The Devil's Home on Leave

The Devil s Home on Leave Which is worse A psychopathic killer or murderous corruption The second book in Derek Raymond s acclaimed Factory Series opens with the chilling discovery of a horribly butchered body abandoned in a w

  • Title: The Devil's Home on Leave
  • Author: Derek Raymond
  • ISBN: 9781935554585
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Paperback
  • Which is worse A psychopathic killer or murderous corruption The second book in Derek Raymond s acclaimed Factory Series opens with the chilling discovery of a horribly butchered body abandoned in a warehouse by the Thames It s obviously the work of a contract killer, but why would a professional leave the body for discovery With his usual mix of cunning and nerve, the uWhich is worse A psychopathic killer or murderous corruption The second book in Derek Raymond s acclaimed Factory Series opens with the chilling discovery of a horribly butchered body abandoned in a warehouse by the Thames It s obviously the work of a contract killer, but why would a professional leave the body for discovery With his usual mix of cunning and nerve, the unnamed Detective Sergeant from the Unexplained Deaths Department stands up to both mobsters and his superiors to get to the truth He soon finds himself engaged in a harrowing game of cat and mouse with a psychopathic murderer who seems to have ties to the highest levels of the British government.When one of his superiors warns him to back off, saying, You ll always get the shitty end of the stick, he explains, Maybe, but I think that s the end where the truth is.

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    1. "Where I go, the ghosts go. I go where the evil is."The second instalment in Derek Raymond's seminal five part British Noir series, The Factory may not be as bleak as the first part, He Died With His Eyes Open but what it lacks in existential anguish it makes up for in grisly, disturbing and seedy depictions of England in 1984, a particularly gruesome crime and a fascinating yet insane villain.It's been a buzz term for a few years now thanks to David Cameron but if ever the words Broken Britain [...]

    2. Bowman: If you will stay a sergeant you'll always get the shitty end of the stick. Sergeant: Maybe, but I think that's where the truth is.This is the second novel I have read by Derek Raymond (born Robin Cook in 1931, and who died in London in 1994). Derek Raymond was the son of a textile magnate, he dropped out of Eton aged sixteen and was employed at various times as a pornographer, organiser of illegal gambling, money launderer, pig-slaughterer and minicab driver. Much of this work experience [...]

    3. Nero come il fuoco dopo che è passatoCi sono modi e modi di dire nero. Il nero è indubbiamente un colore. O forse è l’assenza del colore. Ma è anche molte altre cose. È l’umore tetro; è l’orlo delle nuvole cariche di pioggia; è la sofferenza dei vestiti di chi ha perso una persona cara; è il vuoto di una stella collassata; è un certo senso dello humor che non a tutti si addice; è l’eleganza di un tubino in una sera carica di aspettative; è il bagaglio giornaliero di uno spazza [...]

    4. Un noir robusto. E' il secondo romanzo della cosiddetta serie della Factory, con protagonista il disilluso sergente del reparto Delitti Irrisolti. Spiccano - oltre la vicenda personale del sergente, qui tratteggiata con parsimonia attraverso una drammatica visita al manicomio dove è rinchiusa la folle ex-moglie e il ricordo della figlia morta, pieno d'amore, di tenerezza e di senso di colpa - un notevolissimo, perturbante ritratto di assassino e un intreccio politico capace di riprodurre con co [...]

    5. I'm going to have to do this in installments time being what it is which is of course lentless.This is the second book in the Unnamed Detective Sergeant series aka The Factory Novels."It's called the Factory by the villains because it has a bad reputation for doing suspects over in the interrogation rooms We call it the Factory, too: but if you want to know, it's the big modern, concrete police station that controls the West End north to Tottenham Court Road, south to Hyde Park Corner, northwest [...]

    6. This is what Derek Raymond's unnamed investigator from A14, the "unexplained deaths" division of London's Metropolitan Police Force, knows. He knows that Billy McGruder is almost certainly the psychopath who murdered the as yet unidentified man whose body, gutted, minus his upper teeth and jaw, with his body parts boiled to remove fingerprints and identifying marks, has been found stapled into seven Waycross plastic shopping bags and left in an abandoned warehouse near the Thames. He also knows [...]

    7. You know you're in for an unusual dark ride when the first victim in this UK crime novel is found boiled, severed into pieces and carefully sealed in five separate bags. Unorthodox methods, in the action as well as Raymond's narrative approach to the crime genre, are what make The Factory novels stand out so boldly. These are not cozy tea-time mysteries set in the countryside. Agatha Christie fans may want to look elsewhere, and if they decide to visit Raymond's UK, they may want to bring their [...]

