The Cat Who Came to Breakfast

The Cat Who Came to Breakfast When a cabin cruiser mysteriously explodes in the marina of Breakfast Island newspaper reporter Jim Qwilleran and his feline companions investigate shady happenings at the hot vacation spot f

  • Title: The Cat Who Came to Breakfast
  • Author: Lilian Jackson Braun
  • ISBN: 9780399138683
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When a cabin cruiser mysteriously explodes in the marina of Breakfast Island, newspaper reporter Jim Qwilleran and his feline companions investigate shady happenings at the hot vacation spot 125,000 first printing.

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      417 Lilian Jackson Braun
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    1. Book Review3+ out of 5 stars for The Cat Who Came to Breakfast, the 16th cozy mystery book in the "Cat Who" series, written in 1994 by Lilian Jackson Braun. Qwill and the cats head off the Breakfast Island for a little relaxation jaunt; however, the island is known by so many different names, everyone keeps steering him to different parts. Last count, it had 4 names and Qwill couldn't figure out what was going on that is, until a boat blew up and created a little mischief. Qwill's mustache tingl [...]

    2. First read: 10/97 I enjoy these books for some down time in reading. They are clean and hold my interest. I enjoy Qwill's comfortable relationship with Polly I keep waiting for something to happen or something better to come along, but this relationship is very convenient. The cat's are in full form in this book. Really enjoyed it.The books in this series are always such a delight to readlaxing, a way to escape into the world of Qwill and his cats, Koko and Yum Yum.Second Read 10/13/17: This tim [...]

    3. Ok, so I picked this up partly because I'm in charge of the Mystery/Adventure/Suspense area of my library and it behooves me to know more about the books in that section.But also because there's this parody book called "The Cat Who Killed Lillian Jackson Braun," which I wanted to read. And I felt like I should read one of the books being parodied before I read the funny book.I wasn't thrilled with this little mystery, though I guess I could see what people who DO like these books see in them. Ol [...]

    4. I've been binging on this series, and you'd think at some point I'd get tired of Qwill and his cats and their antics, but I just don't!! I love them! this entry in the series takes place on a version of - I have to assume - Mackinac Island (because of the fudge). there's a lot of tension and strife between the new tourists, the "native" families, and the wealthy people who spend their summers in mansions on the island. the big new hotel is dogged by all kinds of unpleasant incidents, including a [...]

    5. A big resort has been built on Pear Island, aka Breakfast Island, aka Grand Island and Qwill for one is not happy about the changes. Qwill's friends Nick and Lori Bamba are now on the island running a B&B. Nick contacts Qwill because he's concerned about a series of recent accidents and wonders if Qwill would be willing to come over and snoop around. He goes - under the guise of reporting about the island and the resort for the Newspaper - and, of course, life is not dull during his 2 week " [...]

    6. I love these books--the main character is funny and really understands how cats think. I also enjoy these stories because they are mysteries, my favorite genre.

    7. People who flock to Mackinac Island and enjoy mysteries will enjoy this tome. Though named differently, the mysteries take place on Breakfast (or Pear, or Grand, or Pirate, or .) Island. The name changes depending on the type of resident. There are a lot of similarities between this fictitious island and Mackinac Island.Fellow "The Cat Who" fans already know the main characters and what they are usually up to. If you've been paying attention, Qwill and the siamese reside in a different place in [...]

    8. Not thrilled about this one. It seemed like they put the majority of the mystery solving in the last two chapters of the book and the rest of the chapters galavanting around breakfast island. However, the book did have potential, and since it was my first cat who book I'd be willing to give the series another shot before I doom them to the will not read shelf

    9. This is one of my favorites. Qwilleran leaves Moose County (400 miles north of everywhere) but a case of regulars are also temporarily relocated. Another vacation for Polly seems to make room for another adventure.

    10. I would give this one a 3.5Once again, Qwill and the cats are away from Pickax, so there were a lot of new-ish characters. Some we have met before, but they had larger roles this time around. A lot of seemingly unrelated "accidents" catch Qwill's attention and he investigates (of course).

    11. Qwill is not thrilled with the development happening on Breakfast Island. But when Nick and Lori Bamba request him to come and stay at Domino Inn, with his cats!, how can he refuse?Qwill is also intrigued by the number of accidents that have happened on the island. Is it because of the natives, those people who have survived through thick and thin?; the rich club members, those who have been used to doing whatever?; or someone else?His investigations allow him to meet several different classes o [...]

    12. I have not read any of the "cat" books before, and this is number 16 in a series, so maybe I am missing something. A friend gave me this book, and she loves the series. The cat appears to be psychic, while Qwill, the protagonist, tries to figure out the cat's messages to solve the "crime".In this case there are several potential crimes (3 missing lighthouse guys who simply disappeared 100 years ago, and attacks on an island resort which result in murders? or accidents?). A quick wrap-up at the e [...]

