High Country

High Country Alternate cover edition ISBN National park ranger Anna Pigeon goes undercover as a waitress at Yosemite National Park to investigate the disappearance of four young employees What waits for

  • Title: High Country
  • Author: Nevada Barr
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Alternate cover edition ISBN 0425199568.National park ranger Anna Pigeon goes undercover as a waitress at Yosemite National Park to investigate the disappearance of four young employees What waits for Anna in the snowy wilderness of the Sierra Nevadas is a nightmare of death and greed and perhaps her final adventure

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    One thought on “High Country”

    1. First of all, I want to say that the Anna Pidgeon mystery series is stellar and I absolutely love it. I eagerly await every book and would recommend it to anyone.That being said, there was one glaringly obvious flaw in this book, that I just had to point it out. --(Minor Spoiler References below)--Anna is supposed to be a law enforcement agent. With her training, and after all her previous exploits in which she is physically harmed, why did she not inform someone of where she was going to be bef [...]

    2. Damn Nevada Barr for writing books I can't put down so I don't get enough sleep. I should know better than to start one of her novels in the evening. Nevada Barr is one of those people who write so well I find myself slowing down to make sure I capture every word. It's kind of necessary as her prose isn't the light and simple fiction one finds in the average mystery novel. High country is tight, fast-paced, interesting and full of content. While that last may be an odd description, I'm tired of [...]

    3. 3.5 starsI find the Anna Pigeon crime/mystery/suspense novels as reading comfort food. They are well written and predictably good. Anna Pigeon is this kick-ass crime solving national park ranger. Even though this is a series, I find no problem reading them as stand-alone books. I listened to the audio version of this book and narrator did an adequate job in reading this book. The narration was not bad and not exceptionally good either. In this book, Anna is undercover in Yosemite National Park t [...]

    4. This mystery novel's heroine is Anna Pigeon, an undercover park ranger. She is working as a waitress in the hopes of discovering what happened to four missing people. The poor lady is beat up several times, left on her own by her supervisors, and deemed to be a "poor" waitress which seems to hurt her self-esteem. Maybe the real reason is that hits too close to home as she isn't that great of a detective - she doesn't "solve" the mystery as much as just get the solution handed to her.Anna is a pr [...]

    5. Her experience waiting tables in college lands park ranger Anna Pigeon in an undercover assignment in food services at Yosemite National Park. Four of the park’s employees have gone missing, and the rangers in the park aren’t finding any leads. Anna is rooming with a couple of fluffhead girls while posing as a middle-aged waitress, but even her proximity to the other employees can’t make her fit in. When one of her roommates collapses after getting high on something, Anna becomes concerned [...]

    6. Filled with annoying, drugged-out teen girls and Barr's usual horrible writing. I'm giving it two stars because it didn't have typos like the last one (maybe they were cleaned up from the hardcover edition?) and because there were outdoor scenes in a snowy wilderness requiring survival skills. Yes, superhuman survival skills; any normal person would be dead of hypothermia and blood loss after a night walking around in winter in Yosemite wearing a turtleneck and a fleece on a cracked ankle and a [...]

    7. I've said it before, and I'll repeat it here, I'm generally not a fan of the mystery fiction genre. I've read a few of the Nevada Barr/Anna Pigeon mysteries simply because I am a fan of our National Parks, and I liked the idea of using the Parks for literary series'. The fact that Nevada Barr is also a true National Park Ranger has made it more interesting.I am also not in the habit of listening to a book rather than reading one, but because I knew I was going to be driving a good distance sever [...]

    8. It started off as appealing, wondering how the scraps of information would lead to a fabric that the protagonist would put together, but there was a lot of supposition going on, and it felt rushed, sloppy even. After a while it felt as if the author had contempt for "city people" that come to parks and ruin them, which I get, but it came off as condescending and I could not get over that characterization. Having been to Yosemite, I expected to experience a sense of Nostalgia for the camp, but it [...]

    9. I was a little dissappointed by this book. Having been to Yosemite many times, I felt maybe she hurried the research for this book. Her facts could have easily come from a short visit, brouchers and blogs. Her story lines are predictable so I want to be carried by the scenery.

    10. Anna goes undercover at the Yosemite National Park's historic Ahwahnee Hotel in this installment of the series. Lots of action and danger made this a compelling audio. The narration was performed by the always good Barbara Rosenblat.

    11. This was the first Anna Pigeon mystery I ever read. I especially liked it because I have been to Yosemite, but I always enjoy the books in this series. They're just fun to read!

    12. Wish it was more about the park. I was left wondering what happened to the alcoholic administrator and the teen age park sweet heart.

    13. Her writing is so filled with cliches it is a distraction or actually what could have been an ok mystery. How does a whole criminal crew get hired by the feds?