    8. "Io vado là dove dimorano i fantasmi. Io vado là dove si trova il male."E bravo il nostro sergente Senzanome della sezione A14 Delitti Irrisolti, meglio conosciuta come Factory. Meglio lavorare da solo contro il male, piuttosto che con un massa di cretini zelanti, e andare dovunque si è chiamati a compiere il proprio dovere, non importa che cosa l'aspetti.Rude, schietto, insolente quanto basta, caparbio, intuitivo, scaltro, determinato Insomma, mi piace Anche se questa volta la strada che ha [...]

    9. Although I’m not a big fan of the way Derek Raymond writes villains (I think he projects too much sentiment on their characters and leaves little room for pathos), I enjoyed this one almost as much as He Died With His Eyes Open. Raymond gets deep into the depressing environment of Thatcher’s London and comes back with a vivid portrait of what bad circumstances do to human behavior.

    10. The Devil's Home on Leave is book two in Derek Raymond's British Noir Factory series. My addiction to Raymond's writing grows stronger with every page. The unnamed detective who tells tells these stories lets the reader into his heart and life more in this book than the first one. We learn about his ex-wife, her illness, the tragic death of his childIt's the detective's compassion and resilience that makes him such an attractive character even in this dark and gritty world of Thatcher-era London [...]

    11. More of a standard procedural than the first in the series, but still dark and uncompromising. A fucked-up protagonist (the unnamed Detective Sergeant), great villains, and snappy dialogue. My favorite parts were the chapters dealing with the Detective Sergeant's past. Sad, gritty stuff, poetic in its utter despair."I choked on my grief behind the windscreen as soon as I was alone, a vague face among other faces in other cars in the heavy traffic. Oh, Edie, Edie, and you the same woman who, when [...]

    12. This bleak and brutal police procedural offers a compulsively seedy portrayal of criminal London. A grisly find in Rotherhithe leads to a murder mystery which spirals to include suspects and victims from all walks of society. It has an interesting detective and a really chilling portrayal of a psychopath, but I just found the whole thing too unremitting.Chandler’s name is the one invoked on the jacket, and whereas some lines – “She was a hard-looking woman in her thirties with about as muc [...]

    13. Who the hell needs a coherent story when you read something so very stylish and authentic, violent, noir-ish, hard-boiled (police brutality in the 20th chapter!), with such an interesting hero protagonist and totally insane villain?It has to be said it's also extremely morbid, bleak and disturbing so I wouldn't recommend it to everyone. But to me it was total thrill, I simply couldn't stop reading it!More here (review includes spoilers!):a60books/2014/10/t

    14. This one's even stronger than the first Factory novel. The voice of the unnamed narrator becomes imbedded in your head, and his devotion to solving the murders of even those no one else cares about contains some subtle societal critique. Awesome stuff. On to the next one!

    15. gran bel poliziesco, di quelli che ti costringono a continuare la lettura senza fermarti. certo, bisogna reggersi un unico monologo interiore del protagonista (eccetto il primo -magnificamente cinematografico- capitolo), che ti fa venir voglia di chiedergli di star zitto ogni tanto e lasciar "parlare" il romanzo: è il solo difetto (difetto per me, intendiamoci: che ad altri questa prosa potrebbe piacere parecchio), e credo proprio che di derek raymond andrò a cercarmi altri libri

    16. Not as good as the first book in this series. Sections of the book were scattered and confusing, like a rough draft in need of an editor.

    17. The Devil’s Home On Leave is the second book of Derek Raymond’s highly-acclaimed factory series. Even if you have widely read mysteries or crime fiction in general, it is all but guaranteed that you have never read anything like these five books. They are dark, gloomy, pessimistic, and antagonistic and all feature a nameless Detective Sergeant laboring in the Department of Unexplained Deaths (A14), which is, in contrast to the glamorous Scotland Yard, where the unsolved cases that no one car [...]

    18. THE DEVIL’S HOME ON LEAVE. (1984). Derek Raymond. ***. Raymond, one of the early practitioners of British noir, has come through with another installment of his “Factory” novels. In his case, the Factory was the Poland Street Police Station, W1, in London. His protagonist was a Detective Sergeant (never given a name) who seems to be the only member of the Department of Unexplained Deaths, situated in Room 205 in the Factory. The Sergeant fights fiercly to keep this job because it allows hi [...]

