Blood of the Fold

Blood of the Fold Ces romans vont tout balayer sur leur passage comme le firent ceux de Tolkien Marion Zimmer Bradley auteure des Dames du Lac La barri re qui s parait l Ancien et le Nouveau Monde a t bris e Des force

  • Title: Blood of the Fold
  • Author: Terry Goodkind
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ces romans vont tout balayer sur leur passage comme le firent ceux de Tolkien Marion Zimmer Bradley, auteure des Dames du Lac La barri re qui s parait l Ancien et le Nouveau Monde a t bris e Des forces anciennes viennent assi ger les Contr es du Milieu Des forces si terrifiantes que, la derni re fois qu elles ont frapp , il y a 3000 ans, on n a pu les repousser qu Ces romans vont tout balayer sur leur passage comme le firent ceux de Tolkien Marion Zimmer Bradley, auteure des Dames du Lac La barri re qui s parait l Ancien et le Nouveau Monde a t bris e Des forces anciennes viennent assi ger les Contr es du Milieu Des forces si terrifiantes que, la derni re fois qu elles ont frapp , il y a 3000 ans, on n a pu les repousser qu en murant l Ancien Monde l aide d une barri re magique infranchissable A pr sent celle ci n est plus, et Richard Rahl et Kahlan Amnell sont les seuls pouvoir faire face aux puissances mal fiques qui vont d ferler Richard est le Sourcier de V rit , mais il est aussi un sorcier de guerre, le premier depuis des mill naires Quant Kahlan, sa bien aim e, elle se cache loin de lui, traqu e par des fanatiques qui ont entrepris d assassiner tous les possesseurs de magie Ils se font appeler le Sang de la D chirure, ils torturent et tuent des innocents en pr tendant lutter contre le Mal Alors que r gnent la manipulation et la guerre, Richard devra tout faire pour emp cher une apocalypse d une sauvagerie inimaginable accepter le pouvoir qu il a h rit de son p re et utiliser toutes ses ressources magiques pour vaincre l ennemi, sauver Kahlan et refermer le portail.

    • Unlimited [Religion Book] ↠ Blood of the Fold - by Terry Goodkind ✓
      318 Terry Goodkind
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    1. Welcome to the next installment of WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST READ. Pull up a chair, and have a seat.So before we get to the explication of weirdness, a couple of things of note that might lend context to this review:1. With the exception of 2013, I’ve read one of these books a year. I can’t handle more than one in a 365 day period. I think I skipped last year because I ran out of time and also I didn’t care.2. I spent all of last weekend finally watching season one of Legend of the Seeker, [...]

    2. ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.This review refers to the SOT series through book 9.Terry Goodkind’s first book Wizard’s First Rule was great! Except for the actual First Rule ("People are Stupid"), which wasupid. The story had so many unique and fascinating characters (especially the secondary ones). I was in love with Richard; I wanted to be a Mord-Sith. The next couple of books of The Sword of Truth were pretty good, too.ThenI don’t know what happened just TOTALLY lost it. The w [...]

    3. I had to stop bringing this book to Junior High just so people would stop asking why I was reading a book about menstruation. Thanks Terry.My Fantasy Book Suggestions

    4. An Opinionated Look At:Terry Goodkind's Blood of the FoldBy Eric AllenThis review is rated S for Spoilers.That's right, I actually finished it, finally. So I've been going through the Sword of Truth series (very slowly) and reviewing each book to see if they are actually as good as I remember them, or if I've simply been looking back through nostalgia goggles. So far, there have been a few things that my younger self was too stupid to notice that annoyed me now, but for the most part, they have [...]

    5. I stopped reading the series after this book. I like the premise of the books and the world-building was pretty good. I would have continued reading the series were it not for the juvenile misogyny pervading these books. For such a supposedly powerful woman, Kahlan is assaulted and almost raped at least once per book. Not to mention the dominatrix-type chicks from the first book (hello, geeky teen boy fantasy). Is it too much to ask to have a normal woman somewhere? After seeing no improvement o [...]

    6. Richard loves Kahlan, Richard loses Kahlanoh my magic will prevent Richard from ever being with Kahlan again.Richard does the impossible and he and Kahlan are reunited.

    7. Terry Goodkind, Blood of the Fold (Tor, 1996)Back when I was a kid, I was crazy about the various exploits of Donald Sobol's pint-sized sleuth Encyclopedia Brown. There was rarely a week where I didn't have at least one Encyclopedia Brown book out of at least one library somewhere near wherever I was living at the time. A fine set of books, those. Each was a collection of various mini-mysteries solved by Brown (and, later, his gorgeous sidekick Sally Kimball; after all, every sleuth needs a gorg [...]

