The Dive: A Story of Love and Obsession

The Dive A Story of Love and Obsession The sea was our common home and I felt our connection went back a very long way to a time that predated man s emergence from the water In Francisco Pip n Ferreras a native Cuban and a world ch

  • Title: The Dive: A Story of Love and Obsession
  • Author: Pipin Ferreras Pipin Ferreras
  • ISBN: 9780060564162
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The sea was our common home, and I felt our connection went back a very long way to a time that predated man s emergence from the water.In 1996, Francisco Pip n Ferreras, a native Cuban and a world champion in the dangerous and controversial sport of free diving, met Audrey Mestre, a beautiful French marine biology student who had sought him out in Cabo San Lucas forThe sea was our common home, and I felt our connection went back a very long way to a time that predated man s emergence from the water.In 1996, Francisco Pip n Ferreras, a native Cuban and a world champion in the dangerous and controversial sport of free diving, met Audrey Mestre, a beautiful French marine biology student who had sought him out in Cabo San Lucas for her research A passionate romance immediately bloomed between the two, and their love was bonded by a shared fascination with and devotion to the ocean When the couple moved back to Miami, Audrey took up the sport herself and quickly proceeded to break the female world record 115 meters They soon became free diving s power couple, testing the limits of their wills and bodies by descending to unthinkable depths, training and touring together, encouraging and motivating each other.Then, on October 12, 2002, in a dive off the coast of the Dominican Republic, tragedy struck Audrey s attempt to break the world record with a dive of 170 meters ended in her death Suddenly, Pip n haunted by questions, reeling from the loss of his soul mate could no longer find solace in the sea that had always been his true home.Now, for the first time, Pip n tells his story He shares the heart pounding adventure and fierce competition that fuel the sport of free diving and his own addiction to it He addresses the controversy that has followed him throughout his career and that spun out of control after Audrey s death And he relates the haunting story of his relationship with Audrey a unique and complicated tale of love and obsession taken to extreme depths.

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    • [PDF] Ä Free Read ↠ The Dive: A Story of Love and Obsession : by Pipin Ferreras Pipin Ferreras Þ
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    One thought on “The Dive: A Story of Love and Obsession”

    1. Before reading this book, I absolutely knew nothing about freediving. I didn’t even know it was a sport to begin with. And I’d never heard of freediving’s super couple, Francisco (Pipín) Ferrares and his wife Audrey Mestre. It just suddenly came on my radar one day (see Watch This for more info about that!) But after that little piece of news, I knew I had to find out more about not only Pipín and Audrey, but the sport as well.What is freediving? Well, freediving is a form of underwater [...]

    2. I always glance at the "staff picks" shelf at our local library and this was sitting on it the last time I went in. It went into my bag because 1) I'm a SCUBA diver and am fascinated by the world beneath the ocean's surface; 2)I watched "Big Blue" years ago and could not believe people would plunge to unimaginable depths on a SINGLE breath; and 3) I'm always up for a good love story. This book did not disappoint. Sure the writing itself was mediocre, and the writer himself has several character [...]

    3. I decided to read this book because I just finished Deep: Freediving, Renegade Science, and What the Ocean Tells Us about Ourselves, which called into question Ferreras' role in his wife's death. After reading The Dive, I am convinced that Pipin didn't have any criminal intent, but I'm also convinced that Audrey's death was mostly Pipin's fault.This book was very compelling. The subtitle succinctly described the text: a story of love and obsession. No Limits deep sea diving sounds suicidal with [...]

    4. a fascinating insight into the life of a free diver. I found him to be endearingly honest about his shortcomings although I guess those are no secret, since there is a more negative account of Audrey's last dive from his former partner Carlos. In the end, I think it's important to remember that in scuba you are taught that ultimately *you* are responsible for your gear, your depths, your limits. people who blame pipin squarely take away from the autonomy of Audry, even if she was younger and dee [...]

    5. Despite the topic and the author's traditional profession, this book was an amazing narrative about an amazing story. As a certified open water diver, the way in which Pipin, and Audrey, experienced the ocean gives me a new appreciation, and I am grateful that Pipin has allowed such a private, intriguing look into their lives together. I would recommend this to all divers, and anyone who appreciates the life-changing experience under the surface that Pipin has managed to put so well into words.

    6. A true tale of love and devotion, not just for the extreme sport but for his lost love.I've been a fan and a participant of the sport for nearly 2 decades, dabbling in various forms of it though not nearly to the degree that they have. They both reached truly remarkable depths, and unfortunately, with such extreme sports, come extreme and sometimes unforgiving results.Loved the book, although I knew before reading it that it would definitely have its tearjerker moments.

    7. I really enjoyed this book. It combines two of my favorite themes-memoir and extreme human endeavors-to tell a story I wanted to know more about after reading about Pipin and Audrey online. I read this in one day after receiving a used copy from . Only 4 stars because I think Pipin is likely an unreliable narrator and I am glad I also ordered the book written by Pipin's former dive partner about the same fateful dive!!

    8. Love binds us together in mysterious ways. The divers in this story loved each other and their sport of deep diving. I remember my dive instructor saying "nitrogen narcosis can give you a feeling known as 'rapture of the deep'd then you die.Also, inspiring for the fitness necessary to do this sport. I'll be swimming, jogging and weight lifting for the rest of my life to get into the shape necessary for my next "deep dive" into literature.

    9. Ive read this book way to many times to not be in love with it. Everytime i read it i feel more and more like pipin in his diving adventures. I feel the way he feels when he falls in love with audrey and their life up until the tragedy. Their experience and passion together in the water is really inspiring. Very Good Read!

    10. I really enjoyed this book: a memoir of a 'free diver' and the love story and tragic loss of his beautiful wife. I don't think I've ever heard of free diving before and it was really interesting to learn about it. A very honest and funny memoir, the author shares his flaws and story quite openly. There were many beautiful passages describing the author and his wife's love of the ocean

    11. Incredible sport if you are a fan of the water. The writing is something to be desired. But it's interesting to learn about the sport of free diving, and a married couple who competed and ultimately paid a price for the sport's danger.

    12. This book reveals a story of power, obsession, and love. It's hard to put down once you've started. It also leaves you with a feeling of wondering who to believe. I, personally, would love to meet Pipin Ferreras in person. I find his pursuit of perfection simply fascinating.

    13. This is a 'real' love story. The incredible life of Pipin Ferreras and Audrey Mestre. A full life of diving adventure and world records.

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