    19. Dove vado io, là vanno i fantasmi. Io vado là dove si trova il male.Mi piace il "sergente" della sezione Delitti Irrisolti della stazione di polizia di Chelsea: un idealista solitario e insofferente a qualsiasi gerarchia, duro ma ancora capace di rispettare una vita che lo ha trattato crudelmente. In un capannone abbandonato viene scoperto un cadavere fatto a pezzi, bollito e sistemato con cura in cinque sacchetti di plastica. La scena del delitto è perfettamente ordinata e pulita, e il corpo [...]

    20. Ricordo una chat di Browserina che mi aveva fatto esplodere in una risata (il che è normale) ed insieme lasciato perplesso (già meno probabile): riportava un messaggio da cui si evinceva che c’è gente che frequenta la chat cercando di reclutare una ragazza disposta a colpirli con un calcio nelle pall… ehm… nei maro… ehm… insomma, lì.Beh, spingendo la metafora al massimo, se state cercando un romanzo nerissimo che vi regali un calcio lì, ecco, “Aprile è il più crudele dei mesi [...]

    21. i want to like this derek raymond guy, but i just don't know. he's been compared to david peace, and david peace he is not. this nameless protagonist seems to know things and has information that seems too easy- especially without the google-machine to review a lifetime's worth of criminal histories in a few moments. our guy doesn't even like computers! so then, how? right. some of the blurbs make comments that these books are "ferociously violent" and "disturbing" but i found them rather blah. [...]

    22. In The Devil's Home on Leave, Derek Raymond's unnamed detective sergeant in the Unexplained Deaths division takes on a cruel and twisted killer who boils a body to prevent the police from identifying the victim. As the detective closes in on a suspect and digs into the possible motives, he starts to wonder if this case isn't a lot bigger than it first appeared. In this, the second book in the "Factory" series, readers are treated to more British slang, another sordid case, and more information a [...]

    23. Not as good as He Died With His Eyes Open. The middle section got a bit bogged down in nothing much happening and flabby exposition, but it was book ended by pace and wit and better than a lot of current fiction. The thing I've liked about both the Factory books I've read so far is Raymond's commitment to the ambiguous ending. There's no neatening up, no tying off of strands, things are left open, the reader who searches for neatness left unsatisfied. Just like in life. The Devil's Home On Leave [...]

    24. Derek Raymond's Factory Series was a series of mysteries in the 80's and 90's focused on an un-named lifer investigator in a special division focused on cold cases or the ones that aren't good enough for the big cops.The narrator is, in some ways, just as creepy and potentially sociopathic as the people who goes after.In this one, a man is killed, boiled, chopped up and placed in carrier bags in an old warehouse. The story of what happened links to a robbery and a series of snitches in the under [...]

    25. The second in the factory series and the last that I have read.Exactly what you would expect - some great dialogie, confusion, dodgy police procedures and an excellent book.Offers more back story into why the nameless detective cares about the ordinary victim. His wife went mad and murdered his daughter.This has a strange relationship between the hired killer and the detective, which despite the killer being an utter lunatic, is allowed a deal and walks off into the sunset with £50K. Told you i [...]

    26. This is a solid followup to He Died With His Eyes Open, but as with many solid sequels, what it's missing is the novelty of its predecessor, which blew me away. That said, this one's quite good. If the first novel left you curious about how the protagonist got to be who he is, this novel will please you, as it gives some insight into his past--I, on the other hand, thought that part of the excellence of the first novel was that it relied solely on the voice of the narrator and not so much on exp [...]

    27. Originally reviewed as part of a 5 book round up.The Second Derek Raymond book of the trip I read was The Devils Home On Leave a book several degrees sicker and more depraved that He Died With his Eyes Wide Open and a book I couldn't put down as each grisly discovery that comes out of the 5 waitrose carrier bags found in a warehouse in Rotherhithe unfold and how the as always Nameless detective from the Factory gets mixed up with Special Branch and MI5 while trying to figure out who had been mur [...]

    28. Well, I've almost thrown up while reading this book and I'm not even half way. Okay, so the book was only gross for that one part. Denise Mina is much more dark and disturbing. This book was just okay for me. I find his books to be quite slow. It's fast paced in the beginning and then slows and then picks up again at the end. I wish he could keep the pace up throughout. I'll finish reading the series but I suspect I won't enjoy it. So far the first two are only ok. No, I would not recommend thes [...]

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