Weathercock Weathercock The name evokes flames and chaos and a mythic hero who will one day change the world Young Kinner betrayed by those he loves and sentenced to die knows only one thing in a world where wom

  • Title: Weathercock
  • Author: Melissa Crandall
  • ISBN: 9781936476015
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Paperback
  • Weathercock The name evokes flames and chaos, and a mythic hero who will one day change the world Young Kinner betrayed by those he loves and sentenced to die knows only one thing in a world where women hold all the power and men are nothing but property, heroes are hard to come by.Determined to find a life on his own terms, he flees execution only to discover he knWeathercock The name evokes flames and chaos, and a mythic hero who will one day change the world Young Kinner betrayed by those he loves and sentenced to die knows only one thing in a world where women hold all the power and men are nothing but property, heroes are hard to come by.Determined to find a life on his own terms, he flees execution only to discover he knows nothing about survival Used to relying on others, he dreams of rescue Instead of the Weathercock, what he gets is Rai and Bayna, mercenary soldiers on the run from the determined and increasingly psychotic Commander Remeg.The last thing they need is to play nursemaid to a half grown whelp, but a madwoman s dark secret soon ties their fates For a while, things actually go their way until further treachery casts a dark wing over the travelers Alone once , Kinner must discover within the bravery and skill to save not only himself, but also his friends.And what of Weathercock Can someone who doesn t even exist appear when Kinner needs him most

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      349 Melissa Crandall
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    One thought on “Weathercock”

    1. It's not very often that I find myself at a loss for words when starting a review. Normally, I have some sort of witty comment or cute exclamation to describe what I thought of a book. But this time, I got nothing. Zip, zilch, nada. Why? Because Melissa Crandall’s Weathercock has, in a way, left me too stunned for words. So I’ll just jump into the review.Weathercock takes place in a fantasy world similar to our own. Even though I would like to classify it as a medieval-based fantasy, it’s [...]

    2. The author, Melissa Crandall, sent me a copy of Weathercock for review and I was more than happy to check it out. I'll start by saying what I didn't like about Weathercock, because it's such a small thing compared to all of the many, many aspects of this book that I absolutely LOVED. Okay, here goes….I absolutely do not like the title. I think it’s probably my aversion to that particular word, even though this time it is referring to a rooster, I still just don't like the title.Now, with tha [...]

    3. Categories are useful. One would not look for philosophical works or literary criticism in the increasingly large “Calendars” section of a book store. If you tell a clerk “I’m in the mood for a scientific treatise on snails,” he’s not going to point you to the romance shelves. “Fantasy” is often given its own area away from “Fiction.” I feel deep pity for the shopkeeper who has to try to imprison Melissa Crandall’s Weathercock in a category. I believe it would fight its wa [...]

    4. While weathercock is not the type of book I usually would read, after my husband had started to read it each night would he give me snippets of the story line and how different it was from other fantasy books he is such an avid reader of, I usually don't bode well with the names of fantasy lands and characters, give me a bob or jane and thats all I can handle, so I picked up this book not expecting to love it as much as I did. The characters were amazing I fell for all of them and felt like I kn [...]

    5. absolutely fabulous. Good strong female characters in a well-thought-out story. A wonderful change from the male-dominated adventure fiction of Conan and that dude who hangs out with the Gray Mouser . . . . . I am SO looking forward to the sequel. (Not to put any pressure on the author, but I'd like it fairly soon. By Christmas at the very least . . . .) Would make an excellent choice for a book group to read & discuss.

    6. Melissa Crandall has an incredibly assured voice for an independent author. This, no doubt, comes from her time writing tie-in novels, and her skill with prose is really on display here.One of the biggest areas where I felt Weathercock could have used improvement was in the editing phase. I would have loved to have seen what an editor at a larger publishing house could have done with the book, from refining some of the language, to helping with the novel's internal timeline, to simply removing s [...]

    7. To begin with it was like that George R.R. Martin thing where each chapter jumps you to a new group of characters and completely different situation having nothing to do with those that came before (Though not nearly to Martins extent of detail, multitude of characters and total confusionank the Weathercock!). In fact, the character introduced in chapter one doesn't appear again until somewhere around chapter 15 or more (I don't actually have the book with me at the moment). This isn't my favori [...]

    8. In Weathercock, Melissa Crandall has written a rousing adventure, with a unique twist: What would a world be like if women were the dominant gender and men were smaller and weaker and considered only good for household chores and procreation? And what would happen if some people wanted to change that?Crandall has peopled her story with sympathetic and believable characters, and her skill at developing these characters and making them "breathe" is superlative. Even minor characters are developed [...]

    9. Ms. Crandell does a great job of weaving a world that is (for this man) almost impossible to perceive - a world where woman are the dominant - and dominating gender. This in itself makes Weathercock a fascinating book for me, making me challenge my perceptions of the world. The book makes you question gender roles, pre-conceived notions of gender-based personalities and the corruption and violence that absolute power brings, no matter which set of chromosomes wields it. All that said, Weathercoc [...]

    10. First off, got this through the First Read's program and may I say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Despite the weird name that this book holds, I am more than glad that I chose to partake in it's giving away and even more happy that I was allowed to win it. The plot was well throughout and I must say I was hooked by the end, wishing for a second book to find out what happened to all the characters that I have come to love while reading this book. However, despite there not being a c [...]

    11. WOW!!! From the first words to the last, Weathercock captured my mind and heart. Ms. Crandall has created a world run by women (not so bad, right?) where the men are only responsible for breeding children and not much else. They're not considered intelligent enough to hold a job or make decisions - they are essentially property. In this world, fertile male children are few and far between, so they are highly prized - but put to work as a stud until they are worn out and even more "useless". The [...]

    12. Gritty and heartfelt adult "fantasy" novel. No elves, no dragons, but a fully realized alternate world in which women hold all the power and men are chattel. Great characters! You'll be drawn in from the first page.

    13. Weathercock, made me laugh, cry and kept me on the edge of my seat! My whole family read it! Each of us agreed on one thing, we want MORE! I hope to see a second Weathercock in the future! Excellent book!

    14. This book is very enjoyable! Talk about hooking a person! This book has made its rounds. Not only did i read it, so did my brother, cousin and grandma. I now have passed it to a friend and shes enjoying it as well! Very good book! You should give it a try!

    15. Got right into this story from page one; very strong characterizations - dynamic plot: LOVED IT!!!Looking forward to more stories from MC!!!

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