Silent Witness

Silent Witness After the murder of his high school sweetheart left him shattered Tony Lord vowed never to return to his Ohio hometown of Lake City Twenty eight years later Tony is a successful California criminal

  • Title: Silent Witness
  • Author: Richard North Patterson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After the murder of his high school sweetheart left him shattered, Tony Lord vowed never to return to his Ohio hometown of Lake City Twenty eight years later, Tony is a successful California criminal lawyer with a beautiful celebrity wife He s living the good life until long buried memories come crashing down when he hears from an old friend, who needs his help.Sam RobbAfter the murder of his high school sweetheart left him shattered, Tony Lord vowed never to return to his Ohio hometown of Lake City Twenty eight years later, Tony is a successful California criminal lawyer with a beautiful celebrity wife He s living the good life until long buried memories come crashing down when he hears from an old friend, who needs his help.Sam Robb is a track coach at Lake City High He swears he is not responsible for the death of one of his female team members even though forensic evidence reveals that he s the father of her unborn child.Back when they were teenagers, Sam stood by Tony when he was a suspect in his young girlfriend s murder and Tony desperately wants to do the same for him today In doing so, Tony will have to revisit his troubled past and probe the darkest secrets of small town life to get to the truth And what he will find is shocking than he ever could have imagined.

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    One thought on “Silent Witness”

    1. I finished reading this book last night and I am still caught up in the emotions this book left me with. I picked this book up at the library by accident, hoping to find a thriller/mystery written by the other famous Patterson but I'm so glad I did! This book is not one I will soon forget. It is not what I would consider a thriller, but I was almost instantly emotionally invested in the main character. The main character, Tony Lord (and all the other big players in the story), was so well develo [...]

    2. I had read this book fifteen years ago, and found it while looking in the shelves of old books. I read it again and was amazed how much it had aged - or how much I did ageFirst, in 67 or 68, there was no racism against catholic anymore. The nation had elected one yeas ago to be their president, and was willing to elect his brother now! Was the church you belong to that important then? maybe, it is difficult to look back and remember properly. What about racism? enough not to accept a black man i [...]

    3. The blurb calls this psychological drama and suspense. I couldn't agree more. Though we're given two similar, unsolved crimes - decades apart - this story is as much about the relationship between Tony and Sam as it is finding out who was responsible for these murders.Though the narrative shifts from present to past, this author manages a clarity and cohesiveness that keep the pages turning. I was unable to guess the ending, and (rare for me), I didn't skim through the details to get there. Inst [...]

    4. This book is one of the most fascinating books I have ever read. The book exposes so many issues and themes currently being explored and discussed. Plus, the author had the talent to explain concepts and feelings in so much depth. The book made me think even further about the justice system and it also left me to suspense of how Tony Lord's life connected with the rest of the book. This book is beyond amazing to open minds and even the most skeptical -- like me!

    5. This is 578 pages in paperback, about two friends whose lives include the murder of two women and how the truth comes out in the end. Lots of suspence

    6. Well for a murder mystery and court suspense drama I would say this is actually pretty good it did take me a little longer to actually get into the story I almost put it down but then as I got farther along I always wanted to see what angle would be worked next. I like how the author kind of put some déjà vu in the book starting out with Tony Lord being suspected of murdering his girlfriend and being cleared and then about 20 years later his friend Sam is suspected of the same crime as Tony wa [...]

    7. This was intended to be a vacation book, so I had pretty minimal expectations. My greatest hope was that it would be a decent, easy read. I was very pleasantly surprised, to find that it had a moderately intricate plot, that was believable, with good character development and an excellent ending. The main character, Tony Lord, was well-developed and very human. I enjoyed the author flipping back and forth between past and present, solidifying how integral they were to the story. The author also [...]

    8. A reasonable each read if you don't really want to concentrate too much on the plot or characters, left your other book at home and you'd like a little CSI to go.

    9. I haven't read a lot of legal thrillers - Scott Turow's first and a couple of John Grishams when trapped on an airplane. But Cousin Frank brought be a bag of paperbacks to help me get through post-surgical recovery. I'd never heard of Richard North Patterson (though my wife told me he was very popular). Having just started Patterson's "The Final Judgement), Patterson seems to have a standard set-up: an accomplished attorney has to return to his/her hometown, having previously vowed never to retu [...]

    10. Loved 'Silent Witness'. The characters, especially Tony Lord, were strong and clear. some of the subject matter was harsh related to the deaths of the two young girls, but I felt it value to the storyline. Seventeen year old Tony Lord left Lake City, OH for Harvard and never looked back. His girlfriend, Alison was brutally murdered as she sneaked out of her house late at night to meet him in the adjacent park. When she became an hour late, Tony went looking for her and found her bloodied body. H [...]

    11. First time reading this author. Picked this book up 10 years ago in MexicoIt was entertaining enough to hold my attention and get through it quickly. At 46, Tony Lord is a big time attorney in San Francisco, married to an Academy Award winner (second marriage). But he has his own terrible history from high school when his girlfriend Alison Taylor is murdered and he is the only suspect.His best friend, Sam Robb, and Sue Cash (now Sam's wife), call Tony with a plea for help. There has been another [...]