    14. This one came out like a D grade R rated movie that may or may not have gone straight to video. At least that is how it reads. It's pacing was slow, way too many characters at first, highly improbable plot with conspiracy like elements, and lots of crude language (her character Anna thinks that if one of the bad guys couldn't say fuck anymore his vocabulary would go down to only a third (1/3) and that is how this whole book goes. Without the word fuck or damn or shit this book would be reduced b [...]

    15. This one started out a little slow so I set it aside while I read others, but when I picked it up again it took off and kept me reading right to the end.

    16. This mystery takes place in Yosemite National Park. Anna has been sent to work undercover to discover what has happened to 4 young people who have disappeared and are presumed dead. She gets a job as a waitress in the historic Ahwahnee Hotel where she meets with many rich and colorful people. While the park search and rescue unit has been searching for the young people, Anna is looking for a common link between the deaths.When she begins to figure out what has happened, she goes to the parks chi [...]

    17. I LOVED this book! In my opinion, a mark of a good writer is someone who makes me think in a different way. Believe me, it takes a lot to do that! Dan Brown did it with the DaVinci code and Nevada Barr did it for me in this edition of her Anna Pigeon series. This book, set in Yosemite National Park, makes Anna more human and reminds me of her earlier adventures in Chaco Canyon for example. This edition totally redeemed the series after the last book which I viewed as a failure. In this one, Anna [...]

    18. *Synopsis*It's fall in the Sierra Mountains, and Anna Pigeon is slinging hash in Yosemite National Park's historic Ahwahnee Hotel. Four young people, all seasonal park employees, have disappeared, and two weeks of work by crack search-and-rescue teams have failed to turn up a single clue; investigators are unsure as to whether the four went AWOL for reasons of their own-or died in the park. Needing an out-of-park ranger to work undercover, Anna is detailed to dining-room duty; but after a week o [...]

    19. Nevada Barr's descriptions of Yosemite Valley put you right there in it, and undercover ranger Anna Pigeon is vividly believable as the main character. That said, some of the throwaway lines in the narrative fell flat for me (Example: "Like most prayers, that one went unanswered.")I also found it odd that chief ranger Lorraine makes a brief appearance at the outset, and is then squirreled away (ostensibly because she's been asked to substitute for one of her peers as a conference speaker out of [...]

    20. This was a pretty decent book. It starts off pretty slow, and it continues with a sluggish pace until about the midway point. The book suddenly becomes interesting when the main character, Anna, is being hunted down by two men with the intent of killing her. There are about 50 pages of non-stop action during this section of the book, which is very exciting. Without that sequence, I would have not have enjoyed this book. I am still having trouble remembering exactly what happened towards the begi [...]

    21. Once more redoubtable Ranger Anna Pigeon finds herself in a different national park (Yosemite, this time). But she's working as a waitress???? Well, undercover, of course. And experienced readers of this exciting series will not be surprised that she also soon finds herself in one more (that would be telling) of those situations where all her years of wood lore and criminal investigation experience will barely be enough to get her out of life-threatening danger. I have never read a bad one in th [...]

    22. This was a wonderful story on audio cassette that I listened to en route to my daughter's house. It was exciting, realistic and it showed Anna, the Park Ranger as resourceful, smart and tough. She was posing as a waitress to ferret out information for two people who'd disappeared in Yosemite. She goes into the park alone (not a great idea) and encounters much more than information. Also, more is going on at the restaurant that is affecting Anna. A great read.

    23. Another great offering by Nevada Barr. Set in beautiful Yosemite, this story is full of creepy (young) characters doing creepy thingsl for the sake of the drug trade. While I found this to be a bit more gory than our typical Anna Pigeon story, the wonderfully-developed antagonist(s) make it all worthwhile.

    24. Another delightful book by Ms Barr in the Anna Pigeon series. This one about Yosemite National Park. Because I have visited that park a time or 2 it was easy to 'see' in my mind the area she was talking about. I had a great mental video going in my head as I read this book. Anna knows how to get into and out of some horrific scrapes. The best part is how Ms Barr writes about them. Fantastic.!

    25. People have recommended this author to me since the stories take place in National Parks, but the style seems painfully redundant and there is a not that great a sense of the place. Also, this story was pretty violent.

    26. "Torture was good. It gave her time."What a difficult book to review! Nevada Barr's High Country (2004), my fifth book in her National Parks series featuring ranger Anna Pigeon, seems to be composed of two completely different parts: 240 pages of amateurish crime solving and inept, awkward prose, and - in the middle of this dud - a 60-page jewel of a thriller: an outstanding, well-written story of extremely brutal fight-to-death and survival in the unforgiving winter mountain scenery. If I were [...]

    27. I just don't know why I keep reading her books. Perhaps it is because I was told by a woman I met on a tour, that any of the authors I offered up as exceptional, were mediocre at best in her opinion (although she offered this as fact). This same woman said the only author I should be reading is Nevada Barr. Having now read at least a dozen of her books, I can safely say--as I could have 12 books ago--that woman on the tour was delusional. As an actual park ranger who has worked in several Nation [...]

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