Scarface Tony Guarino grew up in the hard world of the bar and the poolroom where every gangster was a hero and every cop an enemy Only the tough made it When he was just eighteen he killed Al Spingola gang

  • Title: Scarface
  • Author: Armitage Trail Maurice Coons
  • ISBN: 9780747578611
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tony Guarino grew up in the hard world of the bar and the poolroom, where every gangster was a hero and every cop an enemy Only the tough made it When he was just eighteen, he killed Al Spingola, gang boss and ruthless slayer, and was catapulted into notoriety and fame, but that was to be just the beginning of his rise to dominance.

    Scarface Dec , Directed by Brian De Palma With Al Pacino, Michelle Pfeiffer, Steven Bauer, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio In Miami in , a determined Cuban immigrant takes over a drug cartel and succumbs to greed. Scarface film Scarface Rotten Tomatoes Scarface is one of those must see films that everyone who loves crime thrillers needs to see, if only for the intense character portrait of crime. Scarface Say Hello to My Little Friend Scene Jun , Howard Hawks X Marks the Spot motif in depicting the story line s many murders is dispensed with in the Scarface instead, we are inundated with blood by the bucketful, especially in the Scarface film SCARFACE BrotherMob Twitter The internet will kill you quicker than a gun will.I sympathize with people who are really sick with cancer God be with you And as happy as the news of me being down will make some it will also make them even sadder to know its all untrue I m alive and well yea I know Scarface Biography History AllMusic Scarface quickly became the South s most admired rapper and remained so throughout the s after breaking away from the Geto Boys to launch his solo career in Even if he never scored any national hits or stormed up the charts with any of his numerous albums throughout the s, no one could question his clout throughout the South. Scarface music, videos, stats, and photos Last Scarface born Brad Jordan, November , is a rapper from the South Acres neighborhood in Houston, Texas, originally known for his work as a member of the Geto Boys. Scarface Movie Review Common Sense Media The powerful triumvirate of director Brian DePalma, screenwriter Oliver Stone, and actor Al Pacino came together to create this s soaked reworking of the classic Howard Hawks gangster film, SCARFACE It s the story of Cuban refugee, Tony Montana Al Pacino who climbs to the top of Miami s cocaine scene, eventually falling prey to both addiction and his own assassination. Scarface Full Cast Crew Scarface cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and .

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    One thought on “Scarface”

    1. "She was the sort of girl that immediately and unconsciously made a young man ambitious for more intimate acquaintance and an old man regretful for his age."That would've been a fantastic opening for the book, but it came later It actually opens with Tony, a young nobody, killing a gang leader for his dameThe book is about the rise of Tony through the ranks of gangsters in post-world war I Chicago, with Prohibition and lots of homemade alcohol and machine guns.Tony starts off as a nobody, but af [...]

    2. It's important to go in knowing that this book inspired the movie but it isn't a recap of the movie. Scarface takes place during Prohibition. Tony Guarino is a young tough who falls in love (from a distance) with the girlfriend of a notorious mob leader. When he approaches her for a date she quickly dismisses him saying "Whenever you get a flock o'dough, kid, an' a big car, why come around and then maybe I'll date you." Tony rents an expensive car, wraps a hundred dollar bill around a wad of one [...]

    3. Firstly, don't let yourself be lead by the cover! Brian de Palma's 1983 film starring (hot hot hot) Al Pacino has almost nothing to do with this novel. The book character Scarface ressembles a great deal more Al Capone's profile, a mobster building his empire by ilicit substances and alcohol during the Great Depression. Very interesting and definitively worth reading, though.

    4. The silliness of this book does not quite manage to rescue it from mediocrity. The Brian de Palma movie, based somewhat loosely on the book, (which is loosely based on the life of Al Capone) is much better.

    5. Having not seen the film Scarface I can judge this novel on the story alone. I have to say I enjoyed Scarface, it is a gritty gangster drama which keeps the pages turning. Scarface follows the story of Tony Guarino, a small time gangster who becomes the head of a powerful criminal organisation. After going to fight in World War I Tony returns to his home and finds he has been declared dead. This allows him assume a new identity and begin again. What follows in the life of Tony Guarino and his cr [...]

