The Day It Rained Forever

The Day It Rained Forever A The Day It Rained Forever is a collection of short stories by Ray Bradbury It was previously released in the US as Medicine for Melancholy with a slightly different list of stories The Day It R

  • Title: The Day It Rained Forever
  • Author: Ray Bradbury
  • ISBN: 9780140101201
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Paperback
  • A The Day It Rained Forever 1959 is a collection of short stories by Ray Bradbury It was previously released in the US as Medicine for Melancholy with a slightly different list of stories The Day It Rained Forever In a Season of Calm Weather The Dragon The End of the Beginning The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit Fever Dream Referent The Marriage Mender The TownA The Day It Rained Forever 1959 is a collection of short stories by Ray Bradbury It was previously released in the US as Medicine for Melancholy with a slightly different list of stories The Day It Rained Forever In a Season of Calm Weather The Dragon The End of the Beginning The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit Fever Dream Referent The Marriage Mender The Town Where No One Got Off Icarus Montgolfier Wright Almost at the End of the World Dark They were and Golden eyed The Smile Here there be Tygers The Headpiece Perchance to Dream The Time of Going Away The Gift The Little Mice The Sunset Harp A Scent of Sarsaparilla And the Rock Cried Out The Strawberry Window

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    • ✓ The Day It Rained Forever || ✓ PDF Read by Í Ray Bradbury
      243 Ray Bradbury
    • thumbnail Title: ✓ The Day It Rained Forever || ✓ PDF Read by Í Ray Bradbury
      Posted by:Ray Bradbury
      Published :2018-07-20T08:11:07+00:00

    One thought on “The Day It Rained Forever”

    1. I hadn't before thought of Ray Bradbury as such a good writer -- a good ideas person, but I hadn't thought of his stories as well-crafted, tight, polished things. These ones definitely are: they held me spellbound; I read them all at once. There's the magic of the ordinary and the everydayness of technology that is almost like magic; he does all this very well. I cared less for some of the stories, but all of them kept me reading, and most of them kept me wondering Wondering what happened before [...]

    2. Ok, this is the last one I'm reviewing, but the actual story "The Day it Rained Forver" is amazing. You will feel like you are crying on another planet.

    3. I was about to give this two stars as the stories are in my opinion partly unconvincing and some of them didn't quite resonate with me; the lack of (strong?) female characters (yes, I know, it's a 50s book, still, it itches me) can be quite annoying at times as every woman who appears is a) a mother b) a girlfriend (to be) or c) a wife - and I can't make my mind up about the "reverse racism" story wherein white people are persecuted/discriminated against/collectively despised - are those suppose [...]

    4. Each story is shaking me with the depth of imagination and surprising sci-fi ingredients poured into them. Each story can be remembered as if you have read a whole book and digested it. Especialy notable one is "Fever Dream" for example, with some references to the Metamorphosis. My favourite yet, "In a Season of Calm Weather" tells the story of George Smith, a Picasso fan to death, who never had the 5000 bucks to own a painting, meeting him surprisingly in his calm summer vacation drawing a mas [...]

    5. When young read a lot of Bradbury, and now 're-visiting him decades later am even more impressed with his imagination, future visions, and clear flowing story telling that (mostly) predicted a positive space age that opened the cosmos to adventure. Underpinning many of his tales with the myths associated with stereotypical small town America , he captures both the longing and irony of mid 20th Century " good life " . I enjoyed this so much I am off in search of some Dandelion Wine

    6. This is one of the best short story collections. Generally I find short stories very incomplete and well (frankly) meaningless and so a bit of a waste of time. Bradbury, however is a master of the art. The stories in this collection all spoke volumes, were beautifully written and were incredibly thought provoking. I have definitely become a fan.

    7. This is classic old Bradbury and has many stories that have been adapted to television, chapbooks, comics and many other areas. Since the stories have been converted so many times I ended up have read a lot of these stories in other areas. But rereading them was a pleasure as many are classics.Here There be Tygers, The Wonderful Ice-Cream Suit, Fever Dream, The Dragon, and The Smile are some standouts, and they are all different. One is a typical sf space story, another is a fantastical urban ta [...]

    8. "The Long Rain"“How much farther, Lieutenant?”“I don’t know. A mile, ten miles, a thousand.”“Aren’t you sure?”“How can I be sure?”“I don’t like this rain. If we only knew how far it is to the Sun Dome, I’d feel better.”“Another hour or two from here.”“You really think so, Lieutenant?”“Of course.”“Or are you lying to keep us happy?”“I’m lying to keep you happy. Shut up!”--“How many million years since the rain stopped raining here on Venus?” [...]

    9. There are 6 unpublished stories in this collection.Here There Be TygersAnd the Rock Cried OutAlmost the End of the worldReferentThe Sunset HarpPerchance to Dream.Here There Be Tygers - space explorers find a planet uninhabitable but not for obvious reasons.And The Rock Cried Out - depressing tale of a married couple's journey through Mexico - leading to what they are sure is impending - disaster.Almost the End of the World- we would get so much done without television! I wholehartedly believe th [...]

    10. Meh.Perhaps I expected too much. Bradbury has a lot of followers. I like vintage SF and short stories. Wyndham is a master. These though? Most left me feeling cheated. The stories certainly dragged you on - can't deny the boy can write. But then they'd end and you're left wondering why you'd been on the ride. A couple were more rich- The town where no one got off was a bit better and And the rock cried out. Even they felt strained though. Glad I only paid $1 at a fund raiser. How did he get from [...]

    11. Ah yes, what can I say about Ray Bradbury that hasn't already been said, a million times, a million ways? The Day It Rained Forever is yet another timeless collection of short stories from one of the best writers of the 20th century. Read it. You won't be disappointed.

    12. An excellent collection of stories by the master, Ray Bradbury. I liked this one the best of all the bunch, except for The Martian Chronicles, my favourite. There is a wonderful MC-like story in here, too, called "Dark They Were and Golden Eyed". A great variety of stories with a wonderful Twilight-Zone quality of wonder, morality and the dawning Space Age.

    13. This is a fantastic short story collection from Ray Bradbury that, although marketed as science-fiction, is often plain social satire and yet just as engaging. With only two below par stories - the titular one and the narrative about racism - the rest of them are great, in particular 'In a Season of Calm Weather'.

    14. A well-written but rather repetitive dark and quirky angle on life with some science fiction thrown in. The 50's perspective on the USA (short) stories didn't go down well with me, but for brief reads, interesting in some cases.

    15. Since it is the end of the month, one of my book clubs will be starting a group read in a day or two. A collection of short stories seemed to just the ticket! Disappointingly , although these are beautifully written, they are just not for me.

    16. I didn't love every single story, but there are some gorgeous stories here that make it worth reading. "In a Season of Calm Weather", "the End of the Beginning", and "a Scent of Sarsparilla" are beautiful and I'll probably return to read them again.

    17. This is my first Bradbury book, and I can't say that I loved it but at the same time I did enjoy it so I'm going to go ahead and jump into what is supposed to be his masterpiece, Fahrenheit 451, to see if it lives up to the hype.

    18. I love Ray Bradbury more and more every time. Pretty much the only sci fi I can read. First few and last story weren't great for me, but overall it's sublime writing and original ideas. Loved it.

    19. Wonderful collection of short stories by Ray Bradbury. These are perfect night time reading when you are unwilling to commit to a longer read.

    20. Most of these stories I'd read before--almost all of them, I think--and none of them were ones that really stood out to me. Ah well.

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