    8. 3.0 stars. Another solid installment of this epic fantasy series and the last of the truly good entries (apart from Faith of the Fallen). Richard and Kahlan are great characters and there are moments a real fun someone muted by the less then stellar prose.

    9. Terry Goodkind is a superb author, and in my opinion, his "Sword of Truth" series is the best I have ever read. So good, in fact, that I have read the entire series three times in a row, back to back, non-stop. This series is *not* for children. The series covers many aspects of the dark side of humanity, in great detail, as the heroes try to overcome the evils in the world. Goodkind is not afraid to show his readers just what evil *really* is, that is, most often, people who perform acts of evi [...]

    10. As a reader , I honestly feel insulted ! Why do events keep happening behind our backs ? And then all Goodkind gives us is a brief account on what happened !! Someone needs to tell him that when you read a book you expect to be "there" you know ?And second , Emperor Jagang , the Keeper , the mriswith , and the blood of the fold ?? When did all this happen ??? Things keep popping up and names as readers we are not informed of to the extent that I keep thinking there's a book I missed!Magically th [...]

    11. The signs were there, but when you are a blossoming lad, spreading your wings like a majestic pheonix just risen from the ashes of teenhood, they don't fully register, and you kind of miss the bigger picture. And it says, cardboard characters, shallow relationships, a ridiculously over-simplified world of politics and perverted sex, and loads of magic.I loved it!Twenty years ago.Hence the rating.It would make no sense for me to ridicule my past self. Tor's cover, with that red dragon, oh my. The [...]

    12. The third volume in the, from what I understand, now completed saga of the Sword of Truth. Another good offering from Mr. Goodkind. I find it interesting how confused Richard seems to be much of the time. He makes decisions based on information and reason and passion, but spends much of his time regretting the decisions he has made, only to finally accept that, yes, he did do the right thing. I was elated at the end of the book when Gratch showed back up. I thought surely he had not died in the [...]

    13. Since overcoming the nausea I had succumbed to over the romance betweenRichard and Kahlan (it took a few years, no antibiotics were required),I decided to take another step in the series. Like I've said in otherreviews for these books, this isn't such a huge commitment as these haven't been the types of books that hold you hostage to the series by ending with cliffhangers.Blood of the Fold was OK. I really like the way Goodkind uses magic inthese stories, and I like the way he can keep a story i [...]

    14. This book is as good as the first in the series. There are a ton of really cool concepts and magical things that Goodkind throws at you in this book, and he does a really good job with them. This book basically consists of Richard and Kahlan's attempts to force the Midlands into a massive alliance against the Imperial Order.One of Goodkind's better villains, General Tobias Brogan of the titular Blood of the Fold also makes his appearance in this book. This character is amazingly written, being b [...]

    15. Mild trigger warning.So I hope to keep this one brief. I think my reviews of the first two cover a lot of the ground that would go into a more extensive review of this book. All the same problems recur: plot holes, impetuous action, obvious stupidity by "smart" characters, a reliance on monogamous pair-bonding as the strongest magic of all, a reliance on brutal sexual violence as both the justified punishment of the wicked and the ultimate transgression, with a slow lingering over details that m [...]

    16. I really enjoy the Sword of the Truth series but there are mild peeves that are starting to raise their ugly heads For one, Richard's knee jerk reaction, every time he discovers something new about himself he is in denial. He was in denial when the Sisters told him he had the gift, when he realised that he might have Additive as well as Subtractive magic and finally when he was told he was the new Lord Rahl. It is completely understandable for him to take time to let it all sink in, but he doesn [...]

    17. I had a good time reading this book. So much was going on. Everyone was fighting their own battles whether they stood next to friends or across the land.Gratch is awesome *period*Kahlan was being per-ty selfish at times, convinced that Richard was trying to ruin her. Wait. Didn't she say she trusted him completely?Richard, while still strong-willed, made more level-headed decisions in this concerning his life and the people he protected.Of course BotF had its down moments, but they were easily o [...]

    18. I really liked this installment in the Sword of Truth series. Usually the third book is not the best but this one was better than the second I thought; more action, and plot and seemed to move more quickly. Even though Richard and Kahlan are separated through most of the book, there is enough action to keep it going and finally you feel like the Sisters of the Dark and even some of the Light get their commupance! The climax is very riveting and keeps you griping the edge of your seat----or pages [...]