    6. Scarface (1930) This fairly straight forward gangster story is the basis of the 1930 Howard Hawks gangster film and it reads a lot like Little Caesar (1929), which was published a year earlier. Trail may or may not have read Burnett’s piece, but it’s conceivable that two separate writers could have come up with this straight-line narrative. A lot of the elements of the Ben Hecht script are in this novel, but they are better written in the movie. This does grant Tony Guarino some dignity and [...]

    7. Published in 1930, the year of its author's untimely death (Armitage Trail was a pseudonym for Maurice Coons), Scarface was the inspiration for the (far better) 1932 Howard Hawks film of the same title, which starred Paul Muni. Somehow, this mediocre novel led to a fairly robust cinematic narrative that was then remade (well), by Brian De Palma, in 1983, with Al Pacino. Loosely based on the life of gangster Al Capone, Scarface is meant to be a ripped-from-the-headlines tale of greed and violence [...]

    8. Ο Χάουαρντ Χοκς είναι ο σκηνοθέτης της γνωστής νουάρ ταινίας του 1932 και το βιβλίο αυτό γράφηκε από τον Χάουαρντ Χοκς με βάση την ταινία αυτή. Φυσικά, τόσο η ταινία του 1932 όσο και η ταινία του 1983 με σκηνοθέτη τον Ντε Πάλμα και πρωταγωνιστή τον Αλ Πατσίνο, βασίζονται στο βιβλίο [...]

    9. The pulpy writing style makes for some great action setpieces and a nice sense of gangster atmosphere, but that's about all I enjoyed in the book. The dialogue is all the old mobster speak cliches amped up to a ridiculous degree, there's no real structure to the story so much as it's a collection of scenes with people filling us in on important characters only as they momentarily become important to things, and Tony isn't really all that much of a compelling character. It's not awful, it's just [...]

    10. Very different from the movies it supposedly inspired. As you read along, you realise how different it is, but almost halfway through the book, you start spotting the similarities with the Paul Muni film and chuckle to yourself. Also makes you wonder at the genius of Ben Hecht, who took some of the characters and plot points and did his own thing on the screenplay. A very compelling book. It's a pity Armitage Trail had to go so young. He surely would have produced some great work over the years. [...]

    11. I'm not sure if the novel was gritty for a gangster novel. Nothing surprised me or had me gripping the chair for suspense. While reading I also thought the clichés were so awful. One line that really hated was "get a dose of their own medicine". I didn't think it was a gangster line, not that I knew what would sound gangster. But that surely didn't seem a good one. The author also had to recap every characteristics/traits of every character every time they get reintroduced or thought of which I [...]

    12. I read this book many years ago, but I remember clearly how it disappointed me. To this day it is one of the worst books I ever read the story would be interesting if the author had any style at all, but the whole narrative is just bland and has about the same verve and originality of a entry, also, the author seems to be unable to use synonyms and therefore keeps using the same expression to describe the actions and attitude of the protagonist. Simply awful.

    13. This novel isally quite basic. There is little to no imagination to the narration, and the plot is predictable. However, that latter point is probably due to the movies based on it being so well-known.

    14. A very good crime book! I cant compare it with Mario Puzo though, but its of a more crime than mario puzos books and in a much quicker tempo. Things happening in each page of the book, it keeps you interested in the whole book. 4 stars because of the comparison of similar type of books.

    15. A book that closely reminds you of Godfather.Tony Guarino (Camonte) had risen from vassal to a czar.The gang wars and the blood spilling remains predictable yet notoriously worded.Keeps you glued and gives a rush of blood as you turn every leaf of the book.Read on :)

    16. I'd always believed no crime novel can ever come close to challenging Mario Puzo's The Godfather-I. But scarface comes quite close. The details and depth of the notions, the crime organizations descriptions, loved it. One can't help but emphatize with the protagonist. Loved it.

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