Shapeshifters Anonymous

Shapeshifters Anonymous It isn t easy being a werewolf Especially when you re a newbie at shapeshifting Luckily there s a group called Shapeshifters Anonymous that will help you work through the difficult times like eating

  • Title: Shapeshifters Anonymous
  • Author: J.A. Konrath
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It isn t easy being a werewolf Especially when you re a newbie at shapeshifting.Luckily, there s a group called Shapeshifters Anonymous that will help you work through the difficult times, like eating your friends, and shedding.When recently turned werewolf Robert Weston Smith discovers his new found abilities in a humorous but alarming way, he seeks out the support groIt isn t easy being a werewolf Especially when you re a newbie at shapeshifting.Luckily, there s a group called Shapeshifters Anonymous that will help you work through the difficult times, like eating your friends, and shedding.When recently turned werewolf Robert Weston Smith discovers his new found abilities in a humorous but alarming way, he seeks out the support group to help him figure things out There he meets various characters who transform into assorted, odd things, including a sexy werecheetah named Irena But little did Weston know he d been followed to this private gathering, by someone who wants to do the therianthropes a great deal of harmShapeshifters Anonymous is a 12,000 word novella, specifically formatted for Nook It contains a handful of werepeople, a dash of romance, some gratuitous humor, and revisionist Xmas theories It also has previews of Konrath s other work.

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      144 J.A. Konrath
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    One thought on “Shapeshifters Anonymous”

    1. Howlingly funnyThe only problem with this book,its not long enough,other than that it's brilliant. When's book 2 coming out? I so want to read the next instalment.

    2. Until recently, I've only associated mysteries with the name Konrath. I have since learned that he also writes horror. I have a few in my TBR pile, which has grown exponentially within the past year (curse you, Kindle!), but when I saw Shapeshifters Anonymous, I just had to get it. It's not horror, more urban fantasy, and that was okay because I've been reading quite a bit in that genre as well. It's also comedic. I knew Konrath could be humorous—I've read Draculas, but since that was a collab [...]

    3. This book was a little strange to me. I had a hard time reading through it. Starting off with Weston carrying his "stool sample" to the dr. He's finding strange things in it, like buttons, a zipper and coins? The Doctor asks him if he had any idea how it got in his system? He says he has no idea. He sleepwalks - going to sleep fully dressed, waking up naked in a different place. But only towards the end of the month when the moon is full. When he wakes up the next morning, only to find a golden [...]

    4. I gotta be honest. I do, at times, have the sense of humor of a 13 year old boy, and anything that starts with a guy talking about all the weird things he's been finding in his poop is just hilarious. This was an extremely clever introduction to werewolves and the Shape-shifters Anonymous, and evil Santas' were a great touch. Read as part of the Wolfsbane and Mistletoe anthology.

    5. Don't you hate when you get about half-way through a book only to realize that you've read it before? Judas. I read this in an anthology somewhere. Can't remember where or when. Pretty sure it was this year. But I paid for it. Again.And read it. Again.Not that I mind reading a story I've enjoyed again but I'm doing this whole Challenge thing and now I'm like does it count?It does.Why?Because I paid for it.Again.

    6. From the cover alone, I was a little concerned that this would be another horrible cheap/free Kindle read, but was I ever wrong! Turns out, this was a quick (30 pages?), side-splittingly hilarious book. I love the thought that was put into the history of the antagonist - priceless! Everyone should check out this book for a quick laugh!

    7. this was a great twist on your usual shapeshifters stories out there. and the Santa Claus was a great touch. I laughed so hard at some points. especially the guy who turns into coral.

    8. S.A. rocks!I saw the title and blurb and knew I had to read this book. Therianthropes as the good guys with their own helpful society, while the supposed benevolent ones are outed as evildoers! Hilarious, I felt bad for Weston even though he had eaten people. The others are a fun band of misfits too. A unique take on shapeshifters and the problems they face. It would be fantastic if it was really true.

    9. This was incredibly funny and fun! I never knew where the story was going and laughed out loud at several surprises. Reading this made me eager to read the collection it came from. It's a weird mixture of urban fantasy, humor, and holiday mythos that reads quick and is a perfect, light lunch hour or before bed read. I will have to check out more of the author's works.

    10. This book cracked me up!! It was way out thereen even further out there, then so freakin far out there you can't even look back to see where it came from! I almost laughed myself to tears reading this!Crazy! I LOVE it!

    11. Lol this story was definitely a unique read. Literally had moments when I was laughing out loud. The furry was probably my favorite character in the story lol.

    12. FunnyVery different from the usual Konrath fare. Imaginative, absurd in a good way, funny, quick read, even if you don't like werewolves.

    13. What do you do in modern society if one day you figure out that your a werewolf or a were something or other. Well you better watch out for Santa Clause and his helpers cause they are probably out to get you. Also you might call the hotline for Shapeshifters Anonymous and get some group therapy. Funny stuff and of course it's all true.

    14. For the last three months, for about three days a month, for Robert Weston Smith, objects have been showing up in the toilet after the daily “sit-down.” Stones, bits of cloth, buttons and earrings, even a dog’s ID tag – these are just not the normal objects one would find “there.” So Weston decides that a trip to the doctor is in order. Thus begins a cute, tongue-in-cheek story about an average guy seeking help when he unknowingly becomes a werewolf.Having seen Konrath’s books prom [...]

