Trouble It s one of the most controversial stories Marvel has ever produced When friends May and Mary take on a summer job after high school they meet brothers Ben and Richard and summer lovin ensues Prepare

  • Title: Trouble
  • Author: Mark Millar TerryDodson
  • ISBN: 9780785150862
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s one of the most controversial stories Marvel has ever produced When friends May and Mary take on a summer job after high school, they meet brothers Ben and Richard and summer lovin ensues Prepare for sand, sund lots of sex High drama, infidelity and a pregancy Innovative work by Mark Millar and Terry Dodson

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      189 Mark Millar TerryDodson
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    One thought on “Trouble”

    1. I really liked this. Review to come.***UPDATE***readjezireread/20I was browsing through my local bookstore and came across this comic. I actually didn't even read the description at the time. I just picked it up and decided that the cover looked interesting and it was only $5 so I said why the heck not. Little did I know that this is considered one of Marvel's most highly disputed stories. The description on does not even tell the half of the story. It is absolutely one of the craziest things I [...]

    2. There was a lot of hand-wringing and anger when this series first came out a few years agome of it justified, mostly not. People were angry because:1. The covers featured photos, not the usual drawings, of girls that look like teen girls acting sexy. Although I understand the criticism the photos are less racy than any fashion magazine and, really, than the art in a lot of superhero comics. Plus I think they were going for the whole Gossip Girl crowd.2. The story features teenagers in the early [...]

    3. I was warned that this was terrible, so i have no one to blame but myself. This book has all of the corny and quite frankly stupid troupes of any teen-sex comedy without any heart. It's a poorly developed plot, stupid dialogue and one of the guys looks like he was drawn to resemble Kurt Russell.

    4. I was excited to see a different sort of comic book from Marvel, one that didn't have men running around in tights. Since this was written by Mark Millar of the Civil War crossover, I thought this would be just as awesome. However, I was sorely disappointed.Trouble is an attempt at a trashy teen drama: summer flings, sex, sex, more sex, infidelity, and a pregnancy. There's really nothing original about this. The characters are so bland and boring that I felt no sympathy towards any of them. The [...]

    5. I spotted this on the shelf at my library and it intrigued me. Trouble is the story of friends Mary and May who go to work one summer in the 60s at a fancy resort for the rich. Here they meet other people their age up for fun and frolics on their time off. Mary and May get involved with brothers Richard and Ben and it’s not long til there’s plenty of sex and scandals! This book reminded me a bit of Dirty Dancing, of what the workers get up to when they want to blow off steam. While I liked t [...]

    6. Well this series was a little different for me. I usually don't read romantic stuffs like these but this series was crazy. A must read for all those who like a little spice in life. Hey if your life is boring try reading Trouble.Moreover the story was good. It had a good moral. I thought of doing these things as i am 18 but i will always give it a thought before getting my Johnny boy into action ;)Mark Millar is a gifted writer. He manipulates every genre.

    7. This book was okay. It wasn't Kick Ass or Nemesis, but a teenage drama. It was a quick read perfect for a rainy day like today when I'm visiting family for the holidays. Will I read it again, maybe. Would I suggest it to anyone? Maybe if you want something to read fast in between a book you're waiting to get in from the library. Other than that, it was just alright.

    8. 2/5: The closest thing I can relate it to is the film Dirty Dancing. Kind of a rated PG-13 Archie comic. Very different project for Ultimates and Kickass writer Mark Millar. The Dodsons' art always looks good. All done. I thought it was pretty good, for what it is. Millar can always push my buttons. Plus it's completely non-violent.

    9. Ugh. This was a terrible graphic novel. I only bought it because Mark Millar (Kick-Ass) wrote it. The story is predictable, and I can't tell the two girls apart. Also, I don't like what it's trying to imply by naming the characters Richard, Ben, Mary and May. :-/ I already gave away my copy. :(

    10. Well, this exists.It's not as terrible as people say. It has a clear story and clearly defined characters. Better than some other Spider-Man comics.However, it's still a stupid 4 issue story about unprotected sex.

    11. ¡Otra que arranqué, me venía gustando, pero vaya a saber uno porqué nunca terminé! Quedará como "pospuesto" hasta nuevo aviso.

    12. There was really no point to this other than an attempt to be scandalously controversial. It didn't work.

    13. I actually thought this was pretty entertaining, and kind of a fun twist on what most of us know as the real origin story. But yes, Aunt Maywhat a whore! Still gotta love her though

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