    13. BORING. The action, such as it is, takes place before the story begins. Nothing happens for 200-odd pages-- unless you count bike rides and walks, lunches and breakfasts as compelling action. Drivel. Spare yourself.In addition we have an author and a main character who-- in spite of what we might expect--know nothing about cats, their care and feeding,their behavior. We see general statements about care and management of feral cats which is good, but when it comes to specific cases we see our ma [...]

    14. These books are a vacation compared to the high intensity FBI Profiler/Serial killer books I usually read. I like a man who loves his cats. Somehow he always finds new ways for Ko ko to communicate the clues about unsolved murders.

    15. This was my first book by this author, admittedly. I had a hard time getting into this book and found 3/4 of it very slow moving. Very few guiding clues along the way for the book to be suddenly tidied up in the last few pages. Struggled to finish this one.

    16. I LOVED this series! I’ve read them all and rate them all a 5. If you like quirky mysteries this is one you should cover. Jim Qwilleran is my kind of detective add in a couple of clever cats & what you have is involved, funny and interesting.

    17. This was a fun mystery! It doesn't take place in Pickax; the setting instead is an island called Breakfast Island, Pear Island, a whole myriad of names. The book culminates in a thunderous hurricane, as well as Koko (of course!) solving a puzzling mystery

    18. Having had the day off from work, and being sick as a dog (sorry KoKo and Yum Yum!!), I had nothing to do but finish my last book of the year- and it was a good one! I can't get enough of these "Cat Who" books! Must collect the whole set!

    19. This is a reread for me, prior to record keeping. I love Qwilleran and his cats. I did not like the development of the island or that an islander was involved in the murders, but that is okay. Maybe because I picked it up and put it down so much, I did not enjoy it as much as I remembered.

    20. Really enjoyed this one. I'm pretty big on island mysteries and this one had a lot going on in particular.

    21. I don't feel this is one of the better of the series. Polly visits Oregon, Qwilleran investigates the strange occurrences on Pear Island.

    22. Look, Yum Yum, & Qwill do it again! This time they investigate the mysterious goings-on at a local island resort. The story wasn't as tight as the top tier LJB but still a charming read.

    23. Only a few novels removed from The Cat Who Moved a Mountain, Ms. Braun decides to take up the conservationism VS. commercialism debate once more. This time, Jim Qwilleran (Qwill to his friends), who leans toward conservationism, takes his two Siamese cats on a two week trip to Breakfast Island a.k.a. Pear Island a.k.a. Grand Island a.k.a. Providence Island. Entrepreneur Don Exbridge - not exactly a villain but definitely vilified - has opened a resort on the island and it is quickly being commer [...]

    24. HE CAT WHO CAME TO BREAKFASTBy Lilian JacksonRead by George Guidall4****Qwilleran, Koko, and Yum Yum take a little boat ride to Breakfast Island to spend a couple of weeks 1Cvacation 1D at the request of his friend, who along with his wife and children, are owners of bed and breakfast cottages for tourists. However, a run of strange events which has caused food poisoning, a drowning and a bad fall to tourists have started to happen on Breakfast Island, And, Roger, the owner, feels it may be sabo [...]

    25. This is one of two books out of the entire series that I have never read, due to the completely futile search to find them. Then, unexpectedly, my sister gave me a gift voucher for my birthday to Dymock's. I assumed the stores I visited in bigger cities would still be open, but the recent closures meant it was impossible to find one, so after a few months deliberation, I went online and to order books. I didn't expect there to be any available, but after typing in 'Lilian Jackson Braun' it came [...]

    26. I continue to be impressed by the late author's mastery of language. Reading her books on Kindle expands my vocabulary, which is great fun.As for the book, I'm really tired of Qwill and his curmudgeonly benevolence. He seemed less dimensional in this book than in the previous books. During the series, he's gone from being a somewhat realistic character to a "wise, knowing, curmudgeon who gives his billions to the community." In this book, there seems to have been less emphasis and development on [...]

    27. Bon, vous l’avez sans doute compris avec toutes les critiques que j’ai déjà pu poster sur la série des « Le chat qui… », j’adore ces livres ! Encore une fois, c’est avec joie que j’ai pu retrouver les différents personnages.Cette histoire se passe sur une île, ça change un peu de d’habitude et c’est pas plus mal.Les mystères qui entourent cette fameuse île m’ont tenu en halène de bout en bout et je me demandais vraiment comment cela pourrait finir.Parfois, je me dis [...]

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