Family Happiness

Family Happiness Family Happiness is an novella written by Leo Tolstoy The story concerns the love and marriage of a young girl Mashechka and the much older Sergey Mikhaylych an old family friend After a somew

  • Title: Family Happiness
  • Author: Leo Tolstoy Louise Maude
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Family Happiness is an 1859 novella written by Leo Tolstoy The story concerns the love and marriage of a young girl, Mashechka, and the much older Sergey Mikhaylych, an old family friend After a somewhat awkward courtship, the two are married and move to Mikhaylych s home Over the course of the 100 page story, Mashechka finds that married life and her feelings for MikhaFamily Happiness is an 1859 novella written by Leo Tolstoy The story concerns the love and marriage of a young girl, Mashechka, and the much older Sergey Mikhaylych, an old family friend After a somewhat awkward courtship, the two are married and move to Mikhaylych s home Over the course of the 100 page story, Mashechka finds that married life and her feelings for Mikhaylych are much complex than she had thought and have little to do with her previous, slightly naive, notions of marriage, hence the ironic overtones of the title, Family Happiness from

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    1. Семейное счастье [Semeynoye Schast'ye] = Family Happiness, Leo Tolstoy Family Happiness is an 1859 novella written by Leo Tolstoy, first published in The Russian Messenger. The story concerns the love and marriage of a young girl, Mashechka (17 years old), and the much older Sergey Mikhaylych (36), an old family friend. The story is narrated by Masha. After a courtship that has the trappings of a mere family friendship, Masha's love grows and expands until she can no longer contai [...]

    2. Impressive. This tale has almost one hundred pages and they only exist to pave way to the last few lines where a moral conclusion is reached. Feelings and ideas have their own life-cycle. They don't last forever and people need to learn to deal with it. Human beings constantly need to reinvent their perspectives since they can't help but learn, change and evolve. Let what has come to pass become history for you cannot get it back. It's an elegant concept. The book portrays this in a powerful fas [...]

    3. Tolstoy, I believe, came to me at just the right point of my life - a year which has been, by far, the most turbulent one in my entire life. After reading War & Peace earlier this year, I was convinced that there is no better guidebook to 'better living' than Tolstoy's words. He, seemingly, has advise for everything under the sun.Family Happiness begins at a lonely country house somewhere in Russia. We meet our protagonist, the seventeen year old Masha, just after her mother's death living a [...]

    4. önsözü hiç okumasanız da olur son sözü belki ama ortada çok güzel mevsimlerle uyumlu bir öykü sizi bekliyor :)

    5. رواية لطيفة، واضح أن المرأة الغربية قبل مائة عام من اليوم تتمتع بحقوق لا تحلم بها المرأة العربية. هذه الرواية تحكي قصة زواج كاتيا وتقلبات علاقتها بزوجها.

    6. جدال عقل با احساس و مثل سایر داستان های تولستوی بازنده شدن احساس به حق که احساسات عموما در برابر عقل بازنده ی تمام و کمال است

    7. پاسخ تولستوی به این مسأله که رابطه‌ی زوجی عاشق، بعد از ازدواج، چه شکلی خواهد شد، و سعادت‌شان چه رنگی خواهد داشت؟

    8. هذه الرواية هي أول رواية لي أقرأها من الأدب الروسي بدون أن يكون لدي أدنى توقع عن محتواها أو عن مستواها، إلا إني فعلاً لمست منها ما كنت أتطلع إليه في الروايات أن تسبر أغوار نفسيات الشخصيات التي في الروايةالرواية شرحت شرح العارفين معنى أن يكون المرء سعيداً في جنة الحب والعشق و [...]

    9. كاتيا تلك الشابة الصغيرة التي لم تختبر الحياة بعد، لم تتلذذ بأن تكون جمالها حديث الناس، أن تحوم حولها وجوه الشباب من كل مكان تعيش حياة هادئة في الريف، بعد موت والدتها يفاجئها عودة صديقٌ عزيز للعائلة،ويعجبها فكرة أنه ما عاد يراها طفلة صغيرة كالسابق، لم يمر وقتٌ طويل حتى أصبحت [...]

