The Many Faces of George Washington: Remaking a Presidential Icon

The Many Faces of George Washington Remaking a Presidential Icon No picture accurately resembled him in the minute traits of his person there was an expression of his face that no painter had succeeded in taking London s New Monthly Magazine in George Washingt

  • Title: The Many Faces of George Washington: Remaking a Presidential Icon
  • Author: Carla Killough McClafferty
  • ISBN: 9780761356080
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Hardcover
  • No picture accurately resembled him in the minute traits of his person there was an expression of his face that no painter had succeeded in taking London s New Monthly Magazine in 1790 George Washington s face has been painted, printed, and engraved than a billion times since his birth in 1732 And yet even in his lifetime, no picture seemed to capture the No picture accurately resembled him in the minute traits of his person there was an expression of his face that no painter had succeeded in taking London s New Monthly Magazine in 1790 George Washington s face has been painted, printed, and engraved than a billion times since his birth in 1732 And yet even in his lifetime, no picture seemed to capture the likeness of the man who is now the most iconic of all our presidents Worse still, people today often see this founding father as the old and grumpy Washington on the dollar bill In 2005 a team of historians, scientists, and artisans at Mount Vernon set out to change the image of our first president They studied paintings and sculptures, pored over Washington s letters to his tailors and noted other people s comments about his appearance, even closely examined the many sets of dentures that had been created for Washington Researchers tapped into skills as diverse as 18th century leatherworking and cutting edge computer programming to assemble truer likenesses Their painstaking research and exacting processes helped create three full body representations of Washington as he was at key moments in his life And all along the way, the team gained new insight into a man who was anything but old and grumpy Join award winning author Carla Killough McClafferty as she unveils the statues of the three Georges and rediscovers the man who became the face of a new nation.

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    1. Forensic anthropology meets the guy on the one dollar bill. That's one way of putting it anyway. Walk into many a classroom and tell the kids "Look! I've a book here on George Washington! Who wants it?" and prepare to be buried in groans. An alternative take: Walk into many a classroom and show the kids pages 8 and 9 of Carla Killough McClafferty's The Many Faces of George Washington. There they will see an array of Washington portraits so diverse that you might as well be looking at five differ [...]

    2. What do you picture when you think of George Washington? The iconic picture that we all have is wrong! In fact, few paintings done show his likeness. This book takes a look at the research project many leaders from Mount Vernon undertook to make three 3D replicas of President Washington at varying ages. They used experts in many fields as well as the latest techonlogy to do so. I read this book using Follett Destiny on my laptop last week and many of my students read a few chapeter of it using F [...]

    3. A great deal of research went into this interesting take on George Washington's life and image. Every child has seen the representation of our first president on money and commercials and lots of other places. They have probably never seen his real 'fake' teeth or had the knowledge that they were a mix of horse, cow and human teeth. From just a digital image the artists work painstakingly to recreate Washington at different stages in his life-from young man of 19 to 45 and finally 57 years old. [...]

    4. Audience: 6-9, or anyone interested in art, presidential history, or technological advances in recreating artistic pieces. Appeal: Man, I thought this book was going to be much more interesting than it is. I only looked at the title before taking it home, so I hoped it would be about the many legends surrounding the father of our nation. But it's not. It's a very dry read, telling the story of how painters of George Washington's time could never seem to get his likeness right, so when it came ti [...]

    5. When you think of the face of George Washington, what comes to mind? The visage that graces the dollar bill, perhaps? Maybe his profile on the quarter? Or is it the majestic pose chiseled into the side of Mount Rushmore beside Presidents Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln? In her fascinating new book due out this month, The Many Faces of George Washington: Remaking a Presidential Icon, Carla Killough McClaffery explains that not one of the above-mentioned images—or any other image of Washington [...]

    6. nonfictiondetectives.The Nonfiction Detectives Review:When I first picked up a copy of The Many Faces of George Washington I thought to myself, "Not another book about George." It seems like the library shelves are bulging with biographies about our nation's first president, and some George Washington books are better than others. However, I was pleasantly surprised with Carla Killough McClafferty's take of on the George Washington biography. It's more than a biography. It's about science, techn [...]

