The Cat Who Went into the Closet

The Cat Who Went into the Closet The mansion on Goodwinter Boulevard is than a retreat for crime writer Jim Qwilleran it is the scene of another delightful Cat Who mystery Qwill rents the Gage mansion in Pickax and soon after moving

  • Title: The Cat Who Went into the Closet
  • Author: Lilian Jackson Braun
  • ISBN: 9780399138300
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The mansion on Goodwinter Boulevard is than a retreat for crime writer Jim Qwilleran it is the scene of another delightful Cat Who mystery Qwill rents the Gage mansion in Pickax, and soon after moving in, he and Koko discover fifteen closets jammed with several generations worth of junk Koko, of course, is on the case, and what he discovers will shock Pickax aThe mansion on Goodwinter Boulevard is than a retreat for crime writer Jim Qwilleran it is the scene of another delightful Cat Who mystery Qwill rents the Gage mansion in Pickax, and soon after moving in, he and Koko discover fifteen closets jammed with several generations worth of junk Koko, of course, is on the case, and what he discovers will shock Pickax and Moose County What connection could obsolete currency, canceled checks, and an old bankbook have with nail clippers, foot powder, and a man s argyle sock Something is definitely brewing in Pickax But what starts out as junk turns into something else The action begins when Qwill decides to simulate a newscast covering the great fire of 1869 An infamous event in Moose County, this fire burned half of the county to the ground Now Qwill is about to put Pickax back on the map with a discovery that will uncover long buried secrets of the Gage family While enjoying a new life in Florida, the mansion s former occupant, Euphonia Gage, apparently committed suicide But why would someone as happy and full of life as Euphonia kill herself And what is the connection between the Gage family and dead potato farmer Gil Inchpot who is found in the snow with a bullet hole in his head Can Qwill and the cats get to the bottom of this mystery before the winter yields another dead body

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      182 Lilian Jackson Braun
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    One thought on “The Cat Who Went into the Closet”

    1. Book Review4 of 5 stars to the 15th book in the "Cat Who" cozy mystery series, The Cat Who Went into the Closet, written in 1993 by Lilian Jackson Braun. I found this to be one of the stronger books in this series, combining genealogy and great family dynamics within Pickax. When Qwill and the cats take a mini-trip to the Goodwinter and Gage mansion, they find themselves stirring up a little trouble in the Pickax. Uncovering information about the great fire from nearly 150 year before, the town [...]

    2. This is one of my favorite series and I am reading through it very slowly, because I don't want it to end. LJB was a great story teller and each book just builds on the last so well and the characters become the readers dear friends. One of my favorite cat parts in this book is the time change in October and the fact that the cats do not accept breakfast being an hour late.I can relate to that so well with my 3 girls. Time change is a rough couple of weeks here.

    3. Erg prettig lezend feelgood verhaal met prachtige sfeertekeningen, het handelsmerk van deze schrijfster. Zoals gewoonlijk wordt pas langzaam duidelijk dat er misdaad in het spel is en duurt het tot erg ver in het verhaal voor er schot in het ontrafelen van de zaak komt. Ondertussen wordt er al dan niet smakelijk gegeten en gedronken. Vooral de rit met de hondenslee is beklijvend beschreven en een absoluut hoogtepunt qua spanning.

    4. Can a cat sense danger and help solve crimes? “The Cat Who Went Into the Closet” will make you a believer. Jim Qwilleran (Qwill) is renting the Gage mansion in Pickax and has brought his two Siamese cats (Koko and YumYum) with him. While both cats have attitudes, Koko seems to have an affinity for “finding” things and exploring. While trying to figure out what Koko is doing, Qwill hears that the former owner of the mansion has committed suicide in Florida. Qwill begins an investigation i [...]

    5. Koko is up to his tricks again, and it's up to the intrepid investigator Qwilleran to put together the puzzle pieces and come up with a solution. Koko is obsessed with objects that have something to so with feet, pulling them from the mansion's fifty odd closets. Qwill begins investigating the mysterious 'suicide' of Euphonia Gage, Junior's grandmother, at her new retirement home. Here he enlists one of my favorite characters, Celia Robinson, and slowly the truth comes to light. This one also de [...]