    12. Although this book is a book about a murder and the legal case that followed, even more it is the story of the relationship between Tony Lord and Sam Robb - friends from high-school. This is the second book that features Tony Lord and I have yet to read the first one though I plan to very shortly.Tony has been called back to his childhood town by an old friend when her husband is accused of the murder of a 16 year old student. He has an all too good understanding of what this is like because Ton [...]

    13. Almost thirty years have passed since Tony Lord left Lake City. Thirty long years dedicated to putting the past the brutal murder of his girlfriend, Alison Taylor, and his own acquittal of the crime behind him. Married, a father, and a successful defense lawyer in San Francisco, Tony Lord has run as far from Lake City as he can.But the phone call requesting his return and the circumstances surrounding it is enough to make the ghosts of Tony's past live again. The trigger is the murder of another [...]

    14. "Utterly compelling courtroom drama" is what it says on the back cover and I agree.Jumping back and forwards between high school and 28 years later present day this book tells the story of two close friends who are both joined in tragedies. The tragedies are murder, the circumstances have similarities, the rural town in Ohio hasn't changed but the two high school friends have followed different paths. I enjoyed reading the book. Yes, around half of it is set in a courtroom, but the character dev [...]

    15. This had a few plot twists in it for being yet ANOTHER lawyer novel.I shouldn't even read lawyer novels because they are such bullshit!Having had several lawyers in my life,paid and public defenders,I know firsthand how the system works,and it doesn't even come close to the fantasies portrayed in these books!It's all about who your lawyer knows,and whether you are worth asking the judge or the prosecutor for a favor.It all comes down to favors.If you are poor,forget it.Be nd over and crack a smi [...]

    16. Attorney Tony Lord left his hometown and the bitter memories of his girlfriend's murder behind. Now, twenty-eight years later, he's pulled back to Lake City to defend his closest high school friend against a charge of homicide. Sam Robb, the married father of two, is a local football legend. But he was also the last to see sixteen-year-old Marcie Calder alive, and as shocking forensic evidence at the trial reveals, he is the father of her unborn child. Probing the darkest recesses of love and fr [...]

    17. Like in most books of this type, the ending became obvious long before I got there, following the pattern of early "solutions" and red herrings, until it was obvious what was going to happen (unless something came out of left field - but that would spoil the fun, wouldn't it?) Still, it was well-written and I liked that it led me along by the hand rather than the nose. Good pacing (which is necessary in a book which which is long for this genre) and a reasonable plotline - although you did begin [...]

    18. 28 years ago, Tony Lord was suspected but not formally tried for murdering his high school girlfriend. He was forced to handle the accusations of the town virtually alone. Once he graduated, he left the town, went to college, became a lawyer, and started a new life.That all changed when his former best friend was suspected of murder. He returns to his home town to help him, but he has no idea what he is walking into.This legal thriller by Patterson is a pretty easy read. Patterson explores the l [...]

    19. I listened to this on cassette on the way to Raleigh in July '2002.A story about an attorney named Tony Lord. He grows up in a rust belt town in Ohio. His last year of high school he is accused of murdering his girlfriend. He beats that rap, leaves the town and becomes a successful lawyer in San Francisco. Twenty-odd years later, a friend of his is accused of anther murder, this time of a teenage girl. Tony goes back to defend him and has to confront his own past.This book is definitely not for [...]

    20. I liked the story, and although somewhat predictable, it kept my interest. Characters were good, and I wasn't sure where it was going until more than halfway through -- of course, that is me, and I am not all that prescient about mysteries, preferring to just get dragged along with the story rather than ferret out whodunit.Anyhow, although I hate the library shelves where all the Patterson books are (good grief), I will pick up another one or 2 of his, I thinkgood diversion after a full day of b [...]

    21. This book held my interest until the end, when I was very disappointed. I did not think that the negative aspects of the character of the killer (whom I will not name here) were developed sufficiently to explain that person as a murderer. However, I hung in there until the end because it was an intriguing double mystery, the two halves separated by 28 years. The killer’s identity was not surprising enough, nor were there any major plot twists that I always like in a mystery. I give it a genero [...]

    22. Good page turning mystery.Tony Lord, star high school athlete, defense lawyer. Best friends in high school with Sam, Sue, and Alison. Alison is murdered and Tony is the prime suspect. But he is innocent and goes on to Harvard Law. 28 years later he is called back, by Sue, to defend Sam, who is charged with a teenaged girls murder. In the end we discover who has murdered both girls. Sam.

    23. Halfway through this 494-page-long book, I thought it was way too long and became impatient. Then, suddenly, it was near the end of the narrative, and I was thinking, "What? There must be more!", and there was. I wasn't surprised by the resolution, but I sure found it an interesting ride to the finish. The personalities in this book were complex and painful, and really well written. This is a very good law procedural.

    24. Wonderful surprise at the end! I was fooled! Now I will have to see the movie!I did not give it 4 stars because I had a hard time getting into this book. I actually put it down and later returned to it because I had read 300 of the 600 pages. It took awhile to grab me. But at the end, I had to finish and could not put it down!

    25. A good twist at the end, but not entirely unexpected, I think. The plot of this book reminded me vividly of Michael Connelly's "Fifth Witness" and Tony Lord reminds me of the character Mickey Haller. Richard North Patterson's style entails more character development, though; you really felt the protaganist's struggle on an emotional level.

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