    7. The Many Faces of George Washington: Remaking a Presidential Icon by Carla Killough McClafferty follows the story of a team of historians, scientists, and artisans who set out to change the image of our first president, by creating three full-body representations of Washington as he was at key moments in his life.When the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association needed to beter inform visitors about George Washington, they devised a plan. A team of experts, including a forensic anthropologist, were brou [...]

    8. Who knew? The popular opinion of George Washington nowadays is that he was dour and old, and people don't know as much about him now as they did thirty years ago. To offset this, a group of researchers connected with the Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens decided to put together as much information about what Washington looked like, as well as who he really was, so that modern day people could get to know him. The book chronicles the process used in getting an accurate depiction of what Washington [...]

    9. Review copy from Lerner PublishingJust in time for our annual trip to DC! Every painted portrait of George Washington is a little different -- no one image seems to capture the "real" first president. The most famous portrait of him is the one used to create the image on the one-dollar bill, but people tend to think he looks "old and grumpy." Was he really? The evidence doesn't seem to support that at all! This is the story of a team effort to create three life-size historically accurate models [...]

    10. Sometimes forensic anthropology books have the unintended effect of boring their potential audience to tears. Not this one! Here the author shows how a group of folks go about finding out what a person looked like WITHOUT the benefits of a skeleton to work off of. The solution consists of everything from written clothing measurements to death masks. In the end, the book shows us three statues of Washington created to look as he did at three different points in his life. Along the way it also del [...]

    11. None of the paintings of George Washington that most Americans are familiar with are considered truly accurate by many historians, this includes the painting used to create the image of Washington on the one-dollar bill. In 2005, a group of historians, scientists, and skilled artisans at Mount Vernon decided to try to create life-size models of Washington at three major points in his life. The book describes these efforts and the incredible amount of work that went into the creating of these thr [...]

    12. Flipped through this -- fascinating topic for anyone interested in history and its recreation. description:""No picture accurately resembled him in the minute traits of his person . . . there was an expression of his face that no painter had succeeded in taking." --London's New Monthly Magazine in 1790 George Washington's face has been painted, printed, and engraved more than a billion times since his birth in 1732. And yet even in his lifetime, no picture seemed to capture the likeness of the [...]

    13. market researchSome booktalking appeal with history and art classes. The realistic, artistic capture of George Washington was an elusive endeavor and never entirely successful. According to people who knew the man, none of the portraits that the President sat for accurately represented the man's likeness. Oh what a missed opportunity of a line: "Would the real George Washington please stand up, please stand up!" Great illustrations and photos. Engaging narrative on a topic that initially appears [...]

    14. We think of George Washington as the president on the dollar bill or the quarter; little do we realize that those pictures really do not show the true face of George Washington. This book follows the progress of the creation of three statues of Washington during various phases of his life: as a surveyor, as the General during the Revolutionary War and as President. The book tells us what he was doing during those times and explains the process of recreating his face. There are some really intere [...]

    15. So much more than just another biography of George Washington, this book alternates chapters telling Washington's bio with chapters about a project started at Mount Vernon to bring Washington to life. Artists, forensic scientists, textiles experts, taxidermists and more collaborated to produce three life-size wax figures to display at Mount Vernon--one of Washington at nineteen as a surveyor in the American wilderness, one of him riding his horse (they even took pains to get the color and body s [...]

    16. Excellent book. I met the author at a history conference in Oklahoma. She is very knowledgable and a sweet lady. She was willing to share her experiences and knowledge about George Washington. I could have listened to her talk evening. She truely loved doing the research on this book and it shows as you read it. She commented that George Washington was the one man who the more you learn about him the more you admire him as a man and leader. I highly recommend this book to get to know Washington [...]

    17. Eighteenth-century, upper-class families like the Washington's clothed both girls and boys in stays. This was a corset filled with thin pieces of wood or baleen whalebone worn around the chest. Baumgarten explained, "Stays molded the body from an early age and helped teach genteel posture and movement. As a result, men and women learned how to stand with dropped shoulders, prominent chest, and erect posture. George Washington would have work stays when he was a very young child. This would have [...]

    18. I was fortunate enough to receive a pre publication copy of this book to review.A wonderful source for anyone interested in George Washington. I have always felt that our first president was a man that very few in his times our ours would be able to equal. This book enforced that idea. It was fascinating to see the many different ways he was captured by different artists and sculptors as well as the way modern technology is able to recreate his image. I especially liked the way they are able to [...]