    15. This is a short novella that is weird and funny and really really warped in a good way.I like Konrath more every time I read one of his tales. You know that you're in for a strange tale when it starts with a man walking across a parking lot with a Tupperware full of his poop.The tale centers around a man who finds out he is now a werewolf. He encounters other shapeshifters at a meeting of Shapeshifter's Anonymous. I like the fact that the shapeshifters are not just the traditional wolf or tiger. [...]

    16. POOR Weston Smith. A career shift moved him hundreds of miles from his family and friends, he’s a little lonely, very busy-and a few times a month, he’s digesting strange foreign objects, such as change, zippers, crosses, and teeth-not his. Plus on those occasions he wakes up nude, in some other room of his apartment other than his bedroom. His GP sends him to a psychiatrist, while Weston goes for the Internet and starts hunting. Oh, oh! There may be more to this than meets the eye-and Westo [...]

    17. This was an excellent tongue in cheek sort of story. Hell, it even had a Furry in it which made me chuckle (rather than worry as furs tend to do when they see themselves portrayed in a story). The storyline is very light, full of laughs and jokes left right and center that keep you smiling as you read it. The writing is casual and pleasant to read and even the opening hook is well placed and drags you in by your inner jester.What really surprised me is that if the humor had been taken out, and t [...]

    18. This was a free download that I found. The short story also appeared in the anthology collection called Werewolves and Mistletoe.First off, the author says in his preface that he decided to go all out with this story. I feel he hit a home run. It was hilarious. Unfortunately I can't go into a lot of detail about what is funny because it would give away too much of the story. But here is a short teaser description.When a man starts noticing strange items in his bowel movements, he goes to his doc [...]

    19. Meh. Ok. This is a novelette that would have been better as a novel. Way too much information condensed into way too short of time. And, come on, an evil Santa Claus? Satan's Claws? Were-coral? Were-squirrels? Cute, but not satisfying. Despite, having to endure some of that ridiculousness, the story starts off great. Robert, our main shifter's, epiphany as to his true nature was fun and I wish that would have been developed further. Likewise with the whole idea of "Shapeshifters Anonymous."Hey, [...]

    20. Konrath is one of my favorite authors. It seems like no matter what he writes I'm awed. This short story is no different. I was definitely shocked when I saw how the whole story came together. It was so imaginative and fun.Weston is worried, he's been finding stuff that shouldn't be there in his. well after he uses the bathroom. Finally, after irrefutable evidence that something strange is going on he discovers a website for Shapeshifters Anonymous. I loved this. I was so upset when it ended so [...]

    21. a real tongue in cheek, laugh out loud in a quiet room book! I loved this!! author must have been floating when he dreamt this one up!! really chugs along, maybe couple of hours to read in full but so hard to put down! all the characters, even the random boy in the surgery (peanut chocolate cupcakes! will never fancy one ever again!) feel real and all so funny!! the back story was just inspired and paved the way for such a brilliant ending I wanted to read it all over again! a low priced novella [...]

    22. Konrath is a master of violent murder and hideous villains. This is not one of those stories. What would you do if you started finding strange things in your toilet? And what if your doctor told you you were eating strange things in your sleep? And what if drunk santas were stalking you on a biblical crusade? Toss in a couple of awkward characters like granny the hippo lover and cat woman school teacherswell there's a good time. This is just konrath having fun. I don't know how I felt when I fin [...]

    23. Amusing story of someone who discovers that the reason he's been blacking out and then finding strange objects in his stool is a supernatural one! Ooooo! But, what can he do? Luckily, there's a self-help group for everything in this day and age. In his case, it's Shapeshifters Anonymous - but he'd better bring donuts.Also, there is a natural enemy of all shapeshifters, and you might be pretty darned surprised to find out who it is.Cute.

    24. This was a fast paced and well developed short story. You jump right in with the main character and learn as he goes through some interesting times. I enjoyed the humor and couldn't put it down. I will definitely be seeking out other work by this author. Everything flowed really well together, my only complaint would be that I wanted more.

    25. Read this as part of the Wolfsbane and Mistletoe anthology. I enjoyed it and the humour. It's only reason for a 3* is that it hasn't totally inspired me to go after other things he has written. That said, I do think would probably enjoy more of his works in another mood :)

    26. This is something that should be made an annual reading event on Christmas Eves in every homer mature audiences. A little violent for the babesbut hilarious. Good to read anytimebut this storyI can visualize friends and family taking turns reading on the Kindle, between belts from their nogs and toddies. Funny. Really funny, and well crafted, in a gut wrenching way.

    27. 2.5 A humorous and maybe a bit mocking take on shapeshifters.Weston's stool sample has various foreign objects in it, from coins to buttons. He knows he needs help and he finds a group for shifters.You get a bunch of were-people, one were-wannabe and a crazy Santa. For a humours story it is an ok read.

    28. This was a ridiculous story, as it was meant to be. These aren't the romantic shapeshifters who sweet the heroine off their feet, and they aren't quite the same as the bloodthirsty monsters of horror, but they are somewhere in between. And then there is Phyllis, the furryI loved this crazy story, and laughed out loud at the absurdity. I would read more from this author.

    29. I had no idea what to make of this book when I saw the cover and read the description. Was this going to some strange erotica, I wondered. But then I started reading it and couldn't stop laughing. This was a great change of pace from usual pile of stuff to read, and if you're looking for some laughs and some all out ridiculousness than look no further.

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