    10. After reading the book, I start thinking is reality that ugly and boring?Well, the world seems so wonderful, colorful, exciting and so on when you fall in love. You want to spend the rest of your life with someone you love, you consider marriage, you plan everything but, after a while, after the hormone stop working, after you become desensitized your life turns flat. even flatter than before. And maybe you'll think that it's sickening to have to live with the same person troughout your life.So [...]

    11. Magnifique! 👏Ce n'est qu'à la fin de presque 100 pages qu'on arrive vraiment à comprendre le but de cette histoire.Les sentiments, tels qu'on les connait au début d'une relation peuvent prendre une autre forme qu'il n'est pas facile de reconnaître ou bien d'accepter mais on doit pourtant s'y faire.C'était un peu frustrant, le moment où l'entente et la façon de se completer de ce couple sont arrivées à leur fin mais la fin n'est toujour qu'un autre début et une nouvelle phase de bonh [...]

    12. كاتيا – ليو تولستويلقد كانت هذه الرواية على قائمتي منذ زمن طويل. وما جعلني أن أعجل في قراءتها هذه الأيام، هو أنني وجدتُ نسخة غريبة من هذه الرواية منسوبة إلى أليكسي نيكولايفيتش تولستوي وقد رسم على غلافها السواتيسكا "شعار النازية" ومن المعروف أن ليو تولستوي قد مات عام 1910 أي قبل [...]

    13. رواية واقعية عميقة على المستوى النفسي, تصف حالة من حالات الزواج. نرى فيها التعامل مع الإنسان من حيث هو كائن له مراحل نفسيّة لها متطلباتها, يعامل تولستوي الشخصيات بديالكتيك النفس – إن صح التعبير - نرى في الرجل قبل الزواج متعباً من الحياة منتظراً السكينة والعزلة في الإرتباط. وف [...]

    14. Sono molto felice di essermi approcciata all’autore con questa breve e delicata storia. Il problema che ho riscontrato è però inerente alla traduzione, che ho trovato fin troppo vetusta e pesante per un libro che di certo non risulta facile di suo: questo ha inficiato negativamente sulla lettura, che non è stata scorrevole e gradevole quanto avrei voluto, anche perché spesso questa traduzione esageratamente vecchia mi impediva di comprendere appieno i passaggi del romanzo. È davvero un pe [...]

    15. "- Bence erkek sevdiğini açıklamamalı.-Nedenmiş ?-Çünkü her zaman yalan olacaktır bu. İnsanın sevdiğini sık sık söylemesinin anlamı nedir? Bu sözcük, ağzından çıktığı anda çok olağanüstü bir şey olmak zorunda. Sürekli "Seni Seviyorum" diyen insan, ya kendini aldatmaktadır, ya karşısındakini-Peki, erkek bunu söylemediği sürece kadın sevildiğini nasıl anlayacak?-Her insanın bir anlatma biçimi vardır Sevdiğini belli eden duyguları ve davranışları"Tol [...]

    16. Gefallen hat mir an diesem Buch, dass es modern und leicht verständlich ins Deutsche übersetzt wurde. Der kurzweilige und einfache Erzählstil der siebzehnjährigen Maša gewann prompt mein Interesse für die Handlung. Überdies empfand ich die überschaubare Anzahl an Akteuren wunderbar entspannend. -Der Verlauf der Liebesbeziehung war allerdings vorhersehbar. Maša begann mich schnell mit ihrem unreifen, gelangweilten, überspannten wie egoistischen Wesen zu nerven, während ich zunehmend da [...]

    17. 31 AUG 2014 - am reading this one today. At only 100 pages (+/-), I will finish this one and begin Midwinter this evening. I have found Katia as also named Family Happiness. I found my copy at Project Gutenberg named as Katia. Here is the link: gutenberg/ebooks/44266Cover:When the first blush of loves fades, a compromise must be made or unhappiness reigns.

    18. What brought me to this book by Tolstoy is Dolly Thatcham from Cheerful Weather for the Wedding movie! I want a yellow copy like this one!

    19. Delicado e sensívelComecei a ler Felicidade Conjugal esperando encontrar tudo, menos felicidade. Fiquei esperando o Tolstói amargo de A Sonata a Kreutzer, e nada. Aquela doçura, aquele ar de romantismo, de amor bonitinho, estava soando estranho e sem propósito. Não conseguia entender qual era a do autor, já que estava tudo tão simples, tão…tão…comum, básico, normal.O livro conta a história de uma menina do interior que perdera seus pais e passa a ser criada por uma governanta. Ela [...]