    19. Oh my God, this book is SO COOL. It's a mix of forensic anthropology and history and documents how all these amazing scientists and historians and others used clues and evidence to create statues of what George Washington really looked like at ages 19, 45 and 57. (Hint: not what you think, based on the crappy portrait used on the dollar bill.) How they pieced this together was utterly fascinating and, dare I repeat, SO COOL. The history was also interesting, for context, but for me, it was all a [...]

    20. Interesting but wordy account of how a team of historians and artists try to show what George Washington REALLY looked like at three different stages of life, to counteract the unflattering dollar bill portrait. The photographs of their results are stunningly realistic, and show how actually quite good looking Washington was, especially at 6 foot 2. Too bad he had all of those horrendous dental issues, which are certainly addressed but not with as much humor and pathos as in the picture book by [...]

    21. This short book is really fascinating! It re-creates what George Washington looked like at 3 stages of his life--hey, as a young man he was kinda cute! They worked from a life mask of him and various from-life portraits. They approached it like a forensic crime scene show would have--they recreated his skull from the life mask and worked backwards in age with sophisticated techniques, and did 3 fullscale figures of him which were painstakingly researched and dressed. Even the stuffed horse one o [...]

    22. Great job toggling between George Washington's endeavors on behalf of our country and the sleuthing and craftsmanship it took to recreate his image at several points in his life. Really the whole book shows what wonders dedication to purpose can create. Given that it is aimed at children, the detail about the craftsmanship might be a bit overwhelming (sort of situation where you now expect a videoclip to show how it is done with voiceover explaining details) but it is a wonderful record to have. [...]

    23. A good book that looks at the man who was Washington and also the effort to recreate his visage using a combination of art and science which was made all that much harder because an old contract forbids his remains from being exhumed. I really found this book interesting and had a lot of great detail including images of his and an explanation why his toothless state effected his appearance. The final recreations, wax figures of Washington at 19, 45, and 57 are spectacular. The book isn't bad eit [...]

    24. This book gave me a new perspective on the iconic image of George Washington on the dollar bill. I had never really stopped to think about any of Washington's images before and how they portrayed him as old and grumpy. I love how McClafferty gives us a better understanding of the time period and what was going on in Washington's life at the time to explain why his images are so grumpy looking. It was neat to learn more about their efforts to recreate Washington in a different light. Students wou [...]

    25. In an effort to revitalize George Washington's image to Mount Vernon visitors, researchers decided to create life-size figures showing Washington at ages 19, 45, and 57. The text alternates between historical events in Washington's life and the researchers' process in figuring out how Washington would have looked and creating the figures. The nice layout sports plenty of color photos and extensive back matter includes a timeline, an author's note, and more. This is a nicely crafted book that wil [...]

    26. I have learned more about our first President in these 70 pages than at any other point in my life. Living in the age of technology and with constant camera's, it is hard to believe that there was a point when citizens of this country only say a painting of him. Worse yet, it never occurred to me that each painting is subject to the painter's interpretation. The reader gets just enough-back ground, but often provides enough illustrations and supplemental information to make and ad ell.

    27. It was interesting to find out the picture we have of George Washington is not correct. This book shows the research of leaders from Mount Vernon who created three 3d replicas of George Washington at various ages. They used historians, scientists, and artisans to make the replicas and gained new insight into what George Washington was like. I thought it was amazing to read about the lengths that the researchers went to.

    28. The Many faces of George Washington wasn’t what I expected it to be. It felt like reading a textbook, in a way it is, and I didn’t liked it. The history part of the story wasn’t for me, which is weird, as I am a history student. What I did liked was the bit of telling about the reconstruction of his face. Very interesting! If you want to know more about George Washington, you should get this book, unfortunately it wasn’t for me.

    29. My favorite thing about the book is that it personified Washington. He became so real to me that he became a friend. I also loved the patriotism in the book and even cried on a few parts for the pride of our beginnings and the sadness of what our country has ended up like.I absolutely loved this book and it made me want to visit every location mentioned in it.

    30. This fascinating book combines details with George Washington's life with the work of artists, scientists, and scholars who created life size replicas of Washington. I was intrigued by the discussion of the many different portraits of Washington which all seemed to portray a different man. Also, I loved seeing the clever means that were used to figure out features and appearance.

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