    19. I wish I could give negative-star reviews. This was the worse book I've ever read. I had to finish it to rightfully declaim how insufferably terrible it was and now I can say Goodkind is by far the worse writer (any genre) that I've read. For those of you that enjoy this stuff, if you give it some effort you can actually find good fantasy if you look for more than twenty seconds in the bookstore, or superb fantasy if you look online. Try Jack Vance, Gene Wolfe, George R.R. Martin, T.H. White, Po [...]

    20. If you like terrible writing, redundant plotlines, inane characters, lots of rape and violence then Terry Goodkind is your man. Otherwise, try Robert Jordan, George R.R. Martin or Matthew Stover.

    21. A horrible third edition to the sword of truth series. Boring antagonists, empty plot, and an overdone romance between Richard and Kahlan. I barely got through this load of crap. Then Goodkind throws in a random nipple fettish ?? Somehow I feel that Terry Goodkind projects his sick fantasies through the characters in his books. Garbage.

    22. Tenhle díl začínal dost ponuře, jak pro naše hrdiny, tak pro jejich nepřátele. Každý se totiž nachází úplně jinde než ostatní a je docela ubíjející a taky docela srandovní, jak se cestou míjejí a ani o tom nevědí, i když se navzájem vlastně hledají (skoro celou knihu) :-D.No a jak to tak v životě bývá, nejdříve musíme zažít to špatné, abychom si začali vážit toho dobrého, co nás potkalo - jako třeba sestry temnoty.Na druhou stranu existují i lidé, k [...]

    23. Oh wow. This one was wonderful. My favorite in the series so far. Yay!I'm watching Legend of the Seeker with the boyfriend at the moment, and because it's good, but not *entirely* up to the books' standards, we have a tendency to supply unnessecary commentary and altervative dialogue. But either way, it made me long for the books again.I always feel though, that when I start a good book, I have to take the time to finish it, and that's why some time usually goes by between every book I read in t [...]

    24. And again I say:I liked the idea of the story. The idea behind the plot is good, but it is lost in the telling and it just dragged on and on and on and on and on and on you get the picture. After five chapters of this I finally gave up and found the novel in MP3 so I could listen to it and just get it over with. I listened to the book while at work, and while listening to it I only had to devote half a brain to it. I got the important parts and anything I didn't find important I could just zone [...]

    25. La saga de "La spada della verità" è composta da 11 volumi ma, leggendo questo terzo capitolo (a cui si aggiunge anche la delusione del secondo), ho già capito che non fa per me ma, comunque, continuerò a leggerla solo ed esclusivamente per sapere come andrà a finire!Che dire di questo terzo volume? Troppo prolisso, troppo caotico e troppo dispersivo (con la scena che si sposta continuamente in vari luoghi del magico territorio immaginato da Goodkind), e due dei protagonisti principali (mi [...]

    26. I read the first book because I enjoyed Legend of the Seeker and was sad to see it off-air just when I was discovering it. I had hoped that by reading the books I could keep Richard and Kahlan's adventure alive. I noticed the many, many differences right away, and tried to ignore all the violence. I almost gave up when DRl was preparing to go to Underworld because what good person would think of such a method to get anywhere? I shudder. But I chose to ignore it and finished the book.The second b [...]

    27. I remember honestly enjoying Wizard's First Rule overall, despite the bizareness of the structure of the novel - possibly BECAUSE of said strangeness. Then I read Stone of Tears, and somewhere halfway through the book it struck me that it was EXACTLY THE SAME PLOT as WFR, only somehow longer . I thought, I like this series, but I'm a bit tired of it. I'll come back some future day. I tried to get back into it, but yeesh. I cannot remember being so ungodly bored by a book in a LONG time. How did [...]

    28. Horrible book. The world Goodkind has made for this universe appears to have been made up while severely intoxicated or seriously ill with a high fever; It is horrifyingly simple, to the point where it becomes so improbable it automatically lands itself in the "Seriously bad fantasy" realm.Sadly, Goodkind does not stop there, many of his characters and items as well as plots are ripoffs from other books. You will unmistakably fint the white witch from Narnia, Gollum from Lord of the Rings, the O [...]

    29. So, it's been awhile since I read the first two books of the Sword of Truth series, and decided to finally pick up book three, Blood of the Fold. For all of the criticism directed at Goodkind's style of writing, I can say that the first three books are if nothing else, entertaining. Blood of the Fold is anything but dull, and is relentlessly action driven, hosts a wide array of engaging characters (even if Kahlan is not much of one in this book), and The Sisters of the Light were fascinating to [...]

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