    20. في البداية أشعر بالقلق عند قراءة أعمال مُترجمة. ف ضياع أسلوب الترجمة يسلب القارئ متعتة وهو يقرأ وربما يضيق ذرعًا بالكلمات الغير متناسقه فيعدل عن مُتابعة القراءة.أنا قرأته مُترجم وهو أول تجربة لي مع الأدب الروسي. رشحته لي صديقه ف بدأت أقرأه وماشجعني أكثر أنه صغير فأن لم يُعجب [...]

    21. "A quiet secluded life in the country, with the possibility of being useful to people to whom it is easy to do good, and who are not accustomed to have it done to them; then work which one hopes may be of some use; then rest, nature, books, music, love for one's neighbor — such is my idea of happiness.""The whole world that sky, that garden, that air, were different from those that I knew. We were walking along an avenue, and it seemed to me, whenever I looked ahead, that could go no farther i [...]

    22. เราจะพบรักได้เฉพาะภายนอกปริมณฑลของวุฒิภาวะเท่านั้นในหนังสือ ความลับในความรัก Conditions of Love ของ จอห์น อาร์มสตรอง ซึ่งแปลโดยคุณจิระนันท์ พิตรปรีชา พูดถึงความรักและวุฒิภาวะไว้ในบทสุด [...]

    23. "I felt that I was wholly his, and that I was happy in his power over me." So Masha thinks in the carriage after her wedding. She is, of course, in for a rude awakening. In Tolstoy's semi-autobiographical account of a teen marrying a 30-something and discovering that married life is not all roses and champagne. In fact, it's often petty and controlling, or so it seems. I like Tolstoy, usually, but this book brought me to the fact that Tolstoy raped his teenage wife numerous time in the carriage [...]

    24. Of all novellas I've read, Family Happiness is the most enthralling by far. The crucial insights to the ideal form of love, family, and happiness are wisdoms that hang over the reader as a sweet mist for weeks afterward. Although short in words, the gentle and often sublime descriptive imagery offered by Tolstoy are beyond a website review. He displays such a handle over tone, voice and placement. However, as I said earlier, the most important layer to this novella is its message that love does [...]

    25. Opening lines:WE were in mourning for our mother, who had died the preceding autumn, and we had spent all the winter alone in the country—Macha, Sonia and I.Macha was an old family friend, who had been our governess and had brought us all up, and my memories of her, like my love for her, went as far back as my memories of myself.Sonia was my younger sister.Quotations:There was no error in the remark which he so often made, that, in life, there was but one certain happiness: to live for others. [...]

    26. رواية حلوة بس النهايةصادمة جداانا مش ببحث عن نهاية سعيدةبس ببحث عن نهاية حاسمةيا ابيض يا اسودلكن النهاية الرمادية دىلم ترضينى الصراحةبس الكونت تولستوى كالعادة بيحاول ينشر ثقافة الحب والجمالوالتضحية والسلام بطريقة لطيفة غبر محسوسةلدرجة تحسسك بالسلام النفسى من مقولات الرو [...]

    27. Un altro capolavoro del grande Lev Tolstoj. Mi è piaciuto molto il modo in cui ci racconta e ci spiega il rapporto di due persone che diventa amore, tormento e paranoie; per poi finire in matrimonio, logicamente con i suoi alti e bassi, come tutte le famiglie che ci sono state e che ci saranno. Mi è piaciuto molto, davvero, ma d'altronde ho un particolare debole per la letteratura russa (credo che si sia capito già abbastanza ahah)!

    28. Un racconto breve ma intenso, di sorprendente modernità che, purtroppo, una traduzione a dir poco vetusta ha reso, a tratti, la lettura abbastanza laboriosa. Peccato perché con una traduzione più moderna, più limpida, meno "solenne" questa storia sarebbe esplosa in tutta la sua bellezza che comunque non perde del tutto. Grandissimo Tolstoj nel sondare l’animo femminile e scandagliare sentimenti, emozioni, inquietudini di una protagonista che è quasi un’anticipazione di quelle che sarann [...]

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