Nowhere Hair

Nowhere Hair Written in rhyme and accompanied by whimsical colorful illustrations the story unfolds about a little girl looking for her mother s hair This picture book is written for children ages to but ca

  • Title: Nowhere Hair
  • Author: Sue Glader Edith Buenen
  • ISBN: 9780984359103
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Written in rhyme and accompanied by whimsical, colorful illustrations, the story unfolds about a little girl looking for her mother s hair This picture book is written for children ages 3 to 8, but can be enjoyed and appreciated by all ages It helps children understand chemotherapy and how cancer and hair loss are not their fault It is a story about fear and sadness, beWritten in rhyme and accompanied by whimsical, colorful illustrations, the story unfolds about a little girl looking for her mother s hair This picture book is written for children ages 3 to 8, but can be enjoyed and appreciated by all ages It helps children understand chemotherapy and how cancer and hair loss are not their fault It is a story about fear and sadness, being silly and wearing crazy hats, and loving those who look different This is a must buy for consumer and family library collections It is a positive tool to guide conversations with children, giving them hope, comfort, and a better understanding of cancer treatments Nancy O Brien, Iowa Health Des Moines, Des Moines IA CAPHIS Consumer Connection Medical Library Association Periodical

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    One thought on “Nowhere Hair”

    1. Cancer changes everything in a family's life. Often children have so many unanswered questions so quietly they struggle with secret doubts and worries. This book is by far the sweetest book on this subject written by a woman that has gone through this valley. Her thoughtful poetic style presents the truth that cancer is no ones fault, it does not change the love between the parent and child, it does not change the inside of a person. This book shows that truly it is that inward beauty that count [...]

    2. Having cancer must be terrifying. Having to explain all of the effects that go along with treating cancer to your children must be terrifying as well. Sue Glader, a breast cancer survivor, has made that task much, much easier with this picture book geared toward children aged 3-10. The story, told in rhyme, helps the daughter of a hip mom undergoing treatment for her cancer to understand why her mom has lost her hair. Nowhere Hair uses delightful illustrations to help convey to children the impo [...]

    3. This book focuses on humor . . . Mom has cancer and is losing her hair with chemo treatments, but where did her hair go? To give the cat a cloak? To warm a sparrow's nest? The fun illustrations and humor can be a good way to get kids to talk and leaner about cancer.

    4. Excellent book for children; very simply describes a girl's concerns while her mother goes through treatment for cancer, in a very hopeful and positive way. Illustrations are a great match, very colorful, great lines, contemporary feel but very nuanced.

    5. This book's genre is rhyme and verse, and it takes you on a journey with a girl who's mom has cancer. It tells her doubts and questions in a way that children of all ages can read and understand. Sue Glader, a breast cancer survivor, allowed me, as a reader, to understand the important messages this book told. The bright and detailed illustrations lets you not only see the emotions that are being conveyed in both the mom and daughter, but it also allows you to not focus on the negative aspects o [...]

    6. This is great book to teach young children about cancer and chemotherapy. The illustrations are great and the text is somewhat lighthearted, without dismissing the emotions of the characters.

    7. “Having hunted for her mother’s hair, a young girl learns the truth about cancer while experiencing life (with hats, scarves, baldness, and love), during chemotherapy.”Nowhere Hair is a wonderful way to begin a talk centered on cancer. The author uses comforting tones that will sooth young and old alike. No one wants to mix children in with cancer, yet life has a way of doing as it pleases. When it does strike, children need a way to understand all that is happening around them. They need [...]

    8. This is the story of a little girl trying to find the hair her mother lost. You find her looking all around the house and making suggestions as to what has happened to it. She finally asks her mom what happened it. When her mom tells her it is because of medicine she takes for her cancer she reacts the way a lot of children do. “Is it because of something that I did or said?” She then goes on to explain how life has changed with her mother and how she especially expresses her fear. She talks [...]

    9. Nowhere Hair starts off with a young girl searching for her mother's hair. The text is lighthearted with a touch of humor, but never, never dismissive of the child's feelings. The book gently addresses common fears and feelings children may have about cancer, reassuring them that they didn't cause it, can't catch it, and that how someone looks doesn't change who they are. It even encourages kids, in a very age-appropriate way, to consider what their loved one may be struggling with, such as exha [...]

    10. Your cancer diagnosis has a profound impact on your entire family. There’s new information to learn. There are treatment decisions to make. And if you have children, you’re probably also concerned about how much to tell them about your diagnosis and what you are going through.Nowhere hair shows what your child might be thinking when the effects of cancer begin to take over your body. I enjoyed this whimsical tale of a little girl searching high and low for her mommy’s hair. She even wonder [...]

    11. An Amazing Children's Story That Softens The Topic of Cancer To A Child. This story begins with a child who wonders where her mother's hair has gone. She looks in her purse, in the cookie jar, even under her mother's bed, but no hair. Then she thinks that her mother may have lent her hair to a matador, or a bird borrowed it for it's nest. Though the girl realizes that her mother is not as active as she once was, her mother's love for her never changes. Their are many new things about her mother. [...]

    12. Nowhere Hair is about a little girl searching for her mother's hair. She looks in a purse, the cookie jar, their car, and under the bed, yet she can't seem to find it anywhere. When she asks her mom, her mom says medicine took it away because of a sickness called cancer. The little girl thinks its her fault, but her dad assures her it is not. However, she notices the difference in her mom's stamina and attitude, so she tries to lift her spirits with hats that fit her mood. Although the little gi [...]

    13. A really wonderful book to help open up to a child on the discussion of having cancer or related illness. While obviously it wont answer all questions they have it will help give you a starting place. It's beautifully illustarted by Edith Buenen. I really loved the illustrations! They made a touchy and serious topic less serious and upbeat. The story teaches two very important lessons.Dont tease others because they are different and Dont judge folks on the outside of their body, its whats on the [...]

    14. I loved this book! It talks about a young girl who is trying to figure out where her mom's hair went. She looks, and looks, but can't seem to find it anywhere. Then her mom tells her that she lost it to cancer. I think that this book would be great in a classroom because cancer affects everyone. A teacher is bound to have a student someday that cancer has affected a very close relative. This book is a simple way for teachers to help kids understand a little more about cancer. I loved the illustr [...]

    15. The book begins with a girl searching all over for her mother's missing hair. She doesn't find it and finally asks her mom about it. Her mom shares with her that she has cancer and she lost her hair because of the medicine that helps her cancer. From there the book addresses common questions that children have about cancer and provides information in a positive manner. The illustrations are fun and positive.Great resource to begin a conversation about cancer with children.

    16. Nowhere Hair by Sue Gladner - perfect story for introduction of the idea of cancer treatment and losing hair from the treatment. Gentle words help the child adjust to the life changes which could help children address their fears and concerns.

    17. Great book, beautiful illustrations with a real story and words to communicate with children about the loss of hair associated with loss of hair.

    18. This is a nice, gentle, bouncy, happy way to explain what happens to mom's hair when she has undergone chemotherapy.

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