already so I can't really complain that much.I really love all of the women in this universe, though Catwoman will always be my favorite. I've loved [...]

    10. Hush. It's hush hush, keep the villain a secret. Jeph Loeb said it started out as a joke. But no joke, it's a well written mystery. I'm no mystery expert, nor the world's greatest detective. But you're guessing and second guessing until the very end. So it gets points for high readability and entertainment value alone. Hush is this: Batman is doing his normal rounds when the villains are suddenly acting and fighting with uncharacteristic superiority, and he realizes that someone smarter and more [...]

    11. 4.5 starsWow. This is probably my favorite Batman comic!I went into this thinking that I already knew who Hush was. I thought it was (view spoiler)[ Jason Todd(hide spoiler)]. But there were so many twists and turns in this that I soon realized I had no idea who Hush was and I was caught completely off guard at the end. I like that, at its core, it's a classic detective story. And I love that they did that because it stays true to who Batman is: a detective.I also really loved all the character [...]

    12. Hush is without doubt one of the worst Batman books of the last 15 years but what makes it even worse is how highly it's rated by so many comics readers. Well, I re-read this recently because I couldn't remember a thing about it from the first and only other time I read this years ago and what did I find? Good reason for why I couldn't remember a thing about it. So I wrote an article on it's many failings here

    13. 4.3/5 Hush is not only one of the best Batman Comics I've ever Read but one if the best Comics i have ever Read. Period. it's a solid overall story with a butt load of cool cameos. it's a solid mix of seriousness and fun with some really good detective and mystery elements. The art work by Jim Lee is really, really good, I always love his Batman stuff. This book isn't with out it's flaws though it does get boring and a bit repetitive and I really hate how much useless inner monologue Batman has [...]

    14. I've read Hush in the past (Batman: Hush, Vol. 1, Batman: Hush, Vol. 2), but this one is some kind of collector's edition or something.Whee!Except I didn't actually open the book at the library.So.Yeah, it turns out that Hush Unwrapped is meant to showcase Jim Lee's penciling. Which, to be fair, are really impressive. However, I'm not a fan of black and white comics. Not only that, but it's is really hard in some of the panels to tell exactly what is going on. Especially the action scenes. Pssst [...]

    15. This was a good graphic novel. There were a lot of twists and turns in the storyline as Batman followed Breadcrumbs and realized that a particular character wasn't the one pulling strings, and everything is leading to a puppet master behind everything. A parallel storyline is Bruce's relationship with Thomas Elliot, a childhood friend who has suffered losses just as Bruce did, but went in a different direction. What I didn't like so much is that the main character who is behind everything really [...]

    16. This comic story has everything that it tends to become disjointed at times but at its best, it was able to provide insightful examinations on Batman’s social circle which includes fellow caped crusaders and the colorful villains that composed the infamous rogue gallery. Hush basically has every character you have ever known in the Batverse: the Robins minus Damian Wayne, the Huntress, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Joker and Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Two-faced, Ra’s Al Ghul, The Riddler, etc. There [...]

    17. I am usually a fan of Jeph Loeb's writing and this was no exception. This story stays true to what Batman really is: a detective. And yet, it also gives you some insight into his life as Bruce Wayne. We get to see several of his relationships which include Dick, Tim, Jason, Alfred (of course), Selina (my fav), and even a childhood friend, Tommy Elliott. Cameos from classic Batman villains are always welcome. Even more so, when they are acting even stranger than usual. We even get a new one!The w [...]

    18. 2.5 stars. This was a pretty good Batman story but I went into it with such high expectations that when I finished I was a little disappointed. Overall, I enjoyed it but it is not among my favorite Batman stories. I did, however, really like the art by Jim Lee.

    19. A very entertaining, very good Bat-book. Has the flavor of a Morrison Batman book without the batshit craziness.

    20. At first, I just knew who Hush was. Then Jeph Loeb kept on tossing baits at me and I couldn't help myself from falling for the traps. The story was well-written and built with great suspense. There's a huge collection of villains throughout the volume and they each had their moment to shine and show readers who they were. As short as their presentations were, it was absolutely satisfying. It kept the focus on the main plot and gave Jim Lee and Scott Williams to draw out some of the best artwork [...]

    21. All-star cast!Something peculiar seems to be pushing the buttons of every bad guy who has ever hated Batman. One by one, terrifying villains Batman has battled and defeated in the past are hunting down Gotham's superhero once again to finish him at last, empowered by a strange confidence and new skills. Well, at least Batman can count on his friendsybe. Some of them are acting peculiar, too. Murderous, actually. Oh oh.In this special collection, everything that we who adore comics and what we ad [...]

    22. I'm not going to be able to add anything that any of the other of the thousands of reviews have already said. But this is clearly one of the best story arcs in the history of Batman. Highly recommended for everyone!

    23. When I read this book I may or may not have pried myself away from its pages at 1 in the morning and promised I would get back to it soon, whimpering as I walked away from it. Hush is fantastic. It is really a masterpiece. The art is beautiful, the watercolour flashbacks are gorgeous, it is so detailed and so vast and so sprawling. There are lots and lots of full-page panels, which I adore and I loved this cast of characters. Most of all I loved Catwoman. Catwoman and I have a long-standing diff [...]

    24. I like Catwoman, I have liked her since I saw Batman with Michelle Pfeiffer in the role. For me she is the perfect Catwoman and Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway isn’t half a Catwoman as she is! Anyway this is a great comic book; I started reading it late an evening (never a good thing when one has to go up early to find something so delicious to read) and I it was such a good story with lots of lots of villains and some Batman & Catwoman luve!! I’m a girl, I like a bit of snogging sometimes [...]

    25. WOW!!! This was a really good story! So first off the artwork is beautiful! Every page looks outstanding and there were some single panel pages that were amazingly done, well done Jim Lee! The story is a little harder to talk about, this kinda feels like Batman Eternal, because of the main plot and all the different sub plots, one of the sub plots being one which explores Batman and Catwoman's relationship which was good! The Main story is hard to talk about, one of its flaws is that it does jum [...]

    26. Predivivni crtezi prepuni detalja, akcija koja skoro ostavlja bez daha i atmosfera koja je skoro savrsena.Ali onda stizemo do price i najslabijeg dela i koje mi na kraju skoro upropasti sve ovo. Jednostavno suvise konfuzno i to ne potrebno sa glupavim objasnjenjima i bezveznim krajem.Velika steta ali opet po meni svaka preporuka za ljubitelje Batmana.

    27. The first part of this book was an absolute hoot for me. It kept me on the edge of the seat and was very interesting. But the more links and clues, hints and deceptions were included in the book, the more I lost interest (because either I knew who is behind it all or just started to lose interest because there were no new clues). The background events were repeated fights just with different opponents not giving much more insight into the whole story (by the end). So that was disappointing and f [...]

    28. Batman: Hush: Amazing artwork but formulaic storylineOriginally published at Fantasy LiteratureBatman: Hush (2002-2003) is a story arc that appeared originally as Batman #608-619. I first saw it as a bound collection at Barnes & Noble when my daughter was shopping for Christmas presents. I knew nothing about internal chronology, but I picked it up and was just stunned by the glossy, dynamic, sensual and powerful artwork of Jim Lee. This guy is really something else, I can understand why he i [...]

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