    6. Book #2 read in 2009While the mystery in this one was interesting, the writing seemed to lack something. There were whole scenes about the play that were repeated over and over. Why do we need to know which door Qwill is going to use for enters and exits? The whole play had so little to do with the major plot points in the story. This was not one of my favorites in the series for this reason.

    7. Another interesting book in the Cat who series! This one had a bit of a different feel, with Qwill staying in a local mansion. I enjoyed Arch and Mildred's wedding. Great book.

    8. wow sinister villains! this series keeps surprising me, because although the novels are cozy, there are these really dark themes underlying all of the food and interior decorating and cat antics.

    9. Koko & Yum Yum are genius detectives. It’s a good thing that Qwill can understand these Siamese cats who don’t speak English, but do dredge up clues open to interpretation - Qwill’s interpretation. Once again a new venue (the Gage mansion) gives the cats & Qwill lots of clues to solve a new murder mystery - or two. It also provides Qwill with enough history to write & produce a one man show about the 1869 fire in Moose County. Since it’s the holidays - Halloween , Thanksgivin [...]

    10. I LOVED this series! I’ve read them all and rate them all a 5. If you like quirky mysteries this is one you should cover. Jim Qwilleran is my kind of detective add in a couple of clever cats & what you have is involved, funny and interesting.

    11. Good mystery! LJB really has a great way with cozies, and the Cat Who series is probably the best cozy series I've ever read. This one is standard for the best part of the series which makes it very good.

    12. Another short book. Sometimes I don't like these as well because they just don't have a good story. This time around it was just what I was looking for. A nice read for this chilly weather.

    13. I just can't even with these books. Why do I love them so much? They are like the ultimate comfort food for me. They are like putting on a pair of slippers and eating a big bowl of Mac & cheese.

    14. Fun bookClever storyline with all the usual Pickax characters and an outside mystery including an inexplicable suicide and an intrepid dog musher.

    15. A series of cats and crime. Fun, cosy and predictable but well written. It's the only one of this series I've read and I likely won't read more, but cute.

    16. I enjoyed this installment more than most in the series, due in part to the part of the storyline about the homegrown play about the history of the area.

    17. This is another great read (listen). In fact, I read it twice!👩🏽 it is categorically meownificent!!!!

    18. Only Qwill would be petty enough to buy houses and found a community college to get rid of an annoying neighbors cat.

    19. Mrs. Cobb is no longer with us. Bring in Celia Robinson!Ms. Braun continues to find new ways to breathe life into her Cat Who series. In the last novel, The Cat Who Wasn't There, Koko helped Jim Qwilleran (Qwill to his friends) solve a crime that occurred while Qwill was overseas and he was not. In this novel, Euphonia Gage, Junior's Grandmother and the woman whose former house Qwill and his cats are currently occupying, is found dead in her Florida trailer after an apparent suicide. Interesting [...]

    20. I finished up Lilian Jackson Braun's The Cat Who Went Into the Closet this weekend. When I looked it up I see that it is the 16th book in the series, a fact that surprised me because it just doesn't seem like I've read quite that manyybe 10 or 11but when I checked my database, sure enough, this is my 16th, with quite a few still left on the shelves. I often find these at the library bookstore and pick them up for just $1.00 so I always seem to have more of them to read.The plot of this one was p [...]

    21. WoahThis Lillian was an oasis of actual plot in an island of really bad fluff in this portion of the series. You actually sort of follow a mystery through out the whole thing, AND it's resolved. (I am some what shocked, honestly)Then again, there are still LOTS of moments of Qwilleran/Lillian's senile hatred of perfectly harmless young people (Except Celia's 13 year old grandson)(I wonder what Qwill's cut off is for his hatred of kidsyone less then 10 or 11 maybe? No waithis still hated all the [...]

    22. James Qwilleran is renting the mansion on Goodwinter Boulevard from Junior Goodwinter. Junior's grandmother, Mrs. Gage, signed it over to him. Koko keeps going into the closets and dragging out tidbits, which led Qwill to start a "radio program" about a fire in Moose County during the 1800's. There is news from Florida that Mrs. Gage committed suicide. No one can understand it, and Qwill gets twinges.Qwill is asked to keep a lookout for Nancy's father: he left home without his dentures. He also [...]

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